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2nd October, 2009

Dr. Angel Olmo of EMSI, Spain says to click here for photos, videos of the Burkina Faso flood catastrophe and the story in Spanish. Click BBC photos for English

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1st October, 2009

Charles Johnson, Liberia says 5000 Liberian church leaders came to a seminar to prepare the Osborn Festival of Faith and Miracles to be held in Monrovia and Buchanan in November 2010.

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You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.
Winston Churchill

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30th September, 2009

George Purkweri in Uganda says I am now training 66 young girls rescued from the streets in a big sewing and knitting project to empower the poor and change their behaviour before they catch AIDS. Six girls decided to follow Christ on the second day and the town leaders said this is real church. Thanks to Lizzie Norman at the DCI Fund for seeing this vision very fast when I told her the story. See the photos.

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29th September, 2009

Jules Wazeng in DR Congo says my DCI School of Mission course ends with a graduation ceremony in October before we start again. All the students have well performed in theory and practicals and we had trips to villages for mission and social action.

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28th September, 2009

Les Norman says for for everyone who has asked here is information on Unreached Peoples in Spanish not English. Click for Pueblos, Comibam, or the unique Etnopedia.

26th September, 2009

Lizzie Norman
says walking through strong winds at minus 19 degrees makes you very nauseous, weak, light headed, aching and it is hard to breathe, something like the worst flu you've ever had only 150 times worse. There is no possibility of stopping to rest because you freeze, your water is solid, if you eat anything you vomit, and if you blow your nose you nose bleeds. Reaching the top of Mount Kilimanjaro after days of climbing is an amazing feeling, and knowing that you have made a difference to Tanzanian children's lives by raising £2,200 makes it even better. Read the full report and see the first photos.

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25th September, 2009

Felly Nsungu in Togo says that his DCI Free School of Mission in Kinshasa, RD Congo has 22 students and the course starts again next week. We invite everyone in Kinshasa who wants to attend the next programme to contact us.
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Click to read our one minute Word for Today on Personality, Priesthood and Partnership from Revelation 1.

24th September, 2009

Charles Johnson in Liberia has travelled through swollen rivers, floods, mud and huge loose crocodiles to take dry clothes, food and the gospel to more than 500 children who were very badly affected by the recent weeks of heavy rain. The DCI Fund was privileged to help this very beautiful mission of compassion. Click to see many photos and click to read Charles report in English 

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23rd September, 2009

Jean Aguiar de Almeida in Brazil says that his Theology and Mission College in Natal now includes the DCI School of Mission course to help bring new vision to reach the lost.  Prayer and volunteers welcome.

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22nd September, 2009

New church buildings usually cost millions of dollars but click here to see the start to finish build of a new 'Ranchón' in Camaguey, Cuba, built by Ranledis Perez and his church in under a week for less than $1000, helped by DCI people. From day one it was full of people learning, worshipping and enjoying being together.

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21st September, 2009

Yoppi Margianto in Indonesia says that a radio station in Menado, has asked to broadcast our He Touches CD of short messages every week and churches are asking for many more copies. We have the DCI School of Mission, CD's, our John's Gospel, my wife's practical book, guidance books, banners and pins.

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19th September, 2009

John Clements of Eternal Purpose Institute in Wales passed on this very lovely blessing from Jerusalem to celebrate the Jewish New Year: "May the coming year bring good resolution to all your difficulties, conflicts and pain. May all those whom you love return your love in beautiful ways. May your parents, children, grandchildren, and friends be blessed with health, happiness, and good fortune. May your dreams for yourself come to fruition in good ways. May your fears be unfounded, may every plague, every unkindness, every crime, every act of selfishness or cruelty fly over your door posts. May you give love, and receive love, may God look upon your deeds as good deeds. May you decide not to act upon any endeavour that arises from jealousy, fear, prejudice, or low self esteem. May this year be the beginning of your best years, and the best years for the land and people of Israel, our beloved."  Why not pray this over someone and pass it on to them.

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18th September, 2009

Moses Aringo
in Malawi says to see his photos of the carpentry workshop, the goat bank, the library all sponsored by The DCI Fund, and you can see baptisms in the river and one of the village churches.

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John Duco in Liberia says his Kenema School of Mission in Sierra Leone will reach the final lessons and exams on the 29th of this month. There are fifteen faithful men and women there.

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17th September, 2009
Johnny Auguste in Haiti says click to see the Camp-Perin School of Mission Graduation. All these young people have come out of drugs and prostitution and they are following Jesus, and reaching out to others. We are looking for jobs for them.

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Prem Thapa in Nepal says his five students who went to live and work in five unreached villages are all well and now have 188 people following Jesus with them which is very exciting and wonderful.

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16th September, 2009

Rolando Canazas in Peru says that his 30 students at the Huancayo School of Mission have almost finished the 84 lessons and are about to get their diploma and a party to celebrate.

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Jean Mercer in England says to see the astonishing beauty of Winter in Finland which brought tears to my eyes, fast connection required.

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15th September, 2009

Johnny Auguste
in Haiti the poorest nation in the West, says that this is church on Sunday and school for children in the week. Click to see really beautiful photos of the children with books and pens supplied by readers of this page. Johnny says that 2500 children are still waiting for him to come their way.

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This is probably what John Wesley meant when he said, "Do all the good you can by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.”

12th September, 2009

Can we ask you to pray for us for just one minute before you leave this page. Because we are spread all over the world we can't have a prayer meeting but if thousands of readers would stop for a moment to pray for these people and their projects for the lost, the last and the least, we think that the mountains that get in the way can be moved.

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Comment: Philip Borbor,Liberia
I hope to pray for you and your projects in many countries.

Comment: Valentin Rivera, South America
We will be praying for you and this world of mission.

Comment: Peter Poloman, Uganda
I will surely set aside a little time to always pray for you.

11th September, 2009

Sarwar Masih
in Pakistan has opened this beautiful fruit shop and from day one the income is good. This is a Business for Mission sponsored by the DCI Fund and the profits go to help widows and the poor. Click to see the photos.

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10th September, 2009

The final of the DCI sponsored Baseball Cup in Cuba organized by Ranledis Pérez was a fantastic day for all the young players and their girl friends. The winners celebrated, everyone who came to faith in Jesus celebrated and no-one can wait for the next tournament. Click to see all the photos. Ranledis has started small groups for the new believers and through the School of Mission course expects to see leaders emerging soon.

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Why did the power of discipleship make the phone ring at 2 o'clock in the morning ? Click here for the answer.

9th September, 2009

Henri Nouwen says that when we enter into solitude to be alone with God, we quickly discover that without the many distractions of our daily lives that fill our silence, we feel anxious and tense. When nobody speaks to us, calls on us, or needs our help, we start feeling like nobodies. Then we begin wondering whether we are useful, valuable, or significant at all. Our tendency is to leave this fearful solitude quickly and get busy again. Click for some answers

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Comment: Yoppi Margianto, Indonesia

Thanks for reminding me of the words of John the Baptist who said, "He must increase, but I must decrease." Who among us can compare with John's hidden life in the wilderness, but in fact, God used this "nobody" to prepare the way for Jesus and his salvation and glory.

8th September, 2009

Mah Malachie from Ivory Coast says my School of Mission students come very far and now cannot even find pennies to copy the lessons so I have stopped to look for a little money. After the war everything is so expensive, rents, water and electricity. We will start again soon.

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Comment: Les Norman, DCI England

Mah, poverty is deepening all over the developing world but keep your eyes on Jesus, ask Him for wisdom and for creative, new, different ways of keeping going with or without money and He will show you a way such as creating jobs. People can make notes by hand instead of buying copies for example. It is possible to run a free School of Mission in the open air at no cost if necessary but I understand about transport and food. The life of faith through prayer is one lesson that all of us, students and leaders alike have to learn. Stay in touch, we will not leave you alone.

7th September, 2009

People we know in Burkina Faso are struggling to cope after deadly floods left 150,000 people homeless, BBC photos here

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Our friends in Indonesia where these pages are made have been hit by a massive earthquake bringing death, destruction and fear BBC video here.  See Psalm 46, 1,2 and 10

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Susan King in the UK has sent this brilliant not to be missed 4 minute video with music by Delirious about the lost, the last and the least.
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6th September, 2009

Prem Thapa in Nepal is walking 8 hours from the road to take the gospel to 500 unreached people who are waiting for him in Pahad.

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Luc Segura in Nîmes, France wants to contact pastors and people in mission in Russia who speak French.

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5th September, 2009

Johnny Auguste in Haiti saw parents crying at the 3rd graduation of his free DCI School of Mission because their kids who had been lost in drugs and prostitution were getting their diplomas.  Even the United Nations even sent their congratulations for nation building.

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4th September, 2009

Ranledis Perez en Camaguey, Cuba says that the behaviour of the 60 to 100 young baseball players who have decided to follow Jesus is not the best.  Some are delinquents, others are alcoholics, robbers and ex-convicts just like Nicky Cruz and the Cross and Switchblade gangs of New York but the respect they give to God, to his word and to me is astonishing. Click to see the DCI sponsored baseball tournament.

Comment: Les Norman, England

I can easily visualize your young people because in the 80's Pilar and I spent years with Remar after Miguel Diez came to faith and began preaching to street people in Spain which had a plague of drugs and crime. Hundreds quickly decided to follow Jesus and we ate, slept and travelled with these wild people who were like lambs and listened to Bible teaching for hours. Some became outstanding leaders but sadly many later died of AIDS. Today Miguel cares for 30,000 poor people in 56 nations.

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3rd September, 2009

Our friend Marion Male has a fantastic Bible School in Labasa, Fiji. Click to see her new NCTC primary school for children. No better contact for you in Fiji.

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Les Norman is a journalist, writer and a fund manager with the DCI Trust, serving the lost, the last and the least of the world. Since 1977 he has been following the call of Christ. He is married to Pilar and they have three grown up children.

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