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Welcome to the 1st July 2004 edition
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A country that needs prayer.

I am going to call 50 groups of carpenters for a gathering where I will preach them the gospel.

James Roy, Hope Fellowship Center, Dhaka.



60 pastors from different churches . .

Ask together for people in mission to come and do evangelism in Benin.

Pastor Zohoun François, Cotonou.



Amazing visit to Cusco, Peru

8 Peruvians and 2 Brazilians shared Jesus with 300 people and 201 received the Lord. We have started the first discipleship class with 117 people. We held 2 services with 20 people and left a pastor in charge.

Pastor Mauro dos Santos, Brazil


Scholarships in Europe ?

Does anyone know of a Bible School in Europe where I could do a Masters degree with a scholarship as an overseas student.

Pr. Jean Aguiar de Almeida, Natal



Where can I stay in Madrid?

I am going to Spain to complete my studies this month, because God has called me to go to Europe. Do you know of a Christian place I could stay? I have been a Christian for 10 years and have studied Theology and worked as a missionary in Bolivia.

Claudia Gonzalez Serrano


§ Claudia: We have found you a list of Evangelical Churches in Spain, including Madrid. God bless and guide you to your new home. Welcome to Europe, we need you.

Les and Pilar, editors.

List 1  List 2  List 3





Ladies and gentlemen . .

We need support from a world of readers so that we can support a very different world of people and projects in mission and social action. No deductions for administration are ever taken. Thank you.
Les and Pilar, the editors and founders.
The DCI Trust, 1987-2004
Contact Us


"The war is turned away and people who have been on the run for their very lives have started going back to their homes, the tragedies are subsiding. I am just overwhelmed by the concern that DCI people have showed to us at a difficult time like this."

Pastor George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda

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Who are we ?






I don't want to stop . .

I have just started your Course for the World Christians and I don’t want to stop. I'm hungry but I don’t want to stop and eat. I feel like the Word of God is flowing in me. I get an idea, then another one and then something else comes to mind, bringing me new verses to read. It's been so long since this last happened to me!

Emmanuelle Lambert, Chatenay Malabry.



E-mail this young evangelist

I would like to meet evangelists and pastors from around the world and to share ideas about ministry

Michael Opoku Antwi, Kumasi



Evangelism can explode again!

When I was teaching Evangelism Explosion in 1997 we found an open heaven and many came to Christ. The need is great in Gibraltar but I believe that God wants to raise up soul-winners from Gibraltar for Spain, and for nearby Morocco where there is persecution and closed doors. In Spain there is a hunger in the hearts of many who are looking for answers. Click here for a Free Training Manual in English to help you Go and Make Disciples. Who can translate this into Spanish for me please ?

Dan Carlton, 121 Evangelism International.



3,000,000 gods worshipped here

Just over 2% of the population is Christian and more than 400,000 villages have not yet heard the gospel of Jesus.  The needs are astronomical, but with God, all things are possible!

Prasad Sakile, Hyderabad.


Bad crash on mission trip

We opened 4 more new churches last week but at the cost of a bad accident. There were 2 pastors travelling with me when a car hit us. The car was a total loss and my van was damaged but by God's grace no one was hurt or injured, not a drop of blood was shed. We got to the meeting and saw the glory of God, but we will have to face buying a new vehicle.

Pastor Daniel Varghese Kizhakkevila, Kerala.


§ I don't suppose any readers in the West would care to donate a minivan or jeep they don't use very much to this very fine mission work in India ? Please let me know if you can.
Les, the editor.


Thanking you all  . .

Who prayed and gave practical support so we could give free Bibles to widows and poor. We are very much thankful. After long prayers we have decided to distribute Gospel leaflets in large quantity in big gathering in October. Can anyone send us Telugu tracts?  We have no web page, sorry, even we have no computer.

P Samuel John, Guntur


§ Pastor Samuel - Click here to find free leaflets in many languagesLes, the editor.






If you would like to be part of us either as an individual, a house group or a church then step one is always to come and pray with us and you will soon see how the Lord joins us together in the same call and grace. Send an e-mail to this my dci address and every week or so we will send you a very short e-mail with 5 or 6 prayer requests from our meetings at home here in England.


If you have a website of your own, small or large, would you put a link on it to our pages please. Something like this would be perfect:

Thank you so much.

Les and Pilar.
The editors and network pastors.


Free new Christian Book
More information here


Mysterious Ways
The brilliant new Jean Mercer autobiography. 
Jean gives every penny from the sales to our work.

More information here


Free Bible School Materials










Big problems open hearts . .

People are very ready for the Gospel because of the problems and sicknesses, people are dying from AIDS, drugs, alcohol, joblessness and many other problems and they need God to help them. These people are very poor, they can't even afford to buy a Bible. Please help us in prayer for training materials and for missionaries to come.

Pastor Francis Obae, Truth Churches, Kisii.


§ Pastor Francis, Don't forget that our Bible School with 85 diploma level studies is free. Les, the editor.


Help - I've lost my contacts!

Could somebody tell me about In Its Wings Ministry in Paraguay. They were coming to my church in August - October 2004 and we are fully prepared but we have lost their address. Tell me about the war in Sierra Leone - how did it affect the economy there ?

Rev. Wycliffe Mboya, Kisumu.



In Spain ? Need some help ?

With evangelism, church planting and with pastoral training. Pastors and evangelists can e-mail me, we will join our prayers, resources and efforts to carry out this major task. I plan to go there in the autumn and would like to set up some dates.

Dr. César Emilio Gramajo, Coacalco,



Permanent struggle in the Amazon

This is not an easy mission work amongst the native communities. I would love churches or pastors to support me spiritually and morally.

Juan Carlos Sanchez Calderon, Pucallpa.



Bone marrow transplant needed

Please pray for a young man in Turnu Magurele who has leukaemia and needs a bone marrow transplant outside the country. His neighbour is a Baptist pastor and together we are trying to find some way to help.    

David McFarland, Northern Ireland.


§ David runs a support website for people facing a heart transplant, and it's a good place to go for help. 

Les, the editor.



Ugandans bring a gospel with power

George and his wife from DCI Uganda just visited us. They had to sell their piece of land to raise the transport fares to Sudan and even then travelled on lorries carrying timber. God saw us through with your prayers. On the way, people gave us food, water and accommodation. The gospel meetings were done, demons were delivered, people were encouraged and 40 people gave their lives to Christ. The anointing was great. People thanked you for connecting us to George.

Tom and Loice Kokanyi, Arua.


§ Glimpse another world altogether, one that has been on the TV screens for the last few weeks as the atrocities in Darfur shock the world. South and West Sudan has a poverty that is so deep, and a people that are so lost. Read this one page compelling full story from George Purkweri.  

Les and Pilar, the editors.


Who are we ?  Photos










United Kingdom

School teachers - We need you!

Are you a Christian with experience in education? Senior Volunteer Network is an organisation for retired Christian teachers organisation that enables them to use their gifts and experience, in the service of education at home and overseas. No charge is made for this service.

John Hallett, Nottinghamshire


United States

Where is Hector Castellanos? 

Who remembers this pastor ? He and his wife were in Cusco, Peru, as missionaries. Then they moved to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. They are two beautiful people of God and we would like to know whether they are well.

Mary Calderon, Orlando.



Unreached Peoples

The world’s best information . .

We have passion for the supremacy of God among all 6,798 unreached peoples. Joshua Project can tell in detail all about the different people groups that comprise the 39.7% of the world that has the least Christian presence to encourage pioneer church-planting among every ethnic people group.

Joshua Project exists to serve you.


§ This is the world's finest list and database of information, easy to access and to understand. We are praying through the list people group by people group, till all have heard ! Join us.

Les and Pilar, the editors.



Milk, clothes and shoes  . .

For three years we have been working with homeless children who have been physically and emotionally abused.   but with so many who can help us with milk, clothes and shoes.

Pastor Eduardo Silva, Montevideo.


Single frequency radios wanted

Believers in Uruguay are just 3% of the population and there are a great number of villages with no Christian witness at all Those single frequency radios tuned in to a gospel station would help but who provides this type of radio?

Juan Domingo Romero, Buenos Aires, Argentina.



After 30 years, 15 churches opened

That is, since the Gospel came to this area. We have 750 believers among 60,000 people. We welcome  missionaries from all over the world to come and support our work. We are 5 adults and 7 children

Dante Quintana, Santa Rita, Estado Zulia

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