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16th August, 2001

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From: Persian World Outreach, California
Pray for the printing of the Gilaki translation of the booklet "Knowing God Personally." Continue to pray for Iranian pastors and missionaries to minister to 5 million Persian speakers outside Iran, especially in Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, and US. Praise for the Iranian Fellowship that is meeting in Bangkok, Thailand. Pray for the Iranians that are in prison there that they can be reached through the local Iranian group. Pray as PWO sends Persian Bibles and other Iranian Christian materials to individuals and churches around the world. If the Lord leads you to serve in this ministry to Persian speakers please contact us.

From Jose Gonzalez Villalobos, Santiago De Chile
I spent five years working with other organisations but for the last year I have been involved with a new work in a place where the Lord sent me to through different prophecies. Where I am there is a lot of spiritual and material needs but we believe that Chile will be won for Christ if only everyone will bring their own grain of sand into the work.  We are very glad of the help that you are giving to us and all of those who want to share the love of Christ.

From: Val Browne, South Africa
I have been thinking of you since early this morning, so I want you to know that you are being prayed for, and thought about.  The following is what the Lord has given me to give to you: "I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Romans 8:38,39. So my dears, please accept this with all my love, and its back into battle we go. He will never leave us nor forsake us. Praise His Name !

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From: Lorella Rouster's Slave Children ReportSunday at
We worshipped last Sunday with newly freed slave girls only one week out of the shrines. One of the girls talked about how she had been forced to sing praises to the idol whenever the priest was offering sacrifices. I heard the oft-repeated story from girl after girl that they were so young when they became shrine slaves that they did not remember life on the outside.  I asked several girls what was the worst part of their lives in the shrine.  The answers usually revolved around hunger, punishment, rape, and being deprived of schooling.  I asked what was good about life in the shrine. Her body language said it all. Nothing ! I then thought about those educated elite who are speaking out against the abolition of 'Trokosi' saying it is part of Ghanaian culture.


From Miguel Vargas, Lima, Peru
Both my wife and I work in an organisation we have called HESED which means in our language the continual love of God. we provide pastoral care for people who are in the last stages of AIDS, and also for their families were looking after them. If anyone can support us will be very grateful because these people need so much love and sometimes they are rejected by the churches.  I was wondering if any other of your students one would like to come and help us.  In any event many thanks for all your replies, in Spanish please, I now will get on with my studies.

From: Pastor JJ, Central India
With great excitement I wish to inform you that we have started our church from last Sunday. On the last minute I had to cancel my going to Kalahandi due to heavy rains, therefore we decided to start Sunday service. Even on the last minute call we had 4 families and promises from more to attend later. By the grace of God and your prayers we have found a good hall on rent to conduct our Sunday service. Its a YWCA hall and provided for a small amount. We plan to start our service at the new location from 29th July. So, exciting things are happening here and God's Kingdom is advancing. Tomorrow I leave for Chattisgarh trip trusting on promises of God for journey mercies, as you rightly said found in Ps.121.

From Ramon Sosa, Republica Dominicana
We would be very grateful if anyone can put us in contact with a missionary group that is willing to come to the Dominican Republic to share in a beautiful work that we're doing amongst the children of the street.  We ourselves need training physical and financial help for this work.

From: Mark Healey, Slough, UK
Much love, thanks and appreciation goes out to you all - strength and encouragement has been gained by knowing that so many brothers and sisters, right across the world, have stood together. Our pastor's wife Carol Richards had a CT scan today after 6 courses of chemotherapy. The consultant said that the "nodal cancer masses" had gone away also that there was no significant fluid on the lung and that he was "very pleased" with the results of the scan. He said that Carol was looking much better and he commended her on how she had coped with the cancer treatment. Please continue to pray that God will heal all Carol's diseases and that she will know abundant health and total freedom - God is answering our prayers.

From Moisés Padilla, Cochabamba, Bolivia
A friend and a companion of mind in the army said to me a short while ago, "How much more could the apostle Paul have done if he could have used the Internet in his days."  Today we have the greatest opportunity ever to reach the world for Christ making good use of technology, all glory be to the Lord."

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From Juan Diego Castro Rogeron, Macas, Ecuador
God bless you, everyone. I am a missionary working with the Shuar tribe, they are better known as the Jibaros or the tribe of the shrunken heads who lived in the Amazon jungles of Ecuador. My desire is to study, I have been to the University and I have a degree in education but what I need most is Bible training. I want to study for myself I want to open a training centre to prepare the native workers because the need around here is very great.


From Luis Polanco, Leesburg, U.S.A.
Thanks to all the readers who have sent us information, the advance of the gospel round the world is impressive as is the sight of God's help for His people.  Our group began with 3 people but more and more have been added.  We pray and intercede at dawn, in fact at four o'clock the phone rings in a lot of homes calling people to intercede for all the missions and missionaries round the earth who are working to complete the Great Commission.

From Chris, Richmond, United States
Hi, I just wondered if you would put a link to a web page I run called  It's meant for teens but it can show the love of Christ to anyone.

From: Anton Mostert, South Africa
We are involved in full time missions in Southern Africa for 14 years, not a very big ministry and we trust the Lord for the needs in the work. We saw the practical use of the Jesus film in different areas, it's a very big ministry here. In the Freestate Province there is a very big need for it on the farms, schools and townships. Can anyone help us to get the things we need to show the film, or if that is too much cost, there is a video alternative. Please pray for and with us.

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A Simple Test concluded . . .

The amazing fact is that the brain struggles to process "OF". Isn't this incredible?  But you have just proved it. Anyone who counts all six 'F's first time round is said to be a genius - three is normal, four quite rare. Now what else in life are we missing ? How much more would we see if we really opened our eyes ?


From Silas Ramos Palomino, Peru
I am in San Jose, a village in the jungle two hours walk in rain and mud from Chanchamayo. Four people just accepted Jesus. Here there is a tremendous need for people in this area who can teach the Bible because there are no pastors to help the new believers. I will be here for a week trying to teach them the ways of God.  When I go there will be nobody left here to teach them the word of God. The Lord is giving me a great love for the Ashaninkas. It is a full day's walk to reach them, but many of them have never heard of Jesus.  As soon as I get back to Tacna I will begin to prepare a second missionary journey to the jungles here.



From Jose Dante, Cusco, Perú
How are you all ?  Over here we are well and busy, thanks to God.  We have just finished a retreat for young people, and a missions trip to lay May and last Sunday we finished 15 days of house to house evangelism.  It was tremendous to see how the Holy Spirit touched the people.  Please keep praying for us as we need to build a second floor on our property to accommodate all the rural students who will come next year for Bible School. The estimate is $18,000 and right now we have absolutely zero.  Nevertheless we are sure that prayer in the Holy Spirit moves mountains and God in His mercy touches people who will help.

From Rosanna Loewen, Paraguay
Here in Paraguay many of our town squares are filled with children who have time to listen and time to play.  They are children who have no education and they know nothing about the word of God.  It is not only the children who are in need bu their homes as well.  There are many poor families that have no work and others who do not see any reason to work and earn their own daily bread.  Please pray for families like these that they may have a deep change and above all that they might come to know the greatness of our Lord.

From Pastor Alexis Calderon, Yuba City, USA
We are hoping to start a new Bible schools for people from different churches.  I have been reading your pages and it seems to me that the principles you teach and the way you do it is an answer from God for our needs here.  We will be grateful for your advice because there's nothing like this in our region in the north of California.

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From: Our colleagues visiting tribal areas of Indonesia  (Anon for security)
Have not been well for these last few days as I pulled a muscle but it has eased a little today, heat is also getting to me. The situation in Indonesia is deteriorating each day and today's papers reveal that in the Parliamentary battle between them and the Prime Minister, a dozen or so are being killed each day. We are being covered by prayers also here and we are being wise to the situation. We hope to have a meeting with the Indonesian pastor who was refused entry by the mountain people leaders and is now serving in a chinese fishing village.  He may need a boat instead of a bike. He is Chinese and we wonderd if his nationality is the cause of the refusal.  So our prayers is to know God's will in all this especially regarding Indonesia.


From Guillermo Esquivel, Melbourne, Australia
Today was my first chance to read this page and get up-to-date with all that is happening around the world.  Many blessings to everyone in that name above all names, the name of Jesus our Lord.

From Maiko Cabrera, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
I'm 21 years old and an active member of my church.  I serve in the music group, I play guitar, bass guitar and the keyboard.  I'm also one of the leaders of the young people and recently I have felt in my heart the need to become involved with the Great Commission.  In fact just lately it seems everything I do and everywhere I go has to do with missions.  Does anyone have any information about mission trips which are available for people living in Honduras?

From: Caleb O. Seda, Nairobi, Kenya
I am seeing tremendous move of the Holy Spirit in breaking strongholds of Satan in people's lives. Many people who had proved difficult are falling into the call of salvation so readily. This is a remarkable eye opening tool that God has developed through you. I will be updating you on every progress in our evangelisation activities of which so far we are most pleased with. Keep on praying for the salvation of many souls. May God bless you and increase you in every device of His grace.

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New List of Missions Resources Worldwide July 2001
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Thanks to George Verwer, OM and Missions Mobilizers, USA.


From Dr. Joseph D'Souza, All India Christian Council
The Indian church is presented with challenges of enormous proportions. It will either stand or fall by the stand it takes during the coming months to be true to Christ and His message. India needs worldwide prayer for peace among communities in the midst of tumultuous changes. Pray for the Dalit and the Backward Castes, 75% of the nation, as they face change. Pray for the leadership in the nation and pray for the Indian Church. Pray for the rule of law against all who are engaging in violence. Pray for the social needs of India's majority peoples and pray for all the Christian leaders in the midst of tumultuous changes. Pray for wisdom, compassion and courage.


From Miguel Vargas, Machuca, Lima, Perú
We are looking for people to sponsor children are all victims of AIDS. One of the projects that we are doing with the help of a chocolate factory is to train ladies who live with AIDS victims, in how to make chocolate.  We will really welcome your prayers for the Lord to help us with our work. We are a Christian organisation and we share the gospel and give pastoral care to people who are caring for others in the last stages of AIDS.

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