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30th November, 2009

Reuben Pradhan, Shillong, India has found a first-class free Bible School, click for Kings Online Bible School.

Tell us what you have found

Comment from Les Norman, the editor
If you have finished our DCI Free School of Mission this is a brilliant next level course for you.

Ranledis Perez
Cuba wants you to click to see some fantastic photos of sports, kids, eating and 41 people being baptised in Camaguey.

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28th November, 2009

Rolando Canazas,
Peru says click for some astonishing photos of life in a village on the Amazon. Rolando has a School of Mission and lots of projects in Peru.

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Don't miss this, click for twelve Free Bible Adventure Stories for Kids from Living the Story, in pdf format, full colour and very well-produced.

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27th November, 2009

The DCI Fund holds it's annual Christmas Party in the developing world and invites the poor, the widows, the disabled, the AIDS victims and the orphans. If you would like to host our Christmas Party for the Poor in the spirit of Luke 14, 12-14, 21-23 and Matthew 25, 34-40 please see this page, read these notes and apply here by December 1st.

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Michael Adjei, Ghana says miraculously I discovered exactly what I needed here and started free training a month ago. I have so much joy, excitement and insight, the trainees are responding, not forgetting the 101 advices you give.

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26th November, 2009

Les and Pilar, the founders of DCI say next year's diary is now open if you would like us to come to your church, conference, small group or just to see you. Thursdays to Mondays are best, UK and Europe.

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Yoppi Margianto, Indonesia plans to raise 200 Peking Ducks as a Business for Mission. Our Bank for the Poor has made new loans for selling clothes, bags, mousetraps and bamboo ornaments, one widow never stops talking about Jesus as she sells clothes.

Tell us what you are doing

Jean Aguiar de Almeida, Natal-Brazil invites you to come and work with us to reach the Northeast. Click for my pages.

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Click to see our Picassa Albums from around the world.
Choose one and then click Slideshow to see the display.

Click for Schools of Mission around the world
Click for Banking for the Poor projects
Click for projects to help orphans and the poor
Click to see some of the people in the DCI family
Click to s
ee our School of Mission lessons in many languages

25th November, 2009

Juan Campos Ballesteros, DCI Peru is busy buying medicines for sick children in Picapiedras, fitting windows into a building for them, working on hygiene and health care courses and planning the best Christmas these abandoned kids could ever have with a show and presents.

Tell us what you are doing

Hailto Santos, Brazil is going on a mission to a distant town to visit sick people, hospital and people in need.

Tell us what you are doing

Martha Genny Arenas, Bogota is dreaming about going to the Sicuanis people group in eastern Colombia to tell them about God's love.

Tell us what you are dreaming about

Comment: Les Norman, the editor
See Etnopedia for unreached people groups data in Spanish and Joshua Project in English

24th November, 2009

Click to read The Church: Love it, hate it and what you can do about it. Three pages of easy to understand extra notes
taken from Henri Nouwen, in English, for every DCI School of Mission student, for every church leader and for everyone who has been hurt by church leaders but dare not say anything.

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Seleshi Seifu Andarge says I am a full time minister in Ethiopia and I want to know how to learn in your institution.

Comment: Les Norman, the editor
Seleshi, please click here and click School of Mission information.

Blanca Ruby Morales says we are opening a new church in Guildford, UK but where do we get our permissions from.

Comment from Les Norman, the editor:
Here is how to form a simple association in the UK but once you reach an income of £5000 see 
the UK Charity Commission to know how to register.

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23rd November, 2009

Rolando Canazas,  
Peru says for me it is an honour to work with DCI through teaching the Great Commission, taking a practical gospel of love to people and training new leaders to go to unreached peoples. I could never do this alone but only with God's help and the love and prayer of you people around the world.

                       Tell us what you are doing

   Comment by Les Norman, the editor
   Click to see our list of jobs, you can live anywhere in the world and serve with DCI.

A visitor in Bali, a 93% Hindu part of 
Indonesia says the Gospel is spreading strongly through friendship, economic empowerment, culture and tourism. Christians have freedom but a Hindu loses his family if he decides to follow Jesus so the churches here provide him a new place to live and work, the pastors unity is impressive.

Tell us what you are doing

21st November, 2009

Let nothing disturb you,
nothing distress you,
when all things fade away,
God is unchanging.
Be patient for with God in your heart
nothing is lacking,
God is enough.

Teresa of Avila
, 1515- 1582

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Kouakou Sylvain, Yamoussoukro - Ivory Coast says my free School of Mission helps me very much to train new believers and many have become preachers and evangelists.

Tell us what you are doing

20th November, 2009

Ranledis Perez
, Camaguey, Cuba says we are planting guayaba and tomatoes to help us to feed all the elderly people and the children that come to us. Click to see us all.

Tell us what you are doing

Reuben Pradhan, Shillong, 
India has opened his new School of Mission, four more men will come soon, three students can't yet read and write. My web pages.

Tell us what you are doing

Kamala says I work at an English language school in Edinburgh where the majority of staff are Christians and half of the students too.

Tell us what you are doing

19th November, 2009

Felly Nsungu, Togo has 11 orphans from east DR Congo needing help, families have been massacred by rebels, homes burned, it is a disaster over there.

Tell us what you are doing

Dr. Gandham Paul Ranjitham from AP, India says greetings, I am a pastor here for the last 18 years.

Tell us what you are doing

18th November, 2009

Michael Singini, Malawi says click for my latest photos of building a clinic helped by The DCI Fund so sick villagers do not have to walk 7 hours to the doctor. Now the rain has started and soon the river will cut us off for months.

Tell us what you are doing

One friend says to another if you can't see what to do remember it was the blind man who made himself vulnerable, admitted his weakness and was persistent that was healed by Jesus, our problem is that we always want to be valued, respected and looked up to but that doesn't get God's attention.

What do you want to say ?

Dario Zapana, Argentina says for 11 years I am working with the native Ayoreo in Bolivia and learning to love them. 

Tell us what you are doing

17th November, 2009

Yoppi Margianto, Indonesia says my students will each run a church some day and fulfill the call of God for them to go.

Tell us what you are doing

Jairo Alberto Ramos, Colombia says I am called to the nations, I am going to the Missions Congress in Cordóba-Argentina 16-22 January.

Tell us what you are doing

Guéhi Marcel IrmaIvory Coast says our Yopougon School of Mission and Computers has 8 teachers and 20 students who are following the call of God, here we are giving out the DCI lessons.

Tell us what you are doing

16th November, 2009

Rolando Canazas
, Huancayo, Peru says we have graduated a marvellous group of 22 leaders from the School of Mission and afterwards we went to share our faith with the Quechua people in Huachac who welcomed us. We hope to do a Christmas Party for the Poor for them.  See the graduation photos.

Tell us what you are doing

Comment from Les Norman:
Our warmest congratulations to all of you, and wow - those T-shirts are really impressive, we have never seen that before. It seems to be DCI graduation time around the world. Brilliant.

Henry Lopez, Colombia says the Baranquillo School of Mission has graduated 9 people who are passionate to win souls and have found God's place for them. We went to the street gangs and we started a Sunday School for 50 children.

Tell us what you are doing

14th November, 2009

Huber Suarez says I live in Manchester, England and I am the pastor of a small community of people from Latin America.

Wondimagegn Leta, Ethiopia says the gospel reached here many years ago, (1st Century, see Acts 8.26) I am in the kingdom of God and I am very happy to have you.

Tell us what you are doing

13th November, 2009

Maggie Ball of the DCI Fund says I did a Tandem Skydive Jump to raise money for the hospital, it was amazing, I really enjoyed it and would do it again.

Tell us what you are doing

Reuben Pradhan, Shillong, India says we are starting our School of Mission on 14 Nov with 19 students some from Bhutan, people are excited especially the youth. My web pages.

Tell us what you are doing

12th November, 2009

Mah Malachi, Ivory Coast says after visiting a new church we were in a car crash, others had serious injuries, I have a slight head wound and my wife and baby were thrown out violently but God protected us.

Moses Aringo, Malawi says both Lilongwe and Mzuzu Schools of Mission are OK, the students are now busy opening new churches. The Zambia students graduated last week and they will open more schools in Isoka, Myombe and Kanyerere.

Tell us what you are doing

11th November, 2009

Felly Nsungu says we have our second School of Mission in Ngaba-Kinshasa and now we are effective in DR Congo and in Togo our home.

Felix Niyongabo, Burundi says
after 300 people in Busiga heard the gospel 100 became a new church. I have a School of Mission in Bujumbura in Kirundi language, I love so much your work.

Mbog Baya
, Yaoundé-Cameroon says we have graduated 50 new pastors from Mission Clarite after 3 years of training at l'IBIC-LDN.

Tell us what you are doing

10th November, 2009

Deise Levino
, Cuiaba, Brazil says that training and mission is very close to my heart and we can count on people and work like yours.

Miguel LiceaCuba says these are the most challenging pages on the Internet, I will look at the free School of Mission for our 20 churches.

Tell us what you are doing

Ronald Reagan, 40th President, USA, said throughout history this one book the Bible and the principles it contains has been the guide for righting the wrongs of mankind and giving hope for tomorrow. Following it made us the most powerful nation in the world.

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9th November, 2009

Keith Smith
, Burkina Faso says to see his new website about Burkina Faso, unreached peoples and his work with truly amazing photos.

Tell us what you are doing

Comment from Les Norman, the editor
No-one knows the Burkina Faso Sahel better than Keith and and his wife Lynne because
they live there with the Fulani people. I have never forgotten my stay in Keith's home.

Simpore Justin, Burkina Faso says I am the only Christian in my village and people give me a bad time, the cry of my heart is for God to send a missionary here.

Tell us what you are doing

Maira Ricardo Santamarina
, Budapest, Hungary says he is ready to write back to all Spanish readers and do what he can to help.

7th November, 2009

Ministerio Comision
in Mexico has free leaflets, cartoons, videos and lots more things to help you share your faith, in Spanish and in English.

Tell us what you have for free

George Washington, the 1st US president said that it is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.

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6th November, 2009

Hesperian's world famous "Where there is no Doctor/Dentist" books and 20 more health books are free to download in English and Spanish.

Tell us what you have for free

A DCI partner in Pakistan, name removed for his own safety, says terrorism is everywhere and no school, hospital, bank, hotel or public place is safe. You don't know if you will come home or not.

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Les Norman, the editor says to see a list of jobs that we need help with right now. You can live anywhere in the world and serve with DCI. 

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Comment by Silvia de Yáñez, Chile 
I encourage people everywhere in the world to work with DCI, it is a great blessing to serve the Lord in this way, for me it is a privilege.

5th November, 2009

Ibriham Se-say, Sierra Leone says I am children's teacher who is interested in learning more about God.

RamiroArgentina says I serve in a forgotten and terribly poor area to bring children to know the love of Jesus because to win one child is to win a whole life for the Lord.

The CIFO Ladies in Guatemala say they will pray for you, for people in mission and persecuted churches. Best to write in Spanish

Tell us what you are doing

4th November, 2009

Joshua says I am planning to start a Bible School, may the Lord bless you in an exceeding abundant scale.

Samuel John, India says I am praying for India to live in truth and for caste system here to be destroyed.

Titus Gakwaya, Kigali, Rwanda says I am working in rural development and read this page whenever I get chance.

Yolande A. Sandoua, Ghana says I completed a MA in Theology and Mission and just started a M.Th in African Christianity at the Akrofi Christaller Institute.

Tell us what you are doing

3rd November 2009

George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda now has a 1996 Toyota Camry with help from the DCI Fund to travel to his 36 churches, DCI Schools of Mission, Banks for the Poor and skill training centres for orphans.

Tell us what you are doing

Comment: Les Norman, the editor
See the tragedy of Uganda when George was a child under Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland.

Mirian Galli, Brazil says we teach God's Word to 3,500 kids every week, my website has many bible stories, pictures and worksheets.

Tell us what you are doing

2nd November, 2009

Udeme Eyeni, Nigeria says the DCI evangelism lessons are bringing a fire of revival to the students here who have such wonderful free lectures. This is the latest new church that I have just planted.

Tell us what you are doing

Andrew Murray 1828 - 1917 said that you should feel the Lord's presence not only when in prayer but when in your factory as well.

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31st October, 2009

Join 4000 leaders from 200 nations and 1000’s more online at the 3rd Lausanne World Congress, Cape Town, 16-25 October 2010 to discuss
the future of the Church and world missions, other world faiths, poverty, HIV/AIDS, and persecution. Sign up here to join in online, free in six languages, or e-mail

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Comment: Oswald Smith, Toronto, 1889-1986
We talk of the Second Coming of Christ but half the world has never heard of the first.

Operation World is in Spanish at long last, for the best spiritual information on every country in the world. Click any country links like Russia to see.

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Les Norman is a journalist, writer and a fund manager with the DCI Trust, serving the lost, the last and the least of the world. Since 1977 he has been following the call of Christ. He is married to Pilar and they have three grown up children.


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