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March 2007 edition

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This morning the floods came again . .


This time we faced it with a smile and singing to the Lord. Thank you for all your prayers and support. The flood has caused 70 deaths and more than a million have suffered loss. People actually invite more severe floods by changing forests into villas, and throwing garbages into rivers. So we deserved the flood.
Yoppi Margianto, with DCI in Jakarta, Indonesia.

New Bank for the Poor in Malawi

Before the bank came these people had no employment, no hope and nobody to help them, they only had their faith in God, but now by the grace of the Lord they can earn a good living and have money to give to others through their own businesses funded by micro-credits from DCI, and supervised in Malawi by our friend Pastor Moises Aringo, a graduate of the School of Mission in Nairobi,Kenya.

Delighting leads to doing . . .
Doing without first delighting is doubtful . . .

Blessed is the man who delights in the law of the Lord; and in his law does he meditate day and night. He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth fruit in season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he does shall prosper.
From Psalm 1 KJV

Pastor is a gifting not a title or a rank . .

To all the School of Misison leaders . . have your students done the written work, the practical projects and the exam ? The students need to think, pray, write and do what Jesus did, please do not graduate students who have only sat through the lessons or give them the title of pastor. Let them earn a church's recognition by doing what Jesus did. About diplomas, each School of Mission should prepare its own diploma in its own language, signed by local people who can be contacted if there is any doubt in the future when the graduates show their diploma. Nobody will believe that a diploma from the UK in the hands of a village pastor is genuine. The local signatures are very important.
Les Norman, Schools of Mission Director.
Free School of Mission page

Who will reach out to the Maasai ?

This is an African semi-nomadic people in Kenya and Tanzania whose lifestyle centres around their cattle which constitutes the primary source of food. . They always wear some form of red, however little. Their society is patriarchical in nature with the elders deciding most matters while laibons stand between the Maasai and their one god, "Enkai".
More at Wikipedia

Who will pray with me and buy Bibles for the Maissai Maraa ?
Francis Obae, Kenya

As many rescues as you need . . .
And he (Jesus) did it, and he'll do it again, rescuing us as many times as we need rescuing. You and you prayers are part of the rescue operation, I don't want you in the dark about that.
Paul in 2 Corinthians 1.10, The Message

Dreams and visions of Jesus in all Muslim world
Men and women in closed countries without knowledge of the gospel or contact among Christians have experienced dreams and visions of Jesus Christ. Khalil, a radical Egyptian terrorist, changed from a murderous 'Saul' to a forgiving 'Paul'. He set out to discredit the Bible but could not; and although he despised Christians and Jews, his heart was changed forever when the Saviour appeared to him in a dream that penetrated his soul.
More Than Dreams video website
From Joel News

We feed lepers and pray for them.
They are very happy and so receptive to the gospel. No one wants to speak to them and love them and they live in isolation.
Pastor Kizhakkevila Daniel, Voice of Gospel, Kerala.
A DCI partner in India

§ To see a slide show of the leper colony please click here You may find some of the sights to be distressing.

Man built church just to make village look good . .

The 100 "Christians" in the village never actually go to the church, there is no pastor and only four people ever use the church for one minute of prayer morning, afternoon, evening on Sundays only. We held a first meeting in there and all the village came after we visited every home. We are going to raise up a local leader and teach every two weeks. There is so much to do, hundreds of villages, hundreds of thousands of people who worship spirits amongst the tribal people alone. We need lots of prayer and lots of support.
Gareth Lavell, DCI Partner in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Starting a Church for the Poor in Lira . .
Someone has promised me land, I just need chairs and a PA. It is raining too much but I will soon put up straw walls and begin to worship and fellowship with the poor.
Pastor George Purkweri, with DCI in Lira, Uganda.

In the end it will be OK . . .
He led you through the vast and dreadful desert, a thirsty and waterless land. He brought you water out of hard rock and gave you manna to eat in the desert to humble you and to test you so that in the end it might go well with.
From Deuteronomy 8.15. NIV

Find the man or woman of peace . .
In Luke 10.6 Jesus tells the disciples to stay with the man of peace that they will meet because these people becomes the base from which the gospel moves onwards leaping from one person to the next and to the next. Men and women of peace are the keys that open the community, pray and ask to meet and serve them.
Les Norman

Only six pastors in vast desert province
Oudalan is half the size of Wales and these are great guys, serving God and sharing Christ faithfully in difficult situations. I try each week to visit one pastor, and seek how to help them move forward. We are looking for ways to help them start small businesses that will provide for their families and to pursue their ministry. See my website for lots of photos and information.
Keith Smith, Gorom-Gorom, Burkina Faso

Do you want to be on TBN channel?
Jaime Abreu who lived among indigenous tribes for more than 15 years in South America, will be on TBN TV with a regular programme all about world missions. Any Spanish speaking missionaries who want to talk about their work and call can contact Jaime.
Jaime Abreu, 37, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Two kinds of rest, one is given, the other found . . .
Then Jesus said, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.
Matthew 11, 28-29

Remembering the day . . .
Coincidentally 30 years ago almost to the day I gave my life to Christ because of the patient and long-suffering witness of one of the Gideons and because of the gift of a pocket New Testament that I read when I was sick. In between the word of God and the help pages in that special Gideons edition I met Jesus. From time to time the Gideons in my local area invite me to speak in their regional conferences bcause as I often say to them as they go into schools and prisons, you never know who you are speaking to and what God can do. This month also marks our 25th silver wedding anniverary and 25 years since hearing the call of God that turned into DCI as it is today.
Les Norman.

Burma orders Christians to be wiped out
A secret document leaked from a government ministry in Burma contains point by point instructions on how to drive Christians out of the state saying, "There shall be no home where the Christian religion is practised" and calls for anyone caught evangelising to be imprisoned. It advises: "The Christian religion is very gentle – identify and utilise its weakness." Burma is known for widespread reports of religious persecution, with churches burnt to the ground, Christians forced to convert to the state religion and their children barred from school.
Peter Pattisson, in Burma for the Sunday Telegraph
Full story here

For all who are just little older and greyer . .
I've been carrying you on my back from the day you were born. And I'll keep on carrying you when you're old. I'll be there, bearing you when you're old and grey. I've done it and will keep on doing it, carrying you on my back, saving you. I am God, the only God you've had or ever will have - incomparable, irreplaceable. From the very beginning telling you what the ending will be, all along letting you in on what is going to happen. I'm in this for the long haul, I'll do exactly what I set out to do.
From Isaiah 46, 3-4; 9-11. The Message

Free Complete AIDS/HIV education program
Biblical, morally based hope in a 278 page manual is available, also overhead transparencies and PowerPoints. Click for free download
John Edmiston, Los Angeles, USA.

Help training pastors to start in Zambia

Untrained pastors are a big issue here, training is unaffordable by the poor so please help us set up a simple yet effective programme like the free DCI School of Mission
Jim Malasha, 56, Lusaka, Zambia.

Listening in the desert of Israel

From June 20 to 30 we have a special conference to listen the voice of God and we believe that the quiet of the Israeli desert will be a good place.
Eduardo, 30, Beersheva

Take the quiz - have you got peace with God ?
Go to Agape-Biblia in Moscow, the quiz is here choose your language at the top. Do the quiz and send in your questions for grrat personal support from Robert Hosken, missionary in Russia for over 40 years.

Are you raising your own support for missions ?

This page has invaluable information for all Christian workers who are raising support. Sorry, but it is only in English. And there is our own page too here.
Les Norman

The one person who could make
the most difference in DCI right now would be  . . .
A full or part-time Personal Assistant for Les Norman, someone who could work from home to handle our communications and keep things running for us, especially when we are away. Language skills especially Spanish would be really good but we might even have a way round these issues for the right person. Any age, from students to retired or disabled people; time and help given to raise your own personal support and expenses paid. IT skills and a missions heart are essential. Maybe we know you already and you would like to get more involved ?
Contact Les Norman here

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