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February 2nd, 2011

Udeme Eyen
i, Nigeria is building a new church building at Oron.

Tell us what you are doing

Mah Malachie, Ivory Coast says soldiers here are on brink of armed confrontation, near us are many dead civilians, churches burned, we and the DCI projects are safe for now.

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February 1st, 2011

George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda says my wife Jane has been diagnosed with diabetes and we need your prayers and advice in this remote place.

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Aquilino Pinaycobo says I have been a pastor for 30 years in Bolivia. Pastor Claudiney Duarte, Brazil says click to download my free book about healing and God's miracles. Odir Carranza, El Salvador says we have a TV program for counselling young people, big  drug problem here.

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January 31st, 2011

The famous actor got the applause but then the audience wept, why was this? Find out in The DCI Minute, one minute to read, one minute to write but a lifetime in preparation.

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Zaniolo, Brazil says we welcome people with alcohol and drug problems, give clothes, food and God's word. Jesús, Venezuela says to follow Christ is the most beautiful and wonderful life we can have. Djationo, 49, Indonesia says I want to be a great evangelist like Yonggi Cho.

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29th-30th January, 2011
The Weekend

Rolando Canazas, Peru says with the launch of our own pequepeque we have been visiting Amazonas villages and Huambiso pastors, some are so lonely that we are forming an association to share their needs and blessings. More photos

Tell us what you are doing

Joy says I am a leader of teens in my church in Egypt. Yves Gaba says our DCI School of Mission in Togo resumes classes on January 10 and we do a correspondence course. Heri Junianto says I manage a micro-loan bank for people in Pontianak, Indonesia.

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28th January, 2011

After analysing all 500 planets discovered so far, leading Harvard astronomer Howard Smith controversially says humanity really is alone in the universe with no hope of finding alien intelligence. All the planets are deeply hostile to life and Earth could even be unique.

Tell us what you think about this

Lynne Schweitzer says we welcome teams to help the poor and orphans in Nicaragua - website. Divino Miguel de Faria Neto, Brazil says I raised the money to buy and give away 2,400 Bibles in the Amazon - website. Hezekiah Awaseb in Namibia says I am training for the ministry.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

27th January, 2011

Andy and Val Simcock, Chiang Rai, Thailand say right now we are in a remote Karen village, 500 kms from home, visiting the only two Christian families and sharing the gospel. The beds are hard, it is very cold, the villagers are mainly illiterate and animists with no written language, we are their first white faces.

Tell us what you are doing

Best selling author and US government advisor Jim Wallis
says faith plus hope plus action equals change.

Tell us what you think about this

26th January, 2011

Nasir Saeed says Christians across Pakistan are routinely beaten, attacked, raped, kidnapped, threatened with death and killed. We wish to remind our government that Pakistani Christians also who love their country, work hard and wish to live without fear of being killed by extremists or executed by the state. Full article

Tell us what you think about this

Miguel Diez of Remar Spain says this month we have sent containers to bless Burkina Faso, Ghana, Guatemala, Uruguay, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Rep Dominicana, a print machine has gone to Paraguay, tractors and vehicles to Nicaragua, Bolivia, Peru and Burkina. Serve with us

Tell us what you are doing

25th January, 2011
Paul Lee, Nairobi, Kenya says EAPTC has now graduated 1,100 students to be world-changers, they now serve as bishops, pastors, evangelists, teachers, church planters and missionaries. See the You Tube video and article on cross-culture discipleship.

Tell us what you are doing

Paul says the churches in Abidjan, Ivory Coast are on alert because of the crisis. Areli says churches are facing big problems in Oaxaca, Mexico. Caciano, Argentina says my wife and I have done mission in 15 nations.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

24th January, 2011

Jules Wazeng, Lubumbashi DCI School of Mission, DR Congo says in 2010 we opened 5 new churches, a free School of Mission in Likasi, graduated 72 students, travelled far with seminars, baptisms, giving mosquito nets, medicines and helping orphans.

Tell us what you are doing

Pete Greig of 24-7 Prayer says wherever else God may or may not be, he is present in our pain, visit a sick our dying person and you will 'feel' him. From Unanswered Prayer book

Tell us what you think about this

22nd-23rd January, 2011
The Weekend
Historian Robert Dallek says that successful presidents, like all leaders are able to say where they are going, know how to turn vision into reality, know how to persuade people to come with them, connect with people personally and do what they say.

Tell us what you think about this

Hamadou Garba, Niger says I interpret in a Hospital.  Julio Cavassa, Peru says we are introducing God's values into in health, education and sports. Shey Aloysius Sah, Cameroon says I give education to children of retired, dismissed and redundant workers on a Tea Estate.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

John Maxwell says I will send you by e-mail a new daily one minute video on leadership, sign up here

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21st January, 2011


People go where they want to
but they stay where they are appreciated.

Tell us what you think about this

The Pakistan High Commissioner in London has responded to the impending Asia Biba execution, the destruction of our partner's church, the beating of women and children and death threats by vowing to alleviate the suffering of Christians. Click for full story, copy to Google Translate to see your language.

Tell us what you think about this

20th January, 2011

Mobio says the deepening Ivory Coast political crisis means our phone and internet are cut off, we have a curfew and a transport strike, but my wife gave us a new baby last week.

Tell us what is happening where you are

Search I-Tunes for Open University UK and download many free lectures, this is world class learning, free.

Tell us what you have found for free

Yona Mwanza, Dodoma, Tanzania says can you send me any used musical instruments for our church please.

Tell us how can we help you?

See this week's DCI Minute

60 seconds to read, 60 seconds to write, a lifetime in preparation.

19th January, 2011

Miguel Diez, Madrid, Spain says you can come and serve in missions with Remar in 67 nations, room and all you need always provided. Contact me.

Tell us what you are doing

Steven Tuar says we are planning to build our church in Manado, Indonesia. Marco says I am teaching the Bible in Tepetitla, México. Esau says for Christmas we took the gospel, chocolate and toys to way out places in Peru helped by churches in La Plata, Argentina.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

18th January, 2011

Pastor S says my family and I are under serious death threats from armed militants and we need to leave Pakistan, where can we go and how do we get there ? 

Investigated, and proven true. Contact DCI to help

Walter Elliot says perseverance is not a long race; 
it is many short races, one after another.

Tell us what you want to say

17th January, 2011

Sue and Carlo, Orissa, India say when a rabid dog bit Samirya, 4, only a vaccine within 12 hours could save her. We left by bike, then canoe to find the buses on strike, all phones down and only 6 hours left. We prayed in a tea-shop and just then a private doctor came in and he had just one dose left. Samirya is safe, for us this is a miracle.

Tell us what you are doing

Charlie Brown says "Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. In Australia, it's already tomorrow." From Peanuts.

Tell us what you would like to say

15th-16th January, 2011
The Weekend
Ranledis, Cuba says we have planted tomatoes, cabbages, beetroot, bananas and lettuce with DCI help, to provide food and meals for poor families.

Tell us what you are doing

Virgilio Zaballos, Spain says by popular request I have just added five ready to use sermons to my DCI page with 14 free books and many free articles, all in Spanish.

Tell us what you are doing

John Paul says come and train the pastors in Goma, Congo DRC. Samuel says my website is about community health in Bolivia. Paula says I work in missions in Chile.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

Do you need someone to talk to? Click to e-mail Sharon from DCI England. Sharon has a Masters in Counselling and Psychology, she is a committed Christian and personally very familiar with suffering. You can talk to Sharon as a trustworthy friend and she will reply in English.

Tell us what you are doing

14th January, 2011

Mah Malachie, Ivory Coast says I got 1000 kms home with the DCI project funds, we will start soon, schools are closed, civil servants have left, nation is in crisis, many have fled to Liberia or Guinée.

Tell us what you are doing


Reinhold Niebuhr said God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference.

Tell us what you think about this

13th January, 2011

Johnny Auguste, Haiti and his 21 orphans say on this anniversary week of the earthquake, everything is closed, can't collect the gift sent by DCI, BBC says few signs of rebuilding Haiti.

Tell us what you are doing

Wesley Hayashi, Brazil says I'm in the Amazon Forest, like to be more involved with a Kingdom project. Stephen, Myanmar says I'm planning further study in other country. Suyanto Djito, Indonesia says I teach street children, long to do more.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

12th January, 2011 

Thessa Madden, Pump Aid
says thanks for buying two wells and pumps for two remote Malawi villages. Big photos here.

Tell us what you are doing

Biak, Myanmar says I have printed and given away 700 copies of Pastor Eric Madisson's free book, people so happy and encouraged.  

More free literature here

11th January, 2011

The Daily Telegraph says 100,000 Britons, 66% women, have turned to Islam since 9/11 choosing Islam because they felt lost and dislike the immoral behaviour in secular Britain.

Tell us what you think about this

Charles White, USA says Bible Parent is the only site in the world with free printable bible memory cards in English, French, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese. 

Tell us what you have found for free

10th January, 2011


Are we in the third year of the Genesis 41 thin cows with worst of the economic crisis yet to come ? Some say so, but click here to find hope and a promise in this week's DCI Minute.

Tell us what you think about this

8th-9th January, 2011
The Weekend
"The pastor says we love to be called servants but we just hate to treated like them." "Bring me the menu," said his friend. 

Tell us what you think about this

See Train and Multiply for dozens of wonderfully illustrated easy to learn Christian Leaders training booklets, in many world languages. 

Tell us what you have found

Petrus Danggalimu, Rote, Indonesia says I live in a remote village, trying to reach my people for Christ.  Abigail says I have my cases packed for 3 months mission in Tlacolula, Oaxaca, Mexico. Angel and Hebe Sebastiani from Venezuela are doing mission in Parma, Italy.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

7th January, 2011

John Ling Myanmar-Burma says click to see the terrible scenes that we saw when we took 350 rice bags, plastic and iron roofing, 100 blankets and God's consolation and love to cyclone victims in 13 villages. In Kyauh-pha-la only 100 families still have a house and all the rice is ruined. We are now seeking emergency funds, $20 buys 40 kilos of rice to keep one family alive for one month, they also need shelter. The government says it will confiscate any home not rebuilt in three months so many poor Christians will lose their home forever.

or click on Support
Tell us how you would like to help John

6th January, 2011


The King of Siam gave a sacred white elephant to an enemy. White elephants are not allowed to work but they do eat - a lot! So in time the king's 'gift' brought ruin to his enemy. You too should guard against 'white elephants' that drain your time, energy and resources. 

From the Word for Today

Alphonse, Togo says I lead a church with 60 people in Abidjan. Kalanga Evoloko says I would like to open a free School of Mission in Gabon. Yacouba, Benin says I am very interested in your way of teaching.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

5th January, 2011

Ranledis Perez, Camaguey, Cuba says our Christmas Party with the Poor was full of smiles, reconciliation, love and support for our community.

Tell us what you did at Christmas

Miguel Diez, Israel and end-times scholar, founder of Remar Spain in 65 nations, 40,000 people, TV/RKM radio, is leading a trip to Israel March 16-23rd. Places available. Click to request information.

Tell us what you are doing

4th January, 2011

Les and Pilar, the editors says click for our New Year card for you, painted by a famous British artist, no ads, no flashing banners or imitation music, hope you enjoy it.

Tell us what you think

, the DCI online pastor in Barcelona, Spain says I went to Toledo to visit friends from years ago. The children did a Christmas show, we worshipped together, I opened the Bible and we went to a restaurant. Click for our photos.

Tell us what you were doing at Christmas

3rd January, 2011

Les Norman, the editor says you have just got to see this video of what people did for Christmas in a shopping centre, works in all languages.

Tell us what you were doing at Christmas

Angel Olmo, EMSI Spain says we are in Barcelona airport on the way to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso to organise our 2011 free medical projects for the poor, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Tell us what you are doing

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Les Norman 61, is a journalist, writer, speaker and a manager for the DCI Fund, focussing on the lost, the last and the least of the world. Since 1977 he has been following the call of Christ. He is married to Pilar with three grown up children.
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