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Spain medics treat thousands of Burkina poor
It is hard to imagine anything more beautiful or effective for the poor and the gospel than this . . .

In 8 days our friends and partners as a team of 8 medics and 20 support workers, all in Burkina at their own expense, built a 1000 m2 field hospital, attended 700 poor villagers, fed long queues of people waiting outside the free hospital, fed children in villages and shared the gospel with all. They trained 6 medical students, did three trips with a mobile hospital bus, treated prisoners in the jail, visited the state hospital, the university, the government and churches, did teaching and researched future possibilities.
Les Norman

§ Dr. Angel Olmo says: “ I cannot find the words to be able to describe how I feel at this moment. The time was so short, the days went by so quickly and the experiences we had were so numerous and so different that it is impossible to take on board all the gifts from God, the surprises, his blessings and the privilege of being able to work in a team like this one. All I can say is that it cannot end here. I know that what we are doing has to grow and I do believe that we will reach much further if we allow Christ and Christ alone to be at the helm of this work.

Without any doubt we are living in historic moments in the Christian faith, and I say this sincerely without trying to be eloquent or to exaggerate. I firmly believe that the ministry that the Lord has given to us through medical mission is one of the most effective channels that we can use in this day and age to bring people to the foot of the cross of Christ whether over there in Burkina Faso or in other similar extremely poor countries including our own spiritually poor nation which is part of the so-called first world.

How can I find words big enough or intense enough to describe exactly how you feel when you have been unable to love like Jesus loved. In Burkina Faso the Lord took us into a new experience of what is His love for the poor and my prayer now is that Jesus will continue working in every one of us on this team, that this journey may just be the beginning of a revolution in our own level of commitment to Jesus and for Jesus.
Dr. Angel Olmo, emsi@mision, Barcelona, Spain.

Hundreds of healing miracles in Colombia hospital
British itinerant missionary Paul Bennison says he witnessed hundreds of healing miracles in Cali after hospital authorities gave him and his team permission to visit and pray for any who were interested. Alberto had been released from prison to hospital as he had become paralysed from the waist down. After the team prayed for him, astonished prison staff took him back to jail completely well. A woman saw this happen and asked Paul to pray for her father who was lying paralysed on a trolley. He was suffering from liver failure and was unable to speak. Paul quoted words from Scripture, "You shall run and not be weary; walk and not faint". He then moved on to another patient. Minutes later the daughter came to call Paul back to the (now empty) trolley. She said that her father had suddenly sat up and said, "I have to run!" which he did - straight out of the hospital! By the third week, ninety percent of the beds contained new patients as the previous occupants had all been healed. Some were cured when they met a previously paralysed man in the toilet - he told them what had happened to him and they were healed on the spot!
Source: Martin Collins, Inspire Magazine. Paul Bennison e-mail
From Joel News

Breaking News . . .
Report from the BBC London

The very modest home of Yoppi Margianto (seen above), our Indonesian translator, School of Mission and Bank for the Poor leader is submerged under a lot of polluted water in the Jakarta floods that have made the headlines around the world and taken many lives.

     "Today the flood came again at 3 am,
       and almost twice deeper than before."

Please pray for Yoppi, his wife and small children, especially against disease and if you would like to join us in sending some emergency money to get them through this horrible crisis you are very welcome.
Les and Pilar Norman
Or click here for alternative methods

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More on those extraordinary
Thailand Christmas Parties for the Poor . . . .

We brought Christmas to the poor and needy in Chiang Dow to over 600 Akha Hill-tribe people. Jesus is their only hope. These people are originally from Tibet and only 100 are regularly attending church and call themselves Christian. In reality only a handful are truly born again. With their cultural shyness many may have received Christ but were shy to raise their hands. All have one thing in common they are all extremely poor and they are all in desperate need of the love and life which only Christ Jesus can bring. Thank you everyone at DCI, these really are the lost, the last and the least. We fed the entire village . .
See the photos and read the story here

See the full story in last month’s issue

We then traveled to a Karen Hilltribe village where we brought Christmas to over 500 Karen Hilltribe people. Many are already Christian and serve the Lord Jesus faithfully, but many almost 99% do not understand the true meaning of His grace many believe that they are saved by baptism.
See the photos and read the story here

Gareth Lavell. Our friend and partner in Thailand

Concert for the elderly in Siberia winter . .

It was a wonderful experience, our kids liked it very much and were really happy to serve to these old fogotten people in a home. They danced and sang songs and gave away sweets. Some old people cried all the way long while listening to the Christmas songs, others sat numb and quiet as statues and I could hardly say whether they were alive. Others were talkative and happy to see children's faces. Much love always,
Galina Artamohina, our translator for the Russian pages

Two free books to download . . .

Esteemed by Angels
By Dr Rob Reeve, Horizons France

This book is written to encourage prayer, and motivate mission. It contains devotional teaching and examples of the practical outworking of prophetic prayer in action. There is also some more systematic teaching on world mission to encourage the emergence of indigenous mission movements in Central Africa and beyond. Above all it is a book which is passionate about the infinite possibilities that prayer opens up to us, enabling even the most humble mortal to fulfil his personal destiny in bringing the awesome love of Christ to the nations.
Click here to download free

Lots of Loving - One Man’s Journey To The Nations
by Dr. Robert Reeve, Horizons France

Through his own story Rob leads us on a voyage of discovery; the discovery of God's purpose working through everyday people and situations, the discovery that every heart cry is heard and valued by our Creator, the discovery that nothing can stop a person who is determined to follow God. Once we know these things we are trapped. We must take action ourselves. I laughed and cried reading it. Rob has the capacity to stand outside of himself and see something of the gentle interweaving of past, present and future. His recounting is earthy, smattered with humour and compassion. By telling his own story he has conveyed his wonder at the purpose that pervades his life. In doing so he opens a window for us to wonder at the purpose in our own. One of my earliest memories of Rob is his arrival at the UK Horizons HQ for an expedition to North Africa. He carried his luggage in a black bin liner. That thin black plastic bag seemed to sum up all he cared for worldly goods. He was off on an adventure with God, and there was no holding him back !
From the Foreward by Gail Dixon, Nations, Wales.
Click here to download free Lots Of Loving

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Endless free Christian music and messages . .
Here’s how . . .

1. Download I-Tunes free, reboot PC and install it. Or similar Juice

2. In I-Tunes go to Podcasts
To understand how Podcasts work click here

3. Click on Podcasts directory, browse or power search for Christian or Worship, choose and subscribe. Or look under the Religion category but take care. I-Tunes will automatically download a new mp3 file every time your chosen Podcast updates.

The incomparable Praise Until Dawn with Pat Rutherford gives 2 hours of superb music every day – for free. Try Highest Praise Worship Podcast; Real Worship Podcast, Worship Interludes, Catholic PraiseCast is modern and suitable for all. Cross Rhythms has the rock ! Joyce Meyer has a brilliant 30 minute podcast and many familiar names can also be found for teaching.

4. Play on the PC speakers or move the mp3 files across to your I-Pod or mp3 player. Enjoy as you work or on the move as you walk or ride. To put your music podcasts onto a CD try a free trial of this excellent program

Les and Pilar

Free Practical Ministries course from a man who lives it . .
Click on this link then click on "Enroll" for a 13th of February online start with 13 weeks, till the 8th of May. This is the kind of ministry that the Lord Jesus did to "the poor, the lame, the maimed and the blind, to widows and orphans." It's what He showed His disciples how to do and sent them out to do it, and what He commanded them to teach their disciples to do. God has given the gifts of church leadership, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers for the equipping of the saints to the work of ministry, to the building up of the body of Christ" (Ephesians 4:12). Their purpose is to prepare ordinary Christians to do the work of ministry which is the building up of the body of Christ. So by getting all Christians involved in demonstrating the love of Christ to "the poor, the lame, the maimed and the blind, to widows and orphans," we can literally build up the church, the body of Christ!
Robert Hosken, DCI School of Mission, Moscow, Russia

But for right now
we have three things to do to lead us . . .
Trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly.
And the best of the three is love.
1 Corinthians 13.13 The Message

Pakistan earthquake kids still in tents a year later . . .

This is our camp in Balakot, the earthquake region where it is snowing hard and the temperature is - 4 Celsius. Most of the children in the tent shelters have no warm clothes or jackets and there is a shortage of food. Please join us in prayer and help if you can. We have 178 children at school and about 870 children in camps.
Pastor Muqadam Zia, PO Box - 663,
Faisalabad, Pakistan
Fax. 0092-41-8711269

First new School of Mission of 2007 is in Sierra Leone
I'm doing effective work in four districts with no training schools. I'm immediately going to start the School of Mission in churches and I will send you full reports. Thanks for your generosity.
Evangelist Sahr Paul, Sierra Leone
Empowering Grassroot Ministries.

§ The average life span of a Sierra Leonean is 38 years for men and 42 years for women. More from Wikipedia

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You Can Find God's Best ready in Urdu
DCI School of Mission coming soon in Urdu

Dear brother Les, I am glad to inform you that we have completed the translation and composing work the book "You Can Find God's Best" and we are ready to print the book for the better spiritual growth of believers. I believe that this book will play a very special role among the lives of believers and unbelievers in Pakistan. We are now free to translate the lessons of School of Mission.
Pastor Sarwar Masih, Lahore.

Many couldn't send their children to school,
with Bank for the Poor now they can . . .

All the women of the DCI Bank for the Poor project brought together our first fruits, each one of us brought some little food that we cooked and invited our relatives, neighbors and friends in the New year, its was an occasion to share the good news of Jesus Christ. We really enjoyed ourselves as we sang; songs of praises to God who really visited us this year, many among us were not able to send their children to schools and today they are all healthy and clothes and going to schools. Thanks for giving us such opportunity and may the Lord bless you
Mathilde Yamande, Garoua, Cameroon.
Bank for the Poor Project Leader

Building On The Foundation Already Laid since 1985
We have lots of voluntary part-time jobs in our global working team. Good written English is essential as this is the only comon language we have across the world. We welcome older, younger and retired people of all colours, all churches and all backgrounds, single, married or no longer married, with a call and a gift from God who are willing to follow Jesus, work in team and learn together as we serve others.

Here’s one or two . .

§ We are looking for a younger deputy to our founder, Les Norman, to work alongside him, to bring new prayer, fresh ideas and creative faith, and eventually take the responsibility for serving the movement. Like every role in DCI this on is also on a self-support basis though work or with a support group, could be done part-time, at least to begin with.
Write in English to Les Norman
With CV and your testimony please

§ We need a native French speaker to check the revision of our revised School of Mission lessons and suggest corrections. Help with translation from English to French is always welcome.
Write in French or English to Catherine Northey.

Our India convention attracted 15,000 people . .
We provided 8,000 meals for visitors and afterwards 56 people, mostly from heathen background were baptised. The Lord met all our needs.

Pastor Daniel, Kerala, DCI Partner in India

Sending Fire to the Nations
We pray for people in mission and ministry in different countries and we have people praying in almost 60 countries. We are ready to pray for you and send you our prayer letters so if the Lord puts in your heart to ask for prayer or to join our intercession network, please get in touch with me.
German J. Rivas, 39, Maracay - Venezuela.
Fire to the Nations World Intercessory Network

The last word for today . .
One ship drives east and another drives west,
with the selfsame winds that blow.
Tis the set of the sails and not the gales,
that decides the way to go.
This the set of the soul that decides its goal,
and not the calm or the strife.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Today's World Christian News

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Les and Pilar Norman

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