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30th March, 2010

John Ling
Myanmar says we have published your free DCI book You Can Find God's Best in our Chin language to give to our pastors and leaders.
Tell us what you are doing 

Jose Luis  says I have followed the Lord for 15 years serving the poor in Reynosa, Mexico. Kouadio Kouassi Bertin says I have opened a new church in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Graciela says please send me information on joining a mission in or going to China.

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29th March, 2010

David Armada says the EMSI Mission team of 38 Spanish doctors, surgeons and helpers is now in Burkina Faso giving unconditional free treatment to hundreds of extremely poor people.  Follow us on this daily blog.

Les Norman, the editor says that readers of this page have supported
this EMSI mission with over £5000 so far, join with us if you wish.

Click for a free book The exciting, true and fast moving story of how God brought 
K.P. Yohannan from a remote Indian village to be the supporter of thousands of people in mission.

Tell us what you have found for free

27th March, 2010

Children's doctors Mary and Cat, UK say after 2 months tense waiting we were finally granted five year visas to return to work in Trichur and across the whole of India. See us here: Love the One making a difference, one child at a time.

Tell us what you are doing

26th March, 2010

A believer in Algeria says email me if you would like to know more about our church here where we are facing big obstacles but the people still come to worship and we help with HIV/AIDS, poverty, children and protecting women. Name removed for security.

Tell us what you are doing

25th March, 2010

Felly NsunguRD Congo who runs DCI Support in French for West Africa says my wife Faith gave birth to a bouncing baby boy today. In memory of all your prayer support, generosity and love for us we want to give the DCI founder's name Les Norman to our fine baby.

Tell us what you are doing

24th March, 2010

Myrt and Rhonda from the UK are in Malawi to see how to help children and orphans long term, and to see the clinic construction in Mbuzi Mzumula, which will end a 7 hour walk to the nearest doctor.

Tell us what you are doing

Comment by Michael Singini, Malawi, in the UK
People are waiting for Rhonda and Myrt in large numbers, very happy to welcome them. My village headman said, "Never did I dream in my lifetime that somebody from England would come to my village. We are ready to give every support, everybody is so excited.


A thousand congratulations to BBC TV Sport Relief for raising £32,000,000 in one weekend, 50% of which is to help the developing world, especially against malaria. How to Apply for a Grant.

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Comment from Michael Singini, Malawi
Sport Relief made me weep and sob, I saw all the hard situations my people at home go through.

Comment from Les Norman, the editor.
The video clips from the Uganda hospitals brought tears to my eyes as well, pregnant mothers and babies dying of malaria, that could all be prevented by buying a net for £5/$8.

23rd March, 2010

Since 1985 the DCI Fund has welcomed Extravagant Giving to the Poor by our supporters and readers for supervised projects around the world. This month's projects are:

: Caring for 21 children orphaned by the earthquake.

Burkina Faso: Free medical treatment/surgery for hundreds of poor children
Malawi: Building a Clinic to end the 7 hour walk to the nearest doctor.

by credit card

Other ways of giving
Search for news items or ask for more information.

Comment from Debora, Spain
Today I have paid 150 Euros in the DCI account, that is 75 Euros for the children in Haiti and 75 Euros to help Rolando's work in the Amazon, Peru

Felly and Faith in Congo are about to be parents again and Michael and Emily in Switzerland have a baby on the way for November. In Cameroon Emilienne, our translator is about to be married and in Nottingham, UK, Grace is 92. For Philippe and Josephine in Burkina Faso it is their 27th wedding anniversary and for Colin and Lynne in the UK, their 25th. Jim in Bath, UK watches over a Zimbabwe project has been given a Ph.D scholarship but in France Jean-Francois remains very poorly with maybe a small improvement, and in Nottingham, UK Kathy is in continual facial pain because a bone has died following her radiotherapy a while ago.

Tell us what you are doing

22nd March, 2010

Matthieu Nshimimana, Burundi says we have 5 DCI Schools of Mission here and I am translating the lessons into the Kirundi language.

Tell us what you are doing

Belindao says we must look after the most needy people, I have worked with natives in Colombia for 20 years. Gilmar Santos says Lago Real for Christ in Brazil trains people to serve and helps needy families. Alberto, Colombia says I deeply love mission work and want to be trained.

Tell us what you are doing

20th March, 2010

Pinned by Robson Ribeiro Silva, 45, Brazil: I am a graduate in ethnic relations and cultures, speak Portuguese and English, and welcome a way into mission in Western Europe.

Mukuka Gift, Samfya, Zambia says I am training leaders in 5 churches and go to villages 100 kms away. Eliezer says I work with children's education, health and food in Haiti and Dominican Rep. Ramiro says I was a Catholic priest now an evangelical pastor with a home for orphans.

Tell us what you are doing

19th March, 2010

Teresa of Avila, Spain says poor and imperfect as my works may have been, this Lord of mine has improved and perfected them, and has increased their value. As for my wickedness and sins He has immediately hidden them away. He has even allowed the eyes of those who have seen them to be blind to them, and has removed them from their memory. He gilds my faults and instead makes some virtue shine in me, one that He himself has given me.

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Click Internet Evangelism Day
from the Billy Graham Centre, USA for lots of free things for your church, website and e-mails.

Tell us about the free things you have

18th March, 2010

Rolando Canazas, Peru says this week I am starting a long journey by road and canoe in the River Santiago region of Amazonas with Henry, a native Huambisa believer to open six new free Schools of Mission in six Amazon villages.

Tell us what you are doing

Lorena, Patagonia says our social network here teaches the community and makes leaders. Milton says I am a youth leader in El Salvador, maybe go into missions one day. François, Douala, Cameroon says I am the leader of New Life in Jesus for All. Sister Caritas, Uganda says I am the founder of Holy Family Vocational Orphanage in Nazigo Kayunga.

Tell us what you are doing

17th March, 2010

Juan and Rosa, France, 82, says we feel greatly blessed by the Lord when he adds one more day to our already long lives, for His honour and glory. Our thanksgiving seems so weak and inadequate compared to the favour He gives us at the dawn of every new day.

Tell us what you think

Wycliffe have free activity pages for children focusing on Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and the Pacific with maps, coloring, ethnic recipes, craft ideas, puzzles, fun and pictures.

Gospel Recordings will give you 1000's of free language recordings.

Tell us what you have found for free

16th March, 2010

Moses Aringo,
Lilongwe, Malawi says last week we went 100 kms to Mchinji to start a new church for a School of Mission student. Our Easter convention is in Karonga where a new church started a year ago, people from Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Zambia are coming.

Tell us what you are doing


Francisco says I want to help victims of violence in Colombia. Herminia, Argentina, says I'm a missionary to children in Paraguay. Justice, Ghana says I assist the poor and deprived to bring the Lord to them. Etienne, Bangui, CAR says I study theology and hope to go into missions.

Tell us what you are doing

15th March, 2010

Johnny Auguste, Haiti says our 21 orphans are frightened to go to school or to be inside when the aftershocks come. I tremble for nothing too but I pretend to be strong for the children. I am looking for a psychologist for us all. I pay a teacher, the lessons help the kids to forget their parents. 

Read more from Johnny below and on the previous page. DCI is helping to house and feed the orphan children and you can join us if you wish.

Santha says e-mail me, I want Christian friends. Alonso, Mexico says two of us give out leaflets about Jesus on the buses. Yves Ayité says we are fine after our Togo elections brought some violence we don't want. Francisco says I will use the free School of Mission in Rep Dominicana.

Tell us what you are doing


Click to see our Picassa Albums from around the world.
Choose one and then click Slideshow to see the display.

Click to see free Schools of Mission around the world
Click to see Banking for the Poor projects
Click to see projects to help orphans and the poor
Click to see some of the people in the DCI family
Click to s
ee our School of Mission lessons in many languages

13th March, 2010

Wisnael De Souza, Paraíba, Brazil says thanks for the School of Mission, here are the photos of our first graduation.

Jules Wazeng, Lubumbashi, RD Congo, says we opened another free School of Mission in Likasi, 120 kms away with 26 students.

Gaston Mamang, Central African Rep says we have a School of Mission in Bangui and we want to do projects for the poor.

Tell us what you are doing

Delma, Bolivia is moving to Camiri to take God's word to the University and professionals. Sandra, Pereira, Colombia has a week of prayer for the world. Gnangoran, Mali trains pastors for new churches in unreached villages. Antonio, RJ, Brazil uses sport and God's word to help children.

Tell us what you are doing

12th March, 2010

Hannah Hurnard couldn't find God, hated Sundays and wished she was dead but later she wrote the classic book Hind's Feet on High Places here in English and Spanish. This most beautiful story of the journey of faith explains Song of Songs so simply that you long for the same experience. Read on Google Books  For serious Bible students Watchman Nee, Song of Songs commentary is unique and incomparable.

Tell us what you are reading

Pinned by Yoppi, Indonesia: See March 9, it cost $600 to operate on Adri in Papua who was knocked off his motorbike by a car which did not stop, he might need metal pins which will be terribly expensive.

Tell us what is happening with you

11th March, 2010

Pinned by Oscar Hiroshi Ynami: Our church in Mie Ken Suzuka Shi, Japan has people from Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Japan, the first Congress is in July/August.

Tell us what you are doing

Parra Fecunda
Spain say click to see our really popular, modern Blog in Spanish with music, films and lots of free things for all Christian youth especially Catholics. We can see the Lord working.

Tell us what you are doing

10th March, 2010

So many terrible things like Haiti and Chile happen along with all the personal tragedies that make such an unwelcome entrance in life that we start wondering whether the few things we do ourselves make any sense. When people are still starving in this world, when wars drag on in distant lands, when countless people in our cities find plentiful drugs but no homes and a million and one orphans look for help, our own activities and abilities can feel futile. This may paralyze and depress us but unlike Superman we are not called to save the world, solve all  problems, and help everybody but each of us has a unique call of God - firstly to Him, then to our families, our work and if we will listen carefully in quietness, a call to somewhere or someone in our world. We have to keep asking the Holy Spirit to help us to see clearly what our call is, and not do more but never less, and to give us the strength to live out our gifting trusting God that our prayer, friendship, giving and sending will empower others and so make both them and us effective. It is very true that DCI is the work of a lot of people each doing a little yet being faithful to a small task heals the unspoken fears of many of us and in turn relieves many ills of this age.  We have
Henri Nouwen, Bread for the Journey to thank for the original inspiration behind this thought .

Add a comment

Graham and Ursula Crosbie, UK are following the call of God to help plant Hope Church in multi-faith, multi-cultural, concrete and traffic filled Newham, London's East End. More on the DCI Blog.

Tell us what you are doing

9th March, 2010

Yoppi, Indonesia says our missionary in Papua, Adri, was hit by a car while riding his motorbike, he is in hospital with his right shoulder is badly broken, the car drove away.

Tell us what you are doing

Silvia says in Chile the government is helping people and the churches are taking food, clothes, medicines and supplies to people who lost everything in the earthquake and tsunami. We feel the call to seek God more deeply and pray for another revival like Chile 1909.

Tell us what you are doing

8th March, 2010

Felly NsunguRD Congo says Alain Nteté, a professor in our School of Mission was arrested in church by the soldiers who wanted $1000 to release him but he refused, after 24 hours in a cell they let him go.

Tell us what you are doing

Pinned by Graham Crosbie, UK: Click for 21 excellent free teaching sessions in Spanish from John Piper, one of America's best. 

Hamilton, Venezuela says I am just back from Haiti, the need there is immense, let's do all we can. Sandra says please tell me about Mauritania. Rigoberto from Mexico in England is looking for contacts in the UK. Juan has launched the Time of Hope blog in Spanish.

Tell us what you are doing

6th March, 2010

David and Jessica Norman have been to 
Indonesia to see where these web pages are made in Yoppi's home. We also saw the children's centre, fruit trees and fish farm. Click for photos.

Tell us what you are doing 

Ndite, Douala, Cameroon works in prayer, training,mission to unreached people. Rafael, Dominica wants to open a free School of Mission. Melody has a farm near Augusta, USA for missions people on medical leave or holiday, 7065132034. Jose, Argentina says click to hear his music.

Tell us what you are doing

5th March, 2010

George Purkweri
Uganda says the great evangelist Ben Okeng from Lira has died suddenly as a hero on the field in Congo where he had gone to preach Christ. He trained me as a young boy in how to live a holy life and to serve God. He loved me so much.

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For Haiti read this travel advice and click for resources in Creole.

Tell us what you have found to help readers

4th March, 2010

Daniel V, India says in Karnataka we baptised 13 people and 27 more are waiting for the next baptism service.

Tell us what you are doing

Johnny Auguste in Les Cayes, Haiti says we and the 21 orphan children have come through the weekend's deadly floods, they were frightened by the height of the water.

DCI is helping to house and feed the children and you can join us if you wish.

How to send funds to Johnny in Haiti or via DCI

Sarwar Masih, Pakistan says we have started a new church at Bhobhtian with 110 people immediately coming and over 1000 families in the area.

Tell us what you are doing

Pinned by Paul Garratt, New Zealand. Click here for hundreds of free French language MP3 Christian songs.

Tell us what you have found for free

3rd March, 2010

John Ling says the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Myanmar celebrates a 25th Silver Jubilee on 24-29 March in Falam Town, Chin State. We will give away your You Can Find God's Best book to all pastors and  leaders.

Tell us what you are doing

Mah Malachie, Ivory Coast says two years ago violent wind destroyed our church, now people meet to pray in my living room or outside. Our DCI small business sells rice to rebuild.

Tell us what you are doing

Moses Aringo says the Schools of Mission in Myombe, Zambia and Hewe, Malawi are doing well, the people with goats from the goat bank are very happy and will see an end to poverty. One man has opened a church in Kanyerere with 17 members.

Tell us what you are doing

Miguel, PaulaSilvia and many others from Chile, shaken by the earthquake and tsunami all asking for prayer and aid for Chile's people.

Tell us what you are doing

March 2nd 2010

Silvia in Valparaiso, Chile, the editor of our Spanish edition says we are OK after the 8.8 earthquake and tsunami, the Lord protected us, the earthquake was a terrific experience, my 4th time. Our home has some cracks and broken things but over 800 people died, others are injured or still trapped. Please pray for Chile's people. BBC Video

Felly, our editor in RD Congo says 20 churches in Ngiri and Makala were destroyed last week by soldiers under orders. Same thing happened last November and here in Kinshasa we ask ourselves who will be next?

Tell us what you are doing

March 1st, 2010

Johnny Auguste in Haiti says I have started a plantation which will provide food for the 21 orphans in my family and food to give or sell to others. I am also doing business start-up seminars with some Banking for the Poor funds to give the poor women hope and a future. More photos 

Les Norman, the editor says sudden death and destruction hit Les Cayes as 1.5m of flood water swept through precisely where Johnny has taken the children and his own family for refuge from the earthquake damage and aftershocks.We have no news since. BBC Video shows the misery.

Click here to join us in helping Johnny's 21 children, all orphans.

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