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Welcome to the June 1st 2004 edition
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Free Book for Readers
You Can Find God’s Best, written by senior minister Eric Maddison is published this month. We have thousands of copies to give away free to everyone from outside the UK who asks. You only have to cover the postage. Pastor Eric has been a blessing to our lives for over 25 years. He is now 80 and this brilliant book shares the counselling wisdom he has gained in a lifetime of following Christ. Not to be missed at any price, but for free . . . wow !

Les and Pilar, the editors.
More information here




Tell me about Sudan please

I have been working in Equatorial Guinea but every time I read about Sudan the Lord moves me to pray.

Lorena Martin



20 day mission in Potosi

We have been working against the idolatry so that the people may know the Living God. We are missionaries and with all the love of Jesus we have already visited 15 nations.

Caciano Oviedo, Mendoza, Argentina


Can't afford my studies !

Do you know of any organisations or Bible College who give a scholarship for a distance learning in pastoral ministry?

Gilmar Santos, Lagoa Real.

Volunteer missionaries welcome

Our School of Missions needs help with training to form the character of Christ in the lives of missionaries to go the ends of the world.

Pr. Jean Aguiar de Almeida, Natal, Brazil

Burkina Faso
4th Youth Conference, Ouagadougou.

It's August 4-8 followed by hands-on mission to Léo 220 km south or into Ghana. Come !

Richard Sawadogo, Coordinator.



Prayer for Afghanistan

We heard about the population and the difficulties faced by those taking the Gospel in this country devastated by the war and religious extremists. We saw photos of the cruel treatment of women and children and we prayed for missionaries to be able to enter .

Daniel Vallejos Guzman, Coyhaique

Ready to help a project . .

I have experience in adult literacy and basic learning and a call to mission. I would also like to get some help to set up missions in my church.

Viviana Mercado. Antofagasta

DCI correspondent

Honoured by the BBC . .

Part of the recent BBC worldwide coverage of the tragic massacres in Lira, Uganda came from the eye-witness reports of our partner George Purkweri with the text taken with permission from this page.




Ladies and gentlemen . .
May we have your support please
so that we can support more people and projects
in mission and social action. Thank you.

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Who are we ?

Free Bible School Materials  
DCI Banking for the Poor









G12 Church Growth Model

A new page from Pastor Cesar Castellanos church that explains G12 in English, with e-mail support on offer. Click here

Les Norman, the editor

Colombian Amazon

Incredible awakening . . 

In the aboriginal communities in the Amazon of Peru, Brazil and Colombia where I am. My feet are now infected but I would like to remain among these people. Thank you for your prayers.

Charles Valencia Ardila, YWAM, Leticia


How can I serve you from here?

I am a pastor, 37, from a new church in a very deprived area in Quito. If you think I could help or serve you in DCI from here, I would gladly do so.

Marcelo Guala, Quito

§ Marcelo, thank you for your offer, you can definitively help us by supporting this movement in prayer. We are based in England, a deeply secular country, and we have only 3 or 4 people coming to the different meetings we hold per week for local believers to pray with us for missions and for our own work. The truth is that our prayer support all comes from churches like yours in the developing world. God bless you and welcome !

Les and Pilar, the editors.

Young Brazilians getting lost here

They come as students with no-one to control them and end up risking their physical and spiritual lives by trying drugs, homosexuality and Satanism. Let me warn the churches in Brazil. We have met many a lost Brazilian student and it is sad to see that our young people emigrate from Brazil to be deceived instead of studying abroad.

Oliveira de Israel, Germany



Special time of God

We have been sharing about what God is doing in Argentina, not just with evangelicals but to Lutherans, Catholics, Reformed and others. The hand of God worked among many of those present who said how comfortable they were and surprised by the many things that God does in people's lives.

Viktor and Miriam Nemet, Velence


Free Bible School Materials  DCI Banking for the Poor










Praying for missions like yours.

The heartbeat of Jesus Christ is mission yet people go in thousands for healing and prophecy conferences but only few go to missions events. So we will pray for each other and keep DCI in our prayers.




Opening School of Ministry

The Discipleship course will be structured entirely around your excellent 85 lessons, and we are about to plant a New Wine Church. Have you been to Israel - we are organizing a leaders congress in September - it would be great to have you here!

Angel Gerber, Tel Aviv.



God has done a miracle here

In our fast we chose your lesson 81. The part where H G Wells, who was not a believer said, "The most radical proposal ever presented to the mind of men is the proposal to replace the world order with God's order" moved our people so deeply that they left determined to preach the Word of God to others. People come, hand in their drugs, alcohol, idols, fetishes for us to destroy and one man was visited by the Lord personally one night. I cannot tell you more for security reasons but God is working here. Please pray for Mauritania.

Anon, for security reasons.

§ Mauritania is one of the poorest, most closed and hostile countries in which to be a believer, particularly if you wish to tell others, truly it's the ends of the earth.  This leader is to be highly commended for his courage and dedication. 
Les and Pilar, the editors.


Tell me about Yanomamis in Brazil

I would welcome any information about these people.

Fernando Herrera, Chihuahua

§ Fernando, take a look at our Yanomami page where you will find photos from a lady missionary who is living and working with the tribe. Les, the editor.


Manja is still in jail

It's incredible to know that all over the world, people are praying for this pastor who was wrongfully imprisoned. Judges examined his case again in a five-hour hearing. Our leader in Nepal is optimistic and reports he sensed the prayers of God’s people. For all GFA congregations and colleges the hearing day was dedicated to prayer and fasting. The final verdict comes on May 27.

John Schwartz, Gospel for Asia



Mission goes on after 4 murders

We went on despite the fact that masked murderers still on the loose killed 4 police offices. We took the risk in the name of the Lord and prayed in 12 villages over 4 evenings. 56 new lives were given to Christ.

Abel Melendez, Matiguas


Who are we?   See our work with photos








Micro-credit for poor villages

I work in one of the most deprived neighbourhoods in Lima. We want to help the believers to raise rabbits and other rodents used in typical Peruvian meals and need a Bank of the Poor here.

Peruvian Pastor

§ Pastor, first of all will you study this explanation page for the Bank which will give you some ideas how to start. Unfortunately we do not yet have a representative in Lima, but we are open to any suggestions you may have.
Les Norman.

Five more Russian books on offer

On our website you can now find a hymnal with over 2,000 songs; Halley's Bible Handbook, which I edited over 30 years ago; Brockhaus Bible Encyclopaedia; Alexander Men's Bible Dictionary; and Vladimir Dal's Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language - and much more, including the Bible School of Mission in Russian.

Robert Hosken, Moscow.


Sierra Leone
Visit Project Sierra Leone

Thanks to you, I am corresponding with two very special men who refuse to let adversity get in the way of our Lord's work; Pastor Emmanuel Gibson with Fountain of Life Ministries and Brother Joseph Bundor Tarawally with Crusaders Club Ministry, both in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Please visit our website.

Patricia Masingill, USA


One to One Evangelism Internat’l

We are Pentecostal people with a heart for Spain taking Evangelism Explosion and our own One to One version to Gibraltar and from Fuengirola up to Torrevieja near Alicante. I would love to make connections with people seeking to bring the Good News to Spain and share our free resources with them. Our website is  joined with a wonderful digital Christian TV that sends the Gospel to Spain, Morocco and Europe through Sky.

Dan Carlton, Faversham, UK



Still in shock after The Passion . .

It was the most traumatic movie I have ever seen and truly brought it home to me what Christ suffered to save us all. I am still in shock. This movie truly was the most violent I have ever seen and knowing that our Christ went through all what He went through really makes me feel super humble and ashamed that we all killed Christ. I felt truly shocked and saddened but try to keep in mind that we should all be rejoicing because our Saviour lives.

Gareth Lavell, Chaing Mai.



Any missions people in Qatar ?

The Lord has placed this country on my heart and I am planning a trip for 2004/5.

Eliomar Sucre, Merida


Free Bible School Materials  DCI Banking for the Poor







Revelation TV is Church without walls

Please pray that we continue to broadcast and get the studios completed to produce programmes that are needed to reach our generation. Bless you Les for your encouragement and support.

Howard Conder

If you are in Sutton . .
Croydon, Mitcham or Carshalton and looking for a church, welcome to Power Centre Church, Beddington Village Hall, Sundays 10.30 & 3.30.

Rev. Mercy Wood, 0208 286 3018


Do you buy on the Internet?

This massive shopping village has all the UK High Street names - and when you buy we get a small gift for our work among the lost, the last and the least.

Les and Pilar, the editors.


Pray for London
Come to London

Join 40 days of prayer for Soul In The City in July and August, with 15,000 young people worshipping, learning and cleaning up London for Jesus
Join in at London Prayer


Who are we?   See our work with photos




World News Today


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Les and Pilar, the editors



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