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May 2007 edition

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First contact with Zimbabwe

We have met a very godly man with a passion for the lost and the poor who is a now refugee in the UK from Zimbabwe after being tied to a tree and stabbed six times by local politicians who left him for dead. He still does not know how the ropes managed to untie themselves and slip off his arms leaving him free to crawl for help. Our new partner has a totally unsupported orphanage with 35 abandoned children living on whatever food is given to them. We are talking together about a DCI School of Mission for Zimbabwe, a Bank for the Poor and some simple Business for Mission projects to produce funds locally for the children. Two young ladies have just gone from here to Zimbabwe to see for themselves and bring back a first-hand report.
Les and Pilar
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We just had the most beautiful meeting of my life
Almost 600 young people attended and God's work was really wonderful, touching them for repentance, deliverance and healings. Many were born again as well as being healed from near-sighted, deafness, migraine, heart problem, stomach disorders and so on. Many were delivered from curses, pornography and other sexual sins. God's gifts worked in all of us very amazingly and I never felt His presence like this before, so real and deep. Even after the meeting ended people met us with tears and confessed their sins and addictions, some even phoned us. We can hardly believe what the Lord has just done in our midst.
Yoppi, with DCI in Indonesia
Address removed for security reasons

Look at the photo of the guest house

We have managed to roof the house and this Business for Mission will soon be making money for the gospel. We are helping a very poor orphan who we picked from the street with his 3 sisters and one brother looking for jobs to wash people's dirty clothes, plates or sweep toilets and dig gardens for survival. When I heard about him, I decided to take him as our son and sent him to school. He passed very well but I could not pay for his higher education any more until your last gift came. Now I decided to send him to the Agricultural Institute and when he finishes he will be able to help us with the other children whom we are keeping now.
Pastor George Purkweri, DCI in Lira, Uganda.

Taxi driver takes the love of God to Picapiedras

We also got a place in a home for an very aged woman in Concepción and we are seeking funds to have the little daughter of Ms Dina undergo surgery of her cleft palate. It is very important for us to give thanks to those English children who made evything possible for their brothers and sisters in Peru. May God bless you and keep you. With love,
Juan Campos Ballesteros, taxi driver in Lima, Peru.

§ Dear John: You have done a marvellous thing in that neglected rural village of Picapiedras by combining the love of God and the Gospel with medical care. I am very much impressed by what I have seen and give thanks to God for your life and vision. We enjoyed the photographs and we will be taking them to our local school so that the children can see how very different life is in Picapiedras. They were deeply moved by the previous photographs; we made a copy for each family.
A big hug from your English friend and brother, Les.

Can I donate the crafts I make in crochet and wool ?
We are missionaries waiting for the right time to go and work with the peoples in north Africa. Until then, I would like to be useful. So I thought DCI could sell some Brazilian crafts and invest the income in missions. I could make some crafts and find how to send them to you.
Marcia Maria do Nascimento, 35, Recife-Brazil

Eight-year-old girl heals many
Thousands of people are visiting Meko, a village in the Muslim-Christian conflict area of Poso as a little girl named Selvin Bungge heals the sick, simply by praying "Our Father" and singing "God is Able to Do All Things". The miracles began on January 6 2007, as the girl healed her rheumatic mother after Selvin saw a bright light, in which stood the Lord with an angel and said, "I will give you much but you must give it to everyone. And your family must obey the Lord's commands." Then Jesus and the angel disappeared. The next day they went to Palu City, where Selvin sister was also lying sick. She prayed and again there was healing. The news spread fast and people came to be healed, living in tents or staying at other's houses. "The blind see, the lame walk, many people are healed," said a well known pastor who saw the healing miracles by himself. "I saw with my own eyes a lame man walked after being prayed by the little doctor," said one of the visitors. Now lying at her house are hundreds of canes and wheel chairs, left by healed people. Selvin has a genuine heart. She refused anything that was offered to her and she didn't want anyone to take her picture. One man wanted to give $600 to Selvin, but she only took $1 for the church collection on Sunday.
Sent in by our partners in Indonesia
As reported by The Nuansa Post (19/03)

All the men we sent to North India planted house churches.
People are ready for baptism in each village and we expect 600 baptisms in the next two months. Thank you for your prayers and support. In summer we are covering 10,000 homes with literature, so please do pray for us. Two of our men are under the threat from militants as they do baptisms every month.
Pastor Kizhakkevila Daniel

I took 300 students to watch the Jesus Film
It was wonderful seeing them in a church to watch a gospel movie. I bet I will soon see an outpouring of God's Spirit upon those kids.
Silvana Mara, with DCI in Posso-Alegre, Brazil.

Starting first School of Mission in Zambia.
I am identifying the first students and we shall meet twice a week in my home which is central and convenient.
Jim Malasha, Lusaka-Zambia

Banking for the Poor in rural Cameroon grows . .

All the women who started with the Bank for the Poor have finished their payments and a new group is now on including 6 Muslim women joined our group. We are grateful to the bank who help us in sending our children to school and caring for our families.
Mathilde, the women and the children

Is poverty really the cause of crime ?
In this New York Times article the author implies that poverty causes crime. I was raised in a poor family of six children, sometimes we didn't know where money would come from for food and we had to earn our own money even at under 10 years of age, but we went to church regularly, and each of us placed our faith in Christ as Saviour and Lord. Amazingly, none of us turned to crime, drugs or alcohol, in fact, all of us are serving the Lord, four in missions and two in local churches. If people are homeless, will giving them a flat really solve the problem? If they are poor, will giving them money really solve the problem? The problem lies deeper, in the human heart.
Dr. Robert Hosken, Agape-Biblia School of Mission, Moscow.

§ For a small donation you can have a copy of Dr. Robert's acclaimed book "The Ministry Driven Church" which builds on The Purpose Driven Church and is rcommended by Rick Warren.

Ready to help in any project in Brazil . .
I am capable, devoted to God and full of energy ready to offer my life in gratitude to the Lord.
Edison Ribeiro, 39, Lages-Santa Catarina, Brazil

Four for Guinea Bissau.
Please send me any information you have about the place, where to stay and how much it would cost.
Jacira Lidia Gonçalves Ferreira, 41, Mato Grosso - Brazil

Poverty, drug addiction and prostitution everywhere
That is why the Lord has sent us to set up a mission for children from dysfunctional families. Three years on, we have 60 children and 15 mothers. They have all accepted the Lord. Pray for us please.
Pastor Ramon Chayres Alonso, 66, Tijuana, Mexico

My big dream is missions in Mozambique
Where can I start to make this dream come true. I am married with one son; we are a missions family.
Geraldo Magalhães, 40, Vitória, Espirito Santo - Brasil

Studying your lessons, starting new school in my church.
Your studies are a blessing for me. I hope I can encourage the church, and its young members in particular, to have a wider vision for mission.
Patricia Elaine Vieira Conquista, 33, São Paulo - Braail

I'm a dentist, can I go on a mission with you ?
Alexandre Botti Wichan, 28, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Passionate about missions and the call of the Lord
It is not simply a feeling; it is my will to serve by helping my neighbours with everything the Lord has trusted in my hands. How can I become a member of a mission group?
Cristiane Ventura Lacerda, 24, Brasilia-Brazil

I want to support missions in Cuba
I would like to get in touch with missionaries in Cuba in order to help their work in that country. I am studying at a seminary along with my wife, and we are eager to serve.
Daniel Ocampo, 30, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ready to serve a church or ministry in Spain
My plan is to move to Spain but I need to get in touch with ministries and churches I could support. I have a praise ministry, work with young people and am a member of YWAM.
Jose Luis Gonzalez Barreto, 22, Venezuela

In three years we have fed 1,000 abandoned children

We also organised evangelistic campaigns and medical mission every four or five months, assisting about 5,000 people.
Gerardo Chilenitt, 40, JVH Ministry, Miramar, Florida.

I am getting ready for a 3-year mission to Sudan
Silvia Leticia Minchez Guzman, 27, Guatemala

Don't hoard your treasure down here
Where it gets eaten by moths and corroded by rust or worse, stolen by burglars. Stockpile treasure in heaven where it's safe from moths, rust and burglars. It's obvious that the place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be, and end up being.
Matthew 6.19 TM

§ Although Jesus himself said not to do this - nevertheless isn't it astonishing how believers spend so much of their money precisely on things that do rust in the garage, on things that people do want to steal and on things that moths do want to eat?
Les Norman

What I'm interested in seeing you do is this . .
Sharing your food with the hungry, inviting the homeless poor into your homes, putting clothes on the shivering ill-clad, being available to your own families. Do this and the lights will turn on . .
From Isaiah 58 The Message

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