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May 2008

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27th May 2008


We have had some enthusiastic reports (as usual) and a lot of critical reports (as usual) but click here for what is by far is the most balanced and sensible report from the editor of the respected US magazine Charisma. Well worth reading and taking on board. Have you actually been to Lakeland, not just watched the positive hype or read the Internet negativity? Tell us what you think.
Les and Pilar

26th May 2008


Here is today's eye-witness report from inside Burma with contact and bank details of readers wish to send a donation or church offering to local people on the ground. The report is not pleasant reading and we have had to delete the photos because they are too awful and heart-breaking for younger readers.
Les and Pilar

23rd May 2008

At last we have some eye-witness news from inside Burma and photos of the relief operation being carried out by one Yangon church. Please click here

22nd May 2008


china earthquake
Photo from the BBC Website

We send our thoughts and prayers to the people of Sichuan Province in China who have lost so many children, family, friends and property in the recent earthquake.  The death toll is over 51,000 people. There will be many believers and churches in the area and they will be suffering just as much. If any readers in China need our help  please let us know what we can do.
Les and Pilar


burma cyclone   cyclone idol

Photo from the BBC Website

Our heartfelt sympathy and prayers go to all the victims who are still suffering after the cyclone which has caused close to 80,000 deaths. Because of the appalling injustice and negligence of the Burma government, we like most people and nations have been unable to send any aid. Our partner in Burma was away on the far side of the country when the cyclone hit and returned to scenes of destruction in Yangon, which are nothing compared to the devastation in the Irrawaddy Delta. He seems to know far less than we do because of the censored media in Burma. This BBC website has full details, photos, video and comments from people in the worst affected regions.

Pastor Eu Hong Seng from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia writes this, "We went to the home of our Pastor Peter to deliver food and medicine. We saw felled trees, blown off roofs, debris of signboards and damaged electrical cables. If such huge trees are uprooted here, the disaster in the Irrawaddy Delta must be so much worse.  In the few days we could feel the intimidation and fear that the Junta has put into the people and the reality of spies and secret police. The poverty of the masses is evident further away from the city. Idolatry characterizes the majority of people. Our Children's Home and Church are an hour's drive from Yangon on poor roads and 7 of us travelled in one taxi. It was not possible for local or foreign aid to enter into the Delta region because of the military. One man even requested used rice sacks so that the women could cover themselves, because their sarongs were swept away in the cyclone."
Contact Pastor Eu Hong Seng

Any help you might want to send will have a far better chance of getting through via local people than through Western agencies. Feel free to contact Pastor Hong Seng, he is a trusted friend of DCI.
Les and Pilar.

May 1st 2008
This section will update next week

When everything was hopeless, Abraham believed anyway,
deciding to live not on the basis of what he couldn't do
but on what God said that He would do.
Romans 4.17 The Message

We have just returned from getting the results of the recent full body scan, and are delighted to tell you that Kathy has been given the all-clear, there is now no trace of cancer in her body. Thank you all for your prayers and support. They have helped us through a very difficult time.
David and Kathy Pick, with DCI in England

§ We want to thank the Lord for this wonderful healing through prayer and medicine and for his sustaining grace through a very hard time for David, Kathy and all their friends and family. Another colleague Erik has also been given the all-clear from cancer again after much prayer and treatment, and over in Brazil, Silvia is well on the way to recovery as well. Being far from invincible we want to honour the Lord for hearing and answering continuous prayer. We all wanted an instant miracle, He gave us a lengthy process but the end result is the same: life restored, faith increased and lessons learned.  Meanwhile over in Peru our partner Rolando has been struck down by pancreatitis so prayer continues.
Les and Pilar

Four months ago I went to Cayes, Haiti's third city to start another church. I met a man who turned out to be a Voodoo priest and he took me to stay in his home. I soon spoke to him and his family about the love of God and they became my first contacts in Cayes. Today the Voodoo temple has become our worship centre for the Lord Jesus and we have 90 active church members, with home prayer groups for all.
Johnny Auguste, Haiti
miesht @

For everyone interested in the EMSI Spain medical mission to Burkina Faso in December, here is a video report of the last visit there when thousands of poor people received free medical treatment and operations, and every single person was prayed for and told about the love of God in Jesus. You can select see more video reports from David of EMSI "eslajuda" to the right of the screen. Click here to see the EMSI You Tube Video
Contact EMSI Barcelona, Spain: David Armada
eslajuda @

We have started to visit a sea of street people in Lima, Peru, many of whom are prostitutes, drug addicts and delinquents, may God bless and give them light.
Pastor Victor Rodriguez, 50, Lima - Peru
ministerio_internacional_emanuel @

The countries that used to reject the message Jesus are now receiving it. For example in my country there are now 5,000,000 believers because of 50 years of people doing hard work in missions all of which planted a great seed in the heart of Colombia.
Ian F. Simmonds , 18, Barranquilla -  Colombia
ianfarouk_simmonds @

What is the best way to evangelize the Muslim people here?
Jorge Reyes Tabares, 48, España
fenlapalabra @

We are supporting Muslim families with food, clothes and language lessons where we teach them Spanish using Bible stories. This has awakened their interest in knowing more about Jesus. Please pray for our work because we have a good number of Muslim families coming to us.
Ricardo, 48, Premia de Mar, Barcelona - Espana
rmariscale @

We need new editors and translators for our Arabic, German, Italian and Russian pages. The job is turn the English language pages into these languages and handle any enquiries or e-mails that come in their own language. This is a part-time job for volunteers, there is no salary but we do know how to look after our own people. References will be required.
Please write in English to Les Norman, the editor

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Les and Pilar

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This Week
Our very latest news for our partners

People often ask us about our "financial strategy so we tell them that for 25 years we have been riding a three-humped camel which comes from Acts 20, 34-35 where Paul says something like this: "You know that these hands of mine, by hard work, have provided for my own needs (which is hump number one), the needs of my companions (which is hump number two) and then for the weak (which is hump number three), because as the Lord Jesus said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive."  People do say that riding any kind of camel is a bit of an experience and although ours will never be a desert Rolls-Royce, it does keep going and as a strategy for living and for giving it is incomparable.
Les and Pilar, DCI England

Come to Iquitos, Peru for a missions experience in the Peruvian Amazon, learn the Spanish language and getting involved in our work with children and adults. Come for 1, 2, or 3 months, you will be welcome.
Dr. Esteban Valverde Virhuez, 34, Iquitos - Peru
president @

Our next Medical Mission Trip to Peru is May 28 to June 4th. Doctors and nurses will hold many clinics to show the love of God to the people. For more information on these trips.
Rev. Dr. Samuel Torres, 51, Orlando, Florida
pastor @

We are going to Niger to be with the Tuaregs in the Agadez area. Pray with us for the church in Agadez to be an oasis in the midst of this wilderness.
Josue Angel Alonzo Hidalgo, Santa Ana - El Salvador
tuareg.alonzo @

Who can tell me about mission in Togo?
Leo, 22, Ciudadela - Argentina
sniperleo17 @

The 10 new missionaries we sent to South Tamil Nadu have already won 400 souls and planted 11 fellowships. I see every village in India ready for harvest. Native missionaries, unknown by any one work hard in these villages. I just visited 4 villages and in one church where about 40 people worship regularly the roof has gone and the monsoon is coming. We have adopted 12 pastors to support and each pastor works in more than 3 villages and has fellowships of 40 to 60 members. They eat hardly one meal a day. One pastor is running a Mercy home for 22 kids in a very pathetic situation so I agreed to support them too. God has healed my "withered hand" and now every time I see the needs of the people I cannot hold back. God is doing some awesome works in India but it goes unnoticed. I believe there will be at lest 10 % Christians in India because the yeast of the Kingdom is conquering the whole dough.
Pastor Daniel, our DCI partner in Kerala, India

We plan to start a Christian school with two classrooms and an orphanage at our church location to help children cope with their grief and then work to build their self-sufficiency through vocational and life skills training. I personally met Les Norman long time ago. I also have received recently the School of Mission lessons in Moore language. I am currently using it to train my church members and I too have found it useful.
Pasteur Lassane Ouedraogo, 41, Ouagadougou-Burkina Faso
tilgre @

Can anyone tell me about the churches in Ruanda, and any missionaries working there.
Soledad P. De Glez, 47, Cd.Juárez – Mexico
gruas_gope @  (In Spanish only)

After months of waiting to download the lessons, God opened the door and the District Commissioner downloaded all the lessons into his PC. The people and I have welcomed the school with great joy as it will result in church growth.
Solomon Muntanga, Mpika - Zambia
sibalwa sibalwamuntanga @

Who can tell me about Mauritania, I have a call for this country.
Sandra Gómez, 33, Manizales – Colombia
sandra6511 @

I am Christian and I work professionally with a video camera. I want to offer my services to help you in any way.
Jimmy Roca, 28, Lima, Peru
jerl7 @

I'm always amazed at how strong the news like this is in encouraging the believers all around the world to work for the Lord and to pray for the lost. I can feel the atmosphere of intercession from here. Please keep on praying for Indonesia, a Muslim country, and believe that God can do more than we can imagine. One of the most effective ways to reach them is through literature. We are glad to hear their kids singing Christian songs at their homes, without being restricted by their parents. We've been praying for them. You know, Muslim people are the most difficult to accept the Gospel because of their system. But for God nothing is impossible. He loves them.
Name withdrawn for security reasons, Indonesia

We are continuing with our Saturday door to door praying and giving to the poor. God has been so good and many have given there lives to Christ.
Moses, our DCI partner in Malawi
musaatte @

God has lead me into the ministry of healing from the past that has made so many of us into emotional and spiritual invalids. Many people think that it is not necessary to look into the past and just leave it as it is, but the unforgiveness, hurts and hatred just stay alive in their spirit and block their Christian life. The Lord helped me first of all by having me make a list of three columns: I confessed (my sins), I forgave (my "hurt-ers") and I rejected (occult things). After I asked the Holy Spirit to remind me of everything that had to be brought to His Light I became impressed by the length of the list but when I confessed it all I literally felt a huge change. The sin left me, I came into close relationship with the Holy Spirit. It felt like a new birth and grew in my new life. God kept on working in me and after a while He began to bring into my life ladies who were also spiritual captives. I prayed with them and for them and as they confessed their past to the Lord many disorders simply disappeared. I have not met people with strong demonic symptoms but many people do say that they can feel the difference inside as if the evil spirits has left them. I constantly have to rely upon the Holy Spirit and His guidance.
G.A, Moscow, with DCI in Russia

As God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.
Colossians 3.12

We would like to share our 1000 square meter lot where a School of Mission and or a mission care home can be built. We have a free preparatory school serving marginalized families in a mixed community of old tenants, relocatees and Muslims. If you want to start a kinder prep class our fellowship can share our experiences with you.
Yolanda R. Abastillas, 57, Daluyan Learning House,
Caloocan City - Philippines

yoliabastillas @

Iber-American Confederation of Communicators and Christian Media Conference, Panamá, 7 to 11 October.  COICOM gathers annually the most influential Latin American leadership for training and networking.
info @

We have started a missions work for Spanish speaking immigrants in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  There are about 80,000 Spanish speakers here.
Pastor Esequiel Selari, 45, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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