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2007 edition

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Blood Diamonds poster

Highly recommended – a must see film.
The Leonardo di Caprio film or DVD/Video “Blood Diamonds” will give you a very good idea of what life has been like for the people we are working with in Liberia and Sierra Leone.
Les and Pilar

The very first School of Mission in 1987

For all School of Missions leaders
And for all who are thinking about opening a centre

Allow me to bring the School of Mission discipleship concept back into sharp focus because from years of experience this is what brings maximum blessing and the most effective expansion. A School that only teaches the lessons is missing the point of discipleship which is learning by hearing in small groups, then going out and doing what you have learned and then reporting back, as shown by Jesus. There are three major steps:

1. Open a "mother" School of Mission according to the leader's manual.

2. After the first three modules allow and encourage the students and later the graduates to engage in evangelism and cross-border mission leading to church planting, as well as the doing the one-off practical projects contained in every lesson.

3. Each new church as soon as it has started can offer a "daughter" School of Mission leading to new leaders, more evangelism and further church planting; a Banking for the Poor scheme under the church leadership, to help the poor; a Business for Mission scheme to produce funding locally by work creation on top of tithes and gifts.

We provide all the materials and advice to help start the mother School of Mission, and afterwards if necessary we may be able to help the graduates with some small amounts of funding to do the church planting and banking for the poor, subject to the applicants having impeccable financial integrity and references. Remember the example of the Nairobi School of Mission which has planted 36 new schools and many new churches across four nations ? We will all do well to follow their example.

Have you registered your school ? If not you need to do so to be eligible for prayer support, advice and resources later on. Write to me if you need to register your school.
Les Norman

Would you like to see some of our photos?
Click here for Schools of Mission around the world
Click here for Banking for the Poor projects
Click here for projects to help orphans and the poor
Click here to see some of the people in the DCI family
Les and Pilar

How to help us ?
How to join us ?
Click here for a special page

Too many other things to do

Our well-intentioned efforts to "get it all together" for God,
can very well get in the way of what God is doing for us.

We can't get too much of God. We can't get too much faith and obedience, we can't get too much love and worship. But our well-intentioned efforts to "get it all together" for God, can very well get in the way of what God is doing for us. The main and central action is everywhere and always what God has done, is doing, and will do for us. But more often than not we become impatient along the way and decide to improve matters with our two cents' worth. We add on, we supplement, we embellish. But instead of improving on the purity and simplicity of Jesus, we dilute the purity; clutter the simplicity: We become fuss or anxious. We get in the way. That's when it's time to read Hebrews again, written for "too religious" Christians, for 'Jesus and . ." Christians. In the letter, it is Jesus and angels, or Jesus and Moses, or Jesus and priesthood. In our time it is more likely to be Jesus and politics, or Jesus and education, or even Jesus and organisation. Hebrews deletes the the add-ons. The focus becomes clear and sharp again: God's action in Jesus. And we are free once more for the act of faith, the one human action in which we don't get in the way but on the Way.
Adapted for DCI use from Eugene Peterson,
Introduction to Hebrews in The Message

India Map

In North India we have planted
28 churches in the remote villages  . .

where the gospel is preached for the first time. These people are so simple in their faith and  God does many miracles for them like this one: Padmini had a hunchback for 30 years and when the missionary came he preached about Jesus who healed a woman with hunchback. Sister Padmini asked the missionary "will your God heal my sickness"? The missionary said "yes". He prayed for her and she was completely healed. Her healing brought many more people into the church.Now when people get sick they come to the church and stay there as if  admitted into a hospital. After their healing they simply leave.
Pastor Kizhakkevila Daniel, DCI Partner in Kerala, India

§ All the very latest on the world's remaining unreached peoples is here

We offer limited full scholarship (tuition and textbooks)  . .
to study for an M.A or Ph.D in International Development through distance education at William Carey International University in California USA. Candidates must be African resident on the continent and working with a Christian organization. Applicants admitted to the Ph.D. program are expected to have already completed a master’s degree related to International Development, and to have learning equivalent to the foundational studies offered in the Global Civilization curriculum. Full information from:
Rev Talla Andre, Douala, Cameroon.
Africa Academy for Christian Leadership

All of our old computers are broken down  . .
And I do not have any good means of keeping records. I need a laptop or desktop computer for the office to help me type and keep the reports and records.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira - Uganda

§ Who can help George please? He can receive a laptop duty-free for use in his School of Mission, or his skill training schools for orphans or for monitoring the DCI Banks for the Poor. This is an honest man with 100% integrity, please help him if you can. The address is Box 187, Lira, Uganda.
Les and Pilar

Click here for a comprehensive before you travel overseas
check list, as used by people in DCI England.

Asking for prayer this week . . 
Kathy, the wife of David Pick our assistant in the UK is recovering after a serious and unexpected throat operation that did not go as well as everyone hoped for.
Les and Pilar

Thank you so much for your heart to help me and my wife . .
by sending gifts to pay the hospital. She is discharged now and getting better.
Pastor Yona Mwanza, with DCI in Tanzania

Suzuki Vitara

Thanks to our friends in DCI England  . .

who sent me three cars - such good news. This month we had our AEAD General Assembly for two days, arranged for 400 vulnerable children to have a birth certificate in order to come to our school, and ran a prayer week with 1800 people.
Pastor Philippe Ouedroago,
with DCI in Burkina Faso since 1985

Last month's meetings
with our DCI friends in Barcelona - Spain  . .

was a real pleasure for us, such lovely people. Later we managed to get Pilar's Mum and Dad happily and peacefully installed into a nursing home in Valencia - just in time because in the first week Pilar's dad, 87, had to be operated on urgently for a burst appendix and he survived. In Madrid the REMAR 25th Anniversary Congress gave us 17 hour days and 35 degree heat but the real cream on the cake was a 4 am start for a 5 am check in queue followed by a huge security queue for a packed flight home. We gotr home before breakfast and ready for bed! The conference was a blessing to us and to everyone there. When we saw the many South American believers praising God we caught a glimpse of what having “A passion for His name” really means. We also saw power evangelism and major responses to receive Jesus like we have not seen for years where we are in the UK.  My bit of preaching went OK, at least Pilar says so. They gave us a silver plaque to honour the 25 years we have served them.
Les Norman

§ To download a copy of my message in English click here.

Opportunities to serve with us . . .
Wanted: A news editor to take over the production of these news pages. We also need a webmaster to run the site and a designer to give us a whole new look in php or Open Source programming.  And in the UK we need a book-keeper and a part-time administrator, and an Arabic translator to complete and check the Arabic pages. All these roles are for part-time volunteers who want to serve in missions from their homes.

We need to buy or receive as a gift an inexpensive used 4WD vehicle or a minibus for a rural orphanage in Zimbabwe and we need some old laptops that are now out of use to be sent to South Africa to help train poor young people in IT skills.
Contact Les Norman here

India Map

Anti-Christian militants rushed our 120 believers  . .
at Nanjangud and tried to force them to praise other gods. The Pastor and believers kept on praying to the Lord. The police rescued them but have now accused them of conducting church in houses and leading people to Christ. They have confiscated Bibles and asked the Pastor to stop until he has a building. The militants have told the Pastor to move out and the police refuse any protection if they worship in a house. I need your prayers for our church and help to buy land and build so they may meet and be protected by law.
Anon for security reasons
Contact through this page

The Abdijan DCI School of Mission  . . .
will open its doors on the 1st of October 2007. Men and women can attend free of charge and should register now.
Guy Clovis Toukam, Abidjan - Cote D'Ivoire

Often we are quick to moan and groan to God.
But too often we forget to thank Him. Today I want to publicly thank God! Last week end our daughter and her two children were travelling back home and our daughter either fell asleep at the wheel or had a bad turn and the car ended up crossing the road, hitting a telephone pole then careering 30 meters down into a river. Even the police attending the accident called it a miracle that they all came out with only a few cuts and bruises! The next day was my 60th birthday and I think that God gave me the most wonderful present ever – the lives of my daughter and my grandchildren!
Jean-François Bur, with DCI in France

Our next free "Practical Ministries"
and "School of Mission" courses over the Internet  . .
begin on 1 October till 1 December.  Our goal is to prepare dedicated servants of Christ to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, and also to minister the whole Gospel for the whole person to "the poor, the maimed, the lame and the blind."  To register for our English-language courses please click here for the DCI School of Mission and here for Practical Ministries.
Dr. Robert Hosken, Moscow, Russia 

We started a cell group to reach bikers four years ago. 
Now we are branching off to reach street gangs and drug addicts. We have been using your School of Mission materials.  We believe in the cell church structure to reach people with the Gospel without a large expense.  I just wanted to write to tell you how things are going and try to be an encouragement to you. God bless you.
Pastor Doug Carlson, 42, New Hampshire, USA

We want to contact a  .  .
pentecostal or evangelical church or ministry in Argentina.
Anton, South Africa

Spanish Baptist pastor seeks a distributor  . . .
for his film with a Christian message that was filmed on location in Jerusalem in 2006.
Carlos Weill, 53, Director,  Alcorcon - Madrid, Spain

We are starting a church and need advice  . .
on how to do things right, like the admin and raising leaders, in Spanish please.
Karol Martinez, 25, Trieste - Italy

I am in evangelism and misisons in my church  . .
and would like to have a mission experience with the DCI network of contacts, it would be a privilgege for me.
Ezequiel Peguero Calzado, 38,
Santo Domingo - República Dominicana

Can missions people in Russia contact me please,
I want to know more.
Princess, 31, Bayamon - Puerto Rico

I am looking for mission projects in Romania.
I am a football trainer, ex-player and work is missions through Athletes for Christ.
Valber Dias Policarpo, 35, Romania and Brasil

How three men sent two others . . 
These five worshipped and fasted before the Lord rather than conferring with men and organizing, later they fasted and prayed before sending rather than discussed and decided. Three men sent two others who went out in a great step taken by the Lord for the spread of the gospel of His kingdom to the world, from Antioch in Syria:

Without the organizing of a mission.
Without the raising of funds.
Without human ordination (decision or approval).
Without any human plan or method, (they went and made a start.)

To read the full commentary by Watchman Nee
and join in the discussion of this hot topic in DCI click

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