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The Cameroon Christmas Party for the Poor

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Names have been replaced by initials for security reasons

G is a very distant, ancient and deeply Islamic inland town far from the Atlantic coast, a place where poverty and illiteracy has been a way of life for centuries.

Our friend there is a lady by the name of M who is a graduate of a DCI partner Bible School, a full 24 hours train ride away. M is particularly good at getting into the very closed homes of Muslim ladies and talking to them about Jesus. A couple of years ago M's assistant was savagely murdered by her drunken husband and M, already a poor lady with a difficult marriage inherited her 7 children to add to her own five. We supplied her with 500 chickens to create income for the family and for the work with the ladies but it was not long before some soldiers came and took the lot with not a penny of compensation.

The Muslim ladies had never seen or heard of anything like a Party for Poor people to celebrate God's gift of Jesus. Amazingly they came at all but were a little reluctant to have their photos taken, unlike the children who could not wait.

M writes,

"We are so grateful to God for using you to offer us a great Christmas that we will remember all our life. The 68 women, widows and the many orphans children want to say thank you. We sang Christmas songs to them and had a little play of a woman receiving the news from an angel that she will have a child without knowing a man and eventually that child was born. This was very important to show that Jesus is a man whose father was in heaven not on earth, and that the tomb of this man is empty. We spent a lot of time answering questions on how could a child been born without a man being married to the mother and be still alive today not dead ? This is the difference between Islam and Christianity. After the party, 23 ladies gave their life to Jesus and we are still following up the rest."

The ladies went home with a gift of cooking oil and soap and will have a lot to talk about and think about this year. This was one of our smaller parties and was done fairly quietly so as not to attract the wrong kind of attention and retribution in homes.

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