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31st October, 2009

Join 4000 leaders from 200 nations and 1000’s more online at the 3rd Lausanne World Congress, Cape Town, 16-25 October 2010 to discuss
the future of the Church and world missions, other world faiths, poverty, HIV/AIDS, and persecution. Sign up here to join in online, free in six languages, or e-mail

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Comment: Oswald Smith, Toronto, 1889-1986

We talk of the Second Coming of Christ but half the world has never heard of the first.

Operation World is in Spanish at long last, for the best spiritual information on every country in the world. Click any country links like Russia to see.

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30th October, 2009

John Duco
Liberia says we have 65 abandoned children at our school, we have made uniforms for them but they need sponsors for a daily hot meal before they return to the slums.

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Click Gospel Jazz for free 1 hour downloads of smooth Christian music.
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29th October, 2009

Henri Nouwen said that when we are not afraid to confess our own poverty, we will be able to be with other people in theirs. The Christ who lives in our own poverty recognizes the Christ who lives in other people's. Just as we are inclined to ignore our own poverty, we are inclined to ignore others. We prefer not to see people who are destitute, we do not like to look at people who are deformed or disabled, we avoid talking about people's pains and sorrows, we stay away from brokenness, helplessness, and neediness. By this avoidance we can lose touch with the people through whom God is manifested to us. But when we have discovered God in our own poverty, we will lose our fear of the poor and go to them to meet God. See part one on October 2nd.

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28th October, 2009

Muzamai Muzamai, Livingstone, Zambia says my wife and I are church planting, can you see how you might work with us in training, missions and helping the many with AIDS and the orphans.

Tell us what you are doing

Silvana Mara, Pousso Alegre, Brazil says she is planning to give
secular and Christian education to 20 local children at risk, 4 to 6 years old. We are also doing another Christmas Party for the Poor.

Tell us what you are doing

27th October, 2009

Yoppi Margianto
, Indonesia says that our FRUIT and GO vision has seen twelve people join our church in one week. Family, Revelation, Urgency, Intimacy and Togetherness. FRUIT is our one year small group program using the School of Mission materials with one leader and four disciples in each group. The goal for each group is to multiply into five groups because every member will GO to invite one new person every month to join the group or church, so we could see up to 1,500 members in just one year. Write me for more information.

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Click to see our Picassa Albums from around the world.
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ee our School of Mission lessons in many languages

26th October, 2009

Nestor Monyehi, Ivory Coast says I am a street singer for Jesus trying to save lives, I'm on lesson 26 in the free School of Mission

Tell us what you are doing

David Wilkerson, New York, USA has a letter from a mother who says, “My daughter is 16, loves the Lord, and is a joy to be around but she is in extreme pain 24 hours a day. I lost my son in 1997 due to the same pain." In the face of everything, amid a relentless shaking of body and soul, this mother and her daughter have put their hope in God’s Word to them. And He has given them peace.

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24th October, 2009

Ajmad Aj, Orissa, India held a pastors school in Gunpur and gave bicycles to these men who lost everything in the last persecution.

Tell us what you are doing

Oscar M. Lofwa, Zambia is doing pastoral missions in Francistown, Botswana, just registered a church, all help welcome.

Tell us what you are doing


23rd October, 2009

Rini Margianto
Indonesia says to click to see what happens to people's homes when an earthquake hits, and what we did to help the survivors. Write and I will tell you more.

Tell us what you are doing

Tukesiga George, Kigali, Rwanda says we would like to start a School of Ministry using your superb training materials.

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Comment: Les Norman, DCI England
George, click here to see 85 free lessons, click to see how to open a school at almost no cost, and click to see answers to all your questions.

22nd October, 2009

Horacio Oviedo, Albacete, Spain is offering a former hotel with 22 bedrooms as an ideal leaders training school if anyone is interested.

Hassan, Kerala, India says he was brought up in a Muslim home, I am now a pastor reaching out to my former people.

Josť Antonio Faienza, Argentina, says his church has a 19th Missions Conference on 14/15 November, Santa Fe, people out in Uzbekistan, Chaco and Hong Kong.

Tell us what you are doing

21st October, 2009

Charles Johnson
Liberia says before the war Monrovia had very few churches but revival came in the war and now almost every family has fellowship morning and evening, revival is on-going, people put all their faith in God for healing, protection, provision or they perish.

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John DucoMonrovia, Liberia

For the very first time 162 people came to church, 95% adults, my vision is to plant 700 churches in West Africa and beyond.

Comment from C.T.Studd, 1860-1931
Some wish to live within the sound of chapel bell; I wish to run a rescue mission within a yard of hell.

20th October, 2009

George Purkweri, Uganda says Heaven's RehearsalCanada which is a mega-event of 202 nations coming to one place to worship Jesus have amazingly chosen desolate, forgotten, war damaged Gulu, Northern Uganda for their next gathering in late 2010.

Tell us what you are doing

Marion MaleFiji says most children here are made to pray and bow to statues of gods but NCTC Labasa is opening a primary school, God is doing awesome stuff, like our last village meeting had 1000 people.

Tell us what you are doing

19th October, 2009

Daniel Kizhakkevila
, Kerala, India says to see his photos of two of his 97 Mercy Homes for poor children, of 20 national missionaries receiving free bicycles and lanterns, of widows receiving free sheep that provide income and of five of his lepers receiving artificial legs, help to provide more of everything is welcome.

Tell us what you are doing

We need a cheap tractor for a plantation that funds a clinic in
Malawi, see 14/10, can buy in Africa or maybe we can fund shipping a donated tractor to Malawi. Please e-mail Les Norman, the editor.

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17th October, 2009

Yoppi MargiantoIndonesia says another earthquake came today, smaller at 6.5 but caused great panic in high-rise buildings, may be a warning before expected big one comes, may God protect us.

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Anthony Cobus from South Africa is visiting the Middle East, has a heart for the people here, is in missions and asks for info on unreached Arabic world.

Tell us what you are doing

Comment by Les Norman, the editor
The experts in the Middle East are Frontiers, CNN has the latest about the growth of Islam and Carl Medearis has years of experience living in the Middle East and can advise you.

Ezequiel Guzman, Cd. Madero, Mexico says that the people in his church are about to finish the DCI School of Mission and now have a better understanding of leadership and missions. 

Tell us what you are doing

16th October, 2009

Juan Ballesteros, Peru who visits Picapiedras weekly has been given a building for school, church and community, needs cleaning, some glass, paint, blackboards and chairs but our prayer is answered!

Tell us what you are doing

Karen Hawkins, USA says Bible Pathway with pages in 12 languages intends to send 5,000,000 Bibles around the globe for the last, the lost and the least.

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15th October, 2009

Mike Frith at Oscar, one of the world's best places for mission info has a list of jobs in Christian work worldwide. 

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Free on-line seminars from The Chalmers Center based on the book, When Helping Hurts, it's for people working with the poor.

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14th October, 2009

Michael Singini, wants you to see the progress on building the 
Malawi Clinic in Mbuzi Mzumala, the one that will end a 7 hours walk to the nearest doctor.

Tell us what you are doing

Mah Malachi, Ivory Coast wants you to see three new shops from our Banking for the Poor scheme in this desperately poor inland area of Danane.

Tell us what you are doing

13th October, 2009

Click to see the shops, ducks, chickens and fish in Indonesia each one a Business for Mission that will make money to bless the poor and tell them about Jesus.

Tell us what you are doing

Les Norman, the editor is looking for volunteer translators to start Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic and Russian editions of these pages, and an assistant web page-maker. Please e-mail me in English.

12th October, 2009

David Ngwa says his DCI School of Mission in Buea, Cameroon is now open [website] and I am giving out course CD's in English and French in the Ministers Forum.

Tell us what you are doing

Comment by Sahr Bockarie: 12/9/09 

This School of Mission has very big momentum in east Sierra Leone, it is going out of our hands what shall we do?

10th October, 2009

Where are the best and worst places to live in the world ? Norway, Australia and Iceland win but Niger, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone are the worst. See your country here 

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Ana Avilez, Honduras, our lady on-line pastor says her car slid on a mountain road, turned over six times leaving her and daughter Claudia injured but alive. Please pray.

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9th October, 2009

Johnny Auguste, Haiti has opened a new Business for Mission for his School of Mission students who take a phone around the streets to sell calls. More photos 

Tell us what you are doing

Guehi Marcel, Ivory Coast says his free Abidjan DCI School of Mission is open with everyone enjoying the first term.

Tell us what you are doing

Pastor John Piper
has excellent, well studied teaching here in an amazing 23 languages including lots of Spanish and Portuguese. 

8th October, 2009

Free Book, 25 chapters on Missionary Care, Counting the Cost

Rolando CanazasPeru is thinking about doing two DCI style Christmas Parties for the Poor, one for street kids and another for the Huambisa native people in the Amazon.

Tell us what you are doing

7th October, 2009

Carlos Cuellar, 56, Guatemala has experience and wants to help with mission in Spain or Argentina.

Lidia Cabrera, Argentina says that every single night our church is praying for every person, church and project on this page. 

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Les Norman says Ecclesiastes is a picture of the unsettled believer but Solomon also wrote the following book of Song of Songs which is a picture of the believer who is satisfied and settled in God's love. But which did he write first?  Read more

Yoppi Margianto, Indonesia says the Scale 7.5 earthquakes caused 1000 deaths with many more lost under thousands of destroyed houses. We cannot contact the believers, my sister-in-law who lives there gave birth to a 4 kgs boy in it all, another quake, maybe scale 8 is feared. Tsunamis and earthquakes, is this judgment or the signs of the last days ?

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Rini, Pariaman, Indonesia: 9/10
So very few volunteers are here, people need much more than we have. So sad to see parents who lost all their children, or a little girl who doesn't have anyone, all of a sudden all were gone and nothing and no-one left but herself.

Les Norman, the editor

Lots of comments coming from South America saying 'judgment and repent' yet Indonesia has had revival for maybe 25 years, nowhere in the world has seen more Muslims turning to Christ, some paying with their lives. Sadly Christians also lost their lives in Sumatra and nearby Samoa, 97% Christian, was hit by a tsunami on the same day with 170 people losing their lives.

Ramiro, Argentina
I was mistaken, I didn't know about the move of God in Indonesia, what good news that is.

Padang, Indonesia: 7/10

Prices here rising to the sky, gasoline is 4 times higher than normal.

Name withdrawn for security reasons, Indonesia: 6/10
Our relief convoy will get through to Jambi, Padang City and Pariaman with blankets, medicine and food today but the resistence to Christians is harsh here and prison is a threat if we speak about Jesus as has happened to some pastors. We are here with great risk. Padang is like Jeremiah 48:41, the stronghold of Moab, like Banda Aceh where the tsunami hit. We need your prayers.

Anon, Indonesia: 5/10
Sad that people here are always wrong in interpreting the disasters. Some clerics even shout louder for this country to enact Sharia Law as soon as possible to stop the catastrophes but it seems to me that they are more like warnings from God to point us back to Him and His word in the Bible.

6th October, 2009

Ajmad Aj
 in Orissa, India says to e-mail for more information on conferences and training in Gunpur, Berahampur and Bhubaneswar.

Sushil Kumar NayakIndia offers DCI Training Courses in Bhubaneshwar to start state wide movement in Orissa

Tell us what you are doing


5th October, 2009

Viviana in Santa Rosa, Argentina says to see No Frontiers web page for 30/31 October missions conference.

Juan Alonso, Ancud, Chile says that God is doing amazing things on the Isle of Chiloe in his 10 year old growing church.

German Hernandez, Bogota, Colombia needs blankets, beds, sheets for people he is taking in off the streets to show them God's love. 

Tell us what you are doing

3rd October, 2009

Mah Malachie, Ivory Coast says I was worried about our School of Mission but studying Who God Calls showed me God's plan is to break our strength so I took courage. After 3 days prayer and fasting I will open another school in Man on October 12, students will write notes not buy photocopies. All our new churches will pray for us.

Tell us what you are doing

2nd October, 2009

Henri Nouwen
says, "How can we embrace poverty when everyone around us wants to be rich? Poverty has many forms so we have to ask, "What is my poverty?" Is it lack of money, lack of emotional stability, lack of a loving partner, lack of security, lack of safety, lack of self-confidence? Each human being has a place of poverty and that's the place where God wants to dwell! "How blessed are the poor," Jesus says which means that our blessing is hidden in our poverty which we are so inclined to cover up and ignore that we often miss the opportunity to discover God, who dwells in it.

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1st October, 2009

Dr. Angel Olmo of EMSI, Spain says to click here for photos, videos of the Burkina Faso flood catastrophe and the story in Spanish. Click BBC photos for English

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Charles Johnson, Liberia says 5000 Liberian church leaders came to a seminar to prepare the Osborn Festival of Faith and Miracles to be held in Monrovia and Buchanan in November 2010.

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You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.
Winston Churchill

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Les Norman is a journalist, writer and a fund manager with the DCI Trust, serving the lost, the last and the least of the world. Since 1977 he has been following the call of Christ. He is married to Pilar and they have three grown up children.


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