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How do I get all the studies at once ?
It is very easy - and free of charge.

Step One - choose

With your mouse RIGHT hand button click on this red link for
MS Office Word pages that save and PRINT easily. Recommended.

Or with your mouse RIGHT hand button click on this blue link for
Web pages to VIEW on your PC screen. Word is easier to handle.

Step Two - save

Choose save target as . . . choose your title and folder and click OK
A zip file will download as quickly as possible.

If you do not have an
unzip programme in your PC to open the file go to www.winzip.com and download the free trial version.

That's it - you will have all the studies and charts in your PC.

Downloading to an Apple Mac

Click on one of the links below and the download will start automatically. These Stuffit archives require Aladdin System's Stuffit Expander. With this programme in your MAC as soon as the download completes the archive will automatically be expanded.

Screen pages version for MAC   390K
Screen graphics version for MAC   726K

Self opening screen pages for MAC 491K
Self opening graphics for MAC  827K


The Course in a book format

The Course is also available in an attractive book format on A4 metric pages, not US Letter size. It is excellent for private study but has a different order of pages and titles than the Internet pages. The book was published for a Spanish Mission and as they paid the costs, naturally they had the right to choose the order they preferred.

The Information page, the Introduction page, the Open Your Own School page and lessons 18 and 74b will must be taken direct from these web pages in order to complete the set.

The 90+ files are in MS Office Word.doc format, on A4 pages, in two columns with two colour illustrations on every page. You need ADSL Broadband or a cable modem to download this very large file.  We recommend the Word version without the columns or illustrations, but if you wish to download the book please go ahead:

With your mouse RIGHT hand button click here Discipleship Book
save target as ... and click OK.

How can I print the screen pages ?

Internet pages are not very printer friendly and use a lot of paper and ink. We recommend that download the easy to print Word pages.

Having problems ?

At certain times of every day the congestion on the Internet makes it difficult or even impossible to connect with our servers. So we have arranged an alternative server and if you are having problems it might be worth trying to connect through the following links.

Word 97 pages that PRINT easily
Web pages to VIEW on your screen
Both Internet and Word version charts

For any other questions, broken links or issues with MAC,
Netscape or Linux - please e-mail our