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 About Burkina Faso
We had a lovely telephone call from a pastor in Burkina Faso who stayed with us when he was on your training course and he again invited us to visit him, but the flights seem amazingly expensive. Have you ever discovered a less expensive way to get there?
Stephen, England.

§ Hi Stephen, Air France has a monopoly on the route but their prices vary considerably with the date, the day of the week and even the hour of the day. So some searching on their website with wide-ranging alternatives can save hundreds of Euros. And then there is Le Point Afrique with prices are about half the AF prices from 220 Euros single. It is budget airline style, little leg space and bring your own sandwiches. You do your reservations on-line or by phone in French and they fly every two or three days using French charter airlines from Paris, Marseille or Strasbourg. There is no other cheaper way in to Burkina or West Africa.

 About Mali West Africa

My wife and I have many years of experience in mission work. For the last few years we have felt God’s call for us to go to Mali, a Muslim country, to take the Gospel there and we are praying for open doors and for obstacles to be removed by God.
Gnangoran Darius Armand, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

I have a calling for Mali. I can feel the fire of the missions call. Please send me all the information you have about Mali.
Enalba E Garcia Anaya, 40, Bogotá, Colombia.

 Africa and Worldwide
Start your own School of Mission . .
We can give you free Bible School materials in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and many languages along with all the advice you need to get you started. Please help yourself at our Free Bible School. These 85 diploma level studies are our gift to you, and are now being used on all five continents in fine buildings and under palm trees.
Les and Pilar.

We have started DCI Schools of Mission in Dodoma on Tuesdays and in Chidilo and when people come from Zejele and Chiguluka we have 26 students enrolled there.
Pastor Yona Mwanza, Dodoma, Tanzania

In Yaounde, Cameroon our School started with 56 not 65 because as at the screening process, some were found not faithful.
Dr. Andre Talla, Yaounde

I have been here in Lilongwe for the last six days, we have had good class sessions with people in attendance from different denominations. It has been raining and this forced me to hire a place for our learning and living and most of the students say they are not able to pay anything at all but we have agreed that the students will help with their next classes with what they have as a principle. I am establishing a strong guideline of giving as the teaching of our Lord Jesus that only if you give will one be given back good measure pressed down and running over,
Pastor Moses Aringo, missionary from Kenya in Malawi

§ Hi Moses, I think you are very wise to gently insist that the students share their good things with their teacher, according to Paul's example in the New Testament. If you set a precedent of doing everything for them for free then it will be very hard for you and you will never persuade the students and pastors to contribute towards their teaching next month and in the future. They will think you have a river of $ from the West. They must learn to give out of their need and insufficiency, it is a fundamental lesson and their giving will be the trigger for the Lord to pour his blessing upon them. Otherwise they will remain in poverty and dependency forever, even though they learn the Bible.

This kind of poverty is the very opposite of what the Lord wants and no amount of hours spent in Internet shops sending e-mails begging for help will solve the root problem. If the students and pastors can't give money, then let them give food, fruit, chickens, rice, maize anything at all that you can use, sell or give away to the poor. This is what I used to do and I came home many a time holding chickens and even a goat. The students attitude towards personal giving rather than personal getting is a big part of their examination of what they have learned. Those that pass the "exam" should return for more, those that complain and make excuses should be invited again only with caution, or taken back to real Bible basics. Onwards for Jesus and for Malawi, Moses, God be with you every step of the way.


See the Money Forum for more help with finances.

§ By the way the school in Cameroon needs a 40 seat used bus for missions trips . If you can find one, donate one, fund one or help in any way please let me know. Thanks.
Les Norman
Contact me

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Come and make a difference in the nations. . .
Through our Youth with a Mission school. We welcome people from all over the world and we are bilingual – English/Spanish. It is my privilege to be part of the staff. The next term starts on 6 February.
Dario Justiniano, 25, Santa Cruz.

Special Prisons built for HIV/AIDS inmates.
Guangdong province is to build two special prisons for HIV/AIDS inmates after an increasing number of HIV/AIDS carriers were reported in the prisons. Nguangdong province reported 1000 AIDS and HIV virus carriers in its prisons. . Experts say the figure is nearer to 40,000 and could be 500,000 by the end of 2010 as the virus quickly speads in this environment.
Direct from China, writer known to us.
Name withdrawn for security reasons.

Christ found me in my jail cell
I did 17 months in the rehab section of a local prison. For the glory of my Lord Jesus Christ, there I started walking in His path and now I was a witness for many in the main section. I was cleared of all charges and now I would like to give my testimony before those who do not truly know God.
German Bonilla Urrego, 45, Bogotá.

The best thing that happened to me. . .
It was to know Jesus. Before following Him, I was about to become a fortune-teller and to set up an new-age shop, but I read in the Bible that fortune-tellers and sorcerers shall not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, and this phrase shook me up. Now, I am a leader and I charge out against the enemy.
Gilma Romero Romero, 25, Fusagasugá

University Christians on the streets . .
We work in the universities and want to feed those living on the streets and take on some social work. We would like to know whether you could help us or provide us with a place to carry out these activities. We show films and organise concerts of Christian music to fund our work.

Pastor’s daughter falls deep into occultism
Some days ago, the teenage daughter of two pastors almost died. It turned out that she had been involved in occultism up to initiation level 4. Imagine my surprise when I knew that she had been into this since she was 12, and had cursed her parents and their congregation. Her parents did not properly look after her because of their demanding tasks as pastors. She began to hate her parents and her brothers and sisters in the congregation, and Satan made her relieve that God was responsible for shifting her parents’ attention and love away from her. She also believed that the congregation had not only robbed her of the time to be with her parent’s but also of their love towards her. Her parents were involved in the pastoral work 24/7, and demanded that she attended every daily service. This girl longed for going on holidays with her parents to the seaside, playing, etc, but her parents subverted God’s order of things –which is, firstly God in our intimate and personal relationship with Him obeying His word, secondly our family and finally our ministry. How sad that these pastors neglected the most precious gift that God had given them! True, a ministry involves sacrifices, but not that of abandoning our children, subverting the priorities or robbing our children of their childhood and adolescence. It is incredible that these parents not even suspected that their daughter was serving Satan! The plan of God is one of united families and family ministries. Our children will carry on with the work we have begun if with deeds and not mere words we show them that they are all too important to us, share quality time with them and become examples of love and sainthood.
Pastora Ana Maria Avilez, San Pedro Sula.

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National Convention held in Trichur Bus Station
The four days and 4 nights meetings were attended by 5000 people and more than 200 people responded to follow Jesus, 69 people were baptized and 4000 meals were served during this convention. The Spirit of God moved in a special way and this convention has become the talk of the city. We have decided to extend into two more states of India. Right now we have missionaries working in 7 states and we want to send 50 more missionaries in to the fields this year and plant 100 churches.
Pastor Daniel Varghese Kizhakkevila, Kerala.

Thank you for our Water Buffalos

They are a great blessing for the House of Hope kids. One buffalo delivered a baby on 2nd Jan, a wonderful New Year gift! Our HOH Saraiya kids have named her "Asha" meaning Hope and the baby is Shanti meaning Peace. On a average a water buffaloe gives 7 to 8 litres of milk per day for sale and for the kids. Thank you for being so concerned about the health of the these orphan kids.
Pastor John Joseph, Nagpur.

I did my school assembly about the rich farmer from Luke 12.17. I began by asking the children what they would spend their money on if they were rich. Most of them replied with what you would expect then one little boy said he would build a big house to look after children who did not have any parents. He is a little boy in my class whose parents have recently split up and he is suffering a bit at the moment as his mother has recently been in hospital and he never knows who he is staying with. Any way I reminded them of the water buffalo we had bought and told the children the good news and showed then the photo of mother and baby buffalo. They were delighted. We are hoping to have a biscuit sale to raise even more money for DCI's work.
Mrs LS, England

§ We now have dozens of chickens and goats, and maybe 10 cows and water buffalo and they are all feeding, clothing and educating orphans. Why not buy some more for the children in Uganda, Burkina Faso and India. A goat is just £8/$13, a cow or buffalo is £200/$340, chickens are very cheap ! A goat provides milk, fertilizer and kids for sale to pay for school fees, books and clothes.
Les and Pilar.
Safe, simple online giving by credit card
through the DCI Trust.

New DCI Bank for the Poor starts . .
Our friend and colleague Pastor Y writes, "The ladies will be selling chicken noodle, ducks, salted eggs, roast chicken, raising goats, opening a café, making cakes and selling clothes. Those planning to sell duck have said that they will repay their interest-free loan not weekly but daily. Some were about to borrow money from the loan sharks who charge very excessive interest but thank God they don’t need to do that, since we told them that they have brothers and sisters in Christ who can help them. We have so many loan sharks here and the poor have become their prey. Eventually they take away everything, money, furniture, even their shoes."
Name withdrawn for security reasons, Jakarta.

§ We hope that you are as happy as we were to be able to bless these ladies with a hope and a future in Jesus' name. Just £500 starts a fund which is repaid weekly and the incoming money is then loaned immediately to the next people on the waiting list to start micro-businesses.
Les and Pilar.

Now that I am here, where can I go?
I am from El Salvador and just arrived in Italy. Back in my country, I promised the Lord to serve Him in missions. I do not know of any churches or missions in Milan, so could you help me.
Roxana Penate, Milano.

§ Hi Roxana: welcome to Italy. Here’s an email address of an Argentinean sister, Margarita who is serving as a missionary in Italy not far from where you are. We are sure that she will show you where to go. Salvatore Loria has many contacts in Italy, because he is the editor of a Christian website in Italian based in Catania. A big encouraging hug in Christ.
Les and Pilar

First steps to a new DCI Bank for the Poor . . .
For poultry farming we will form groups of 10 each of church members, the unempleyed, women, orphans and less priviledged who will be given one day old chicks to care for and sell after 6 weeks for a good price. This will run for two years in 4 phases of 6 months each. For pig farming we will buy big pigs for £100 and after 4 months these will bear 12 to 15 piglets. After 3 months the piglets will be sold for £50 each. Our church will put in £250 and we request a grant of £500 for the start-up.
George Mkandawire, Lilongwe.

§ For further information please see Bank for the Poor A simple proposal such as this one, thought about and costed, carries a good chance of success because George can provide ample means of identiiaction and integrity, and will be working with one of our network members who will supervise the project.
Les Norman.

By the way . .
How rich or poor are you ?

People everywhere gaze enviously at the lists of the richest people in world, wondering what it would be like to have that sort of cash. But with your income where would you sit on the lists ? Find out in five seconds on this website

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Ongoing revival among the poor.
While this nation is one of the poorest in the world, it has witnessed a supernatural outpouring of God's Spirit over the past few years, with thousands of people finding Christ every week. The poor know they need the true and living God and when they meet Him in Jesus, they run to Him. They do not refuse. They are not hardened. They know that finally they have found the desire of their hearts. Every three months our five Bible schools are filled with new pastors and students from the bush. It is amazing to watch Jesus bring them, more at every session. It is life-changing to watch entire villages come to Jesus as soon as they see His love and power. What started with 15 believers three years ago, has grown to over 240 churches in this province, and more are being added each week, but Jesus wants His whole Makua bride of four million brought in.
Rolland and Heidi Baker
From Joel News

Pastors Leaders Training Feb 8-10th
At Emmaus Way Church, Faisalabad city with 200 pastors, evangelists, and women ministers from around the country. Please join us in prayer for this great event.
Pastor Muqaddam Zia,

§ It is a proven fact throughout history that the Lord can do far more through one surrended life that is on fire with the love of God, than through a thousand or even ten thousand church-goers who have little care for Christ or for the lost, the last and least of the world. We wish you well Pastor Zia.
Les Norman.

Missions opportunity to teach English
We are looking for missionaries from Europe or the US to teach English at our Transcultural Training Centre. The person should be a missionary sent by an agency or church or with a personal recommendation by a pastor. There is a chance to visit the Peruvian Andes and rainforest as part of the missionary experience.
Ps. Dr. Esteban Valverde V.32, Huacho - Lima

Is my vision about to become reality?
Two years ago I saw the land opposite our present home and office to become God's promise to us for an orphanage with classrooms and HIV/AIDS care and training for poor kids. Presently it is cock fighting land with gambling, alcohol and other forms of evil. The land is suddenly for sale for just $16,000. Please pray with us for God to provide and to prevent any other person from buying that land.
Gareth Lavell, mission in Chiang Mai, Thailand & the Mekong.

 United Kingdom
Personal Life Coaching . . .
I can help you with assertiveness, confidence building, counselling skills, life and career planning, crisis recovery, time and stress management, spirituality, personal growth and handling change.
Sue Morris, M.Ed, Nottingham, England.

§ We have know Sue for years and we can recommend her as a mature lady of impeccable integrity, someone to whom we would trun for help without a moment’s hesitation. She has had a long and distinguised career in training and education. Sue speaks English only.
Les and Pilar.

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Anyone have a small van out of use ?
We work with young people, children and adults trapped in different social problems including addictions. We need a minivan to cover roads too long and difficult to negotiate on a bike.
Pastor Omar Gutwein, 47, Argentina, Atlantida Canelones.

Despite the spiritual opposition…
The missionary work amongst the aboriginal peoples in Venezuela is not coming to an end. On the contrary, more and more people are coming to faith and witnessing others about the power of God in their lives.
Alberto Baute, 35.

The Last Word for Today . .
Can you figure it out ?

From a strictly mathematical viewpoint: What equals 100%? What does it mean to achieve more than 100%? Here's a simple mathematical formula. If: A B C . . . is represented as: A=1%, B=2% etc all the way to Z=26% then:

K -  N -  O - W -  L - E- D- G- E
11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%

H- A-  R-  D-W-  O -  R-  K
8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%

A - T -  T -  I -  T -  U - D -E
1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%

Therefore, one learns with mathematical certainty that while Hard work and Knowledge will get you close to 100%, Attitude will get you there. However look how far the love of God will take you:

L -   O -  V - E -   O -  F - G - O- D
12+15+22+5 + 15+ 6 + 7+15+4 = 101%

So consider this, it's the Love of God that will put you over the top to achieve the more than 100% mark !

Author unknown.

Sent in by Gareth Lavell, Chaing Mai, Thailand.

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