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1st June, 2010

If it is true that African leaders often fail to live up to their own values and frequently fail to deliver the developments they promise on time, then read why that is on the DCI Blog.

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Macho says the Shine website shows our 10 years of work with Uganda orphans. Soeksmono, Surabaya, Indonesia says I long to win souls for Jesus and serve young families.  Fabio says I am training to take the gospel to gays and lesbians. Roque, Panama says I work with 8 to 15 year olds teaching spiritual truth, sport and morals, showing them love.

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31st May, 2010

Les Norman, the editor says today we welcomed Pastor Daniel to our home on his 55th birthday. Daniel has been our friend and our partner in Kerala, India for many years and now watches over 900 churches and 80 Mercy Homes for abandoned children.

Click for Fifty Ways for Leaders to Encourage Giving from well trusted Stewardship UK.

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29th - 30th May, 2010
The Weekend

The Leader's Reflection

It was said of Kofi Annan that he ran the United Nations like an old-fashioned African village, with long discussions among the elders, periods of reflection and eventually a decision. Discuss.

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Mireya says I want to include Pilar's 300 Christian poems in books I am making. Edwing says I open churches in Mexico the last one began with 8 people now has 30.  Huberley in London goes to a Spanish cell church. Miguel says I help people with problems and share the gospel with them.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

28th May, 2010

Sameer Salve, Nagpur, India says my beloved wife Vaishali bore me a baby girl on May 22. I look forward to producing a Hindi edition of this news page, I enjoy translation. Click for free School of Mission in Hindi

Tell us if you would like to see a Hindi edition

2nd Africa Tentmakers Conference for people who self-support their call to mission by work, Douala, Cameroon, August 12-15. People from 40 countries are coming for training, workshops, worship and prayer. E-mail
Tell us what you are doing 

27th May, 2010

Les Norman, the editor says neither Salvador Dali's clock nor the 1951 science fiction movie of similar name can compare with The Day Time Stood Still, the story of how DCI, that us, was born. Maybe that's  a slight exaggeration but why not click English, Spanish or Portuguese
for the story and be transported back to Madrid in 1982.

See also The Name That Found Us’ also in English, Spanish or Portuguese for the story of where the name DCI came from and what it means.

Tell us what you think

Justice Hayford Abaidoo-Aggrey, Ghana says our School of Mission here now has four branches.

Tell us what you are doing

26th May, 2010

Sylvia, Brazil says stress and burn-out was suffocating me, I could hardly pray but now I only want to be with him in prayer and in my Bible. I haven't felt like this for a year but things are better. I am not looking for crowds, only quiet places where keep my mind on Jesus.

See the February 2010 edition for advice on handling stress and burn-out.
Tell us what you think

Rina, Indonesia says I don't think we should follow traditions when we have been won by Christ. Hernán says I am supporting the opening of a new church in Surco, Peru. Vicky says I am wondering what to do in the future. Blaise says I intend to see God's work in Cameroon, my country.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

25th May, 2010

Andy and Val Simcock, Chiang Rai, Thailand are building a children's home for girls like 12 years old Ar Nu Yai who was sold for £30 by her addict dad while mum was in prison. Our team tracked her down and took her to safety in an tribal camp just hours before she was going to Bangkok for ‘grooming’. Click for more photos.

Tell us what you are doing

Belinda says I have been to the native indians of Colombia. Rodolfo says we feed 30 children on Saturdays in BA, Argentina. Marcos, Brazil is doing a recycling project for Christ. Viviana, Bolivia wants to contacts missions people in the 10/40 Window and Central America.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

24th May, 2010

Bethesda Serukam is a 90 bed hospital, 45 years amongst the Dyak people of Borneo's rainforest, Indonesia treating 25000 patients a year, training nurses, and with 4 remote clinics only accessible by small aircraft.

Tell us what you are doing

Sammis Reachers, Brazil says click to download 108 pages of free poetry about missions, in Portuguese only.

Tell us what you have for free

22nd - 23rd May, 2010
The Weekend

Michael, our German news editor in Switzerland says my wife has been told that our unborn baby has a risk of Down's Syndrome, we would really appreciate your prayer, we are quite concerned.

Les Norman, the editor says between now and the time of birth the Lord has time to work, healing can take place in the womb just as easily as on the outside. A few years ago two of our Spanish friends came with the news that their unborn baby was developing without a brain and the hospital wanted to terminate the pregnancy. They were very upset but we prayed and three months later a baby girl was born, completely well and with a perfect brain. We saw the family only three weeks ago which brings the story back into my mind as fresh as if were yesterday.

Tell us what you think about this

Comment from Michael Scharnowski, May 24th
My wife went to another gynecologist for tests and they couldn't find the symptoms any more, our baby is perfect. The Lord is so good.

21st May, 2010

Keith Smith say no money means no football for us in 
Burkina Faso and all the players are now unemployed. In the UK Barclays sponsor the Premier League with $134 million and Coors give $500m to the US NFL but Burkina football sponsorship has crumbled. Of course those who do go to the matches climb the walls rather than pay at the turnstiles.

More from Keith about Burkina here

Sue Borghisani, UK says did you know that the moringa oleifera tree gives free food, oil for lights and cooking and fertilizer and now offers a way of purifying dirty drinking water. Click for free instructions   

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20th May, 2010

Scot Bower runs the 24-7 Prayer website which helps 70 churches in 21 countries to hold 24 hour a day, 7 days a week prayer, similar to the Moravians prayer meeting in 1727 which continued unbroken for 100 years and sent 300 people into the call of Christ. Some even became slaves to reach the African slaves in the Caribbean, yet others carried the gospel to lepers knowing they could never return.
Tell us what you are doing

Gins, Indonesia says I am happy to know the DCI vision. Joao, Brazil says I never get tired of praying for the nations, Jerusalem and the Middle East. Flavio runs an Argentina Bible School, wants to hear from India and Pakistan. Monique, Salcedo, Spain says I take clothes to the poor.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

19th May, 2010

George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda says thugs with guns came into my home last night and took parts from our car, we are still tormented by fear. After the war years many people have guns and some bad people kill innocent ones.

Tell us what you are doing

Michael Singini says to click for photos of the DCI sponsored building of the Clinic in Mbuzi Mzumula, 
Malawi, a bit delayed by heavy rains, a prohibition on timber cutting and then a lorry full of materials slid into the big river.

Tell us what you are doing

18th May, 2010

Ricardo Padilha says that the DCI School of Mission studies are in the Tabernáculo Bom Jardim Church in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil in the heart of a poor community.

Tell us what you are doing

Veronica from Kenya says I serve the elderly in a home in Pontevedra, Spain. Epinzea says everyone in Ivory Coast is welcome to our Bible School. Yonatan in Jakarta, Indonesia is looking to leave his job after 20 years for ministry in mission.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

17th May, 2010

Samuel, Chile asks how should men and women behave when the Holy Spirit falls upon them?

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Néstor, Argentina says I am a writer and counsellor, I have a radio program and we give away books to the listeners. Ramiro says we teach the Bible to really poor children in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Eugenio says I am opening mission training schools in several parts of Venezuela.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

15th - 16th May, 2010
The Weekend

Johnny Auguste, Haiti says let me say a great thanks to DCI members. Four months after the earthquake Haiti is still the same, only thanks to your help can I do something for our 21 orphans and many adults too. Victims are still under the rubble and the talk is politics, politics and politics, nothing more. Where would we be without you people?

Tell us what you are doing

Jimmy is called to Rwanda, helps the Peru poor while waiting for open doors. Ximena prays in the San Pedro maximum security prison La Paz, Bolivia. Suzete, Brazil asks where the Koran says that Muslims must do good to Christians. Enrique is in a small church in Grabadailla, Costa Rica.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

14th May, 2010

Les Norman, the editor says When Helping Hurts People Overseas and at Home' tells how so many people try to help the poor with negative results and waste much effort and money. We have listened to the advice on how to get it right and made changes, very highly recommended.

Tell us what you think

Comment by Michael Singini, Malawi

I have read this book through and through and it will certainly become my reference book in all I want to do in my life.

Gaston Mamang,  Bangui, CAR says we now have 40 students in the  DCI School of Mission, if anyone has a used 16mm projector and 16mm films we need one to take to the pygmies and unreached peoples in our forests.

Tell us what you are doing

The DCI Vision and Values page has been updated.
The Banking for the Poor page has been greatly improved.
The DCI Blog has been updated.
DCI has You Tube videos in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French.

13th May, 2010

Peter Ndegwa
, Kenya says since 1996 I am a prison evangelist, click for my photos of poor women with their little children inside prison usually for brewing illegal beer because their husbands did not support them. Most of them are now following Jesus and after release we hope to start small businesses for them.

Tell us what you are doing

Alan Henshaw, with DCI Nottingham, UK says I caught this big fish last week in Northern Ireland.

Tell us what you are doing

12th May, 2010

Talla Andre, Cameroon says when a baby with two heads was born in Babanki Tunga the father of 13 other children from two wives did not know what to do. The Koran teacher quickly told his supervisor who sent the mother and the twins to Saudi Arabia for surgery. Now this Christian village has a mosque with a nursery, primary school and health centre and Islam sponsors youths to study in Saudi Arabia and funds micro-finance projects. The Church worldwide is missing its opportunities.

Tell us what you think


Mirian in Brazil does activities for poor children every single day. La Buena Semilla is a free e-mail devotional in Spanish, subscribe here.  Maria is a missionary pastor in San Rafael de Onoto, Venezuela. Angelica is starting a second church in Colombia.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

11th May, 2010

Mah Malachie
Ivory Coast says all the Danane School of Mission new churches are doing well. Click for photos of our very happy Banking for the Poor clients.

Tell us what you think

Peter Poloman, says click to see our Water For All project for the poor in Kachorwa, Eastern Uganda. George Mkandawire, Malawi says I have been helped by reading this page since 2004. Johannes says I am an evangelist in a Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

10th May, 2010

Pastor Ana Avilez, Honduras says I feel that the Lord has given me a prophetic word for everyone in DCI, click to read it in English or Spanish.

Comment by Les Norman, the editor

Ana has a very sharp prophetic perception and over the years she has encouraged us with a number of very sensitive messages, thank you Ana.

Tell us what you think

Pablo has a new church in Jaen, Peru. Chileshe, Zambia wants to grow spiritually so he can help others. Saul, Peru invites you to his missions website. Joka in Oaxaqueña, México tells people about Jesus in the Chinanteco language and they are hungry to know more.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

8th and 9th May, 2010
The Weekend

Johnny Auguste in Haiti is manufacturing craft products for the USA to help the 23 orphan children he has welcomed into his family. More photos here

Tell us what you are doing

Rowland EvansWales says when we are blind to the presence of the poor, we do not realise how lost we truly are. So too the poor are blinded to the image of the Creator in us. To explore their world does not need a heroic up-river expedition or a dangerous mountain trail. Their borders may fall just a metre from your door, where your Lazarus waits, with a dog's lick the only healing for his wounds.  My Sea is Wide, p113.

Tell us your comment

Les Norman, the editor says to find out what our name DCI means, read 'The name that found us’ in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Add your comment

7th May, 2010

Charles Johnsonsays I am one of those spearheading a Constitutional amendment to say that Liberia is a Christian State as 70% are believers.

Tell us what you are doing

Chilangwa, Zambia says I lead seven people doing the DCI Discipleship course. Yves Ayité Gaba, Lome-Togo is the founder of Divine Source Bible Institute. Marco, Mexico says my heart is for the people in Japan. Duda Lisboa teaches the DCI courses in Sao Paulo, Brazil prisons.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

6th May, 2010

Marcel Guehi, Abidjan, Ivory Coast says the School of Mission
with 10 volunteer teachers has taken the latest exams and done 30 days and one full night of prayer for the world.

Tell us what you are doing

CIFO is a ministry of intercession for the persecuted church and unreached peoples. Franca, Cameroon is looking for a training in orphan care in Canada. Carlos, Colombia is a merchant seaman and wants to work with us.  Lucia is involved in 9 missions in Cazones, Mexico.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

5th May, 2010

Stewardship, UK reports that Austrian Karl Rabeder is selling his homes and possessions and giving £3 million to provide micro-finance in Latin America. He feels that he was slaving for things he didn't need and says "I heard the words, 'Stop what you are doing and start your real life'. I want to have nothing left, money prevents happiness."

Tell us your comment

Musician Paul Garratt says that Top Chretien and LTC Asaph are great websites for French speakers with lots of free music and things.

Tell us what you have found for free

4th May, 2010

George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda says a disabled boy called Ojok received just one $18 goat from our DCI Goat Bank a while ago. Today he has 3 hugely valuable cows which came from selling young goats and buying one cow which is now three. Other young goats have paid for his school fees and he has no fear for the future. All from the loan of a $18 goat.

Tell us what you are doing

Gloria Remon, Barcelona, Spain says the photos show the EMSI people did a great work in Burkina Faso using their medical skills and gifts to bless 1000 poor people for nothing in return, I am grateful for them.

Tell us what you are doing

3rd May, 2010

Andy and Val Simcock, UK now in Chiang Rai, Thailand say our children's home will give love, care, security, education and skills to traumatized and vulnerable kids and see then become mature, confident, law-abiding citizens, full of the Holy Spirit and leaders of people. See more photos here.

Tell us what you are doing

Julio gives leaflets about Jesus to everyone he meets in Lima, Peru. Fábio is in missions in Bahia, Brazil. Norma motivates her church in Chile in missions. Francisco has a School of Mission and a radio program in the Dominican Republic.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

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Les Norman 60, is a journalist, writer and a fund manager for the DCI Fund, focussing on the lost, the last and the least of the world. Since 1977 he has been following the call of Christ. He is married to Pilar with three grown up children.
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