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The Notice Board of the Nations

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A warm welcome to all our readers  . . .
This is the December 19th edition, click here for today's page
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Important Change
To avoid providing unsolicited advertisers with a source of data, the writers e-mail addresses are now provided only in the subscriber edition.

By John Fergusson, England.
"Rigor mortis corpse leaves coffin." This headline appeared in a Nigerian newspaper. Is it true, a divine miracle, or sensationalist press exaggeration? Judge for yourself. The evidence and facts that stunned critical journalists and left them speechless are here without embroidery. The Daniel Ekechukwu story reported by  respected British minister George Canty.

From Andrés Fernando Tarquino, Colombia
The Lord has given me some powerful experiences from Matthew 28.19 that have changed my life and my wife's. You cannot imagine how the Lord talked to me through your lessons; they have been a great blessing. We plan to open a school of missions in every part of Colombia beginning in Bogotá.

From Luis Edgardo Farias Alvarez, Miami
Thank you for this Notice Board which has become our list of intercession. Pray for us, as we are starting a mission in Miami, with our three children.

By Arterm Sedov, Saratov, Russia.
I know you are from different nations. As Christmas is soon coming we are planning to make a party for students. And I wanted to ask you for a story on how people celebrate the Christmas season in different, even exotic, countries. Could you send me a short story about this. Please ask your friends. I'll be thankful so much.

From Daniel Cardoso, Mar del Plata, Argentina
The greatest needs are outside the Church. The Church that evangelizes is the Church that grows. You cannot reap without sowing. We had better have an evangelical vision for our daily environment, our cities, and the world. It is time to put shoulder to plough, seek integrity and holiness, and put all our lives, belongings and gifts to the service of the Lord, as well as all our doubts, failures and difficulties.

By J. Paulo, Foz do Iguaçu, Brasil.
I am Brazilian and would like to experience other countries. Once I left my home but only to travel around Brazil. I would like to be in touch with brothers and sisters from Spanish speaking countries.

By F. John,  England.
Well, in the time that we have in this earth we surely need to cast a wide net in prayer that will reach to our unsaved family members, every one of them! My faith is being strengthened to pray bigger and bigger prayers for them. Lets put out into deep waters and throw out our nets of prayer.

By Barbara Haas, Cleveland, USA
Free - David Wilkerson's Times Square Church Pulpit Series in 30+ languages at and free resources for troubled youth and adults and free Bible stories and children's ministry resources at


Our knowledge is a receding mirage
in an expanding desert of ignorance.

Will Durant (1885 - 1981) US historian, author will clear your PC of viruses, free


By The World Christian team
Write to us here
We are thrilled to annouce that at 8.35 pm on  Saturday 8th we received the 1,000,000'th visitor to these pages.  We thank God for this remarkable figure which reflects the worldwide move of His Spirit. We also thank all our readers, writers and supporters who make this work possible and who all share in the achievement.

By Marcelo Vergara, Sydney, Australia
We are a small new Spanish speaking church. I arrived in Sydney a year ago from Chile. I am in charge of the youth and want to take part in missions as this is God's top priority. Please share with us.

By Arterm Sedov, Saratov, Russia.
We are planning to visit an orphanage which will be good so the children can see people from outside. It will also help our student friends to see what Christian charity is. We will buy toys, clothes and books and show the Jesus movie in the town. We may invite a Christian band to perform for the youth who lack a good example of what young Christians look like.

By Pastor César Oviedo, Sáenz Peña, Argentina.
The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise. Proverbs 11:30. How many souls have you gained for the Lord? To how many people will you speak today about Him? God listens your cry and intercession. If some relatives of yours do not know the Lord yet, pray that your family may be saved and He will set up the chance for you to speak to them. If you ask, He will listen and your family shall be touched.

By Víctor Rodríguez, USA
Back home in Peru there is a group of young people eager to train for ministry. They are waiting for a parcel with your lessons so that the pastor can photocopy them. I think this group will grow more and more. I will also study in your School of Mission.

By Carmen Elena, Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela.
I am a young missionary interested in Africa and the current situation of women, mainly in Nigeria, Mali, Cape Town, South Africa. Tell me what you know please.


Being brilliant is no great feat if you respect nothing.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832); German poet, playwright will clear your PC of viruses, free


By Henry Pulsifer, Kiln, MS, USA
If the most valuable thing in the world is the human soul, then what have you done today, to help some soul along life’s way, to know God and to do His will, so He their every need can fill, so they will be part of that great fraternity, who will live with God throughout eternity?

From Mariela and Marcelo, Buenos Aires.
My husband and I with our 4-year old son, are deeply moved towards the missiony field. We have been in Europe, Morocco and Israel and look forward to news as we know the loneliness workers face because of the Gospel.

From Waldo Yanez, Caranavi, Bolivia
Since 1997, we have opened schools of discipleship. Our goal is to open a School of Missions and your material is of great blessing for us for our own programme.

By Peter N Millward, Wem, UK
Free cartoons and pictures ideal for overheads, teaching, sermons, evangelism and enjoyment. Individuals may use them free for non-profit.

From a friend in Chile
You cannot imagine how elated I felt when I found you people. I am recovering from a two-year long fall. May God fill you with blessing. I am a young director of missions in Chile. I used to be despairing and down but God is encouraging me through you. Thank you.

De Martha Lidia Ayala García, Veracruz, México.
I am interested in working with missions. There are some young people interested too so we are forming an intercession group.


Never despise what seems insignificant,
because nothing is too weak to harm you.

Aesop (6th Century BC) Greek fabulist. will clear your PC of viruses, free


By Alex Luque, Honduras.
I am a young evangelist 6 months in ministry and I am looking for evangelisation strategies. I am desperate for those who die without Christ day after day, and I do not want to be doing nothing when I have got the truth in my heart.

By Arise, Shine Morocco.
Morocco is where the sun sets on the 10/40 Window. The underground church in Morocco and those working to reach Moroccans are looking for Christians who will pray and believe for a breakthrough in 2002. Brochures, prayer booklet and video from our addresses.

By Efraín Mártín Barrios, Tenerife, Spain.
I am very glad to have found this web page. It is encouraging to know brothers and sisters who are serving the Lord all around the world. I am preparing myself to do so.

By Benjamín Contto, Visalia, USA.
We are working in the border with Mexico, and in Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. We would very much appreciate it if anyone could sell, donate or lend us a video projector.

From Ana Mamani, Lima, Peru. 
I am a young lady involved in missions work with my church here in Peru. There is a great awakening among the young people here. We have never met but I believe we are firmly united in the Spirit, eager for extending the Kingdom of Christ.


Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.
Aldous Huxley (1894 - 1963) English novelist, critic. keeps these pages virus free


By Jeff Hammond, Indonesia
A mighty effort of prayer has helped cut off a massacre. The Christian village of Sepe, was looted, destroyed and burned by terrorists and Silanca was under attack. Fleeing villagers say military units, Afghans and foreigners were all fighting Christians But the attack stopped. The attackers then demonstrated against the govt and the military and bombed the Sion Presbyterian. An attack in Pendolo was crushed, and now the people are more optimistic. The biggest concern is that there are over 3000 Christians hiding in the jungle.

From Hans Frederiksen Ayala, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
I am a pastor at a new church. Ours is a small work amidst a red-light district. It is a response to a call from the Highest.

By Winston Mattsson-Boze, Ramsey, MN, USA.
In October God opened doors in public high schools and a teachers college in Kitgum, Uganda. We prayed with 555 people for salvation and taught seminars for 250 leaders in Kitgum and Gulu, as well as in Nimule, Southern Sudan.

From Misael Gorrín Castellanos, Cuba.
This month our country suffered from a hurricane of over 200 kms an hour. Many people lost their homes or had them damaged. One Christian organization evangelising in rural areas since 1954 has lost one of their churches. We are talking of people with scarce resources. We need to rebuild a chapel for these brothers but need small sums of money to do it, please.

By Rev. Dr. Nana Ofori Akuffo, Accra, Ghana.
I am a Presbyterian principal of seminary in missions, evangelism, church planting, discipleship, teaching and equipping churches. I will like to help any church or mission. Come let us work together.

From Isabel Vidar, Perú
We have a mission centre in Peru and are about to open other ones as we see many places are in great need. Pray for us so that the Lord can fulfill His perfect plans. We would like to hear from people who share this vision.

By Pastor Manta Timotei, Romania.
These days we had some spiritual, emotional , financial and relational test we never had before. Because we cannot support our missionary in one village he left and is possible that other ministers and their families follow this course of action. I was looking even after a secular job for providing for my family but God heard our cries and your prayers. Please pray for us to be faithful where God put us.

From Luiz Paulo da Silva Martins, Spain
We have been for eight months in this beautiful but spiritually arid country. We have furthered the Lord's work. We have a meeting of 40 and we have been praying for a free building site from the Council. We ask your prayers.

From Sandra Morán de Agüero, Argentina
We are working with the aboriginal Wichis in the Impenetrable Chaco region. In October nine people were baptized and left their old lives behind to follow Christ. Luis Gimenez, one of their leaders, organized a meeting, where 90 Wichis accepted Jesus and others renewed their commitment.


The only thing constant in life is change.
François de la Rochefoucauld (1613-1680); French moralist keeps these pages virus free


By Marie Therese Lannuzel, England.
I am on a visit to Burkina Faso, Africa. It has not been easy but my church has been very supportive. I will meet with the friends we have made over the last few years and to see how my adopted  Burkinabe son Assamadou and his family are getting on.

From Juan Soza, La Paz, Bolivia
Thank you for having a ready heart to help the poor, no matter what their condition may be. Our charity also works with street children and homeless families. Thank you for the school page that help train us as missionaries.

From Myriam Juárez de Marrero, Vichadero,  Uruguay
We are working on the border with Brazil. There is a lot of Christians here who have only been taught about religious rules. God is setting His people free. Your studies are a blessing to us.

By Gail Dixon, "Nations" Wales.
We have just returned from a Pygmy camp two hours into the jungle from Bangui. Pygmies clapped their hands and swayed rhythmically as they lost themselves in worship and adoration. Every so often one or more would let out a cry of sheer exuberant joy. They had never heard the gospel until a team left the comfort of the city and made their home in the jungle. Dont miss the full report.

By Pastor V. Amacy, Mauritius, Indian Ocean.
I am a pastor of Emannuel Fellowship in Mauritius. I started with 3 people, now by God's grace we have planted another church. My heart cries for poor nations. I have been to Africa 53 times. There is a great need in India, Africa, Madagascar, Seychelles. Please pray for me that I can train leaders to send to the harvest.

From Ananova News

Monks from the Bronx are using basketball, skateboarding and busking to promote Christianity in London's East End. The Community of Franciscan Friars of the Renewal have set up the mission because they believe Britons lack faith. They say they find the city a more difficult place to work in than the Bronx and Harlem.

By Pete Hawkins, Seed UK, England
Seed is a charity and a mission that supports, advises and networks practical Christian social outreach to people caught up in drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, unemployment and crime. E-mail me for our free magazine - full of information and encouragement for people in this field. Read page 1 here

Have you asked Jesus into your life ?

Millions of men, women and children all over the world know the love of God for themselves because they asked Jesus to be their Saviour, Lord and friend now and for all eternity.  For over 24 years of following Jesus, he has proven himself to be our helper, our provider, our protector and shelter in the storms of life. If you haven't taken that most important of all decisions yet, right now is always the very best time. Maybe this Prayer will help you ?


Courage is resistance to fear,
mastery of fear, not absence of fear.

Mark Twain (1835-1910); U.S. author keeps these pages virus free


The World Christi@n
The Notice Board Of The Nations

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