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The Weekend
1st and 2nd May, 2010

Ranledis Perez, Camaguey, Cuba says this young lady who married last weekend was diagnosed with cerebral cancer, surgery was abandoned as the tumour was too big. They gave her 3 months to live and that was a year ago. Today she is well and there is no sign of the cancer, the Lord is at work. More photos

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Udeme Eyeni, Nigeria says these are new followers of Jesus being baptised by him.

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Ten Thousand Villages will import fair trade and craft products into the USA and give you a good return. 

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Emil, Peru is studying gastronomy and wants to help his forgotten village. Marvin, Honduras directs Radio Armonia 1280AM and is a pastor. Daniel is looking for covering for mission work in Spain.  Cleomar, Brazil asks to receive e-mails from the Middle East.

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30th April, 201

Stewardship reports that supermarket owner Albert Gubay, 82, is giving away £600 million. As a young man he borrowed £100 and said that if God made him a millionaire he would give Him half his money.

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Marta, Idaho USA, takes God's word into prisons and to drug addicts. Anzuruni Mikani is working to help women and child victims of the war in RD Congo. Anton, Indonesia wants to help many people, we had 4 people living with us. Julio, Brazil wants to open a free School of Mission.

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There's more to read on The DCI Blog

29th April, 2010

George Purkweri
, Uganda says we have 20 young ladies training in Lira and hope to start 40 girls in Loro and 35 girls in Aduku. The first girls we trained had a positive change especially those who received Christ have now forsaken prostitution and now live decent. Click for more photos.

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Tome, Ivory Coast says I am a youth leader in Man. Sita Ram says I live in Nepal and I think about our church. Estrella, Panama says we are training people who are called to Muslims. Marssugava, Honduras says I talk about God's love over the Internet with friends in Algeria.

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28th April, 2010

Pinned by Michael Singini
Malawi: The Chinese say if you are planning for a year, plant rice; if you are planning for ten years then plant trees, but if you are planning for generations to come, teach the people. You can do this free with the School of Mission.

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Jaidy, Brazil says I work with poor kids and teach the Missions Course. Hamilton, Venezuela says my 2nd trip to Haiti with Remar and Mission Possible left me without words. Victoria says I want to learn counseling. Alloy, Nigeria says my church is not growing now, who can help me?

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Les Norman, the editor says to understand DCI, who we are and what we do click to see our 
Vision and Values, 2010 edition.

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27th April, 2010

Ona, Malawi says with sadness the lorry carrying materials for the construction of the DCI sponsored Clinic has fallen into the river, both driver and assistant are missing and the materials lost.

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This only we may be assured of, that if tomorrow brings a Cross,
He who sends it can and will send the grace to bear it.
Bishop JC Ryle, 1816-1900

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26th April, 2010

With breathtaking images from the very end of the visible universe, this BBC Hubble Telescope slideshow carries you back to 
the beginning of time and into the beauty of God.

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Ricardo, Fortaleza, Brazil says I am opening an evangelist's school using DCI materials.  Angel Gerber, Israel says our Table in the Street is feeding the needy and abandoned. Abigail, Chile says I dream about being in missions.  Rebeca, Argentina says I am called to South Africa.

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The Weekend
24-25th April, 2010

Gaston Mamang, Bangui, Central African Rep. has opened a DCI School of Mission with 34 students. Congratulations!

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Luis Valdez, Bolivia says click to receive our free Henri Nouwen Daily Readings by e-mail. Click here to join people from all over Latin America in our free on-line DCI School of Mission

Tell us what you have for free

David and Heidi Skipper, UK are taking their music and their faith to Japan, following the call of God to reach young people.

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Emilienne, Cameroon translates this page into French; last weekend she married Michael. Thousands of congratulations from everyone in DCI.

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Agustinus, Indonesia says thanks for many blessings from your materials. Biak, Myanmar says with 13 teachers we have trained 98 young people and 24 asked to be baptised. Gerardo says we want to open a training centre to open new churches in the centre of Mexico.

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ee our School of Mission lessons in many languages

23rd April, 2010
Kokanyi TomSouth Sudan says in our first elections in 24 years of war most voters are illiterate. Many refugees have returned but no rains means no food, children are dying of simple diseases and many young people hang themselves leaving widows and orphans, yet we have 12 School of Mission students.

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Eduardo, Argentina says End Times rock band goes where the churches can't reach. Austin wants to hear from missions in the 10/40 Window. Oyedemi says I am an evangelist in rural NigeriaSimusokwe says thanks for helping rural pastors in Zambia to know God's word. 

Tell us what you are doing

22nd April, 2010

Josephine, Burkina Faso says thank you for the EMSI medical team visit who did free eye surgery and gave us thousands of spectacles. They did a very good job, may God bless them.

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Altaf Naseem, Pakistan says Munir and Ruqqiya in Kasur have got 25 years in prison for touching a Quran with unwashed hands. Emad, Egypt says I am a pastor for 24 years in small village caring for old people, orphans, widows and sick people. Monica and Bernabe are doing mission in a poor part of North Argentina. Barnabas says I want to use your free Kingdom Economy School in the villages of Central Java.

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21st April, 2010

Is this Anita Mabar? Has 'she' e-mailed you from DCI, wanting to be your friend? Google shows she is also Su Ayli from fake dating sites and 'she' will empty your bank account. Anita is just one more male Nigerian or Senegal 419 scam criminal. No-one from DCI will ever ask you for money, offerings or your personal details. Take care.

Francisco, Dominican Republic says this is the person who keeps writing to me saying she has money to send me but to send money for fees first. I prayed and God said this man is deceiving you.

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Sarwar Masih, Pakistan says 250 people came to our Party with the Poor. We worshipped, listened to the Easter story of the Cross, just about everybody wanted to follow Jesus as their Saviour and Lord. We ate together and all the people were very much happy.

Tell us what you are doing

Moses Aringo, Malawi says we had a wonderful 3 day convention in Karonga, 9 people decided to follow Jesus and we baptised them in the river.

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20th April, 2010

Dr Taj Hargey, Chairman of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford says in the UK Daily Mail, "What has Britain come to when it takes a Muslim like me to defend Christianity which like Islam is part of the great Abrahamic tradition. One key Koran verse is: 'The people closest and dearest to Muslims are those who say we are Christians, so it is the duty of British Muslims to defend Christianity when it comes under assault.

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Free App here for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad gives data on 1000's of people groups, 100's of countries, amazing photos.

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19th April, 2010

Adesola Olatunde, Nigeria says I have started the School of Mission in the Yoruba language with 7 people soon to be 15 by tomorrow.

BBC  TV's Welcome to Lagos is a real eye-opener on Nigeria.

Tell us what you are doing

, 58, Colombia says where can I find a digital Bible for my PC ?

Les Norman, the editor says you can download free Bibles and study books in many languages from E-Sword. For online study Bible Gateway has many Bibles, study books and languages.

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17th April, 2010

Rolando Canazas, Peru says that these appalling mudslides in Ambo and Cancejos demolished one church, then most of the village, and swept away the pastor and five others to their deaths.

Tell us what you see

Christina, Brazil is looking for help to learn Arabic to follow her call.

Les Norman, the editor says Maarifa helps Arabic speakers to study the Bible with 51 lessons, audio, video, articles, quizzes, interviews and forums and personal tutors, e-mail Maarifa here.

Tell us what your question

16th April, 2010

Prem Thapa says it's Happy New Year 2067 today in our Nepal Calendar. Nyoman Priskila Paksoal Indonesia says I started with children ministry in 1987 now we have 9 churches in Bekasi. Tito, Brazil says I can support churches or projects that teach the Bible.

Tell us what you are doing

Rafael  says to see his 7 You Tube videos on Haiti after the quake. Anton, South Africa is looking for contacts in Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles. Fermìn, Guatemala welcomes e-mails from other pastors.

Tell us what you are doing

15th April, 2010

To honour our friend Jo Grant, 42, daughter, wife, mother and director of Aquila Way's homes for abused women who slipped away from this life in peace last Monday, this from Henri Nouwen:

Dying is a gradual diminishing and final vanishing over the horizon of life. When we watch a sailboat leaving port and moving towards the horizon, it becomes smaller and smaller until we can no longer see it. But we must trust that someone is standing on a faraway shore seeing that same sailboat become larger and larger until it reaches its new harbour. Death is a painful loss. When we return to our homes after a burial, our hearts are in grief. But when we think about the One standing at the other shore eagerly waiting to welcome our beloved friend into a new home, a smile can break through our tears.

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14th April, 2010

Ranledis Perez, Cuba says the plantation you helped us with is giving fruit and beans so far and we want to start chickens and pigs to feed the poor in the church. Food prices here have gone through the roof.

Tell us what you are doing

Comment by Les Norman, the editor:
I am more convinced than ever than growing food, plantations, micro-finance business and the creation of jobs is the best way to raise the poor out of poverty forever. The organóponicos gardens in Havana, Cuba that feed 90% of the city are an example to the whole world.

Silvia Vergara, Chile says on Saturday we started our free DCI School of Evangelism and Missions with eight people.

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13th April, 2010

Catherine Northey, DCI Board member and editor of these pages in French, and her husband Richard have just welcomed Kira and Joshua into their family, long-term. Catherine says, "How cute are they?"

Tell us what you are doing

Charles Johnson, Liberia says our Government is proposing to use Voodoo High Priests and Witch Doctors to discover and arrest corrupt officials who tend to walk free because the legal system is also corrupt.

Tell us what you think about this

12th April, 2010

Dr Ángel Olmo, Spain says I want to truly thank DCI from the bottom of my heart for supporting the EMSI medical mission to Burkina Faso which exceeded all our expectations. We freely attended 1,000 extremely poor people with dental, eyesight and hearing problems. Click to see extraordinarily beautiful photos.

Mirian says send me missions prayer requests for church. Martha, Brazil wants to have e-mails from people in Angola. Justice Hayford, Ghana says our School of Mission continues to grow, even Muslims come.

Tell us what you are doing

10th April, 2010

John Fergusson, New Zealand says we have two major events in Nepal right now, praying and working to see many thousands added to God's kingdom and that all who need a miracle receive their healing from God.

Tell us what you are doing

Pastor Daniel, India says we had 21 baptisms in Haryana, 23 in Karnataka, 26 in Tamilandu, 9 in Trichur, but we need 250 Bibles for the new believers, can anyone help us please ?

Tell us what you are doing

9th April, 2010

Grace Brown, England, 92 last week, says I was reading about Johnny in Haiti with his 21 orphans and the Lord said to me to send something so I have sent you a gift for him.

Tell us what you are doing

Cleomar Miranda, Brazil says I want to work with the one million Muslim immigrants in ParisElvis Angi says I have followed Christ for 3 years, serving the poor in the Sibayak Mountain forest, Indonesia. Gakwaya Titus says I am talking about God's love in Rwanda.

Tell us what you are doing

8th April, 2010

Rowland EvansWales says we need never search for destiny, for destiny is forever searching for us, but, like a figure in the mist, we seldom recognise it when it appears. Read more: My Sea is Wide.

Tell us what you think

What was happening under the hood?
See the Editor's Blog for the surprising answer.

Tell us what you think

7th April, 2010

Jules WazengLubumbashi, RD Congo, says we want to open the School of Mission in Kolwezi 320 km away and Kambove 150 kms away. Since 2007 we have sent many to win souls, train others, plant churches and help the widows and orphans.

Tell us what you are doing

Madde Kangu says I am from Arunachal Pradesh, NE India doing mission in Bihar.  Jose Elvis, Peru says I finished Bible School at 14, now I'm 24 and want to open new churches.

Tell us what you are doing

6th April, 2010

Les Norman
, the editor says click to see extraordinarily beautiful photos from the EMSI free medical mission to the Burkina Faso poor.

Tell us what you are doing

Michael SinginiMalawi says where can I get free computers for a school in Africa?

Click to ask your question

Les Norman replies the best place for Africa and all the developing world is Computer Aid,
you just pay a small admin charge.

5th April, 2010

Yoppi Margianto, DCI Indonesia says on Saturday my beloved father, Joseph Ang Ong Liong, (pictured 30 years ago) went home to our Father in Heaven at the age of 64. After breakfast his last words to my mom were that the Lord Jesus himself had come to take him home and he could not say no to this gracious invitation. His last smile is unforgettable, telling us that he's happy now and forever.

Les Norman, the editor says thank you for over 1,100,000 hits on these pages last month. We appreciate your company and friendship.

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3rd April, 2010
Yoppi Margianto, Indonesia says click He Touches for Your Healing for free CD's in Batak, Sumba, Bahasa, Jawa and Nias. The CD has now reached as far as the USA.

Tell us what you are doing

George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda says the Church for the Poor is spreading like a bush fire with 39 openings in 3 years. We have set fire to the tails of the foxes and the
Philistine's fields are being burned day and night. 

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Les Norman 60, is a journalist, writer and a fund manager for the DCI Fund, focussing on the lost, the last and the least of the world. Since 1977 he has been following the call of Christ. He is married to Pilar with three grown up children.
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