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Where To Find More Help

Books in English that are quoted in the studies are given in alphabetical order followed by a
thankful acknowledgment of the help given by other speakers and authors.


Blazing The Way, C Peter Wagner, Regal Books, ISBN 0-8307-1722-6

Body, The Charles Colson, Word Books, ISBN 0-85009-603-0.

Breaking Strongholds in Your City, C Peter Wagner, Regal Books, ISBN 0-830701638-6.

Building a City Church, Colin Dye, Kingsway Books, ISBN 0-85476-447X

Changing Shape of World Mission, Bryant L Myers, World Vision, ISBN 0-912352-83-2.

City of God, St Augustine, Penguin Books, ISBN 014-04-4426-2.

City of God, City of Satan, Robert Linthicum, Zondervan, ISBN 0-310-53141-1.

Companion to the Poor, Viv Grigg, MARC. ISBN 0-912552-69-7

Daring to Live On The Edge, Loren Cunningham, Sovereign World Books,

ISBN 1-85240-045-5.

Experiencing God, Blackaby and King, Broadman, ISBN -8054-6139-6

Five Love Languages, The, Gary Chapman, Northfield, ISBN 1-881273-15-6.

Force in the Earth, A, Dr David Shibley, Church on the Rock, Rockwall, TX, USA.

Foundations of Christian Living, Bob Gordon, Sovereign World, ISBN 1-85240-028-5

Friend Raising, Betty Barnett, YWAM Books, ISBN 0-92754-510-1

From Every People, Larry Pate, MARC/World Vision.

Gift Of The Apostle, The, David Cannistraci, Regal Books, ISBN 0-8307-1845-1

Gospel of The Kingdom, The, George Eldon Ladd, Eerdmans, ISBN 08028-1280-5

Healing the Sick, Casting out Demons, TL Osborne. Long Out of Print

In Darkest England and the Way Out, General W Booth, 1890. Salvation Army, Long Out of Print.

Into Deep Waters, Miguel Diez, Remar, Calle Jose Lejaretta, Vitoria 01013, Spain.

Kingdom Now, Gerald Coates, Kingsway Books, ISBN 0-86065-978-X.

Life In His Body, David Finnell, Touch Books, ISBN 1-880828-87-1

Lighting The World, C Peter Wagner, ISBN 0-8307-1718-8

Memorias, de Remar, M. Diez, C/. Luis Mitjans 22, Vallecas, Madrid 28007, Spain.

Operation World, Patrick Johnstone, OM Publishing, ISBN 1-85078-120-6.

Ordering Your Private World, Gordon MacDonald, Highland, ISBN 0-946616-31-0.

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, Winter & Hawthorne, Carey, ISBN 0-85364-539-6.

Pigs in the Parlour, Frank Hammond, NWP Books, ISBN 09478-5292

Power Evangelism, John Wimber, Harper-Row 1985. ISBN 0340-382-996

Power Healing, John Wimber, Hodders, ISBN 03403-9090-5

Power of Praise and Worship, The Terry Law, Victory House, ISBN 0-932081-01-0

Prayer Shield, C Peter Wagner, Monarch Books, ISBN 1-85424-376-4

Primary Purpose, Ted Haggard, Creation House, ISBN 088-419-3810

Priorities, Planning and Paperwork, Peter Brierley, Monarch Books, ISBN 1-85424-1192

Rescue Shop Within a Yard of Hell, Stewart Dinnen, Christian Focus, ISBN 1-85792-122-4

Rich Christians in An Age of Hunger, Ronald Sider, Hodders, ISBN 0-346-35468-2

Screwtape Letters, The, CS Lewis, Penguin Books. ISBN 00062-4565X

Spreading The Fire, C Peter Wagner, Regal Books, ISBN 0-8307-1710-2

Surprised by the Voice of God, Jack Deere, ISBN 0-85476-649-9

Territorial Spirits, C Peter Wagner, Sovereign World, ISBN 18524-00552

Truth About Suffering, The, Steve Chalke, Kingsway Books, ISBN 08547-66340

Understanding Leadership, Tom Marshall, Sovereign World, ISBN 1-8524-00536

Vines New Testament Words, Macdonald Publishing USA, ISBN 0-917006-03-8

Vision Building, Peter Brierley, Christian Research, ISBN 0-340-513888

When You Cross Cultures. Jim Chew, Navigators. ISBN 981-00-2358-8

Wrestling With Dark Angels, Wagner and Pennoyer, Monarch, ISBN 1-85424-128-1

Grateful Acknowledgements
The following lessons originated in the inspiration shared by these speakers or authors. Their original work is gratefully acknowledged.
Mark Healey, Kings Church.
Miguel Diez, Spain.
Wes Richards, Kings Church.
Howard Foltz, AIMS, USA.
Alex Buchanan, Kings Church.
Ralph Mahoney, World MAP.
Bob Gordon, UK.
Rick Godwin, San Antonio, US.
Frank Damazio, Oregon.
Rowland Evans, Horizons.
Harvestime Covenant Course.


Dr Les Norman  The DCI Trust, UK
Permission is granted to provide copies at cost price for study purposes
but not for sale or commercial purposes. Freely you have received, so please freely give.

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