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April 2007 edition

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Free Schools of Mission starting in Pakistan and Afghanistan
We have funded an Urdu translation of the free School of Mission and Pastor Eric Madisson's book in Urdu as well. Our partner in Pakistan Pastor Sarwar in Lahore wrote, "Our church board is planning to open Schools of Mission in all the states of Pakistan."
Contact Pastor Sarwar Masih, Lahore.

Bahia is a poor, black state with unreached tribes.
My plans are to do a School of Mission up there to make disciples that will reach tribes who are closed for the gospel. There isn't one missionary up there in the middle of almost nowhere.
Silvana, our lady partner in Pousso Alegre, Brazil

School of Mission opens in D.R of Congo
The 85 lessons are a great blessing to our 171 students who meet four afternoons a week and will gain their diplomas and go on to train many others in Congo. Will other French speaking Schools please contact us for fellowship.
Pasteur Wazeng Jules, Ville de Lubumbashi, Katanga

Congratulations to first DCI graduates in Liberia
As the result of the free DCI training programme we have successfully trained young men and women who are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and printed all 300 pages of the lessons and examination and paid for it ourselves. We are moving with great confidence in the Lord, although it is not all smooth. From the training we have opened a Prayer Warrior Team that is very effective, Banking for the Poor and a Christian Businessmen and Women's Association.

John Duco, International School of Mission and Ministries,
Liberia, West Africa.

New church in Italy starts bible school
We have just planted a new church last December. I'm developing an in-church ministry-training centre and I'm interested in bringing your valuable teaching resources into the curriculum.
Pastor Maurizio Secondi, 51, Florence, Italy

Sharing the Free School of Mission in Sierra Leone
We are to start the School in Kono district and the eastern part of Freetown. We aim to translate all the lessons into Kissi the language of Kailahun district with Liberia and Guinea as well. Please keep me in your prayers.
Sahr Paul James, Empowering Grassroot Ministries, Sierra Leone.

Starting in Burundi with DCI strategies and lessons
We teach lessons and do the outreach in a weekly home group with 11 persons, in a daily office group for 6 people and soon in a group for businessmen. We want to help orphans, widows and refugees
Niyonkuru Christian, Bujumbura, Burundi.

How does it feel to be one of the lost, last and least ?
It is the third time we helped this very poor family with some fish, noodles, rice and milk. It’s so hard to believe their story, so tragic. Julia, 25, is the mother of three. She’s mentally weak although her face doesn’t show it., and all of her children, 11, 8 and 4 were born from rapes! They don’t know their own fathers but when local people recognized one of the men he was forced to marry her but two days after he ran away. All the children are unable to walk and talk because they live without good food or love. It’s a miracle they have lived until now. Their grandfather is a farmer with no land, who asks others if he can use a bit of their field to plant vegetables. Often it’s easier for a cat to find food than it is them. When we gave them a box of noodles, the grandma cried and told me that they usually share one bowl of noodles for 6 of them with just a handful of rice. Last week they had a party, with a bowl of noodles for each, and a glass of milk and today we sent them some fish to add their joy. Our Jesus loves them much as He loves you all.
Yoppi Margianto, our partner in Indonesia

Banking for the poor in Lira now reaches 131 women

Those who got the first money have pushed away poverty from their homes, some widows who could not meet their needs now have little worries. Others send their children to higher schools and have improved their business. No one has ever defaulted and we are revolving the money. US agency Samaritan's Purse were so challenged by DCI's Christmas Party here that they asked me to help them start a feeding and Bible program in five refugee camps feeding 200 very vulnerable poor old and sick people every week.
George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda.

Brother forgives terrorists who killed missionary

On June 22, 2004, Korean missionary Kim Sun Il was beheaded by Iraqi terrorists and among the belongings sent back to his brother were a Bible, storybooks in Arabic, and pictures of Kim with Iraqi young people with whom he shared God's love. It was his life wish to be able to have the faith that he could die for Christ and be able to serve Him. His brother says he has forgiven the Iraqis who murdered Kim and finds comfort in God's purpose for his brother's death. After his death, a lot of nonbelievers came to Christ. My parents who used to be atheists became Christians and went to church. My older sister also got saved and now she is teaching kids in Sunday School. Kim was just one of thousands of South Korean Christian missionaries willing to risk their lives to spread the Gospel around the world. Pastor Choi Han Woo, says that since 9-11, Asians are more effective than Westerners in evangelizing Muslims. "Many Islamic peoples hate Christianity because of their experience with Western countries, empires, colonizing powers. This is a historical problem." Koreans have sent close to 14,000 missionaries to 160 nations. Source: George Thomas and Lucille Talusan, CBN News
From Joel News.

Team reached 24 unreached villages in Orissa
Many came to know Jesus as the only Saviour of their life.
Pastor A .P.Missal, 33, Bhubaneswar, India

Impact in the Amacuro Delta, Venezuela
The South African evangelist, Joel Hitchcock, will preach and over 50 missionaries will be there as well. We have a Hercules plane, two motorboats of 4,000hp each, 15 dentists, a 70-strong choir, tons of medicine and clothes and over 1,000 New Testaments. God has miraculously provided the funds and we know this will make a powerful impact for the Gospel.
German J Rivas, 39, Maracay, Venezuela.

Alignment is a good word to pray for us . . .
As we were praying I had the word alignment going round in my head. I then saw lots of people all over the world and they stood up and all turned and faced in the same direction. I feel it meant that if everybody in DCI aligned themselves to the will of God and the direction He is giving then things will flow even better.
Catherine, DCI prayer group, Rainworth, UK

We prayed for floods but not like this . . .
Thank you very much everyone for the emergency funds. Just like in Ezekiel the water rose from ankle deep to knee, then to waist, and finally came up into deep water one must swim. Today the flood came again at 3 am almost twice deeper than before but everything's under control, including the doormat factory, though stuffs soaking wet. We were longing for such floods, not physically but spiritually. For a whole year we have asked God to pour out His Spirit among youth and hope to reach 5000 young people this year.
Yoppi, Indonesia, School of Mission, Bank for Poor and church.

Continually in His presence
We support churches in Gideons 24 hour intercession part of a wonderful work of the Holy Spirit in raising up an army of warriors that minister continually before the Lord. Get in touch and join us.
Jose Rubens Mazzon de Freitas, 30, Bristol UK (from Brazil)

Church in Peru looking for a minister

With a track record of spiritual and moral integrity and married to a lady with a passion for the ministry as well, for a long-established 200 member church.
Noe Soto Salazar, Huancayo Assembly of God, Peru.

We welcome young people from overseas

We need your help to finish building our church, can you come?
Victor, 44, Santa Fe, Argentina.

Looking for evangelism course for children
From all walks of life, including street children.
Luciano Gomes Do Couto, 28, Campos, Brazil.

Do you know any missionaries in Chad?
Are there are any Argentineans, what are they doing, and what they need?
Armando Araya, 51, Mendoza, Argentina.

How do you support your missionaries ?
Here are ten easy to read and easy to understand steps that anyone and any church can adopt, written by a missionary pastor in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Click here to see the page

How can we help you ?

How can you help us ?
How can we work together to help someone else ?
Les and Pilar Norman
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