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2007 edition

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Join me - church planting without a penny . . 
Here is a good book in English and other languages that you download free or get for almost free - Pioneer Evangelism from Thomas Wade Akins E-mail
. Website about church planting through home churches, a perfect strategy if like me you have no money. I started a church without a penny, about a month ago in a poor area with plenty of drugs, sexual abuse, crime, witchcraft and voodoo. We are using people's homes and garages to meet in. I am training the people to become church leaders and to disciple others.
Silvana Mara, Pousso Alegre - Brazil
mis-silvana @

This week our partner in India
has opened a sewing machine bank
. . .

with 20 machines which will be paid for from the family earnings. Pastor Daniel also gave paraffin lamps to rural pastors which means they can hold meetings after dark, he gave Bibles to children and this month he will be giving out cycles to mission pastors so they can reach more remote villages with the gospel.
Les and Pilar

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Les and Pilar

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Lakidas, a 14-year-old boy was almost dead . .
People brought him but his body was cold and his limbs were curled. Villagers were preparing for his funeral, when the missionary was invited to pray for him. The missionary introduced Jesus as the one who can raise the dead and give hope to the family. He prayed for Lakidas and the Lord who raises the dead raised Lakidas from death. Now he is a living witness of the resurrection power of Jesus.
Pastor Daniel, Kerala, India

So impressed by a hunger and thirst for God's word
I know that this is the true meaning of revival, when you see people with a genuine love for their Master and His word. This Saturday the School of Mission will double and our Banking for the Poor is about to help 5 girl students from very poor families to run a study club for kids so that they may have income to help their parents.
Yoppi Margianto, Indonesia

Our church for the poor has gained two witchdoctors  . . .
They have denounced Satan's activities when they became refugees and had to live by begging for food and basic needs. We also have lame and crippled people, street children, widows, the deaf and orphans. People like these have collected their used clothes to be sent to other desperate people after the floods hit Uganda. With the goats that were bought for us by a young man in DCI Spain we selected refugee widows with two or more orphans and each got one big female goat which will begin to lift them out of poverty.

George showing Banking for the Poor projects in Lira

Pastor George Purkweri
with DCI since 1995, Lira-Uganda
purgeorge2000 @

§ From Liberia in the west of Africa to Uganda in the east we have e-mails coming in describing the damage done by the continent-wide floods, and asking for help with rebuilding homes and restoring lost possessions. Please help people where you can.
Les and Pilar

Author wants to tell the world about Burma . . .
I hope you know about discriminations, persecutions and even sometimes tortures faced by Christians in my country of Burma. As Christians, we have to take action on this but in a peaceful, non-violent way. I have done the research and written a book which if it could be distributed widely concern for Christians and other minority groups will grow and people could help us by pressing their governments to take more actions against the military regime. I understand that without a penny, only a very Good Samaritan could print and publish for us. But I promise, the book is unique . .
ZLC, Yangon (Name removed for security reasons)
Contact through this link to us

What should I do to register with you?
The Francophone Mission School in Kinshasa has completed the Evangelisation, Mission and Basic Discipleship modules. The students have been sent out to establish churches for 3 months.
Pascal Minzamba, Kinshasa - Congo
merenaministriesg12 @

§ Pascal, there is no formal procedure to register with us.  It will be enough to tell us all about yourself first of all and then your School and its goals and projects. Also tell us a little about your students and how and when you meet, and what you are doing with the studies.  A photo and a confirmation that you have read the Leader's Manual and are broadly following the advice in it adapted to your people and culture will be always be welcome.
Les Norman

15 days without be able to move . .
I had a sickness called espondiloaltritis zero negative which attacked all my joints and was destroying them causing me terrible pain and swelling. My kidneys got infected as well so the doctor gave me a massive doses of steroids which will work but have their after effects. Finally after I asked everyone I knew to pray for me I began to recover but please keep praying for me till I get over this completely.
Andy Izquierdo Rodríguez, with DCI in Havana - Cuba
gnodarse @

DCI Schools of Mission growing in Tanzania
In Mtwara Pastor Charles has mobilised several pastors in order to cope with the big number of students. In Dodoma Pastor Jackson told me that the numbers are increasing and he is planning another class. His students truly enjoy the lessons and they are practising what they are being taught so his congregation is also increasing. Seymon Mwarabu has also started a mission school in Manyoni.
Dastan Mboera, Dodoma - Tanzania.
mboeradsk @

It seems that there is no more hope  . . or is there?
Some portions of the church are threatened by the so called prosperity doctrine and the drive for titles like Bishops and Archbishops and the building of cathedrals. The locusts have devastated the continent’s economy, and the unwelcome consequences extend to every aspect of commercial, religious, and national life. It seems there is no more hope; even the mighty men of God have decided to migrate to the West, claiming the Lord gave them a new vision of evangelizing Europe and America. I believe there are still some seven thousand, as in the days of Elijah, who have refused to bow to the prince of this world. We have those who go to the West  looking for knowledge, finances and resources; we have some few groups who believe there is no need of going to the West; that we should use the little we have to evangelize our continent. Where do I fit in? I suggest, we merge the two groups and find a middle way.
Rev. Andre Talla, Yaounde - Cameroon
Offering sponsored Master and Ph.D studies in Africa
revtalla @

We travel for days along rivers in the Peru jungles
We do this to get to many remote villages that no-one ever visits, many missions people get as far as Iquitos but go no further, but it out there that the people really need to meet men and women of faith.
Pastor Milvin Flores Urbina, 40, Iquitos - Peru
milvinflores @

We want to do missions together with you . .
Our vision is to send Latin American missionaries to the unreached peoples and welcome American, European and Asian missionaries to train and mobilise our people.
Dr. Esteban Valverde, 34, Huacho - Peru
president @

Well done Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship, Lilongwe  . .
For taking the gospel and free medical outreach to 350 orphans for a day.
Sent in by George Mkandawire, 33, Lilongwe - Malawi
georgemka @

School of Mission meets at my house in Lusaka
Last year we planted seven churches about 700 kilometres from Lusaka. We are also providing skills training in tailoring, knitting and carpentry to the underprivileged.
Jim Malasha, Lusaka - Zambia
blessingccc @

§ Jim, if you want to start a Bank for the Poor scheme, take a good look at the criteria and procedures on our website and then write again.  You will need some references to verify your identity and testimony. You will be welcome.
Les and Pilar

Can you send me information about mission in Italy?
Please pray for the Lord to confirm my call and the vision I have to serve there.
Ana Maria Ruiz, 32, Caracas - Venezuela
principezza28 @

Train and serve in a really inhospitable place . .
We are a young ministry in Patagonia – Chile, the end of the earth. Come and work with us. God is using us to bring people to Jesus and see their lives change. We are planting new churches where no-one wants to go, and we support others doing the same. A new wind from God is blowing in Chile.
Pablo Cesar Escobar Belmar, 31, Chile
paulos-c @

Free to copy: Scripture colouring pages
In English, Spanish, Indonesian/Malay and Tamil also universal pages to enter the language of your choice.
Charles White, 59, Topeka - USA
word @

Three years doing mission through Handball
My heart's desire is to form an adult team that will play in Division One and be a place where believers can share their faith with other teams. I would like to hear from other sports people who want to serve the Lord.
Fabian Camaño Santander, 25, San Fernando - Chile
fec62 @

Called to Tunisia and Turkey . .
Can people write me with information about these countries.
Pasteur Toutou, Libreville - Gabon
ecotel3 @

§ Toutou, before people write to you, go to the French pages of Wikipedia do a <Rechercher> to find lots of background information in French. Wikipedia is in English and lots of other languages as well.

Somewhere to stay for mission in Peru . .
A Peruvian Christian family offers accommodation and hospitality for people coming on mission from overseas. You will get a great cross-cultural experience by staying with a family.
Fiorella Arrieta, 32, Lima - Peru
fio_arrieta @

Come with a team to help us in Burkina Faso
We work in humanitarian aid and development, see our website.
Pasteur Samuel Sanou, Bobo-Dioulasso - Burkina Faso
samlouisesa @

Do you know any churches near Poznan, Poland?
I’m enquiring for a Polish friend who has just come to the Lord to see if there are people to support her in her country. Also her sister has just become a Christian.
Luc Segura, Nimes-France
lucsj @

Dreaming of seeing Russia turn to Christ . . .
I would love to hear from people with the same dream.
Freddy, 43, Santa Cruz - Bolivia
freddywells @

New Editor wanted for these news pages
The job involves choosing around 24 items of news from many incoming submissions in various languages, then editing them in English to the smallest size possible without losing the meaning.  It is then a case of assembling the page and sending it to our team of translators around the world who then return the news in their own language ready for making into the next web page, which is done in Indonesia. I have been doing this job for about six years now with the great satisfaction of seeing people across the world begin to work together in different ways, but it time for a new face and a new style and a new vision. No-one in the DCI movement receives a salary, not even me as the founder and director but we do take care of each other as the Lord provides. You would need to be very familiar with the atmosphere of our pages, who we are and what we are called to do, and equally important what we do not do. If you would would like to talk to me any more about this please e-mail me in English.
Les Norman
Write to me here

Concerned by Christianity without Christ in many churches
People like concerts and the "blessing preachers" who put prophecies before God's Word but there is no compassion, character changing or zeal for God. So here we are with what God has called us to do, bringing people to see His love, love His word and be His imitators. Next week we open another School of Mission for 15 more young people.
Name removed for security reasons, Indonesia

Can you help us please?
Can you create and run a presence for us on Facebook, You Tube or My Space? Can find us some laptop computers to send with a team to the poor in South Africa next month to set up IT skill training? Do you have a free or cheap 4x4 vehicle that we can send to an orphanage in Zimbabwe please ? If you are in the UK and have a holiday flat. mobile home or a caravan that people here could use for bit of space and thinking time please let us know.
Les and Pilar
Write to us here

We do not live in a a closed universe

Tomorrow is not set in stone, fate is not for the believer. Whatever the news is, it does not have to be that way they say. Why not? Because prayer changes things.

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