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June, 2001

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From Pastor Samuel Vasquez, Tacna, Peru
On Saturday at 3:35 pm an earthquake of 6 on the Richter Scale struck followed by tidal waves. The church hall has not suffered any damage but a house where we have services did. Priscilla, Oscar and Junior lost all their housing. Their parents are sick and have scarce economic resources. Our church has organized teams of help to give support where we can. The need is big and many homes are damaged.  People are sleeping in the streets.  Please do not cease to pray because only God can supply, this is our hope. If you need information please write since it is good to have the support of brothers and sisters. Our family this well, but it is difficult at this moment. (The DCI Trust will forward any gifts on your behalf. Go to this page.)


From Karen Hawkins, Bible Pathway Ministries, USA <>
Hopegivers in Kota, India is under attack and the founder, Dr. M.A.Thomas, who is on a speaking tour of the US has been advised by the Indian government not to return to India at this time for they fear bloodshed. Dr. Thomas recently received the government's most prestigious award for his work with orphans and lepers.  Now the crowds demand that the award be returned and that Thomas and his son be turned over to them to kill. According to the media 150,000 people gathered all over Rajasthan in front of their court houses demanding the arrest of the founder. As a result of that thousands were arrested. Today they are asking the Prime Minister, President, Home Minister, Chief Minister and local police to close 103 orphanages; take back the 'Padma Shri' award; take away permissions, arrest Dr. Thomas for changing the religion of India's children, return the children to their former faith, and stop spreading Christianity. The media say that digging of graves is in process for the Thomas'.

From Carlos Diaz, Chile
From my distant homeland called Chile, I greet you in the name of Jesus. I can't help being amazed by this World Notice Board. What a great deal of useful information I can find! I am in touch with Pastor Virgilio Zaballo from Spain, thanks to the Lord and this Notice Board. Thank you for posting my news. I have already received some e-mails from people who have read them.

From Caleb Seda, Kikuyu, Kenya
The only way to cause speedy outreach activities and to accelerate the works of the Great Commision is through our obedience, openness to correction, faith and thirst for spiritual food. Nairobi International Centre of Evangelisation was began as a centre through which the heart of the Lord God is reached through praise, worship and through which we are taught to relate with our Father the Lord God. In order to propagate this across the entire nations of the earth, we undertake to prepare and send functional leaders of Paul's calibre. I thank God almighty that I have found a family that has laid down their lives for the work of Jesus Christ. My heart is delighted and I declare victory upon your lives and the entire partners worldwide.

From Mauro Vargas, Santo Domingo
I am studying Theology at Cleveland for two years. I've found these pages and it is very interesting. I am a pastor of the Church of God in the Dominican Republic. I would like to study the lessons and introduce the programme in my church when back home. I think I could start it here in Cleveland too, within the Spanish community. Thank you for such a special material.


Discipleship: Following Jesus in the 21st Century.
Right click here for a quick download of a full set of teaching notes in easy to print Word 97 format from a conference entitled Discipleship: Following Jesus in the 21st Century. Or see the notes online here The speaker was our editor Dr. Les Norman.


From Oliver Phillips, Florida, USA
We want to thank God for the opportunity you are giving us to communicate with so many missionaries aroond the world. We are now working with th war-torn Kono in Sierra Leone with Bibles and Prefab. housing. There is not even a Church in the area. There are so many other places with problems. Pray with us that we may be able to help in whatever way we can.

From Lidia Rossi, Argentina 
A handicapped person is, above all, a person as any other. Be patient. If you do not know what to say or do, let the handicapped person help you face the situation. Seek out some common interests in a friendly manner. The handicapped person may well have other interests apart from those related to his/her difference. Offer your help if you are asked to, or if it is self-evident it is needed. But do not overwork it or try to offer your help if you have not been asked to. Be careful. It is a fact that a handicapped person requires more time to make or understand things and make decisions. Remember: handicapped people can also know Jesus.

From Frank Dietz, Minister with OM
Father, we lift up North Africa before you. We pray that you might be exalted in these countries that at one time had a strong church, but now lie in spiritual darkness.  We pray that these countries of North Africa might come to know that You and You alone are the Great God over this whole earth. Our Heavenly Father we ask that you would raise up the laborers.  We pray especially for your church in Latin America where the believers have such an affinity with North Africa.  Move by your Spirit among the young people in the Latin church to call them forth as ambassadors of your Kingdom.  Speak to the Latin church leaders that they might see the world and especially North Africa as their parish In Jesus name, Amen.

 Who are we here ?


From Pastor JJ, Central India
An appeal has come to me by the local believers to start our own Harvest Church in our home city.  Now I have been born and brought up here.  My father was the pioneer of revival movement that shook the city some fifty years back. He also established the first Pentecostal church here but our mission is now spread all over India. Our roots are very deep and there is a lot of respect for our family in the city. I am desperately seeking the Lord's will in this matter. This is a major decision as it will require more of my limited time and add new responsibilities.  Nagpur has over 2 million but only a handful of Christian organizations are doing good evangelistic work. I am on a three-day fast seeking God's will in this matter.  Will you please join with me in prayer?


From Pastor Samuel, Tacna, Peru
We're back in Tacna, after a long trip from Puno. I think this city does need a lot from God. We look forward to establishing a church here as a result of our work. Needs include a 4x4 vehicle; a motor-boat to visit the island of Uros and the big islands in the Lake Titicaca. There are some young people training in Chile to get to these islands; they will be our pastors as we plan to plant a church every year in four main cities in southern Peru.

From: Dave Davidson & George Verwer, USA
Would you help us write a book on world mission's prayer? I am asking for your prayers and your collaboration on a book, which will have actual ready to pray prayers about world missions.  "Operation World Prayers" will compliment the new release of Patrick Johnstone's "Operation World" later this year.  "Operation World Prayers" will be a smaller book filled with the 100 most significant prayer for world missions and some key statistics. You have 3 paragraphs to pray for each topic so your prayer must be well written, useful and worth repeating.  Written tight, not wasting a word. To see the topics visit

From Amado Alberto, Pto Cabello, Venezuela
I inform you we are opening a School of Missions in our congregation. I have been appointed to teach and be the headmaster. I always thought our skills and strength come from God who made heaven and earth. therefore, I accepted the challenge. We'll promote the "Great Commission" School of Missions to our congregations. We long for give for free what have received freely.

From David Heron, Chairman, Premier Radio UK
Premier Radio needs your help. As you may have heard, Premier's license to broadcast in London will expire in 2 years and the Radio Authority has recently decided to advertise our license. We are asking listeners, supporters and friends to sign a petition form to convince our regulator that there is widespread support for us and not to give the license to secular or multi-faith groups. So far we have received back over 80,000 petitions. We would like your help to boost the response from Christian Internet users. Please sign on-line at

Pocket Office
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For all the people who travel in mission who ask how we manage to handle the river of e-mail traffic and administration for Schools of Mission and manage to travel at the same time.

Free School of Mission


From Pasteur Philippe Ouédraogo, Burkina Faso
As you know we are reaching out with the gospel of Christ who is dear to us all. With your help we were able to support two evangelists both from our Boulmiougou church. We visited the north, and Tangaye, East Fada and West N'Dorola all heard the gospel with new local churches being opened among the Mossi, Gourma and Bolon people groups. We were able to consolidate the existing churches with miracles of healing and numerous conversions and reconciliations. Today 8 members are going to fix the roof at the N'Dorala church. All the money was use wisely with no administration charge to your DCI Trust.


From Clemente Guerra Villegas, Perú
I work as an advisor to two small mining firms that extract gold by traditional means in Serranía de Puquio. There are around 5,000 people working in these mines. I want to spread the Gospel between them so, the students of the Logos Institute and I have planned an evangelical campaign, which I ask you pray for. Miners are very poor people, they are struggling to keep their firms going. We need 3,000 Spanish Bibles to give away to the miners. Could you inform me about any mission that could give us Bibles for free?

From David Antequera, Bolivia 
I have just downloaded the 85 lessons of the School of Mission. It is really precious material. I am enjoying it and I shall put into practice your suggestion of opening a Bible School. To begin with, I will work with a group of couples I am teaching. I've seen there's a lesson on cell churches. I am currently praying to go to Mexico and open a church there. Perhaps in a year or so. If you have any friends or acquaintances there, I am interested in contacting them.

Lots of Free Things and Offers


From Pastor JJ, Central India
We are back, safely, once again, from a marathon 14 day trip covering 2000 Kms on dusty roads.  God saved us even while crossing the river and driving through the rain washed mudways of Orissa villages, sometimes I felt as if I was driving a boat.  We conducted a 3 days youth camp with about 70 young adults. Some 14 youth walked 28 Kms crossing big mountains to attend this camp.  Many surrendered their lives to Jesus and others rededicated themselves for the work of the ministry. We had very powerful and anointed sessions mixed with games, drama, songs and competitions. With this the Lord has opened new doors for us to visit in the remote dense jungles of Bastar famous for its terrorists and poverty. We also got to visit Akashnagar which is 4000 feet above sea level. Here we have formed a prayer force to pray for the entire state of Chattisgarh. We ended our trip with our driver of our van taking baptism in the river where our van got stuck In everything give thanks, praise God!


From José Fidel Corrales Terrazas, La Paz, Bolivia
Greetings with the peace of our Great God. It's been a real happiness to find your web page. My family and I have been serving the Lord for 10 years as missionaries in a region called Los Yungas. We are based in the city of Coroico. It will be a blessing to know more about the work of the Lord elsewhere. God bless you.

From Graham Crosbie, Surrey, England
This may interest you about Ghana, from John Kpikpi who leads the NFI church in Accra. "When I wrote I said that I was expecting 100 visitors on Sunday morning and I wasn't sure how many the Lord wanted to save.  We had a week of dawn prayer for the Biggest Ever Guest Service. At the first dawn meeting we had a word that we should expect a 1000 people at the meeting. We had three similar prophetic messages that we ought to set up extensions and hire more chairs. So we hired 240 more chairs, just as well we did because on the day our hall was packed with people from all over Accra, 750 at the church with 210 of these being children.  It was big and awesome. The Holy Spirit made preaching very easy and 52 were saved on the spot

The Missions and Money Forum


From: Marion Male, Northern Training School, Fiji
The Lord continues to amaze us in what He is doing. Something extraordinary happened to our President a few weeks ago - he woke up one morning and wanted to speak to a national church leader first thing that morning. When they met, the President said that the key to solving the crisis in Fiji is with the church and he would like something done about it. Church leaders think that he either had a dream or vision. According to one pastor, all who were at the meeting were a bit dumbstruck as they almost could not believe what they were hearing. The pastors have agreed to mobilise their churches to rally together. They are encouraging the prayer groups and opening major church buildings for them to use. Every minister and pastor is being informed and the government is helping by providing boats, cars and administration.


From Dave Watts, Sedgeley, England
Thank you to every one who prayed for us on our Ghana ministry trip. God blessed our visit mightily. We spent the weekend ministering at a conference for 250 from a number of Accra Churches and saw many blessed and delivered. The other highlight was a 4 day crusade at Jaway Wharf a village on the Cote D'Ivoire Border. We saw up to 40 receive Christ and others healed. Word Alive Ministries  have a church there that is busy following the crusade up and planting two other churches in Takoradi and near Half Assini. Their big social project is the construction of an orphanage that is going slowly because of resource problems. Please pray for the money to complete this very needed project. We can send you a newsletter, and our web site is

From Philippe and Josephine Ouedraogo, Burkina Faso
Thanks for your love and prayer support and for sending a cheque of £190 for the needy. Right now the situation of food shortage is getting more serious. The last two days four pastors and a widow came to us from Kaya region to request food. With help like yours we were able to bless each person with a bag of maize of 100 kilos to take home, others were helped financially by Josephine and she will soon write to you. With your support we are able to help the most needy. Thanks a lot. To send help via The DCI Trust please go this page

From our colleague and friend in Indonesia, he needs our prayers:  
Thanks that you are so care. It is my current condition: Being in the lowest motivation on spiritual things at home, office and church, etc. And in the lowest motivation to improve my time management. Also in the lowest motivation in the uncertainty of our political situation. So, please help me.

G12 Cell Church vision
If you would like to know more about the G12 Cell Church vision that is sweeping Latin America and being introduced into the UK, Spain and Europe then go to these pages: which is the church of Pastor Cesar Castellanos en Colombia which has grown from 8 to 120,000 members and has a youth group of 30,000. This next page comes from Kensington Temple/London City Church which has adopted the vision for London.

Same pages in Spanish

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