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The Notice Board of the Nations

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A warm welcome to all our readers  . . .
This is the December 6th edition from the archives
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Important Change
To avoid providing advertisers with a source of data for illicit SPAM, writers e-mail addresses are now provided only in the subscriber edition. We will still publish web site addresses on-line as they do not cause unsolicited mail.

By Marie Therese Lannuzel, England.
I will be leaving for Burkina Faso on the 10th. It has not been an easy preparation but my church has been very supportive. It will be good to meet with the friends we have made over the last few years and to see how my adopted Burkinabe son Assamadou and his family are getting on.

From Juan Soza, La Paz, Bolivia
Thank you for having a ready heart to help the poor, no matter what their condition may be. Our charity also works with street children and homeless families. Thank you for the school page that help train us as missionaries.

By Ananova News, UK
A mayor has banned the devil from her Florida town. Carolyn Risher has issued a written statement saying "Satan is hereby declared powerless, no longer ruling over, nor influencing, our citizens". She has copies on her office wall and the rest are on fence posts at the four entrances to Inglis.

From Myriam Juárez de Marrero, Vichadero,  Uruguay
We are working on the border with Brazil. There is a lot of Christians here who have only been taught about religious rules. God is setting His people free. Your studies are a blessing to us.

From José Urrutia, Bio-Bio, Chile
This is an urgent call to intercede for Muslim peoples during  Ramadan up to December 16 when they themselves pray, fast, and consecrate their lives to Allah.


The beginning is but the half of every action.
Pythagoras (570-500 B.C.); Greek philosopher, mathematician keeps these pages virus free


By Gail Dixon, "Nations" Wales.
We have just returned from a Pygmy camp two hours into the jungle from Bangui. Pygmies clapped their hands and swayed rhythmically as they lost themselves in worship and adoration. Every so often one or more would let out a cry of sheer exuberant joy. They had never heard the gospel until a team left the comfort of the city and made their home in the jungle. Dont miss the full report.

By Panda Software, Madrid, Spain.
The W32/Badtrans virus is ay epidemic level. Panda will automatically eliminate it from infected PC's Download free from

From: Ananova News, UK
Scotland has more churchgoers than England. A survey finds 13% attend church in Scotland compared with 8% in England. The study also found that church is a popular occupation for women with 34,000 lady ministers in the UK.

From Brigada Today a goldmine of missions information. 
Free practical support raising news letter from William Dillon, author of People Raising: A Practical Guide To Raising Support, who has been raising funds for ministry for over 30 years. Subscribe by e-mail

If you would like to join us we are looking for volunteer representatives in every country, city and church to extend the missions work of The World Christian. More information


In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit 
the future. The learned find themselves equipped
only to live in a world that no longer exists.

Eric Hoffer (1902-83); US philosopher. keeps these pages virus free


By Pastor V. Amacy, Mauritius, Indian Ocean.
I am a pastor of Emannuel Fellowship in Mauritius. I started with 3 people, now by God's grace we have planted another church. My heart cries for poor nations. I have been to Africa 53 times. There is a great need in India, Africa, Madagascar, Seychelles. Please pray for me that I can train leaders to send to the harvest.

From Ananova News
Monks from the Bronx are using basketball, skateboarding and busking to promote Christianity in London's East End. The Community of Franciscan Friars of the Renewal have set up the mission because they believe Britons lack faith. They say they find the city a more difficult place to work in than the Bronx and Harlem.

By Pastor Daniel, Kerala, India
Please pray for new open doors in Orissa, Karnataka and Chattisghat to open Bible Schools and Churches. We need more native missionaries and bible teachers to train the natives, and more prayer partners and supporters for mission in India.

By Arterm Sedov, Saratov, Russia
I just got employed as graphics designer together with Eugene. Pray for our success as we were unemployed for last half of the year. We organized an awesome Bible Study on 16th of November. and did a mission trip to Samara.

From Brigada Today - a goldmine of missions information 
How can you pray effectively for the Muslim world and join 20 million other Christians doing so? Simple - pray during Ramadan up to 16 Dec. The 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus guides are short, daily, and full of information and prayer items. E-mail


Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice.
It is not a thing to he waited for; it is a thing to be achieved
William Jennings Bryan (1860 - 1925) US lawyer, orator, statesman keeps these pages virus free


By Pete Hawkins, Seed UK, England
Seed is a charity and a mission that supports, advises and networks practical Christian social outreach to people caught up in drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, unemployment and crime. E-mail me for our free magazine - full of information and encouragement for people in this field. Read page 1 here

By Robert Hosken, Moscow
On 15 Dec in Moscow we will introduce our School of Mission from this web site, and teach on Practical Ministries of Ministry to the Handicapped and to the Needy. It's in Russian, it's free, but only 100 places. E-mail to come, please pray for us if you can't.

By Pastor JJ, Central India
We returned from Gujarat on after a 13 days trip to a seminar for 80 of our pastors. It was a blessed and anointed time with 6 teaching session a day for 6 days, but still the time was short. In a 3 day gospel meeting we saw almost 200 salvation's and 16 baptisms. New doors have been opened and the Lord is mightily pouring out his grace and blessings upon our small ministry.

From Marco Cisneros, México
In our local church, we have been called to intercede in favour of nations and missionaries. This page is a great opportunity to receive news of blessings that God is pouring round the world.

By Pasteur Philippe Ouédraogo, Burkina Faso.
Pastor Mathieu, a BA, from Leo, finds it difficult to feed his children and pay for school. The family work by hand but the harvest will not cover the fees. Mathieu is starting a new church. After listening to some advice he left with a new plan for his family. Thanks for praying with us for the Lord's wisdom to help others. See our page

From Ricardo Moronta, Los Teques, Venezuela.
I have been a pastor for 27 years. Now I'm working in Los Teques, Venezuela. I'm interested in working as a missionary and would like to get in touch with organisations that might be interested.

By Persian World Outreach, USA
Please pray for open hearts and open doors for the Gospel in  Afghanistan and for Iranians in Iran who are searching for Bibles and Christian literature. They are often unable to go to a church. In Pakistan another dedicated Iranian couple worek among refugees. We need people to minister among Iranians all over the world.

Every obstacle yields to stern resolve
Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519); Italian artist and inventor keeps these pages virus free


By Robin Jawhar Das, Bangladesh
I believe that Jesus Christ is my Saviour. I am young leader of a Presbyterian Church in rural area of Bangladesh among illiterate people who live in poverty. There are 5,000 Christians and only 11 Reverends to serve them. We young leaders help them. We need administration and leadership training so please pray for us.

By Pastor George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda.
Our Bank for the Poor provides interest free $50-$100 loans to help widows and orphans start micro-business. After getting some money from us one widow who bakes bread was so happy she brought bread to the Church and said, "Sell this bread and give the money to the poor lady sick with Aids." God had helped her to pay her son's school fees and she wanted to be a part of what God is doing. To add to the capital fund click here.

From Dr Carlos A Rivera, Houston, Texas
I have just finished a Lutheran Bible Institute project in Spanish. It will be a great blessing for training Spanish-speaking leaders. I am also about to finish a project for Colombia by which many poorer pastors can have training classes on video at their missions.

From Clemente Guerra Villegas, Pisco, Peru.
I work as a micro-business advisor and am happy to answer lots of e-mails from these pages requesting free adviceWe have begun our mission work with people situated over 4,700 metres above sea level. It's terribly cold. They don't have telephones or radios but God's love makes us immune to these adverse conditions. I still need Spanish Bibles to give away, please.


By Marion Male, Labassa, Fiji
I am in NZ speaking about our training school project. God has opened up many door and churches, and interest is high. I have just been invited to the USA. The building project is going very well, we have our new road, one house is just about built and our workshop will be built early next year. If you know builders or a handy people we need people like them to come and help us.


Courage is resistance to fear,
mastery of fear, not absence of fear.

Mark Twain (1835-1910); U.S. author keeps these pages virus free


From Musme Apóstol, Yanomami Missionary, Venezuela
In Mavaca, Amazonas there will be a meeting where people from different countries will be discuss the Yanomami people. Obviously, there are many people interested in them. And there are many who are interested in ousting the missionaries. Please pray as I will attend those meetings.

From Ella Ferrer, Panama.
I have found your web page and it has been a blessing not only for me but for others as well. I am downloading the lessons and circulating them wherever God lets me so. May God multiply your work, and provide you with all your needs according to His abundance and glory.

From Alicia de Del Basso, Pergamino, Argentina.
After my husband's trip to Köln the calling to serve God in Germany has been confirmed. My husband met a wonderful group of German, British and Indian brothers. We are praying for a second trip to explore that land together and the possibilities for work, living and education for our five children.

Another report from a visit to China
Address removed for security reasons
We met 5 underground leaders who were enthusiastic about some Chinese managing to visit Britain saying, "You sent us a first generation of missionariesand they did a wonderful job, but where is this generation of British missionaries to China?" We asked them for prayer requests and they were: That China would open to let the Chinese missionaries out; for the training of Chinese missionaries; for pastors to know how to look after their people in a deeper way; for persecution to be lifted over China.


Death is the beginning of immortality.
Robespierre, Maximilien (1758-1794); French revolutionary keeps these pages virus free


By Manta Timotei, Romania
I am a young, inexperienced pastor in tough places, with few people and fewer resources which affects me. I am ready to be taught concerning the early period of ministry. What lessons do you consider valuable? Can you email me resumes of good books on leadership, pastoring, spirituality, planting, and character in difficult times. Pray for me to stay where God put me serving these small churches whatever the circumstances.

By Pasteur Philippe Ouedraogo, Burkina Faso
Simon, a pastor with 20 years experience is now a national cross culture missionary church planting with the Dagara people at the border with Ghana. He asked me for help to roof the mud church building that 45 new Christians just built. All we were able to offer were 2nd hand clothes to take to his new converts some 200 kms. away. They are afraid the mud building walls without a roof may fall in the rainy season. To help see this page

By John Fergusson, England about India.
We laid hands on desperate crowds, greedy for God's touch during 35 meetings. We sweated buckets, preached hoarse, ate late and slept dead. Curiosity to see the mad Englishman who preaches in the rain made 5,000 become 15,000. The miracles flowed like a river as many were healed. Two dumb children spoke, a blind lady saw, a deaf man heard, a lady was healed of throat cancer, and a man crippled for 40 years walked. In all my years with CfaN I had never seen like this, except in some huge African crusades.

By Nigel Freestone, London
Who is Jesus? Why did he die? What is a Christian? How can I be one? Please pray that will reach those looking for Jesus on the web.

Have you asked Jesus into your life ?

Millions of men, women and children all over the world know the love of God for themselves because they asked Jesus to be their Saviour, Lord and friend now and for all eternity.  For over 24 years of following Jesus, he has proven himself to be our helper, our provider, our protector and shelter in the storms of life. If you haven't taken that most important of all decisions yet, right now is always the very best time. Maybe this Prayer will help you ?


We do not know the true value of our moments
until they have undergone the test of memory.

Georges Duhamel (1884-1966); French novelist.
Panda keeps these pages virus free


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