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1st September, 2009

Lizzie Norman, 21 year old daughter of the DCI founders Les and Pilar Norman has made it to the top of 6000 meter high Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania on a sponsored fund-raising climb to raise money for Tanzanian children. Here are some of her SMS messages en route:

1. Driving though bumpy African outback to Tanzania in a bus that is at least 100 years old. 18/8

2. At mountain gates in the middle of the jungle. Already slightly cold. 20/8

3. Eating lunch in a cloud at 7,000 feet. It's very steep. 20/8

4. Climbing again. Had 2 hours sleep, pressure difference causes insomnia. 21/8

5. Made it to the summit at sunrise after 8.5 hours climbing in the dark at - 20 degrees C. Hardest 24 hours of my life. Sobbed when I reached the top. 25/8

6. 4 hour walk down to camp, an hour for rest then 5 hour walk down to the next camp, 16 hour day walking in horrendous conditions. No energy but am unbelievably happy to have made it. Giving up was very appealing. 26/8

Photos will come in September.
Photos from a previous USA mission.

31st August, 2009

Les Norman, the editor, says a big thank you to everyone behind the surprise 60th birthday party. It must be a sign of age that for the first time ever I had no idea what had been planned and walked right into the trap. It was an unforgettable occasion, thank you.

29th August, 2009

Isn't it curious that The Times and all the British press and TV could not stop telling the story of just 24 children attending a first-ever non-faith summer camp run by atheists but only The Independent reported that down the same road a Christian celebration attracted well over 10,000 people each week for three weeks.

28th August, 2009

Film maker Victor Braun in Israel invites you to distribute or show his new film about the faith of Beethoven called Finita la Commedia, see and hear the superb You Tube trailer. Don't miss this.

27th August, 2009

Brigada News says that Mission Teach can show you where the teaching jobs are in 100 international Christian schools.

26th August, 2009

Moses Aringo
in Malawi is back from Zambia after buying 20 goats sponsored the DCI Fund to open two new Goat Banks for the Poor on each side of the border, and visiting the free Schools of Mission there. More photos.

25th August, 2009

Click to download a first class 100% free seven part course based on the life of Joseph specially for teaching to young people, in English, with thanks to Paul Lee at the Nairobi EAPTC School of Mission.

24th August, 2009



Les Norman says as far as I know the name of DCI does not appear over any door, church, training school or network anywhere in the world, not even here in the UK because it has always been our way to get under and get behind good men and women who have found their way to us after prayer. Our modus operandi is that like Jesus the people we support must increase and we must decrease, and then one day we disappear altogether. So what we are looking for is the one man or woman of impeccable integrity who loves God, loves the lost and poor of his nation, and who will live the Bible and be the hands and feet of Jesus to his people. We will be his friend, and he may form his own team under his own name as George has done in Uganda with Onwards and from zero very few years ago he now reaches thousands of poor men and women and war and AIDS victims. Similarly Paul in Kenya now has 40 EAPTC Schools of Mission and 108 new churches, Philippe in Burkina has 7000 poor children in 72 AEAD schools, and so on like this across many nations. We began in 1985 but hopefully you still won't find the name DCI or our names anywhere except on this page and in their prayers.


Click to see our Picassa Albums from around the world.
Choose one and then click Slideshow to see the display.

22nd August, 2009

Ranledis Perez in Camaguey, Cuba is starting a first ever regional baseball tournament with valuable cups and prizes for competing teams of young people sponsored by the DCI Fund. Just a few weeks ago he started playing with a local team and since then forty young players and fans have started coming to church and another 60 have decided to follow Jesus. Click for some great photos.

21st August, 2009

Rosie Cotton in the UK was diagnosed with breast cancer and then with spine cancer and now it is all gone. How did this happen ? Read Rosie's amazing story here. We know Rosie, and it's all true.

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20th August, 2009

Lizzie Norman from DCI Nottingham, England today begins to climb 6000 meters up Mt Kilimanjaro with a Leeds Uni team to raise money for Tanzania children. Follow Lizzie on Twitter for daily updates.

              Where does she get her ideas from ?

Chilangwa Simusokwe in Chilanga, Zambia has started a DCI free School of Mission with 15 students which makes four Schools now open across Zambia.

19th August, 2009

For everyone with a heart to help the world's many orphans we have heard that World Orphans may be able to help you.

Five first-class training manuals - incredibly 100% free. Each offers 26 hours of guided instruction in church planting and the practical principles and priorities to run a successful new church. In English.
 Download  Leader's Manual

18th August, 2009

Daniel Varghese from Kerala, India is in Peru to visit six new Mercy Homes like the 91 in India that take in abandoned children. Mercy Homes are now in Ecuador and Mexico as well, as the vision from India spreads.

If they say that the betting is a million to one against you receiving the help you need from God then read this short story by Les Norman, the editor, and you will see that you and the One can be the majority.

17th August, 2009

Felly Nsungu has graduated his Togo School of Mission students and is very happy because Word of Life Ministries is starting to influence Africa above and beyond all his expectations by developing leaders with great potential. The next course starts in September.

16th August, 2009



Did you know that if we have anything other than a dirt floor in our home, we are in the top 50% of the wealthy people in the world. If we have a roof, doors and windows in our home, we are in the top 20%. If we have refrigeration, we are in the top 5% and if we have a car, microwave and a door on our toilet, we are in the top 1%. Now what were you saying about everyone in the street having more than you . . .

15th August, 2009

Sibalwa Muntanga in Zambia has opened 4 new churches, 12 new small groups and hopes to graduate new leaders from the free DCI School of Mission course by June 2010. Big problems are heavy rain, bad roads, many AIDS orphans and ever-increasing poverty.

Williams Yindi  in Tanzania is interested in unreached peoples and is running a one year free School of Mission in Itigi to train and send Tanzanian men and women to plant churches in the unreached areas. Michael Chiviru has already started work over the border in Zambia.

14th August, 2009

Almas Hameed is one of three survivors after his innocent Christian family of six was burned to death in Gojra, Pakistan in mass violence following false rumours that a Koran had been torn at a Christian wedding. Click here for the full BBC story.

Charles Johnson in Liberia is taking clothes, food and God's love to a remote area after days of heavy rain destroyed homes, washed away crops, contaminated drinking water and washed away new born babies. Many thousands all over Liberia are hungry and without clothes to wear.

13th August, 2009

Jean-Francois in France says that when he was 17 a faulty life-jacket filled with water and pulled him down into death. Click here to read what Jean-Francois saw and heard and find out why he now has no fear as he fights a life threatening illness.

Les Norman
, the editor, and his daughter Lizzie say thank you for all the e-mails, calls and birthday cards. Les is 60 and Lizzie 21, born on 8/8/88, a one in a million miracle baby, according to one eminent gynecologist. Read the story here

George Purkweri from Lira, Uganda has now bought the 20 new sewing machines sponsored by readers to give a career to young girls who were forced by poverty into prostitution during the recent war years. Click here for more photos

12th August, 2009

Swine Flu

Click here or here to understand what it is and what to do

Michael Singini of Mbuzi Mzumala, Malawi has sent photos of stage one of the building for the Clinic that is being sponsored by members of the DCI Fund to end the gruelling seven hour walk to the nearest medical centre which often has no medicines to offer. See 16 May news. Click here for more photos.

11th August, 2009

Mah Malachi from Danane, Ivory Coast says they have had a wonderful spiritual awakening in the new churches which were started by the DCI School of Mission. People were baptized in the Holy Spirit, two ladies decided to serve full time and people went home full of joy determined to take God's love to other villages.

10th August, 2009

A Minsk, Belarus church may be closed and the pastor was fined after KGB secret police reported a foreign visitor speaking at a worship service. Visitors to Belarus churches bring state hostility to local believers who welcome them. Full story at Forum 18 News

9th August, 2009


This is the story of a boy who was separated from his family in Sudan's brutal civil war; who trekked for months across Africa's punishing wilderness with thousands of other lost children; who survived aerial bombing and attacks by militias, crocodiles and lions; who ate whatever he could find or nothing at all; who spent ten years in a refugee camp before being taken to America where he was beaten and robbed. His name is Valentino Achak Deng. To discover the cruelty of Africa and the beautiful innocence of her suffering peoples join President Obama and read this truly compelling story.
Les Norman, the editor.

Click here to buy this book on Amazon.

8th August, 2009

Adedeji Akande in Togo says that last month they took hope, prayer, food and clothing to orphans, hospital patients and widows and saw many miracles take place in the hospital. Eighty people decided to follow Jesus and new believers were baptised. Click to see the photos.

7th August, 2009

George Purkweri in Lira, Uganda says that about 15 of the 30 girls that he has taken off the streets to teach them a sewing trade have begun to love God, worship and be changed by God's word.

Margarita Mainovskaya in Krasnoyarsk, Russia is looking for Argentine pastors Oscar Osvaldo Calcena and Juan Carlos Perreira who worked in Siberia 15 years ago. Can anyone help Margarita ?

6th August, 2009



What do you mean that you don't know if God sees that you love Him? Listen, you show your love to God who you can't see by helping his people who you can see, and by continuing to help them. That's Hebrews 6.10 and God could not make it any more simple than that, could he?

5th August, 2009


This book of daily readings is so good that we send a copy to all our leaders and colleagues around the world. Click to get your free copy here in English and here in Spanish. The DCI Fund supports the Word for Today for the Spanish world. 

4th August, 2009


Charles Johnson
in Liberia has done ten film shows in the former warlord base of Caldwell. After the final showing a hefty rebel commander came in tears and asked, "Me, too, can I have hope in Jesus after all the atrocities I committed in our civil war?" Charles answered, "Yes indeed, you will have hope for now and hereafter as I pray for you." In the same week another 1,500 men and women also decided to find hope for themselves in Jesus.

3rd August, 2009

Pasteur Junior Regis in Montreal, Canada has opened a School of Mission in French that meets Tuesday evenings at 11870, Boulevard Rivière Des Prairies, telephone 514-494-2728.

2nd August, 2009

Saroj Kumar Hial in Orissa, India has 21 students in his free School of Mission who will go to children in slums and villages who often die for lack of food, medicine and a home. Saroj needs specialist materials for training in children's work, can you help ?

Click here for Find A Bible to find God's word
in more than 3,000 languages.

28th July, 2009


And then it happened. If I had been asleep I was now wide awake, my eyes like saucers, the hair on the back of my neck standing on end, for I could hear a distant swishing noise as if a wind were coming. It was getting louder, coming nearer and through the narrow windows I could see the dark night turning golden with an unnatural incandescence that grew brighter by the moment. "Fall, glory of God," the pianist shouted. Amen they all replied as the swishing noise reached the door and the golden light streamed into the room.  Click here to read what happened next . .


I believe deeply that our few years on this earth are part of a much larger event that stretches out far beyond the boundaries of our birth and death. I think of my life as a mission into time, a mission that is very exhilarating and even exciting despite my fears, mostly because the One who sent me on the mission is waiting for me to come home and tell the story of what I have learned.

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DCI has never been a fund-raising organisation nor do we make appeals, send out magazines or ask for offerings, rather we are a gathering point for people who feel called to giving for the benefit of the last, the lost and the least of the world. As Pastor Oswald Smith famously said in the 1930's, "If you can't go yourself, then for God's sake, send someone else."


Les Norman is a writer, guest speaker, and the editor of these pages that call attention to the lost, the last and the least of the world and the work of DCI people and projects for the poor. Since 1977 he has been following the call of Christ. He is married to Pilar and they have three children.

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