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January 2008

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The Worldwide Christmas Party
for the Poor 2007 . .

The Party happened this year in the Peruvian Amazon, Uganda,
Liberia, Indonesia, India, Malawi, Brazil and Cameroon. Click on the country names to read the organizers report. Click here to see the photos: Page 1 and Page 2 Over 3000 disabled people, AIDS victims, street kids, homeless people, beggars, widows and orphans enjoyed a day they will never forget, eating, drinking and being served by smiling believers, and after an explanation of the reason for Christmas they went home with a gift to commemorate God's greatest and best gift of all, to them and to everyone, Jesus - Saviour, Healer, Provider and Giver of Hope.
More information here

News for our partners and supporters
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You will not read many true stories like this one . .
In Uganda, with the 19 year violence now over, our partner George got on his moped, drove 91 kms to a camp where some rebel soldiers are rounded up and for two days shared Christ with men who have behaved much worse than cannibals. He says, God raised up 80 adults and 36 children who decided for Christ and yesterday we had them all in a new Church for the Poor there." The very next weekend Gerohe found himself preaching the same gospel of forgiveness next to the mass grave of 310 people who lost their lives in a recent massacre carried out by the same rebel soldiers that George had been preaching forgiveness to the weekend about 90 kilometres away.  Thirty survivors of the massacre decided to follow Jesus and another crowd said Yes after George showed the Jesus film at night.
Reported by Les and Pilar, DCI Support – UK

God completely heales bed-ridden woman . . .
Last week we organized two day meetings in two cities and many received Jesus as their Saviour, many were healed and many delivered from evil spirits. One woman was brought who was lying on the bed for last six months and could not move. She could not even eat and drink by herself but God touched her and she started to walk and was completely healed. Through these meetings we reached more than 6000 people. Our four DCI Schools of Mission are going very well, the students are learning more and more about God's kingdom and preparing themselves for God's work. In January we are going to open a 5th School of Mission 110 miles away. Pastor Eric Madison's book has been printed for the second time and we gave 200 copies as a tithe to poor village pastors as gift.
Pastor S.M, Lahore - Pakistan
Get your free copy of Pastor Eric's book here

Would you like to see some of our photos?
Click here for Schools of Mission around the world
Click here for Banking for the Poor projects
Click here for projects to help orphans and the poor
Click here to see some of the people in the DCI family
Les and Pilar

How to help us?
How to join us?
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Please help us with prayer every day . .
These people are very important to their families and to us. Cathy has been really very unwell following radiotherapy. Fred, Erik, James and Betty, 84, all in the UK are awaiting hospital treatment. Silvia in Brazil has just had a serious operation.
DCI Support UK

Mentally ill Somari wandered in forests . .
She could eat nothing and just like the demon possessed man in the Bible she hardly wore any clothes. One day our missionary pastor saw her in the streets and asked her family to bring her to the church. He explained to them how Jesus healed a similar case in the Bible. They cried out to Jesus and the pastor cast the demon out of her and she was free.
Pastor Daniel, Kerala - India

Our School of Mission
in Ghana launches today
In December we have our second Liberia graduation in Monrovia, and we will open a third school in N'Zerekore, Guinea. Next year we are preparing to go to Mauritania and Morocco.
John Duco, with DCI in Liberia
pastorduco2002 @

The twelve “mistakes” of Western churches and agencies
Eminent scholar and missions statesman Ralph Winter describes twelve mistakes that the world of missions is forever making and repeating. A brilliant, well-studied and very controversial article. See what you think, see what you think, don't miss this.
Sent in By Dr. Andre Talla, Yaounde - Cameroon
Ask him about sponsored Masters and Ph.D degrees for Africans.
revtalla @
Click here to see and download

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Called to follow Jesus and a nomadic tribe  . .
On the border between Chad and Cameroon one School of Mission student and his wife from Yaoundé started following the nomadic Fulani who are an unreached people group, 14 months ago. I am with him now. By the way every province in Cameroon now has a School of Mission with young men and women who will go after the unreached peoples until they have planted a church among them. 
Rev. Andre Talla, Yaounde -  Cameroon
revtalla @

These lessons have won
many souls in Congo . . .
Three new churches have been planted in different areas of Lumbashi and Kawama in the Congo. We gave diplomas to 106 students who will go to open other schools, evangelize and plant churches. We plan to open 10 more training centres.
Pastor Jules Wazeng, Congo
amcjulesw @

For a Special Day  . .
A poem in Spanish for a wedding day
David y Jessica

Hoy es un día muy especial
donde dos almas se enlazan
en un compromiso de amor
donde se dice que si con los labios
pero se sella con el corazón
teniendo un mismo sentir
diciendo ante todos cuanto os amáis
que estáis dispuestos a ser fiel en tiempo difícil.
Aquí con estos anillos
selláis un pacto de amor
diciéndole al mundo que le amas,
que la amas
que estáis dispuestos a seguir
cuando el sol no brilla
cuando se enfría el alma
aprendiendo a echar leña al fuego del amor
cuando veis que se apaga.
En este día tan especial
nos queréis decir que le amas,
que la ama.

Christian Poetry in Spanish by Pilar Remón
300 poems free to download

Rags to riches in Uganda . .
There is a lot about our DCI Goat Bank that I want you to know. It is like a miracle, almost all our goats are either giving births to twins of three kids at a time. Some goats have multiplied so much that their orphan owners have exchanged eight of them for cows and having a cow which is true wealth here, and can now marry wives. Loro Village has some wonderful testimonies. We have more that 135 goats now in the hands of orphans.
George Purkweri, DCI Banking for the Poor, Lira - Uganda
DCI Bank for the Poor

§ A goat costs just £8 or $16. We thank everyone who without being asked sent in funds to buy Christmas goats for orphans, over $2000 came in. Wow ! We will be buying the goats any time now as prices start to fall after Christmas.
Les and Pilar

New start-ups and approved projects to report . .
Pastor Malachie, Ivory Coast has a School of Mission and is approved for a new Banking for the Poor project. Pastor Biak in Myanmar is approved to open a School of Mission in a very difficult political situation. Rolando in Peru, a former military chaplain is approved to work with us on projects amongst Unreached Peoples in the Amazon where he is right now for Christmas. Pastor Jules, DR Congo has a School of Mission and is approved to look at projects.
DCI Support, UK

All they asked was that . .
we should continue to remember the poor,
the very thing I was eager to do.
Paul, in Galatians 2

We gave money to two refugee beggars!
They began selling charcoal and have now left begging and they are now in the Church and busy with their business.  They are paying their loan promptly and people are so happy because they can now rent a house and feed themselves through their own work.
George Purkweri, DCI Banking for the Poor, Lira - Uganda
DCI Bank for the Poor

Family was the way to commit suicide . . .

Six years ago George with his wife and three children were on their way to commit family suicide as they were in great debt and had no way to come out of this. Kerala is India's suicide capital for the same reasons. Some one invited him to a cottage prayer meeting where the Lord touched him and gave him hope. For a month afterwards his family had only cattle feed to eat but George started a prayer meeting for the people who suffer. Today that fellowship is 126 people with outreach in 4 more villages. This year we have had 46 baptisms in this village, all from a heathen background.
Pastor Daniel, Kerala - India

Remar ALWAYS needs people for missions
We have missions bases in 56 nations worldwide caring for 36,000 people all of whom are housed, clothed and fed well free of charge, and have employment and free rehabilitation. Volunteers welcome, all accommoation and meals are provided.
migueldiez @

Are you team building?
You will do well to put your team members through this test to see who can work with who, and who cannot! Click here for Myers-Briggs. We were a little cyncial till we took the test and saw an artist's portrait of our lives appearing and all our strengths and weaknesses being explained to us.
Les and Pilar, DCI Support – UK

We teach English in the shortest time possible at the cheapest cost
Especially for missions people and their supporters.
Vera Helena Montanine, 57, Maringá - Brazil
vmontanine @

Children and young people with learning difficulties
I would like hear about your experiences with children and young people with autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebal Palsy and similar problems.
Pr. Marcia Nascimento, 36, Recife - Brasil
marciadown @

Get your theology degree by distance learning
SEBICAR will get you through by home study of God's Word in one year.
Lic. Teodoberto Romero Saavedra, 52, Iquitos - Loreto
El Seminario de Estudios Biblicos Casiodoro de Reina,
t8romero @

Can you send me information on missions in Bosnia?
Jacqueline Maximiliana de Souza, 25, Ribeirão Das Neves - Brasil
jack.maximilian @

We will support your ministry by making web pages
Just for the cost of whatever offering you can send.
Humberto Velarde, 52, Buenos Aires - Argentina
hvelardeh @

This year 506 prisoners in 5 prisons decide to follow Jesus
We give them Bible courses to help them. We want to expand into other countries and welcome contact from like-minded people.
Pasteur Michael, Friends of the Prisoners, Dabou - Ivory Coast
pasteurmichel2006 @


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