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March 2008

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We went to the persecuted pastors in Orissa many of whom are still under great fear. Thirty two families lost all their savings for the marriage of children, to buy a cow or build a house, all burned to ashes in their homes. Pastors lost their bicycles, their eyes were still full of tears. Most had been abused and tortured, one pastor's head was shaved and he was forced to drink cow dung water. We encouraged and prayed for each one. But just now I got another phone call saying that one of our missionaries and his wife were beaten brutally in the village while they were having their prayer service. Please uphold them in your prayers. The persecution news really wears me out and I was almost physically sick for three days.
DCI Partner in India

§ On your behalf we have sent funds for bikes and Bibles. Les.

It is the things that you cannot do anything about
and the things that you cannot do anything with
that do something with you.
Richard Rohr

Last Sunday we 47 unbelievers came to Barlonyo Church for the Poor. We led them all to Christ and now that church has gone from being new 3 months ago to having 107 real members. Eight men came from Aduku asking us if they could have a Church for the Poor as well. We shall launch it next Sunday giving us the total of 10 Churches for the Poor. 
George Purkweri, DCI partner in Lira - Uganda
purgeorge2000 @

Dare to let God be God by taking your hands off
and allowing the Holy Spirit to freely do what He does best.
Lonnie Frisbee, 1979

What we call Ministry on the Streets is very effective.  The church we belong to is looking after hundreds of street people and refugees right now.  There is a food run every night and a street fast food stall for the homeless, but as valuable as that is, the most important thing is to talk to the poor people on the streets and accept them, listen to them, and preach to them not by sermons but by our lives and our love in going to them. This is very healing for them. The church collects clothes and furniture, cleaning and repairing it and then making it available to the poor. Obviously you have to ask questions and be careful that the people are genuine and not just looking for something to sell, and then use the money to buy beer.
Les and Pilar

Last Saturday was our first time to go out on the street talking to the poor and homeless and taking them gifts of food as you said, and guess what happened - some gave their lives to the Lord and even asked for baptism so we are going to baptise them this Saturday and they will be with us in church. Amazing. We will continue next week. Back home in Kenya, people destroyed my family house and things. My father phoned. Please do keep my family in Kenya in your prayers.
Moses, Lilongwe - Malawi
musaatte @

§ You will find more on this subject in the Last Word at the end of the page.

When you help someone out, don't think about how it looks. Just do it, quietly and unobtrusively. That is the way your God, working behind the scenes, helps you out.
Matthew 6.3 The Message

The photos on the party for the poor pages made me cry and come to God who has promised in Psalm 72.12, that "HE will deliver the needy when he cries, the poor also, and him who has no helper." But then Galatians 2.10 says: "They desired only that WE should remember the poor, the very thing which I was eager to do. These two verses if combined only have one meaning, that HE uses US to deliver the needy and the poor. A very poor widow came to me half an hour ago, crying because two of her children are sick, one has typhus, and the other TB. She came to me for the typhus problem several days ago, and I was so sad because I only had $6 for the medicine but it was enough to make her daughter better. This time thank God that I could give $14, enough for 2 weeks treatment. We pray a lot for God to give us a better HE and WE way of helping others.
Yoppi, Banten - Indonesia
yoppi_margianto @

Be Jesus to this world, that is, preaching the Kingdom and then demonstrating it by caring for the poor and oppressed, healing the sick, driving out demons, seeking the lost, and integrating, teaching and training new believers to do the same.
Alexander Venter, Doing Church book p.91

Can you help us please?

1. We are looking for contacts in Lithuania, especially in Kaunas . .

2. Are you in Kenya ? Are you in Zimbabwe ? How are you doing at the moment, people would like to know . .

3. We are looking for an Arabic speaker/writer to check, edit and complete our pages in Arabic.

4. We need to be given or to buy a sturdy used car or 4WD to send to Liberia as a gift. We also need one of our supporters to visit Liberia for us and we can help towards the air fare.

5. We invite quotations from members of the network and from readers for a complete redesign of this multi-lingual website in a way that will last for many years and be easy to update from different editors around the world.
Please contact Les Norman, the editor

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Les and Pilar

After being with us from almost the first days 23 years ago Fred and Jean Mercer retired as trustees last month with honour and thanks. We and everyone in DCI owes them a debt that can never be paid in this life. Adrian Masters has joined us as the first of of a new professional board of governors, as a working director and as company secretary from April 1st. Our daughter Lizzie, 19, has also joined us in project development.
Les and Pilar

After just over one year with your tireless inspiration, patience and materials sent to us in this war ravaged nation we now have five training centres, 42 graduates, 24 micro-businesses, a strong prayer team, 275 new believers, 4 new churches and a care for the poor program under way. Many used to consider our church the least in the community but we are now called the Soul-Winning Church by some while others call us the Church For the Poor. Yet others called us the Christmas Party Church, others call us the Training People church but whatever the name, we are pleased that the Lord is being glorified. Yesterday we did a Party for the Poor for 150 blind adults and refugees. It was such a great day for the poor, eight accepted Christ and those who were believers expressed great appreciation.  Some of these blind people sleep on plywood with no mattress or on bare springs without any cover. I shed tears as I saw such deplorable bedding. The next Party is for 265 disabled women, children, men and most vulnerable persons. 
John Duco, DCI partner in Monrovia - Liberia
pastorduco2002 @

§ We will see what we can do about these beds. Les.

Thanks to the clear lessons our prayer group has got a new church with 300 members and in March we will go together to start another School of Mission in the 3rd state. Some Haitians in the Dominican Republic have asked me to give them a good knowledge of the word of God and they are ready to give me a house to open the School in Santo Domingo. Please pray for us to be able to start Schools of  Mission in all ten Haiti provinces.
Johnny Auguste, Haiti
jauguste_8 @

But you, dear friends, carefully build yourselves up in this most holy faith by praying in the Holy Spirit, staying right at the centre of God's love, keeping your arms open and outstretched, ready for the mercy of our Master, Jesus Christ.
Jude 21

Thirty-two of us went to five places, many people heard about the Lord and several  received the Lord Jesus Christ. Only in one place the local authority did not allow us. 
From Myanmar, name removed for security

The lesson from both the children of Israel being let go from Egypt, and from Peter in John 21 is that the number one thing to take care of is being with the Lord. That’s where every-thing works out for life and living, whether it’s through a job or not. It was ‘with Him’ in the wilderness that the manna came – ‘with Him’ on the fishing boat that the miraculous catch came – and ‘with Him’ on the shore, although he had no job, that the mysterious bread and fish for all came. I hope I can grow more into being the lover that He longs for, to be satisfying to Him and satisfied by Him, in this way lead the way in life for others.
From a man "Anon" we know who lives what he writes

Perhaps we need to ask ourselves if we are becoming driven by life's demands, instead of drawn by God into the things we take on.
Mary Pytches

We held a Vacation Bible School and 70 kids turned up. Our new church is growing, mostly with kids but now their parents are also coming along. The church loves the DCI material and if we grow to be 100 in a year then it will be 100 people prepared for ministry.
Silvana, DCI partner in Pousso Alegre - Brazil
mis-silvana @

If you are in missions in Pakistan, we have a vision to help you. Write to us.
Gonzalo y Yenny Ulloa, 30, Santiago - Chile
gonzayen @

I'm looking for information about Malaysia and contacts there. Can you help?
Stepanie González Gutiérrez, 19, Temuco - Chile
aquilaenlever @

The Huaycan area needs a lot of spiritual help, missionaries are very welcome.
Jocabed  Gonzales, 22, Lima - Peru
jocabed_3 @

Our mission is where the mighty Amazon starts and we need volunteers to come and help us with evangelism, Christian education, Sunday Schools, agriculture, chicken and fish farming, river navigation, building and car repairs.
Ps. William Sifuentes, 50, Nauta, Loreto - Perú
waslpiura @

Zambia has hard heavy rains since early December 2007 even the drought area is badly affected with bridges washed away and crops submerged. Please pray for us that we may continue to spread the word of God and find material help.
J.K.Malasha, 57, Lusaka - Zambia
blessingccc @

After the war I had to travel 400 miles to Abidjan to send you my e-mails, that was not too easy, but now I can go to Man only 55 miles away. 
Mah Malachie, DCI partner in the Ivory Coast

The Last Word for Today . . . .

You said to me that your pastor believes that we should not fatten up people who are going to perish, but how do any of us know who these people are? Thirty years ago I was one of them until suddenly the Lord revealed himself to me, gave me faith to believe and then called me to serve Him for a lifetime.  And here I am to this very day waiting for His next word!

I would not want to contradict your pastor in any way because we don't know what was behind that comment but let me encourage you to do all that is in your heart with the help of God and His confirmations every step of the way. You said that you want to help those who have nothing and those who no-one goes looking for but you think that at your age it is already too late.  It is never too late because the mercies of God are new every morning, and great is His faithfulness. To be honest I don't doubt that we must show the love of God and His provision to the poor who are also believers, and there are millions of them who have no other help in this life or the next other than Jesus and to Him they pray.  I have heard them and I have never recovered from the experience. It is we who have something that are called to be His hands, his feet and His wallet.

However I would say that you should never say no or walk away from a poor man just because of a denominational theology.  Only say No if the Holy Spirit is saying No in your heart or if you lose the peace of God or if you feel that God is stopping you because He knows something you don't. In my humble opinion I think that we who are followers of Jesus should be creating something of the atmosphere of the Kingdom of heaven here on Earth, speaking about the King of Love, Jesus, and naturally doing what Jesus did, every day without thinking twice about it.

Yes, there are some verses which give the idea that we should first bless the poor believers amongst us, and across the whole Bible there are very other many verses which speak about the poor in general, those who know the Lord and those who do not. And if they do not believe it may well be because they have never heard of the love of God and it may be that no believer has ever taken that love to them where they are. To answer your specific question, yes - in DCI we bless the poor who believe - and we regularly go into both the streets of our city and the streets of the developing world to bless the poor who do not believe - yet.  We bless then with time, eye contact, smiles, talk, prayer if they would like some, with words of hope as well as with food, soup, drinks. blankets, chocolate and Christmas presents. Sometimes we leave them almost speechless because they are not used to this, and in many cases it is that day that they take one step closer to Jesus.
Les Norman

In times of great change learners inherit the earth
whilst the learned find themselves beautifully equipped
for a world that no longer exists.
Eric Hoffer

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