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A Yanomami boy, Venezuela Amazon

We are willing to be part of a well planned mission with the aim of removing an unreached people group from the Joshua Project  list of the world's remaining unreached people groups. 
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Les and Pilar, for the DCI Trust, England


People choose to follow Jesus in their hundreds . .
Retired Iraqi General Georges Sada senior national security advisor to the Iraqi President said in the USA last month that more Iraqi Muslims are becoming followers of Jesus today than at any other time in history. Kurds in the north of Iraq are choosing to follow Christianity by the hundreds, and some 5,000 Iraqis have publicly identified themselves as new followers of Christ since Iraq was liberated, and that an estimated eight out of ten Iraqi believers say they converted because Jesus appeared to them in dreams or visions. But outside the Kurdish areas, Christians are in a very tough situation. Their children are kidnapped, and their money is taken by terrorists." A church now meets for worship in the throne room in Saddam's main palace in Baghdad where he used to order thousands of people to be executed.
Sources: Joel Rosenberg, The Washington Times
More from Joel News, Holland.

Remar inaugurates RKM Radio Solidarity
This radio station helps those in most need and promotes unity in the churches and the people. For 8 years our part of the Church has been helping drug addicts, delinquents and outcasts in general in this country.
Edwin Gutierrez Alva, 38, La Paz.

My husband cannot go with me,
but I want to go into missions . . . can I ?
I am a trained nurse and have a heart for missions, but my vision of missions is not for where I live and worship. I was called to and born for mission, that’s why Jesus saved me. I want to work as a volunteer in Malawi and earnestly desire to go to Africa, but I need some advice as I know that the Gospel is already preached in many countries in Africa just as it is in Brazil. I also want to serve as a nurse wherever quality health care may be needed, which I know that through Jesus I am able to provide. My husband supports me, although he cannot go with me. He knows that I was saved by the grace of God for doing this. We have a son . . .
Name removed as a matter of courtesy

§ Our School of Mission leader, Silvana, in Pousso Alegre, Brazil replies: We have read your e-mail and are very pleased to be in touch with you. We are praying for you, so that the Lord gives us all wisdom. We understand that you are married and have a little son, and that your husband cannot go with you although you are sure that you have been called. Firstly, it is important that you understand that no missionary agency will accept you as part of a trans-cultural team if you travel on your own, leaving both your husband and son behind. There is a good chance, though, of your going via a missions agency on a short term mission. You could go and serve the Lord for say 3 or 4 weeks and return home, but going for the 4 years you mention without your family is very unlikely. The Word of God guides us in Corinthians that a husband and wife should not separate except that they both agree, and even then for a very short period so that Satan does not sexually tempt you both. So, it would not be wise to leave your husband behind for a long time. Now, we can believe that the Lord has His call in your life and in your husband’s and He is well able to prepare the best time and way for the two of you to go together. In marriage the Lord will never send one when the other one is to be left behind. We have prayed for you for the Lord to guide you both and with patience and perseverance you will find out how the Lord wants to use you and where. Write again anytime.
Silvana Mara, DCI School of Mission, Pousso Alegre, Brazil

Mission in India opens 31st home . .
In June the Indian Tzigane mission IGWF founded by pastor Clement Le Cossec opened its 31st children home in the Tsunami region and now looks after 1,350 children through 400 pastors. IGWF cares for 30,000 believers and has 59 churches, 300 places of worship, a Bible School, a dispensary and has enabled many wells to be drilled. For more news please write to . . .
Paul Le Cossec, Loue, France

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 Dominican Republic
Tell us how you started in missions . . .
We are a young married couple who have been called by God to preach His Word to the nations. Will you tell us how you started in missions, how you came to know the specific place that God was sending you to ?
Debby and Marcos Cornelio, 28, Santiago

§ Silvia Vergara Debastiani de Yáñez answers from Valparaiso, Chile (formerly leaders with OM in Chile)

Dear Debby and Marcos, How glad I am to learn that God is calling you to the missionary field, being as young as you are! Each situation is like each person, different, and God has a time and way for each of us. He is interested in our response to His calling, whether we are willing to do His will or not and to deny ourselves and our wishes. As John 4:35 says, the fields, that is, the people- are ready and waiting for the Gospel; there’s just a shortage of workers willing and ready to harvest. If you feel that God is calling you, you must pray and make up your minds and be ready.

How do you know the place He wants to send you to? The Lord has clear ways to show us where He wants us to serve Him. It may come through His word, an invitation or reading about a specific place, maybe we are impacted by a certain group of people at a missions conference, or a missionary visits our church and tells us about the place he is working in. In short, God is a creative God and He will confirm in your hearts the place you are to go.

Preparation is essential for those who want to serve in missions. You must study about missions, deepen your knowledge of the Bible, and share your calling with your families and leaders, asking for their prayers and financial support. You must also learn about the least reached places, etc. The missions family has a lot to do, but there is nothing more precious and beautiful than knowing that we are in the centre of the will of God and that whatever we do with the rest of our lives will count for eternity. Be encouraged, we will be praying for God to guide you towards the best decision.

Silvia, Valparaiso, Chile.

Why is this happening to me ?
When the Apostles endured persecution it was not because of their sin, it was because of Christ. Paul felt only joy in sharing the suffering with Christ. It is important to understand that the whole world is under the activities of the evil one and that opposition to preaching the Gospel is all to real. Nevertheless God is the Creator and the enemy is simply a creation, and God is not oblivious to anything that may happen to us. He loves us so much that even though we cannot see Him with our human eyes, we can be sure that He is blessing and protecting us. Of course, sometimes we do not understand how or why everything seems to be falling apart, but it is in moments like these that the Lord is the closest, and it is in these moments of trial and tribulation that we need to praise Him the most, fully convinced that on the mountain of praise we will release His solutions. It is easy to praise God when all our needs are met and nothing threatens us. It is easy to sing, “I love You Lord, and You are my Lord” when everything is going to plan, but it is in the midst of pain that our love and obedience are tested. It is in the midst of anguish that our heart is put to the test to see whether we remain faithful or whether we blame God. For certain, those of us who have walked with the Lord for a long time can talk about the many evils that God has delivered us from and the many miracles we have witnessed. We can tell how easy it has been to believe for a healing or a miracle for others, but how difficult it was for us when the pain and the need were ours and the mental and physical attacks were weakening us not someone else. But it is right there, in the suffering that we get to know the great God we believe in. It is in that place we dislike so much that we realise that there is no other god like our God and understand that He is the One Wise God, that He has never forsaken us and will never do so.

Pastor Ana Aviles, San Pedro Sula.

§ This article is being written in the middle of a long and painful personal experience of ill health for both Pastor Ana and her husband Julian, and they will be blessed by your support in prayer. Here is another short and excellent article by Pastor Ana, who at our request, is redeeming her time away from the pulpit by writing, in Spanish only. People of Victory, People of Excellence God wants us to make wise decisions so that He can bless us and we can enjoy victorious lives; that is why we need to become people of excellence . . .

O God, please stop them, only you can stop them
We hadn't finished thinking about the victims of London 7/7 bombings and praying for their families, when the Mumbai trains were bombed killing 200 innocent people with all their hopes and dreams. I can't understand what kind of people these terrorists are, what kind of belief they possess, seeking nothing other than to eliminate other people, almost every day. The more the number of victims are, the more they are proud of what they have done; their hearts and minds are filled by hatred and revenge. And it seems also to me that July is their favourite month to murder. This same month last year, almost 750 people died and 2,000 were wounded in London, Baghdad, Chechnya, Egypt and India, and precisely this day two years ago in Sudan alone, 250 people from two villages lost their lives in a horrible death. And still, they keep on making bombs and grenades, spreading their threats over the world, leaving no place safe for us. O God, please stop them, only you can stop them.
Pastor Yoppi Margianto, Jakarta, our Indonesian editor

§ Dear Yoppi, for the compassion and feeling that pours out of your heart through your words about London and Mumbai we are not only grateful but very touched as well. It is good to stop and reflect for a moment otherwise the world and life itself just rushes on leaving men and women bleeding and dying on their different Jericho roads. Here we are for you, anytime you need us. Lots of love and prayers,
Les and Pilar.

Together as one . . . .
26 graduates from 12 denominations 

We graduated seven students for Christian education and nineteen students for the School or Mission diploma, and from Lilongwe another six, we give all the glory to God, I could hear from their speeches how much they have been completely changed spiritually after going through this nine months course. The invited visitors were encouraged by the speeches and the Member of Parliament noted that the school was a unifying influence with twelve different denominations sat under one teaching which is well designed to suit any denominational background.
Pastor Moses Aringo, Mzuzu.

§ The DCI School of Mission is here for you to have free of charge.

Clinic, kindergarten and now a Leaders School
Our Clinic is now serving our precious people in the mountains 24 hours from Monday to Sunday and has a waiting room, surgery, an obstetrician, a laboratory, a hospital room, kitchen and an auditorium. Our Clinic is a wonderful place to worship the Lord and read the Bible as well with the professionals and patients. Four professionals are working. The kindergarten has 26 children from 3 to 5 years old developing their skills and learning how to pray and give thanks to the Lord for everything. This year we have opened Ministerial Preparation School with nine young people who want to serve the Lord among the Quechua Indians! Without God's help we could not do anything neither without your support and prayers too. No words can express our gratefulness!!
Max and Raquel Yupanqui, Ayacucho

§ Years ago Raquel was one of our students in the UK and since her return to Peru she has done a tremendous work in a desperately poor area that was severely affected in the days of the Sebdero Luminoso terrorism. She and her husband Max are people of faith, vision and compassion, hard-working and sacrificial. If you want to support a mission in Peru that teaches what Jesus said and does what Jesus did, go ahead, contact Max and Raquel and have no fear about their honesty and integrity, it is 100%.
Les and Pilar.

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A riddle inside a mystery inside an enigma . . .
The world political leaders are in St. Petersburg for the G8 Summit, so the police there have picked up most of the beggars and took them out of town. We were there three weeks ago over the "White Nights" weekend, the summer solstice when it doesn't get dark all night long. The sky is light at midnight but this also means that during the winter solstice the sun hardly comes up above the horizon around noon and it's dark the rest of the time. We are continually amazed at way many Russians stay up almost all night and then get up around 11 a.m. or noon. It seems their body clocks don't know when it is daytime. Perhaps these extremes of light and dark help to explain the extremes of the Russian character, from wily and deceitful, to open and transparent. Russia also has experienced vast swings in philosophy, back and forth from Westernizers to Slavophiles, and from strict Orthodox Christian to godless atheist. Like the "matrioshka" stacking doll, Russia is a riddle inside a mystery inside an enigma, as Churchill said. I still find this to be true, after nearly 50 years of studying about and 15 years of living in Russia.

For news of Russia write to Bob & Cheryl Hosken, Moscow
Agape-Biblia: http://www.agape-biblia.org

Our unfailing friendship and gratitude to Israel
In fulfilment of prophecy, we are seeing how Jacob’s, that is Israel’s affliction is growing in the holy purposes of God who loves His people but disciplines and punishes them so that they may turn back to Him and serve Him. In the end all who remain will be saved. In these days of attacks, persecution and martyrdom, we / those who have been touched by His mercy and grafted into the olive tree of Israel have the inexcusable duty to be like Ruth with Naomi to console, comfort and show our unfailing friendship and gratitude to Israel, from whom our Salvation has come, so that the Lord can use us to make Israel jealous through the manifestation of the fruit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. In this time of vital urgency, the Holy Spirit is working to create an overwhelming compassion for Israel in the true people of God and is pouring into us a spirit of prayer, with groans that words cannot express for Israel, to bring about God's desire that we pray for Jerusalem as never before. The theme in all our 2006 congresses worldwide is “Israel-Birthplace of the Gospel”. The Madrid Congress is in La Via, Coslada, 1-3 September. You are all very welcome. If you want to visit Israel or work as a volunteer there contact us.
Miguel Díez, President, Remar International,
Sefarad Israel and Body of Christ Churches

§ Because we cannot publish as quickly as the news media we cannot cover the news of the tragic Israel-Lebanon-Palestine war although e-mails are coming in from suffering believers on all sides caught up in the military and militia conflicts.
Les and Pilar.

New training centre and house church.
We signed up for the property on the 1st of July and it's just perfect. See the photos here.  We have the Pastor who is ethnic Karen Hill tribe, who speaks four languages and was ordained and trained three years in Theology, he is also a worship leader. It's got an exceptional view of the mountains and good grounds for planting fruits and vegetables, it's quiet and beautiful. We will be starting with the DCI training materials with ten young, ethnic men who we will train to plant churches and open new training centres. The centre is already taking shape and it's most certainly not Western. It's very primitive and very ethnic. The students and the Pastor sleep on mats on the floor as in their own Karen village life. There is no TV, no music only that of worship from our guitar and their voices, they have no distractions just all the time they need to keep focussed on God and His word. The students will be fully encouraged to grow their own veg and fruits and start a small business that will help pay the bills, before that they will each be given a set of all bills and asked to pray about them and asked to go out and find a way anyway to contribute to them. Right now the students are out serving the poor, sick and needy with HIV/Aids. We have fellowship each evening and others have already started to come from outside to worship and praise God with us and we are not even ready to open yet.
Gareth Lavell, Chaing Mai

Making a difference in north Uganda . . .
The peace talks in Sudan have brought a lot of joy in our hearts and people are praying that it bears fruits that last. People are tired of seeing bloodshed and staying in those squalid camps. Peace is our cry.
Because of the peace talks many refugees are risking going back to the villages but since the long grass is not yet matured enough for roofing the huts most children, older people, the disabled and the weak ones are still left in the camps without attention since the government are no longer providing food or medical care any more. So these poorest people who are left are starving without food. Your assistance this week met the need for food which I am organising and giving out. Concerning the next goats that people have bought for our orphans, we have people in the line waiting for either a goat to give birth or any other miracle like this weeks provision. We have groups of widows and women who would wish to have a small DCI Bank for the Poor loan to start them off with mushroom growing so we will spend some of the gift that way. I am so glad that there are men and women who are praying and caring for our plight.

The School of Mission is now moving on well and we are happy about that. I shall send to you even photos of what is going on with the building and all the receipts. We collect vulnerable war children, orphans and street children every Sunday from the streets and camps a round and bring them to our home and me and Jane minister to them.

We teach them God's word, Bible stories, memory verses, games and songs and many of them have given their lives to Christ. You shall remember that our home is for the Lord and the poor people. Thanks for your prayers and support to this ministry, we shall do the little that we can do to the glory of our Lord.

George Purkweri, DCI in Uganda, Lira.

§ DCI has been Making a Difference in war-torn north Uganda for over 12 years and this latest gift continues to help and bless a very unfortunate population who never expected or invited the violence that came their way. Thanks to everyone who joins with us to bless these peopleand many others in different coutries who are poor in life but richer than us in faith and passion for Jesus.

Les and Pilar.
To send a gift please click here Thank you.
Or go direct to this PayPal Link

 United Kingdom
A coin chain that reaches to India
Dear Les, thank you for your prayers. Our class made a chain of coins for India around the whole garden and raised a little more than £190 ! Can you imagine all those 2 pence coins in a single line and an another £31 in 1 pence coins in a single line! The children were very excited to add their coins. Take care and much love to you all.
Colin and Lynne, Nottingham, UK.

§ Dear Colin and Lynne, your coins will be going to our friend Pastor Daniel's Mercy Homes for some lovely photos and the full story of how so many hundreds of poor and orphaned children find a loving home and a caring family through this mission. $200 keeps one entire Mercy Home for a full month. Whatever you send to us we will double from our DCI Trust funds and send to India the same day. Thanks for everything.
Les and Pilar.

§ To send a gift for mission, training or care for the poor to any of our approved people and projects through our UK registered non-profit / charity the DCI Trust 1987-2006 go to this page please or go direct to the PayPal Make a Donation link. Thank you.
Les and Pilar.

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United Nations
Relief Web - The world’s leading on-line gateway
To independent information, documents and maps on humanitarian emergencies and disasters with timely, reliable and relevant information given as events unfold, and emphasizing the coverage of forgotten emergencies at the same time.
Click here for Relief Web

The Last Word For Today

How do you make these pages, what does it take ?
Les Norman replies, "OK, let me explain the process to you and you also need to know that all the people involved right across the world give their time and skills without salaries. It is one of the stories that never gets told how the Lord has drawn people together from every kind of denomination, culture and background and how everyone of every colour and age works together in peace, unity and with pleasure for Jesus. This is how it all works:

1. Raw news comes in through dozens of website submission forms, and anything else that catches my eye in e-mails, web visits etc.

2. I select and accumulate the raw news, then I edit raw items down to size rewriting some, putting them into shape with nation, heading, body text, writer's name, website details and e-mail addresses. More or less as seen on the finished page.

3. I choose 24 items more or less, amalgamate them and strip out CAPS, bold, italics and extra lines etc.

4. I create one Master file in Word, and lay it out with spaces.

5. At the moment the Word Master is in two or three languages.

6. I send the Word page to the Spanish to English translator, to the English to Spanish translator and to the Portuguese translator who understand both languages.

7. When these pages return I form an all-English page which I send in Word to the French, Russian and Indonesian translators.

8. Upon their return I create two pages for each language, one in plain text with e-mail addresses removed for sending with images to Dave Wilson who makes the html page on the website. The other is turned from Word into a html page by me for the subscription pages.

9. Dave sends the 95% finished pages back to me for fine tuning. I fine-tune and upload.

10. I then add-in to our database all the new subscriptions, by language, and send the new edition notification.

11. By now I am cross-eyed, and have porridge between my ears. Enjoy the page, you can't image how much work, how much pleasure and how many hours has gone into making it for you, for Jesus and for the Great Commission.
Les and the team around the world.

§ The next edition will be published towards the end of August as it is now holiday time in many parts of the world.

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