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Making the news
June 2007 edition

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1000 young people receive God's touch in Indonesia

There was dancing and overflowing joy, as we praised our Lord together, and almost everyone ran for the altar call, with tears and a new commitment to follow Him in this 4 hour meeting. In the morning we had almost 200 students aged 13-15 also receiving God's touch. We couldn't believe what God has done to these youngsters, so touching and beautiful. And today we had 300 youth leaders trained on holiness and God's fire. Now Jesus is so real for them, and our goal is fulfilled.
Name removed for security reasons.

§ Indonesia is one of the world's most populous Islamic nations and some Christian believers have had a very hard time over the years, which makes reports like this all the more exciting. There is a move of God amongst the young and the students, everyone is talking about it. We at DCI are honoured to be part of what is happening there.
Les and Pilar

One very special day in Liberia

Recently we had the first graduation of the Liberia School of Mission. We invited 6 pastors, 8 turned up, we invited 6 men of God, 12 turned up, we invited 10 churches with 380 people, 13 churches showed up with 565 people but all ate and food was left over. The Lord provided. Many pastors are asking us for training in their areas. Then the ladies received their Banking for the Poor loans, all of them expressed their best appreciation to the DCI family. Here are some photos of the women in their markets. Thanks a million again for this high level of trust, we hope to justify same.
Pastor John Duco, Monrovia, Liberia

§ After all the years of diamond driven civil war Liberia is becoming stable and secure again. Pastor John now has his hands full trying to handle all the requests for preaching, teaching, training and economic empowerment that are coming his way. The Lord has a big heart for the poor and we are happy that He has put us together with this good man and his family.
Les and Pilar

Amazing time with Zimbabwe orphans

We were looked after like royalty and people shared their time, thoughts and homes with us. It was a life changing experience and we were sad to leave. Thank you so much for the money to bless the orphans, we bought school uniforms, shoes and groceries in bulk. We are both looking forward to seeing how we can assist them with the self sustaining projects which they so capably run.
Anna and Loulou, Nottingham, UK.

§ This was a first visit to see first-hand what is happening in Zimbabwe. There is clearly a great opportunity here with men and women of integrity to start training leaders, to start community and micro-industry, and to help the orphans. The atmosphere in Zimbabwe was peaceful, people are happy, except with the prices that rise daily with inflation running at 2000% pa. Obviously local polictics is a red hot area and best left alone.
Les and Pilar

The people of Picapiedras are poor,
so much so that they often have nothing to eat

A lady, Janet, invited us to have lunch with her at her house. She is a mother of four but her husband has abandoned them. The house was meticulously clean although there was no furniture, not even a chair, just two beds and a table with a bottle of fizzy drink and 2 paper cups on it. One of her children served the lemonade to my wife, my daughter and me and that was the meal. It turns out that they never cook, they have no pots or pans. Whatever money they had was spent to treat us with the lemonade. Can there be more love than this? How do you give thanks when you realize what has happened? Les, sometimes love is too painful, it goes beyond anything you can expect. The Lord has given me many a moment like this in Picapiedras village.
Juan Campos Ballesteros, taxi driver in Lima, Peru.

§ As Juan says, it is painful to see women and children abandoned in poverty, but with the help of our God of love and compassion and His love coming through people like Juan, the taxi driver, the poor have hope. The move of God that started with Juan's visits to Picapiedras goes on . . .
Les and Pilar

New church doubles from morning to evening on first day. .
We met in the morning for worship in front of my house with nine people but by the evening worship time we were sixteen.
Pastor Moses, Lilongwe, Malawi.

§ Thank God for African faith. Moses only moved there five days earlier. Over here in the UK it might take a year, even years, of talking before we got round to planting a new church. Let's learn from Africa.

DCI Free School of Mission starts in Ivory Coast
I have had 3 years of theological training but I have to admit that the simple methods that you put forward in the School of Mission are a true blessing for me and the 11 students. We made a start 2 months ago and we meet twice a week outside my house. News is spreading by word of mouth and people from other churches want to come as well.
Pasteur Mah Albert Malachie, Danane, Cote D'Ivoire.

§ Training for leadership in church and missions doesn't have to be for the privileged few, and it doesn't have to cost a lot of money. With these free materials, a Bible, an anointed teacher and somewhere to sit and learn many new pastors, evangelists and businessmen for mission can be raised up. This move of God is happening all over the world.

I am living in Saudi Arabia for over 20 years . .
With too much racism, oppression, harsh conditions, injustice and lack of freedom. I want to leave or rather I want to commit suicide. I want to see light that I always dreamed of, I want a new life, I want to live a happy life.
Name removed for courtesy, via this website.

§ Dear friend, I am sorry to read about your hardships and sufferings and I am sorry that we do not have any way to help you leave the country but we will always read what you write and pray for you in Jesus' name because in Jesus there is always hope and a way forward. Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.” You can find this word of hope in Matthew 11.28 in the Bible. With our love and a hand of friendship, write again.
Les Norman.

Next Nigeria School of Mission starts . .
I want to know if there are some of the rules of your organisation that are not in the Leader's Manual because I don't want to braek any of your principles. Thanks very much for your good direction.
Evang. Samuel A.E. Nwadigo.

§ Dear Brother Samuel, Apart from the good advice and experience in the Leader's Manual the only rule book we have is the Bible. Follow the word of God and you will not go wrong in life or in ministry, this has been our testimony for 30 years. See how Jesus loved and cared for His disciples and if you are wise you will do the same for your students. "If you will be a servant to this people, be considerate of their needs and respond with compassion, work things out with them, they'll end up doing anything for you." That's 1 Kings 12:7 (The Message) Onwards for Jesus, please stay in touch.

Bad news, sad news and opportunities . . .
Dear Les, hope you are doing fine. Over here our two year old car was stolen at night and the police cannot find it. This comes as we plan to open 13 more Mercy Homes in Andhra, Orissa, Chattisghat and Tamilnadu. Kids there are sold for $12 to $15 each. We are planning to give 100 sewing machines to 100 women for self employment and by June we have to send 500 Mercy Home kids and 100 slum kids to school with uniforms and school books. There are 40,000,000 kids in the streets of India abandoned by their families. We need your prayers to do all this.

Pastor Daniel, Kerala.

§ Dear Daniel, This car theft is very bad news for a man like you who has to travel far and wide all the time. When something similar happened to me many years ago, the Lord gave me a promise from the curses of the Law in Deuteronomy 28.31, yes - from the curses, saying: "Your ox will be slaughtered before your eyes, but you will eat none of it. Your donkey will be forcibly taken from you and will not be returned."

I said, "Lord, if my donkey is forcibly taken from me it is a curse for disobedience but I am neither wilfully disobedient nor am I under the curse of the law because Christ has taken all those curses for me and on the Cross He exchanged them for blessings if I am obedient to Him. Therefore I claim the return of my donkey in Jesus' name." Daniel, I had another donkey within a matter of days at no cost to me at all, and since that time the Lord has always provided m with a "donkey." On top of that according to the same law when a thief is caught he must make full restitution for his wrong, add one fifth to it and give it all to the person he has wronged" May it be so, may the Lord squeeze the neck of the devil behind all this until he looses restitution upon the man of God. And may the thief return, confess his sins and find forgiveness in Christ. I am believing with you for the return of your donkey.

Professionals giving it their best shot for mission . .
We are a married couple with experience in finance, auditing, law and management –everything related with businesses. God has allowed us to set up our own firm so we can fund our short-term missionary trips to help churches in other nations. If we can be of any help to your church or ministry, please contact us in Spanish.
Elizabeth Mondaca, 30, Quilpue – Chile

Poor Burundi children and families dying of hunger.
These children need food, clothes, soap, same of them are even prisoners in Burundi hospital.
Gilbertine Harerimana, Bujumbura-Burundi

§ We are trying to verify this story and the identity of the writer, almost certainly both are genuine.
Les Norman

Banking for the Poor and Business for Mission in Jakarta
After the floods that came unexpectedly we are still moving ahead with the first, second and third cycles of DCI Banking for the Poor funding. Repayments of $490 have been used to fund a new catfish project and a small shop. The catfish project is to be repaid in 3 months. The first try went well, we got 250 kilos of fish and much of the profit was used to buy baby fish with a further added $200 to it. This business is quite easy to control and maintain, and so far the result is good. The doormat business gives an average profit $56 a month with 5 employees. After the flood, we struggled harder. There is an opportunity to open an internet shop with 10 PC's for people to use and we can do a cheap computer course. The total set up cost would be $1200. The location is very good, safe, and easy to get to. We want to run a pornography-free internet shop. May God bless you for everything you have done for us.
Yoppi Margianto, Jakarta, Indonesia.

For everyone who has missed Andre in Cameroon
Thank God for friends like you who really bother. I have had three symptoms of stroke but the Lord delivered me. The doctor says to stay away from the PC and normal work for some time. I can write for three hours a week but still have serious migraine. I spend my time in counseling and planning, many people are now working with me as team and we have opened a new school in Douala with many students.
Andre Talla, with DCI in Cameroon and West Africa.

What does fund-releasing look like?
I mean, as opposed to fund-raising which I know you don't do.
PS, United States.

§ One of our web pages  goes at least some way to explaining how we have gone about things. I have to say that our way is probably a little more peculiar the most of the classical ways of funding ministry but this is the way the Lord has led us and I certainly do not think badly about any of the other very valid ways of making ends meet provided they are honest. I think that in a nutshell it will be safe to say that all we do is to pray with the faith the Lord has given us, but even so we do not pray very much about money. We do our best to be generous givers way beyond anything to do with tithing knowing that giving is the trigger that releases the blessing of God. In 30 years we have never made any serious efforts to raise funds nor have we ever made appeals, taken meetings to publicise DCI or asked for offerings, or sent out the magazines and tapes which seem to flood the Christian world. After prayer I think that it is a case that we trust the Lord to do the speaking for us wherever he sees fit to go and to whoever he sees fit to approach. I must admit that we would never have expected some of the givers that he has raised up for us.

Humanly we would go for the tall, the dark, the handsome and the wealthy but he has surrounded us with with the weak, the infirm and the elderly as well as with some people over above our social station in life. Some of the poorer ones are far more generous pro-rata than some of the more well-to-do people, isn't that strange? Our best contribution is to try and make the traffic two-way so we take a personal interest in everyone, writing notes, sending small gifts, making phone calls, inviting people for meals and doing our best to make our supporters feel that they are our friends and know that they also can rely upon us in their own times of need. After all these years our circle of supporters is still quite small but so many of them love us and support us with a dedication which leaves us astonished and breathless on so many occasions, humbled before the Lord and before their kindness. Now, if you want to follow the route of support raising or better said the raising of supporters then it seems to me that the finest manual you can buy is called Funding the Family Business  by Myles Wilson who is a gentle Ulster man who really knows his stuff and follows in his fathers footsteps to be a totally committed generous supporter of mission and missionaries. You can buy the book from here or it may be that Amazon can get it for you as well. He goes much further than we ever do in teaching ways to find and approach supporters and the techniques of relating to them. With every blessing and encouragement in Jesus,

We are seeing physical, even financial miracles
People are being awakened and deciding to follow Jesus, the power of God is working in the lives of many people. We have made the local TV and now we are fasting for 21 days.
Pastors Leonardo Garcia & Heuz Moises Acuña, El Zulia, Colombia

Anyone got the book “Why Revival Tarries”
by Leonard Ravenhill in Spanish please?
Austin Velasco, 57, Juli, Puno - Peru.

Team of 12 offers you 30 days in July
We are part of a School of Mission called “Immersion”.
Tabaré Monzalvo Curiel, 37, Hermosillo, Sonora - Mexico

Researching Arab Muslims in Colombia
Please, if any one has books about this that may help me.
Nelson Buitrago Alvarez, 33, Medellin - Colombia

Free English Bibles for the blind in Braille
You only cover the postage and shipping, blessings.
Andres, 22, Santiago - Chile

Are you in missions in Venezuela?
Please write, I am coming to work with you in missions
Jose Rubens, 29, Jundiai-Brazil

God commanded me to commission you:
Go out and train everyone you meet, far and near, in this way of life, marking them by baptism in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Instruct them in the practice of all I have commanded you. I'll be with you as you do this, day after day after day, right up to the end of the age.
Jesus, Matthew 28, 17-19, The Message

Dear Lord, So far today I am doing alright . . .
I have not gossiped, lost my temper, been greedy, grumpy, nasty, selfish or self-indulgent. I have not whined, cursed or eaten chocolate. However I am going to get out of bed in a few minutes and I will need a lot more help after that.
Amen and Anon

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