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August 2007 edition

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Christmas comes to Liberia in June

Our cooking team prepared their first Butterball Gravy for 35 orphans, 9 abandoned children, a few single needy mothers and some needy elderly. these people were not used to eating with modern spoon but they did so. In fact many of these kids thought it was Christmas or New Year's Day because it is only then that they are sometimes provided for by wealthy people. They were very happy.  The 2nd School of Mission course is going very well with students looking very responsible. Our feeding program will continue with many orphans and displaced people.
Pastor John Duco, Monrovia, Liberia.

First School of Mission opens in Pakistan
Lessons in Urdu now available on CD.

Its my joy to tell you that along with my team I just came back after opening the first DCI free School of Mission in Pakistan. All the students and leader were very excited, some pastors too. Your Pastor Eric's book is also going very good, many are the phone calls I receive to say how God is changing lives by the message of this book.
Pastor Sarwar Masih, Lahore, Pakistan

§ For a CD containing the complete 85 lesson DCI School of Mission in Urdu with a diploma level examination and leaders manual, pages, with advice about how to open your own low-cost training school, send an e-mail to Pastor Sarwar here.  We can also supply you with a CD containing the book by Pastor Eric Madisson titled Are you Missing God's Best. You will need to have an Acrobat PDF reader in your computer. This is a free download from Adobe
. You can see the School of Mission and the book on this website.  When you write please give your full name, address and telephone number, with details of your Christian testimony or credentials if your are a pastor or missionary.
Les Norman

Pastor said his village is hard to reach for Christ

But we saw how it becomes so easy when you come with the love of God, because this kind of love subdues anything. No hindrance nor wall can resist it. As you see, the house became too small and God's love brought healing and deliverance to many, young and old. Then we went to three other places and reached about 150 young people. The message on God's love is always strong, more than enough to bring them to His lap. Our hands were wet with their tears, as we prayed for their daily commitment to love their Saviour. Tomorrow we're going to Devi's house, to pray for healing. She is 10, a daughter of a very poor widow, and her mother's last month wage as a kitchen cleaner has been used up to pay the hospital, for her lung problem. She has lost 6 kg of her weight. Another girl, Novi, 17, risks being dropped out of school because her parents are not able to pay the fees. There's really no excuse for us to live a selfish life, by not showing a very special care for such people. This is the lesson I got from Jesus who "went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people." Matthew 9:35. Our doormat factory now has seven workers and we made the fish farm pond deeper for more fish. We just had a very nice meeting with all 15 Banking for the Poor ladies who didn't just find financial help but also received God's healing and deliverance, so strong that they spread the news to their neighbours.
From Indonesia
Name withdrawn for security reasons

Who would ever believe that £7 could do so much?

It was so much amazing when I visited Loro Village to see that the one goat that cost £7 that we gave to one orphan has now multiplied to 8 goats which have been exchanged for one cow - and around here that is prestige and prosperity. Other orphans who received one £7 goat from the DCI Goat Bank now have 4 or 6 goats. They are now rich and happy from the gift of one goat.
George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda

§ If you would like to buy a goat or two (or three) for the orphans on our waiting list, just click on the Visa logo in the left hand column and we will have your gift over to Uganda in no time at all, and with no deductions of any kind.
Les and Pilar

Worst-ever cyclone and floods kill 250 in Pakistan
Widespread devastation hit the coastal region of Baluchistan and Sindh provinces of Pakistan leaving one million people homeless,  over 50,000 acres of crops destroyed and 20,000 cattle killed. Sewage and water flooded the town streets. Thousands of families are facing destitution and starvation. We are making plans to respond with food packs, water purifiers, jerry cans, hygiene kits, and cooking equipment to help people survive in these worst-hit fundamentalist and militant Muslim areas. Please keep praying for our relief team and send a gift to help us do more if you can.
Dr. Muqaddam Zia, Faislabad, Pakistan.

How not to prepare for a trip
to an already challenging destination . .
Our friend of many years, John Clements went to Burkina Faso to hold two of his superbly presented Mobile Academy of Mission courses. John is a good writer with a great sense of humour, which may be just as well in the circumstances.  Read his five page story here.
Les, the editor.

Great to travel up to Mzuzu for DCI graduation

We saw the fruit of DCI training and teaching. All the pastors said the training had revolutionised their ministry. Many have planted churches and even set up new Schools of Mission in different countries. Flew to Nairobi for the privilege of speaking at the Nairobi School of Mission and preaching in a slum church. Leaving Saturday night for a 24 hour bus journey to Uganda.
Sue and Carlo, visiting East Africa, from Nottingham, UK

§ Finally we were able to meet Sue and Carlo. We had a wonderful graduation. God was with us in all. Thank you for the tent you bought for us, the new church in Lilongwe are now able to meet under a shade. The new School of Mission in Mzuzu begins tomorrow and I am going there to look at the Banking project.

Pastor Moses, Lilongwe, Malawi

It's the rainy season  . .
So we can't work as usual and some ladies are struggling to repay.
From a Business for Mission project, West Africa.
Read about the Bank for the Poor here

§ To be successful with business in the developing world you have to break every entrenched attitude towards work. In East Africa we set up a sewing machine workshop.  The poor people we created employment for were happy but only wanted to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week because no-one ever worked longer hours.  That meant that the machines we bought for them were idle and making no money for 16 hours a day in the week, and idle for a full 48 hours at weekends. I was going to take them back.

I said to the people to do what the Chinese do, and have someone working 24 hours a day in front of every machine, six days a week.  Take turns, work shifts, get the machine making money not sitting there. In Taiwan years ago I saw a different machine in the front room of every house, and I mean every house, working 24 hours a day with a man, woman or child sat behind it.  Taiwan is now very prosperous. The ladies were horrified, appalled at the idea which had never been done. Eventually we compromised on a lot more than 8 hours a day and poverty lost its grip on the families involved.

Is it the rainy season?  Don't stop, buy and sell umbrellas like the Nigerians do, I have seen it. They have fake watches in their hand one minute but within five minutes of the rain starting they are out in it, soaked to the skin but selling hats, plastic capes and umbrellas and making money. To escape poverty people have think bigger than they have ever thought, get more serious than they have ever been and do honest things that have never been done before. Those that have a once in a lifetime chance with a Bank for the Poor loan need to double and treble their efforts to succeed. No-one should give up and wait for the rain to stop.

Here in the UK the Indians and Pakistanis came years ago as penniless refugees. They rented shops, taxis or market stalls and opened from 5am till midnight or later with the family taking turns behind the counter which was unheard of. Now every single taxi driver is Asian and nearly every corner shop is Asian owned and many British work for them. Don't accept things the way they are, change everyone's thinking or poverty will eat you alive all while others prosper and watch.

Can I go and visit one of your children's projects . .
I'm a psychology student and a believer, I'm 20 years old and all I want to do is serve the Lord in missions. Next year my Papa is going to give me a flight to anywhere I want, so will you send me some information where I can go to.
From Honduras

§ Hi young lady, what a fantastic idea. I think that is very important that for your own personal security whilst overseas, that you go on a trip with a church group or with an established mission like YWAM, Horizons or Operation Mobilisation amongst many others. Their leaders have years of experience on the mission field and a trip under their care should be enjoyable, positive and unforgettable. The worst thing you can do is to go alone to visit people you do not know, you will be so nervous that you won't sleep at night. Stay faithful to that great vision that the Lord has given you, and take care.

New churches in one of world's worst extremist areas.
In Baluchistan bordering Afghanistan the temperature was 50 C, the roads were just nominal but we did 11 meetings, visited our 6 churches, baptised 28 new believers and planted 3 new churches in hostile communities in very high dry mountains. Our co-workers there have to find creative means to declare God's love to the people, their sacrifices and courage are fuelled by their dedication to make Christ known. They face economic hardships, a very hard persecution and a very bad situation of law and order but the work of the Lord has increased. At this time about 800 believers meet daily in our 34 churches and fellowships in Baluchistan where believers risk much to attend church.
Dr. Muqaddam Zia, 0092-321-8602130

Why do some people struggle to repay their loans on time?
From a Banking for the Poor project, West Africa.
Read about the Bank for the Poor here

§ If you are finding problems then take advantage of them and learn from them for the future.  Generally we have found that problems arise when because there may have been a fault with the client selection procedure, or a fault with the training of the clients and being sure that they know their responsibilities. It could be because you did not carefully checking the business plan put forward by the applicant, to see if it was sensible or not as proof that the person knows what they are doing. Any plan must include predictable downturns in trading caused for example by the rainy season. if not a failure will happen. Don't ever forget to form the clients into a self-help prayer group that meets every week for encouragement and sharing of ideas and problems. Prayer from the beginning closes the doors to lots of failures because God hears and helps.

School of Mission opened in our home two years ago
The lessons are easy to teach and to understand. The fruit of this work is the opening of a new church in July this year because more and more people are added to us every day.
Pasteur Felix Niyongabo, Bujumbura-Burundi.

Want to ready-made house in
East Africa?
Our family has opened a manufacturing company in Nairobi, Kenya and is employing, mentoring, and insuring Kenyans. They are manufacturing economic, modern portable houses. Take a look on our website.
Karen Berger, 28, Minden, Nevada, USA

With the limited resources that we have  . .
How can we care for all the poor people, widows, orphans and war-affected people here?
From Liberia.

§ I am not sure that I can tell you what to actually do but we can go to a similar situation in the early church and see what we can learn about the economics of community instead of church as we know it today. Both Acts 2:40-47 and Acts 4:32-37 contain a gold mine of inspiration to be discovered as the light of the Holy Spirit falls on the word.  I have always been deeply impressed by this testimony of the early Christians most of whom were as poor as people in Liberia today yet somehow, "there were no needy persons among them."  This is quite different to the western model of today where everything is personal and individual and "mine." In economic crisis it is only common sense to have many people or families living in their own rooms but under one big roof, each helping with the cleaning, the gardening and cooking instead of paying for many individual rentals.  It is good economics to prepare one meal for many people instead of having many fires, many shopping trips, many pots and many people all doing the same thing.  Buying in bulk costs less. It is good economics to have people working together in the same business, for the same goal and reason and then taking just the expenses they need from a common fund and investing  the rest in the business. Community produces very fast discipleship because nobody can hide their problems and immaturity for long when they are under one roof. A good community leader sees, hears and serves the big family to bring out the best in everyone. It only goes badly wrong if a leader is dominant and not a servant, or where he or she is abusive and manipulates the people.  It does happen and gets community a bad name but the model is still there for us in the book of Acts, and it can be done.  It's something to think about.

Are you struggling with an addiction?
Or do you know someone who is, maybe even in the close family. You might be surprised at how many Christian families are struggling with ones they love who have fallen into the grip of drugs, alcohol or pornography. Last month we were counselling someone whose pastor had just owned up to years of drug abuse. Here is a helpful paper called 12 Steps to Recovery from Rick Warren's Celebrate Recovery website.  Organisations like Remar, Betel and Teen Challenge can often provide free places for rehabilitation. Find them in Google.
Les and Pilar.

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Les and Pilar

Get along among yourselves,
each of you doing your part.
Our counsel is that you warn the free loaders to get a move on. Gently encourage the stragglers, and reach out for the exhausted, pulling them to their feet. Be patient with each person, attentive to individual needs. And be careful that when you get on each other's nerves you don't snap at each other. Look for the best in each other, and always do your best to bring it out. Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens. This is the way God wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live. Don't suppress the Spirit, and don't stifle those who have a word from the Master. On the other hand, don't be gullible. Check out everything . . .
1 Thessalonians 5:15-22, The Message Bible

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