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Making the news
December 2007

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DCI Christmas Parties 2007
from Luke 14, 12-14 

Between now and Christmas
we have 3000 people coming for lunch . . .

In the upper reaches of the Peruvian Amazon 150 unreached natives are about to have the surprise of their lives, and over in Brazil we are welcoming 200 homeless street kids. Across in Africa, first of all in Liberia we have invited 800 refugees, widows and orphans, followed by 100 veiled ladies in a deeply Muslim village in inner Cameroon. In Uganda we hope to bless 800 or so AIDS and war widows, refugees, disabled people, orphans and beggars with 400 similar guests in Malawi. In India 200 slum children will have a Christmas, and in two Jakarta slums, a lot of poor Indonesian people are going to be blessed.

There will be music, drama, stories, eating, drinking and gifts to take home to celebrate and explain the coming of Jesus, God's greatest gift to all of us. None of our guests in all their lives will ever have been waited upon and served as if they were royalty. Please, please pray every day for them, and for the people making it all happen, for God's blessing, healing and salvation to flow through every event, and for security as money arrives in some quite violent places, and for honesty as that money is spent. We take nothing for granted and in fact we have had plenty of problems already, especially in Liberia, the blood-diamond country where life is very cheap.

With the poor and mean and lowly, lived on earth our Saviour holy. 
(From Once in Royal David's city)

Les and Pilar
For the lost, the last and the least


See what this is all about. .
full information and photos

india party

The Worldwide Christmas Party
for the Poor in a nutshell . .

This is not a Christmas Party for the Church or for the Missions School, it is for people on the streets who never get invited to a party, not ever, and have nothing in life up to now to celebrate anyway.  Let the believers serve them as if they were serving Jesus himself, let us treat them like royalty for the day, cook for them, wait upon them, sing to them, and tell them all about the reason for Christmas, the coming of Jesus, Saviour before sending them home with a gift and an invite to come to church next Sunday as well. Never forget the Luke 14.13 and Matthew 25, 35-40 verses because reading these every day will keep the party in focus. Remember we are blessing and thanking Jesus who we cannot see by blessing the poor who we can see and among whom Jesus is deeply present. It is not to be an occasion for endless preaching, it is a day to pour out the love of God on the poor in a way that they will never forget.  Talk to them, pray for them, tell them why Jesus came and let them know that there is a place in heaven prepared for them, and a place to serve and to be loved while they live. Their lives can yet count for good and for God in the earth. Why not do something similar yourself where you live ?
Les and Pilar

One centre was not enough  . .
The area around our new Children's Centre is much more horrible than we knew before with young and old under the evil influence of Ma Devi, a Hindu goddess. The gambling, prostitution, alcohol and marijuana is more than you can imagine and last week 3 people died there. So we will now open a second centre, a wooden shack really, for teaching more children, with a health centre and a School of Mission. We feel led by God to move our Church and to worship there.
From YM in Indonesia
Address removed for security reasons

Because it matters to Him concerning you.
1 Pet 5:7b (Recovery version)

For prayer as often as you can . .
Kathy in Nottingham in radiotherapy, Silvia in Brazil in serious surgery, Silvana in Brazil recovering after surgery, our friends E and F facing prostate surgery, our friends T needing a new job and J urgently needing to sell a house. The Lord says that "I will bless those who bless you," Genesis 12, 1-2, this is our well-proven and highly trusted foundational promise that has given us confidence to ask God for over 20 years.
Les and Pilar.

§ If you can't get out of something, then get into it, and get through it.
From the Outward Bound motto.

Arrested, threatened, accused and fined fin Moldova  . . .
As believers were about to give out Christian magazines to students on 8 October in Tiraspol in Moldova, two State Security officers pounced. The literature and a car were seized. The three men were interrogated and threatened for days, accused of bringing in  contraband and fined. Anyone would think they had smuggled in illegal cigarettes, alcohol or drugs.
Felix Corley, Forum 18 News Service

Business for Mission banana plantation makes first profit

The bananas in Burkina have made a first profit of £2,500 in Burkina and for Burkina. It's going the right way.
Jonathan F, Cheltenham – UK
Business for Mission

It is good for our hearts to be strengthened by grace.
Hebrews 13.9b

Persecution and miracles in India's village.
Persecution brings harvest in these villages. We just had 30 baptisms but the police are always trying to close down the house churches so we are looking to buy land and build registered churches for these believers. One lady by the name of Gori had a tumour in her stomach and was in severe pain but there are no doctors or hospitals near by. At the point of death and was taken to our pastor for prayer but the Lord had mercy on her and healed her on the same day.
Pastor Daniel, Voice of Gospel, Kerala - India

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Defend truth, mildness and righteousness,

and let your right arm distinguish itself with great exploits.
The French translation of Psalms 45:4, from Philippe Saadé

Due to too much rain in Lira and in Africa  . .

Our straw shelter for the Church for the Poor was blown away. We were in such a terrible state with no place for training or Sunday. Suddenly and without any knowledge of this God led you to send a £150 gift and now we are building brick walls and a canvas roof.
Pastor George Purkweri, with DCI in Uganda.
purgeorge2000 @

São João is full of crime, drugs, witchcraft,
broken families and prostitution . .

But the people are open to God. Yesterday two 17 year old cousins of the lady who came to Christ last week, came to pray and both turned their backs on the occult. There are 14 of us in the new church and we are giving bible studies to 11 other people. The School of Mission boys are a great help, and go evangelising their friends and colleagues.
Silvana, church planting in Posso Alegre – Brazil.
mis-silvana @

“Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can.”
So said John Wesley.  However it seems that many believers have decided that two out of three isn't that bad.

I asked 4 Karen hill tribe people to come and help me  . .
I wanted to make our very tiny fish farm bigger so we could get more food for our Bible school. They helped me dig the fish pond and over two days Jesus through me won all four souls. Another animist man gave his life to Christ this evening.
From Gareth, Tribal Discipleship Centre, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
tdcchiangmai @

A gentle reminder
for Banking for the Poor project Leaders

May I very, very gently and politely ask to everyone to always remember that a Banking for the Poor project is a partnership between the DCI Trust,  yourself and the poor people who benefit from the loans.  It is part of that working together for you to tell us over here what is happening each month to begin with because that helps us to see the problems and give you advice that we have learned from other Bank projects in previous years.  If a Bank project is successful then after one or two years we hand over the sole ownership of the project to the leader's church and we can help to increase the capital.  Until then you are personally responsible for the funds and for the careful operation of the project as part of our partnership.
Les Norman
Banking for the Poor

Seeing what life is like in Zimbabwe . . .

When Jim, my husband went to get groceries for the orphanage he had to walk an hour and a half in the heat on a dirt road, then wait an hour for a vehicle to give them a lift to Rusape only to then spend hours scouting for basic groceries but there were none. The generous people at the home are looking after him brilliantly, he is really enjoying his time there.
Anna Robinson, Nottingham - UK, Zimbabwe Orphanage project.
annablambert @

A man appears before the pearly gates.
"Have you ever done anything of particular merit?" St. Peter asks. "Well, I can think of one thing," the man said. "Once I came upon a gang of bikers who were threatening a woman. I told them to leave her alone, but they wouldn't listen. So I went to the largest, most heavily tattooed biker, smacked him on the head, kicked his bike over, ripped out his nose ring and threw it on the ground, and told him, 'Leave her alone or you'll answer to me. St. Peter was impressed. "When was this?" The man looked at his watch and said, "A couple of minutes ago."

Last night happened a miracle . . .
God healed ny baby daughter Dasha. At 3 am she was breathing hard and crying. I had no medicine and all I could do was to have a lonely night prayer. I was praying for her as she was hot as an iron and motionless but finally she fell asleep and so did I. Next morning she was completely well.
Galina Artamokhina, Moscow - Russia
galinaomsk @

The School of Mission in Kiswahili is now complete.
To all the pastors in Tanzania and East Africa that are using these lessons: Please always encourage the students to do the practical part of the studies and the written part as well.  The whole idea is that training comes by hearing, doing and reporting back as shown by how Jewsus trained His disciples, not just by teaching words that the listeners may or may not listen to.  There is a world of difference between training and teaching, but this needs to be explained time and time again because church people are accustomed to hearing sermons, but not necessarily doing what the preacher and the Word of God says to them. I know you understand and when you see the result of training rather than teaching your heart will leap for joy.
Les Norman

The School of Mission in Angola
Will have its first graduation of 38 students in December. Some of them are people mutilated by the war and have no arms or foot.
Pastor Weyi Nzuzi Mavakala, Luanda-Angola.

Are there any Schools of Misión in Buenos Aires?
I would like to attend one.
Liliana, Longchamps, Buenos Aires, Argentina
lliangreis @

We have started the School of Missions in Buenos Aires
May I inform that we have started the School of Misión in Buenos Aires, with all the materials that are available. We started our ministry ‘City of Refuge’ a year ago. It is a great blessing to us all, and more and more people are coming day alter day.
Sara y Ariel Lira, Villa Ballester, Buenos Aires. 
lirapastor @

Radio broadcaster needs some information

I have a radio slot and want to do a programme providing Christian information but   need some advice and ideas how to organise it all.
Daniel Muñoz, Puerto Ordaz - Venezuela.
danilife2001 @

Spanish Remar mission wants to buy large UK property.
For a rehabilitation centre. Planning permission is a key deciding factor.
Contact Pastor Joaquin at Remar London
remarlondon @  

We invite any Americans, Europeans and Latin Americans to join us in the largest area of the rainforest with many native communities do not know God. Please contact us,
Marina Lopez Reyna, La Asociacion Amar, Huanuco-Peru
olgalopez68 @

I have got a job in evangelism amongst young people with all their problems of drugs and behaviour. I need guidance to know how to get a large meeting place and crentre from my local council.
Marcelo Soares Silveira, Gravatai - Brasil
marcelo.mari @

We live on the River Napo along with native Quechuas, Secoyas and Arabelas. Our leaders need tools such as solar panels, batteries, TV sets, a conversor, a projector, and DVD to show Christian films.
Pastor Johel Zabaleta, Peru.
florez76 @

Support offered . . .

I want to support churches already set up on in the process of being planted in the Peruvian or Brazilian Amazon.
Jose Vertiz, Amazonia, Peru - Brasil
jvertiz97 @

We are willing to support projects in Togo, Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin, and the Ivory Coast. We are interested in becoming project partners by interceding and sending out resources. Each application will be rigorously assessed.
Luciano Silva, Santa Catarina - Brasil
geral @

I am an evangelical pastor with a BA in Theology and one PhD in Social Sciences and Religion and another PhD in Christian Philosophy. I am 57 years old and single. How can I become useful in missions? Do I have any chance?
Dimas Ferreira Goyos, Salto - SP, Brasil.
impactoat @

I would like to hear from people who work with or who would like to work with the nomad Tuareg in Algeria.
Walter, Tegucigalpa - Honduras
nortedeafrica @

I want to reach unreached peoples with no church
I have been called to mission, and want to get involved. I am ready to go, especially to India. Does DCI support people like me?
Eduardo, Argentina

§ Why not send us a definite proposal, well thought through and detailed, telling us all you intend to do, with whom, and for which people group from the Joshua Unreached Peoples List. Then tell us how you plan to go about it step by step, with dates, and finally tell us all about your call and your testimony, and send us some references from your church. We will take a close look, and we will see if we can help you make a start.
Les Norman.

The last word for today . . .
God uses each of us in His own way, I like to think of us as an automobile assembly line. We each work at our particular station adding our bit of value to whatever it is God is manufacturing. Then we pass it on up the line to the next station. Your station knows what nuts and bolts are need to finish the latest order. My job is easy. I grease the wheels. It’s not complicated and I feel really blessed that I am able to do that job for God.
From the Gulf States


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