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Your news to us

School of

Training with
no walls,
no frontiers
and no fees,
since 1985

85 first-class
diploma level
lessons on
the screen.

everything in
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Ready to use
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The Notice Board of the Nations

550 pages | 1,039,058 visits


This is the January 18th 2,002 edition from the archives.
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Important Change
To avoid providing unsolicited advertisers with a source of data, the writers e-mail addresses are now provided only in the subscriber edition.

On New Years Eve and next day, four churches in Central Sulawesi were bombed ­ two where I regularly preach. In the Ekklesia Church at 7 minutes to midnight, the church was near full, gathered around the altar, kneeling, praying, when the bomb exploded. Pastor Moniaga said, “It is a miracle that no-one in our church was killed. As the bomb exploded I saw people being lifted up into the air. But no-one left the church. We just called on the Lord and thanked Him for His deliverance.”
Jeff Hammond, Indonesia.

Thanks to everyone who prayed for Roberto, 9 years old. The latest tests show no remaining cancer cells, the tumour appears to be dead and there are no cells in his blood.  Let's keep praying as the surgeon has yet to close the brain membrane and the meningitis has to clear.  Glory to God.
Pastores Cristina y Alberto, Buenos Aires - Argentina.

We devote our lives to the poorest and most disadvantaged. We are giving education to children to avoid child labour and developing economic condition of rural women. Our aim is to empower the powerless and to create self-reliant village communities, which are capable of solving their day-to-day problems. Kindly try to support our programme. If you are interested write to me and I will send you photos and details.
D. Amalraj, Solai Society, Tamil Nadu, India.

Can I ask you to pray for all kidnapped believers, including my husband José who was taken 7 months ago. For me this is very painful. Pray that he and all others will come home safe and the families will know God's strength.
Maria Elena Velásquez Marin, Medellin - Colombia.

Please visit our global meeting place for business professionals at 
Alan Wyant, Spartanburg, SC, USA.

My church is very interested in missions.  At the moment we are working with Latin people in the USA and praying for Russia because we have a vision for these peoples.  We will be glad to receive any information or contacts in either of these two countries.
Bernabé S. Zabaleta, Cipolletti, Argentina.

Know anyone travelling soon to Tanzania, Nigeria, Angola, Latvia, Guinea, Hyderabad, Hungary, N Thailand, Slovenia, or Romania? Know anyone working on Negros or Panay Island, Philippines? Anyone want a full time, 1/2 pay teaching job in Turkey? Know anyone who'd like two profs come out and teach in Asia. Want to cooperate on an internet video mailing campaign? Want to sponsor Afghan and Kurdish scripture tapes. Know anyone who'd like to join outreaches to Algeria, Afghanistan or Iran?
Keith Kline, USA

I am personally very interested in the short-term missions either in church planting or working as a pastor, training leaders or doing consultancy in social work or with young people.  I am the pastor of a small congregation and I would like to contact Christian organisations who can help mission groups who are working outside of their country.
Ricardo Moronta, Los Teques, Venezuela.

Our new site concentrates on giving real spiritual insights to all prophecy issues. Forty-five studies are available free for republishing. Hundreds of pastors have visited.
Dale Tooley, Wellington, New Zealand.

We want to greet everyone through this page and say thank you for the news and the Bible school studies.  I am from Peru and live in Cerro de Pasco which is about 12,000 feet above sea level.  It is a blessing for us to follow the studies, we only ask for your support in prayer.
Joeli Sanchez Tolentino, Cerro de Pasco, Perú.

Our small team to China comrpised three of us were born Welsh and an Eritrean, himself a prison survivor of a Communist regime and now developing his own Eritrean mission. Two of us are past our mid-sixties. We had joined forces with our permanent China team, who focus almost entirely on developing the growing Chinese missionary movement, which though underground, is probably the world's largest. There is much missionary training taking place in some provinces of China today, one underground leader and colleague has twenty centres under his control. Another will open in the south in January. Some operate as commercial interests, others, hidden far into the countryside, choose to live deprived of heat and most basic necessities. China will one day enjoy freedom and field the largest mission force that the world has ever seen!
From a 100% reliable source known to us.
Address withdrawn for security reasons


The true art of memory is the art of attention.
Samuel Johnson (1709-84); English author. keeps these pages virus free


I am so happy to have found this page.  Make the Lord bless you and continue to bless you.  Grace and peace to everyone.
Jorge Luis Sá Guerra, Brasil.

Tibet was all I anticipated. I saw 150 young monks debating a lecture, all in their first 16 years of training.  I thought, "Multiply this by the 2700 monasteries of Tibet !" I have never seen anything like this in the Christian world and I am left with a prayer, "O God, can you do this, for the sake of your kingdom?" A move into Tibet is feasible, but like David  advancing on Jerusalem, he did not contemplate it until all Israel had joined with him. He looked over his vast armies then again at the city, and in spite of his military might said, "If anyone will take this city, it will be by the water shaft"  i.e., one at a time." I think that this will be true of Tibet.
From a Christian leader well known to us.

I am in charge of the missions committee and we are trying to teach our members how important it is for those who remain in church to be involved in doing 3 things for missions.  To pray, to give and to send more missionaries to more places - whether they belong to our church or not, the important thing is to support them.
Julieta Courbis, Santiago - Chile.

We are a Ministry of faith, vision, and compassion and we support and train leaders in Latin America. We travel and pay our own expenses. We join with and put ouselves under the local leaders o further the work with them. If anyone is interested, please write.
Alberto Salazar, Ellijay, USA

One good friend of mine - Fatmah, a Kurd has just received leave to remain in the UK. Other refugees are not so lucky and many feel the pressure of waiting maybe 6-8 years for a decision  I spend some time with a family from Iran and they are very concerned as they have a 3 year old son and are seeking a better life for him. Please pray for families and individuals such as these.
Miss Val Burton, Nottingham, England.

Two weeks ago my daughter and her family left for Barcelona in Spain to support a church there.  The Lord called them 6 years ago.  My own plans are to go and join them because a long time ago the Lord spoke to the about working with the disabled people in Spain.  I know it is a difficult place and I ask for your prayers.
Lidia Rossi, Argentina.

We are planting a French church in Ottawa and have started the School of Missions course with 12 new disciples. Two ladies were so excited to see that they could connect to the Lord's vision, word and anointing. If your hear that the fire of the Lord is burning in many French people's hearts in Ottawa, take time to praise. If you need our French text, let us know and we will send by e-mail.
Daniel Diafwila-dia-Mbwangi, Ottawa, Canada

My sister wants to be a missionary.  What can I do with her,  because she is only just ten years old?
Ladislao González, Guatemala.

Tens of thousands of a new rap version of the Bible written in the style of popular French street poetry have been sold in Canada. La Nouvelle Translation has sold 140,000 copies in France as well.
Ananova News, England. 


One cool judgment is worth
a thousand hasty counsels

Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924); U.S. politician. keeps these pages virus free


Two days ago we arrived here in Orihuela, Spain and now we are looking for other believers and a church to go to because we do not know anybody here.  If you can help us please write.  Thanks.
Leo y Cynthia, Argentina and Spain.

I'm a member of Orthodox Church and for me every mass is an exciting spiritual adventure for me. I'm really satisfied and it only became possible in last few years. Christmas was amazing there.  My mother is a professional translator and can work for you in Russian. Pray for me to make right decisions in ministry and work. Our latest plans are trips with our charismatic friends to distant villages to evangelize locals and visit orphans.
Arterm Sedov, Saratov, Russia.

We are looking for two missionaries under 30 years old to teach  children.  We will pay their fees at the Christian University and they will live in the same centre as the abandoned children.  We can pay 150 dollars a month and expenses but they have to pay 50 % of their travel and be willing to study.  After three years they can go home or stay, which ever they wish.
Jorge Rojas Castillo, Costa Rica.

I attended a wonderful consultation by the World Evangelical Alliance on working with refugees at all stages of the 'highway' from refugee-generating countries, through countries such as Greece to refugee-receiving countries such as the UK. I'm involved with a voluntary group seeking to help asylum seekers and refugees. It's a secular group, but many Christians are involved.
Linda East, Nottingham, England.

Do you remember Robert, 9 years ? Last year we asked you to pray for him because he has cancer.  After treatment the doctors hoped to operate and find a dead tumour but the surgeon said the tumour was enormous and now the child has gone down with meningitis. This is all very sad and his mum is distraught.  A few lines of encouragement will be welcome and so will your prayers.
Pastores Cristina y Alberto Rosa, Argentina


Never meet trouble half way.
John Ray (1627-1705); English naturalist.
 cleans your PC of viruses free


We arrived at a time of unrest in Central African Republic, and we often heard gunshots. Other realities here include witchcraft and the increasing hold of Islam and poverty. Schools and hospitals are closed more than open. Disease and idleness lead to apathy and dullness but Anatole Banga and many other men of God are standing firm in their faith and in prayer for this nation and for it to be a blessing to other nations. Nights of prayer are common, and there is a tremendous love of worshipping the Lord. 
Gail Dixon, Nations, Wales.

In Colombia we have a 50 year civil war and rural people are the greatest victims of the violence, poverty and hunger. More than 90% of them know nothing about Jesus. Most of the big churches work in the cities but we are called to the country. Please help us in prayer, we need a car, bibles and materials for evangelism and education.  We want to open feeding centres for poor children and though we are a small church with help us we can move forward.
Julio Benìtez Benìtez, Cundinamarca-Colombia.

On Friday 18 Jan I  fly out to a conflictive part of Asia for a month and then on to India for conferences in Mumbai and in Assam, then into Bangladesh for a two weeks visiting Schools of Evangelism. Then its Bible College and students in Orissa for a month, two weeks in Balasore and 10 days in the south. I would really appreciate your prayers.
David L White, England. 

I look forward to news from the mission field. I have been called to go to Equatorial Guinea.
Juan Javier Ortiz, Quito, Ecuador

Dr George Carey is to retire as Archbishop of Canterbury later this year. Dr Carey, the leader of an estimated 70 million Anglicans worldwide says his retirement will be on October 31.
Full story at Ananova News, England 

We have been called to open a ministry for missions to let people know about real needs and teach them that when we put our own needs before the others we cannot be blessed because of our selfishness, but if we focus on the needs of other people, God takes care of ours.
Roque Antonio Miranda, Argentina

Please send us some bibles and tracts in French and English for our evangelism. We are in a Muslim country and it is somehow difficult for them to believe the truth.
Rev. Linus Chima Obaegbu, Dakar, Senegal.


It is the nature of man to err, 
but only the fool perseveres in error.

Cicero, (106-43 B.C.); Roman orator, philosopher. keeps these pages virus free at low cost


Name withdrawn for security reasons
The cold night concealed our secret arrival and for 7 days I was hidden away with students in China. Sub-zero temperatures with no heating and limited water did not chill the warmth of fellowship as I poured out 24 hours of teaching along with prayers and counselling. One of the highlights was leading the husband of our host to the Lord.  On a dirty floor covered in coal dust he knelt down as I led him in a prayer of repentance, and tears filling his eyes, he received Christ into his heart.

Alejandro Aguilar, Argentina 
I would like to get informed about Uzbequistan, in Spanish please.

Sunday Monitor, Kampala, Uganda
Friend of this website, US missionary killed in Mbale.

Unknown gunmen gunned down Michael Stachofsky Friday night at his home in Mbale. According to police, the killers attacked at 3 a.m. after cutting through fence and windows. They stormed the American’s bedroom and ordered him to give them money. They struggled with Michael and then shot him at point-blank range. The attackers never took anything. Stachofsky’s wife, Patti-Sue, survived after she sprayed the attackers with red pepper. Police would have responded to the attack had it not been for the lack of their one vehicle.

Pastor George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda.
God has helped us all through to see the new year except with sad news we lost our brother Mike from USA to the robbers who gun him on 29th December. We buried him at All Nation Christian Center. We condemn the act so much and the Government is doing its best to get these wrongdoers. However all is still well with us though this left us with some fear, but our God is still in control.

By Pastor K.V.Daniel, Trichur, India
We are planing to teach your mission courses in our Bible School. I am translating them into Malayalam language. We have 4 bible schools in 3 language groupes and planning to open more bible schools to train more native missionaries.

By Alo N'Koagno Enoch, Lome, Togo.
We are an independent church in Africa and we are happy that you cooporate with any church that may want to open his own Bible School. We started The Living Word Institute this year in West Africa.

Keith Kline, USA
I'm offering these cheap, some free: Jesus videos in 700+ languages at $1.50 each; God's Story in 40 languages; $1-2 Scripture audio in 420 languages; Kid's Jesus videos in 10 languages; Man without Equal videos in English, Spanish, Arabic, East European; Jesus DVDs 15 languages; Jesus VCDs in Mandarin, Indonesian, Javanese; Classic Christian films in 40 languages at $17. Let me know if you're just plain broke, sometimes I just give materials away.


What saves a man is to take a step.
Then another step.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900-1944); French pilot and poet. keeps these pages virus free


From the editors in England
write to us
Have you noticed the strategic coast road around the Mediterranean from Lisbon to Tangiers ? It crosses the secular, materialist world, the Spanish world, the old European/Catholic world, the Orthodox world, the Islamic world, the Jewish world and the African world. Over here there is a place for everyone with a missions vision.

By Miguel Vargas, Peru
Hesed was born to announce the gospel, hope of life to AIDS victims. After a while, we started to work with children infected at birth, trying to find 'godparents' and financial supporters, as the medicines they need are so expensive. Please write to me to know how to help.

From Andrés Fernando Tarquino, Colombia
Could you help us with some contacts in Europe with firms interested in importing fruit products from Colombia or Ecuador, either pulp or jams or dehydrated or fresh? A big hug in Christ.

From Orlando y Alexandra Enciso, San José, Costa Rica
God has called me to serve Him in 10/40 Window. We are from Colombia but training in Costa Rica and we are and ready to go wherever God may send us. We would like to receive some information about needs and opportunities in African countries.

By Juan and Anouschka Soza, La Paz, Bolivia
We have been working with street children and families since 1992, providing them with health care, food and counseling. We attend to 486 people. Write and I will tell you more.


Counsel woven into the fabric
of real life is wisdom.

Walter Benjamin (1892-1940); German critic, philosopher. keeps these pages virus free


By Dan Scribner, Colorado Springs, USA.
Wonderful site. I just wanted to tell you that has all the latest unreached peoples data as the profiles on  are now static.

By Martha L. Ayala, Mexico.
There aren't many people here concerned about missions, perhaps due to lack of information, and we don't know how to begin. In the meantime, I'm trying to build up a team in a small mission near Xalapa, my town, to pray for missions and missionaries.

By Pastor Marco Torres, Talcahuano, Chile.
We have just finished the two first topics of your School of Missions. the students are highly motivated and evangelising Plaza de Concepción every Friday along with 120 youngsters. We have reached many young people for Jesus.

By Pastor Eleazar Suarez, Venezuela
We have recently sent our first missionary to Northern Spain. She is training to work among the Muslims. Please, pray for her.

By Jonathan Israel Rivero Romero, Ventanilla, Peru
I am serving in Stuttgart, Germany at a Spanish speaking church. please pray for my ministry and for my study of the German language and for a work permit so that I may obtain my own financial support.

From the editors
Write to us
If our own on-line Mission School leaves you wanting more for your church or cell here is a really excellent starter which we use here.  The people capture the ideas all by themselves and meet to discuss their findings.

By Hans Frederiksen Ayala, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
In Bolivia we have plenty of fields ready to be sown and others ready to be harvested. 90% of the population is indigenous; they speak Quecha and Aimara. They need believers to come and reach out to them.


The man who has ceased to fear
has ceased to care.
F. H. Bradley (1846-1924); English philosopher. keeps these pages virus free


From the School of Mission
Write to us
We have all 85 studies almost ready to go in Cebuano for the Philippines.  They will be free and the translation has been done courtesy of - a mission you must visit online.

By John Fergusson, England.
"Rigor mortis corpse leaves coffin." This headline appeared in a Nigerian newspaper. Is it true, a divine miracle, or sensationalist press exaggeration? Judge for yourself. The evidence and facts that stunned critical journalists and left them speechless are here without embroidery. The Daniel Ekechukwu story reported by  respected British minister George Canty.



The World Christi@n
The Notice Board Of The Nations

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