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April 2008

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I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God
for the salvation of everyone who believes. 
Romans 1.16

Can we ask that every one of our partners and friends takes a moment to read or download our 2008 Vision and Values. This is who we are, this is what we do, this is where we are going, and hopefully you are coming with us.
Click here to see the page

During a visit to Tibet I was robbed which happens with boring regularity. It is just the different techniques that make it interesting. This time I made the immediate and instant shift of position from being a retired, middle class westerner in poor man's disguise to being a nobody, without money to pay my bill or even rent the meanest bunk space for the night. Then the miracle happened. The Tibetans I had come to serve, although they had kept me at a respectable distance, suddenly accepted me into their family as one of their own, meeting all my needs through their meagre resources. At that point of acceptance I felt that my personal work in Tibet had begun. I am amazed that I could have been so dumb as to believe that I could improve on what Jesus taught, "Take no money, no change of clothes, find the man of peace and stay with him."
Name removed for security reasons in Tibet

Hello from Pastor Daniels' house in Kerala! We're having such an amazing time. Pastor Daniel and his family are so hospitable and generous to us, and so relaxing to be around. We've been kept busy doing 150+ children's medical check-ups for him, but it's been a real pleasure to do this as they just can't access or afford paediatricians over here.
Doctors Mary and Cat from Nottingham, India

Greetings from Tanzania. I'm very glad to inform you that I have opened a new church 3 weeks ago. I thank you and the School of Mission which has been very challenging to me.
Yona Mwanza, Dodoma
ymwanza2000 @

All is well here, we have begun the 2008 School of Mission with 13 students. Last week I saw the four new churches the last graduates had begun.
Pastor Malachi, Danane, DCI School and Banking
in a remote part of the Ivory Coast
mah_malachie @

Thanks to the clear lessons our prayer group has got a new church with 300 members and in March we will go together to start another School of Mission in the 3rd state. Some Haitians in the Dominican Republic have asked me to give them a good knowledge of the word of God and they are ready to give me a house to open the School in Santo Domingo. Haiti is a very difficult place and I have a big heart for our people, who are 8.3 million strong but only have 900 doctors and 10 hospitals for all the nation.
Johnny Auguste, Haiti
miesht @

Last Sunday we 47 unbelievers came to Barlonyo Church for the Poor. We led them all to Christ and now that church has gone from being new 3 months ago to having 107 real members. Eight men came from Aduku asking us if they could have a Church for the Poor as well. We shall launch it next Sunday giving us the total of 10 Churches for the Poor.
George Purkweri, Uganda
purgeorge2000 @

We held a Vacation Bible School and 70 kids turned up. Our new church is growing, mostly with kids but now their parents are also coming along. The church loves the DCI material and if we grow to be 100 in a year then it will be 100 people prepared for ministry.
Silvana, Pousso Alegre, Brazil
mis-silvana @

We gave God the Glory for helping us to bless the needy in our community. We  budgeted for 779 people at £2 each for food, drinks, clothes and gifts and the Lord brought us £1,000.00 from you and £500 from people here but then 1,322 people came and that included 375 orphans, 325 abandoned kids, 483 street kids, 22 prisoners, 82 blind people and 35 refugees. Over 187 persons accepted Jesus, and 35 rededicated their lives while 13 made a decision to be baptised. We give God the glory He deserves for this tremendous result.
John Duco, DCI Partner in Liberia
pastorduco2002 @

I am invited to give youth Bible training in Chin State in Myanmar on 24-30 March, and then I go to a conference in Magwe on 14-20 April, may you kindly remember me in your prayer.
B, details withdrawn for security reasons

Learn about the unreached peoples of the world. This is free course that is designed for individual, classroom, and small group study on how to develop a biblical world view. Highly recommended by the DCI School of Mission.
Download it for free from here

I am looking for prayer partners for my church in Algeria where we are having a bad time right now.
Aghouiles, Limay - France
djemaazul @

How can we use this new-fangled Internet thing to share the gospel? A worldwide web evangelism focus day is helping to provide answers for any believer with a computer.
Click here for a special page from Internet Evangelism Day

Yesterday in Loro Church for the Poor I met with Ojok who is an orphan that we gave one goat to some time ago. Now the first goat has multiplied into seven goats. He told me that he only gets to go to school because from time to time he sells a goat or kid to pay the school fees. Recently he fell down from a mango tree and broke one of his legs and because he was able to sell one goat to pay for the treatment he was taken to hospital otherwise he would have been left to recover at home any way he could. He is a happy man.
George Purkweri, DCI Banking for the Poor - Uganda

§ That first goat cost us just $15, this year they are a bit more no but not much.
Les and Pilar

I have a question. I want to know how can a young preacher keep his ways pure?  Here in Nigeria 80% of ministers go to shrines to get power because 90% of people come to churches looking for miracles and visions. I am so tired with this situation and do not know what to do. People from the West seem to support only the churches with hundreds or thousands of people and to have this multitude, some ministers go to any lengths.
Name withdrawn as a courtesy, we have sent a long reply
Les and Pilar

Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we are curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
Walt Disney

Last Saturday I went to Quetta to visit our DCI School of Mission. All the students and the teacher were very happy. Students shared their testimonies how God is working in their lives through these beautiful courses. One said that in beginning he was empty but now he is filled with the Word of God.
Sarwar Masih, Lahore - Pakistan
sarwarmasihpk @

§ Hello Sarwar, For me the most important thing of all is that people serve and do something with what they have learned in class. Let them go somewhere to bless others. No-one should be allowed to finish the course and then go back to where they were before they started, unless this is what they want.  After the training they can carry the weight of vision, passion and responsibility and will be disappointed if they are given nothing to live for. The Lord has a plan and a place for everyone and with the manpower He raises you could see a move of the Spirit in all Pakistan and over the borders as well.
Les Norman

Everyone should minister in one way or another, training is not there to motivate or to get people to go or serve. Rather we equip people who are already motivated and ministering so that they can do their ministry more effectively. We are not in the business of hyping people up or promoting a ministry or rank. We work with people who are taking responsibility and who are already trying to do something.
Alexander Venter, Doing Church book, p167

We must not ask God to bless what we are doing. We must see what God is doing and go and bless it, learn from it and work with it. True worship always results in 'hearing God' together and births ministry and mission.
John Wimber

Can you help us please?
1. We are looking for an Arabic speaker/writer to check, edit and complete our pages in Arabic.

2. We are looking for some very Internet-savvy young people to develop and edit a section for the world's youth on this DCI website. We can provide all the infrastructure for audio, video, podcasts and all other things that 21st century young people want.
Please contact Les Norman in English

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Les and Pilar

The need is very great in Gourcy (in the Sahel, the dry north of Burkina Faso) but because of the support of people like you our school is still going and the children are blessed. The money that we send up to Gourcy for the children feeding is not sufficient, but it helps to give rice and beans to about 170 children in the primary school. Today in Ouagadougou one bag of 500kg of rice is $35 or £20. Your gifts from DCI are welcome and because of the help we are able to feed the children, and they are happy.
Josephine Ouedraogo, AEAD, Ouagadougou

§ Josephine and her husband Philippe have been DCI Partners since 1984. Today among many other activities they have 3000 poor children in 70 simple schools across Burkina Faso.

I have just spent a couple of hours with a neighbour whom I knew was not very well. He broke down to me and I prayed for him. He prays each night but for other people as he feels that even how much pain and suffering he has, others are worse off than him. I would also like to give him some verses from the Bible to read, can you help me please?
Jessica, England

§ Hi Jessica, try this page which is one of ours, and here are some more good ones from Dodie Osteen, Walk by Faith and Joyce Meyer

When everything was hopeless, Abraham believed anyway, deciding to live not on the basis of what he couldn't do but on what God said He would do.
Romans 4.17 TM

The Chinese government is carefully broadcasting a an image of religious tolerance ahead of the Summer Olympics in Beijing but the facts tell a different story. See this Open Doors USA page.    
Patricia Jacqueline Yañez Ruiz, 41, Concepción-Chile

We are working with the Quechua people and we would welcome people to come and work with us short or long-term.
Andres, 29, Potosi-Bolivia
andrigav @

A missionary is not a person who crosses the seas,
but a person who sees the Cross.

Who can tell me how to open a Christian bookshop in my town of 6,000,000 people.
Janaini Ribeiro Miranda, 26, Figueirópolis - Brasil
janaini100 @

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