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Visit to Bolon unreached people

The Bolon figure in the list of the world's remaining unreached peoples and being a small group of around 10,800 they have received very little attention. We discovered this at the beginning of 1998 and since then there have been numbers of conversations in Burkina and in the UK with prayer and planning times and a couple of 1,000 kms exploratory visits.

In January this year Burkinabé pastor, Philippe led a team to south-west Burkina Faso for a week of showing the Jesus film in two centres with the goal of leaving behind a first gathering of Bolon believers under the care of an African missionary, meeting in a straw walled building they would construct. How did they get on ?

Here is Philippe's report:

" Seven people went for the third time to visit and evangelise among the Bolon people that live 500 kilometers from Ouagadougou. We were welcomed to the general area by Pastor David a father of eight children who has lived there since 1988. After greeting the local authorities we reached five different villages in the area largely if not all Bolon from Tuesday to Sunday.

Each of these places has its own interesting story. For instance one is the heart and stronghold of witchcraft in the whole Bolon region and therefore the key entrance for the breakthrough. Another is a centre for training and human resources and an income generating project of onion farming is a high possibilty.

One village had their first Sunday service half of the congregation under a tree, half under the sun. The village Chiefs and delegates, the head of education, the Prefect and the head Police were most helpful and welcomed the team in the villages. More than 6000 people heard the Gospel through the films and more than 600 people have confessed Jesus as Lord and Saviour. In four places we could not exactly count the new converts. Hundreds came forth. We led them in the sinners prayer but most of all we need to establish three churches immediately.

We heard the needs of each place: One village needs a bridge to go the fields, another a literacy centre and a well, another a school and a vegetable garden at the last. Our Land Rover chassis is all broken. The roads were dangerous, it took 190 minutes to do 45 kilometers. We also need of set of speakers for all to hear the Gospel.

Five towns were reached for Christ, more than 6000 heard the Gospel and more than 600 confessed Jesus as Lord and Saviour and there is the possibility of opening three local churches immediately. Thanks for your prayers and support. "


The outreach continues and you may ask for more information.
We need your help and prayer.


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