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South America to reach China
The believers in China have been in the shadows for far too long and we are sure that it will not be long before they come out into light and freedom. Next year an International Arts Group from YWAM is going to the International Festival of Art in China and we welcome you to be part of this work with us.
Wilson Hernandez, Buenos Aires

Support for the churches
The goal of our ministry, the Alliance of Faith, is to strengthen the churches and to help them grow. We do this by offering evangelism, an international Bible School, financial help with loans for churches to buy land, musical instruments and construction materials, and we have a program for ladies as well as a voice into politics. For further information please contact me.
Victor Hugo Viveros Moreno, Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

The Auction of Souls

The auctioneer introduced the souls who were to be sold among the waiting bidders. He said, "Who will give the most for this soul?" And all the different denominations, at religions, churches, and sects argued amongst themselves until the leader of one denomination got up and said, "Here, we have the most blessing." another man said, "My group pray more than anyone else." Yet another leader said, "We have the most healings." From the background and elder spoke up and said, "We have more deliverance than anybody else."

Now the devil who was also present began to smile and said, "I can give you more pleasure, more entertainment and more tempting things to do." But the auctioneer said, "Who will give yet more for this soul? She is very valuable, who will give the most for her?" Another leader raised his hands and said, "My denomination has got the anointing."

And so the auction went on like this for months while the soul remained alone and did not know which way to go. Meanwhile the devil who never rests and never gives up kept on using and abusing her in every possible way until that poor tired soul could find no escape from the drinks, drugs, vices, lies and deceit. When the soul was just about to give in she saw a light and heard Jesus say, "I will give my life for you." The auctioneer said in a loud voice: "Sold, and paid for by the blood of the Lamb."
Jairo Ferreira Coelho, Sao Joao Da Boa Vista.

 Burkina Faso
The doors just keep on opening . . .

Our leader in Burkina, Laborda, said that more than 150 new people that come into the community in the last few months. You can see our photos here. He and Watara the health worker are continuing to travel into the interior of the country and taking out all the medicines that UNICEF donate to us. In December we are expecting a visit from a number of Christian doctors from Barcelona, and by faith they are going to put in the beginnings of a hospital near the main capital. We are buying a huge property which is full of village huts which we will have to rehabilitate, but it will provide room for a lot of people. We are also building on land at Zatuli and well on the way to finishing the houses there. Some of the local village elders have given us even more land on which to build schools and houses. More and more doors are opening up to us but these days unfortunately we are getting less and less backing. I was remembering the help that you gave us for a well, which is still full of water and is a great blessing in Zatuli where we have 150 young people living, as well as having a school and are feeding programme which is open to all the villages in the area. One of the lands that we have been given has got a very basic well and even more basic irrigation system but there is no electricity there. The village that we are rebuilding near to Zatuli has neither electricity nor water but it is the best place to build the first hospital, as well as a school, workshops and houses. Remember all this began because of you. You would be very surprised to see the enormous growth in our work all over the country and to see the number of Burkinabes who have gone out into mission.
Mari Carmen Jimenez, Co-Founder,
Remar Internacional, Madrid (In Burkina right now)

§ Well, it is true that years ago Miguel, the founder of Remar came with me to Burkina Faso and from then onwards he has never stopped pouring men money and materials into the most wonderful mission of compassion for that country, and then he went over the borders to Ivory Coast, Ghana and many other African countries. We want to adopt this new project because we know just how important is to have water and light. It will cost around £7,000/$12000 to drill a well because Burkina is nearly all desert and the water is always 30 meters or more under the ground. This is far too big a project for us alone and we would truly welcome the partnership of your family or your church. The people in Remar are 100% reliable and accountable.

Les Norman

Contact me about this project

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Africa answers call to Far East
I am a graduate of the School of Mission in West Africa having being trained using the DCI studies and now I am here with the desire of training others in China. I have some very good contact with 3 home churches I am just forming a fellowship.
Name removed for security reasons, Beijing.

Starting a Bank for the Poor here
I have selected a group of 16 ladies, who are really sincere with their faith and want to help their husbands who have HIV. All are ready to start a small buying and selling business, some will go buy vegetable, and other will buy firewood, each one has a good idea. They need as little as $75 each. I will be happy to see these young Christians take food to their husbands who cannot work again because they got infected while selling their blood to get money to care for their families.
Your friend in China, an African missionary.

§ See this page here for the DCI Bank for the Poor concept which is making poverty history for one person at a time in Africa, India and hopefully soon in China.
Les and Pilar

Still more doors opening in the prisons
We thank God for the very special work that he is doing in our prisons. The word of God is going out and many of the prisoners are being touched by the power of God. Some of them are even being released well before the end of their sentence because they are such changed people.
Wilmar Carrillo, Acacias

Come and study in the Amazon with us
We are working with the native communities and just recently we put on an event for more than 4000 people which was a tremendous success. I would like to invite everyone who feels called to Colombia trained in our Bible School next year because this great mission over here needs many more workers.
Charles Valencia Ardila, JCUM, Leticia, Amazonas

I have won the lottery!

Dear Les, I am a pastor here in Cuba and I received an e-mail from the British Lottery Headquarters to tell me that I have been chosen as the winner of a lottery that they hold every year. They sent me a form to fill in and return back to them with all of my details so that they can send me the prize. However several times I have read your warnings on these pages about fraudsters and criminals who send e-mails like this, and I wanted to ask your advice.
Pastor O

§ Hello Pastor, well my dear brother I am afraid you are going to have to delete that e-mail because unfortunately, and so sadly, you have not won any British lottery. If you fill in that form you can be sure that these people one way or another will empty your bank account, so I am glad that you had the common sense to ask for some advice. This is just one e-mail SCAM amongst hundreds of similar messages circulating all over the world. Never reply.
Les Norman.

 Democratic Republic of Congo
Mission School in the Heart of Africa
We are in Bunia in North East Congo to start a Mission School to train men and women from this country to go and spread the message of Jesus in Congo and elsewhere. Our programme lasts for 2 years with a diploma.
Enosh Anguandia

§ Would you like to work with us ?
We need a volunteer
Deputy Editor for these news page which come out in six languages, someone who eventually can maybe take over my role. We also need someone with a gifting and an ability to approach charities, institutions, churches and other missions funding bodies to help us find more funds to support the people on these pages, and our own outreach to the lost, the last and the least of the world.
Les Norman
Contact Me here about this subject

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We need people who really want to work
Our ministry was called by the Lord to work in this beautiful country and Jesus has blessed us with many souls. We work in lots of villagers that we are very short of workers to take care of the new believers. Our budget is very small and it seems that most workers would rather earn a lot of money. Please help us in prayer for men and women to step forward to serve the Lord.
Nain Raudales, Siguatepeque

Doesn't commercialism
      in churches make you sad ?

It has deeply saddened me to see with my own eyes just how commercial some ministries are becoming in our country. Can you really believe that many of our seminars, conferences and Bible Schools and now exclusively for people who have got a lot of spare cash? For me it's painful to see the Gospel which is free, being sold, do they not realise that we are in the last days? It seems that offerings are no longer sufficient, or it must be that the preachers no longer have the faith to believe that God will touch the congregation to give enough money to pay the bills and to have some left over as well. Recently there was a leaders meeting here at stratospheric prices despite the fact that this country hovers in economic weakness. There were very many people, genuinely called by God, who would have loved to have gone to the event but they had to choose between going or feeding their family for a week, because that was the price. How can these preachers prefer money rather than meet the needs of the willing workers in the end time harvest? It seems that the desire to be rich blinds even the understanding of God servants, but how much we thank God for those preachers who make sacrifices to teach us without expecting anything in return.
Pastora Ana Aviles.

§ We could fill these columns with the complaints and the pain that comes in about these things. I know what you are saying about the terrible and extortionate prices that are being charged for people to hear the word of the Lord. This scandal is now filling the earth and making more than a few ministries rich in the process. Private jets or first class travel and five star hotels are prerequisites before many a preacher will come. Someone once asked a pioneer to China why he always went second class on the train. He said because there is no third class. How times have changed. Let's be generous with offerings because there are expenses to be paid but there is no way I am going to pay to hear the Bible preached, or pay $400 or $500 to go to three-day meetings with visiting preachers who always sooner or later seem to get to taking offering after offering for their work. And then we have the telethons . . which vacuum up money like nothing else, money which never seems to filter down to the pastors and missionaries on the front-line. No thank you very much!
Les Norman.

Church planter raised from the dead
As a mission anthropologist, I was interested in studying human sacrifice. I learned from others that the villagers offer human sacrifice as part of a fertility cult, sprinkling the blood on their crops. They never sacrifice their own people but searched for others. Many people in that village were suffering from cerebral malaria but I drank water, ate food and slept on dirty beds for five days. When I was in the train to Madras I had a slight fever but later it reached 104 degrees. I was admitted to the hospital and on the fifth day I had multi-system organ failure and fell in a coma. The doctors declared that I was dead and asked my sisters to inform my wife who flew in for my funeral. All the while churches and friends were praying for me. God heard their prayer and a miracle happened. When I opened my eyes I saw my wife. Then I saw many people around me weeping aloud, it was a weird scene. When Rachel saw me opening my eyes she hugged me, her eyes streaming in tears. It was a resurrection, nothing less. God had a purpose in resurrecting me in such a miraculous way. He is in total control of my life and wants me to plant churches.
Full story here
From Joel News

Houses and churches lost in floods
Five of our missionaries in remote places where the word of God has not penetrated lost their houses and church buildings. Their lives are always in danger from anti-social elements and Naxalites terrorists. Many a times these pastors are targeted, sometimes they are taken away for interrogation. The cyclone washed away all their thatched homes and prayer halls. They lost their beds and belongings and need outside help to re-erect their sheds.
Pastor Y Benjibab.

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 Ivory Coast
So pleased to read this news page . . .
I am a pastor and I have been working for a long time now in villages. I have also spent 3 years in the North Muslim region and then I went back to my family and carried on planting churches. The war started so we decided to start a new mission in the capital Abidjan. We will be using your free material for the training of our leaders.
Joseph Nemlin, Abidjan

Thousands of people have responded
We have just done Operation Matthew with Billy Graham. Thousands of people responded to the call to follow Christ over the three days of television meetings.
Josué Martínez, Huacho-Perú

About the single sex marriages . . .
The opposition Popular Party is now challenging our new law which allows the union of homosexual couples, saying that it is incompatible with our Constitution. We would like believers all over the world to stay in prayer to support this movement to restore God's order between man and woman.
Diego Acosta, Madrid

New School of Ministry in Spain opens 2006
Next year come to our new International Theological College in Spain to train and equip English-speaking people.
Josep Rossello, Benissa.

Father took heavy rod to smash son's skull
As I was growing up, even the poor called us poor, and we often had nothing to eat. I was terrible at school; the teacher called me a failure and predicted that I would end up a thief. But someone told me about Jesus, and invited me to a Christian church, where I found the Lord. In my predominantly Islamic surroundings, people who came to Jesus often had to pay a very high price. One young man told his family that he had found Jesus; they laid him on the railway tracks so that a train ran over him, killing him. Following my conversion, then, I returned home with mixed feelings. I called my family together and told them that I had found Jesus. My father was very sad, telling me that I could not believe in Jesus and remain a member of the family. I should renounce Jesus, or he would kill me. I could not renounce, so he took a heavy rod to smash my skull. I let it happen but every time the rod almost hit my head, it rebounded supernaturally. My father struck three times, three times the rod rebounded. Then he dropped it and started to cry. Nobody understood what had just happened. I had to leave my family, and spent the following three weeks reading the Bible day and night. My performance at school changed dramatically in the next three months, from one of the worst to best in class. Finally, my father summoned me. He kneeled next to his bed, saying "Son, I want this Jesus who you have. Can you pray for me to received Jesus?" Today, my family loves Jesus; my mother is a pastor as are some of my brothers.  Source:
From FridayFax in English
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 United Kingdom
Came to tell God what she thought of Him !
In church yesterday I got 2 minutes into my sermon and the Lord said 'Stop!' (After the service three people came to me all saying that they were going to phone me that morning - but didn't, saying that they knew that was going to happen!) Anyway, I turned the last hour of the meeting over to the Holy Spirit and we had a wonderful, but scary, time The best thing for me was that a single mum from a refuge found Jesus. She had been a very angry women and I had heard, before the service started, that she was going to come to the front and disrupt the meeting. She was angry with God and wanted to tell the church 'just what she thought of him - and us'! Instead, the Holy Spirit fell on her and she sobbed, with loud cries. At the end she came to the front after hugging me with a vice-like grip and made her confession. The whole church cheered and I've just heard that she is now telling everyone in the town that she has found Jesus.
Pastor SW, East Midlands.

In the darkest hour before dawn . .

Here in the Salvation Army Hostel we had 49 residents leave, many for positive reasons and others for not so positive reasons. Fire Alarms have been set off as many as three times a week, baths were left running and caused damage to the building, and we have had three fires, all in a month. We could be pessimistic about this, but we choose to believe that God is about to break through and give us the victory that He has promised. Please stand with us in prayer and watch God break through in the lives of men, who are prisoners to drugs, alcohol, gambling as well as mental health issues. The darkest hour is before the dawn and just maybe the enemy is having his last attack before God pours out his Spirit in power and brings revival in this place. It is a constant battle with spiritual forces at work that don’t want us to succeed. God is at the heart of all that we are doing, so please pray that we will see more men coming into a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
Neil Barkworth, Nottingham

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What's happening now in Niger?
We have heard about the terrible famine which has caused so many deaths but if someone could tell me what the situation is now, I would be very grateful.
Regina Mosquera, Cabimas.

Land burned in the fight against Christians
On 21 August, the authority in the Quang Ngai province encouraged the burning of Dinh Van Hoang’s house by local people because he had refused to renounce his faith in Christ. The local authorities told him that Christians were not welcome in the area. They then threatened that if he didn’t renounce his faith they would destroy his home. As in previous occasions, Hoang replied that he couldn’t renounce his faith. A little later, people from the village came and set fire to his house and everything he possessed. The authorities in Son Tinh also destroyed the homes of 10 families of the Hre ethnic group because they were Christians. Vietnam has passed new laws supposed to allow a greater freedom of religion and belief.
Open Doors / Portes Ouvertes

Our Last Word for Today
Failing does not make you a failure

Do not worry so much about your failures, the last chapter in the book of your life has not yet been written, and neither has the next chapter.

If you want to talk about failures then one of these days I will send you an e-mail so big and so long that it will break your computer, and in it I will tell you about all of my mistakes which make yours look small by comparison.
The fact is that with Jesus there is forgiveness for our many sins and failures and to be honest God knew that we were going to say no to His calls and invitations or to make mistakes before time ever began, and certainly before He ever asked us to do the thing that we decided not to do.

Please do not go around carrying a heavy burden of guilt because you failed to pass a test that was before you. Claim the forgiveness that was won by Jesus for you at the high price of the Cross, receive the forgiveness that is yours and live for today and for tomorrow. Forget the former things, see I am doing and you think, do you not see it, now it springs up before you, says the Lord in Isaiah.

Remember that Jonah deliberately went in the opposite direction to the call of God but remember that, "the word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time." And the same word will come to you a second time and if needs be a third time, and if needs be a fourth time and a fifth time and a sixth. The proverb says that even if a righteous man falls seven times he will get up again, by the help of the Lord.

All is not lost, far from it and you will find that the power of the Lord is made perfect in your weakness not in your strength, so if you find yourself feeling even less able and less capable than you were a few years ago, then do not think for one moment that your weakness disqualifies you because in fact the very opposite is true. We are believing for you, and believing with you for a thrilling next chapter in your book of life.
Onwards, for Jesus.
Les Norman.

Today's World Christian News

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