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The Indonesia Christmas Party for the Poor
Sponsored by Michael and Emily
in Switzerland


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Two parties were held in a poor slum in Indonesia which we cannot name for security reasons. Neither can we publicly thank the organisers for the same security reasons as we do not wish to offend leaders and followers of the majority religion.

We invited lots of young people to the parties as they are the hope of the future.

Our partner wrote this, "The first Christmas party was so wonderful although it rained hard and long, but it was a great event that people would not miss. The house became too small for 120 adults and 70 children with their mothers. It was was hard to move. The adults were inside and the kids were outside, so everybody enjoyed what they needed. The kids were so happy with a tremendous puppet show and each one of them received a Christmas gift and the best Christmas present ever, Jesus Christ to be their Lord and friend.

Inside we explained the Christmas message to the parents and for many of them were led to find Christ. That's what Christmas is all about, God wants to be found.

The second Christmas party also ran so very well with about 140 youngsters coming. Most of these youngsters are from poor families living in slums around an international airport, what a contrast!  The whole party was filled with dancing, food and gifts, music and drama, and Christmas message.

They were so energetic and responsive to the news of God's gift of Jesus and we found many broken and contrite hearts given to Jesus, which was so beautiful because these were young people who still have a long journey in their lives."

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