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The Uganda Party for the Poor

We welcomed people with all kinds of disabilities, the cripples, the lame, the blind, the deaf, AIDS, mad people and others, 774 in all. People came carry-ing sick and lame on bicycles, in vehicles and others carried their sick people in their arms from the hospital. There was food, drinks and gifts of clothes, and scholastic materials for children. Even the cripples were dancing on their hands to praise our God who made all this possible for them. We heard the message of Christmas and 80 people decided to follow Jesus. After the party all the streets were full of people singing praise to God. So many poor people without a shepherd were carried, pushed or put in trucks to get them back. Not many pastors have a heart for the poor and see them as a liability, in fact one church is sending away the people who were sleeping in their grounds and they have nowhere to go to. Maybe we can open a centre for the poor in Lira?
George Purkweri, Pastor for the Poor, Lira, Uganda

In Indonesia we’re still doing our Christmas party . .

We are still visiting 90 more poor families with free Christmas gifts of rice, sugar, vegetable oil, sauce, fish, salt, milk, and the Gospel. The Party here was so wonderful with 400 people, young and old and 140 children all together to celebrate Christ’s birth with songs, dance, prayer, food, drinks, Gospel booklets, gifts, CDs and clothes. About 50 people received Jesus as their Saviour and Lord. Some people received healing from diseases and demons and some renewed their commitment to Christ. We blessed pastors with gifts and we prayed for the harvest. We did puppet shows, Gospel stories and a garden party. The meal was bat meat, beef, roasted duck, fish and coconut. They all ate and were filled, with baskets full of the fragments that remained. In one other gathering 18 young people committed their lives to serve the Lord. This Christmas party was the most extravagant I’d ever seen.
Yoppi Margianto, Indonesia

Wonderful Malawi Christmas Party for the Poor

Despite the rain the people came, we had music, dance and different perfomances. I gave gifts of clothes, books and seeds. All the 400 people were in a tent next to our house. May God bless you and everone who gave, we were able to see some faces happy this time who otherwise have no reason to be happy at all. Hope the photos will be with you soon.
Pastor Moses, Luinga, Mzuzu, Malawi.

From Chaing Mai, Thailand

Click on the links to see lots of photos and read the story

The message of Christmas to 200 Karen unreached people
A Party for the Poor for 100 severely mentally ill patients
Christmas with 200 Shan refugees from rape and murder in Burma
A Party for 300 poor Shan tribes people
Christmas in a village of spirit worshippers
Party in a hospital for the poor and abandoned

These people are from multiple people groups and many don't know the Lord Jesus.
They have every kind of disease and have suffered every kind of road accident or other form of accident that you can only begin to imagine. Many have also been tortured, especially the refugees from Burma. This Christmas brought them tears of joy and hope.

From Gareth Lavell, our friend in Thailand

Christmas in Papua, a party to remember . . .
We brought 153 tribal people and 30 children in rented government buses to a luxurious government building, not under a tree as expected because we wanted to give the best to the people. Neither did they dance half naked because those who had no shirt were given one. 50 people were born again, and 103 renewed a commitment to Christ and showed their joy dancing after a worship time. We send our many thanks to you all.
Adri and Sunni

Great of you to have done the parties for the poor.
It takes a big heart to do it. If you see on the Christmas tree a little light flickering, if you hear a little chime from the evening bell, I am sure that it is the Lord telling you: "Thank you". With all my love and prayers.

Philippe, Elboeuf, France.

§ What a lovely thought, however the privilege and honour remain ours to thank Jesus according to Matthew 24 the only practical way we can, by blessing the poor, just a small reflection of what Jesus himself always did and asks us to do not once a year but every day.
Les and Pilar

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Some pastors go into the prisons . . .
Our new pastors come out of prison in Burkina.

We have been very blessed with the work in Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. It glorifies the Lord to see men of God, gifted as pastors and workers coming out from the spiritual and state prisons of Africa, thanks to the daily food and teaching that the Lord allows us to take in to the prisoners. Almost all the pastors that the Lord is raising up for us and many of the workers that come with them are from the prisons, and the majority are them come from muslim families. Apart from this miracle, just in Burkina alone we are caring for 1,200 children and young people and by grave given we are now opening homes and orphanges in all the neighbouring countries. We can help some pastors to build their churches and help centres since their villages have tremendous needs. One much-loved blind pastor, Idrisa, has more than 140 children and widows under his protection and we have given him a car, because his passion for evangelism takes him all the country preaching and praying for the sick. He is very well known, some people have returned to life from the dead after he prayed for them.

Miguel Diez y Mari Carmen Jiménez,
Remar International, Madrid.


Don’t let the old become invisible . . .
It is easy to get help for children but sad to say that it is not the same for older people. I feel such a pain in telling you about a very old lady who took her own life because her family treated her as invisible. She used to share with the family everything she had and was a friendly and lovely mother and grandmother. But when she got old and sick and spent all she had in doctors they sent her to live in a room in the back and treated her as non-existent! They forgot all she was for them, they treated her as disposable! She was so lonely that was deceived by the devil! Oh brother Les, this is just an example of the way the world treat those who are not productive anymore. If you go to an orphanage, you will find a lot of people donating things and visiting the children but who is really concerned for the old people living in homes? May God open the eyes of his people to really see like God sees, with mercy for those who are so old that their families have abandoned them.

Pastor Ana Maria Avilez, San Pedro Sula, Honduras

§ For everyone like us too, struggling to care for aged and not always very easy parents here is good word from Tony in Surrey, England. " In the Lord’s mercy and grace may something of the spirit of Simeon and Anna in Luke 2 be the portion of your parents. In their old age they were in the spirit and turning the age, even ahead of young John the Baptist!"
Les and Pilar

Planted - 7 more churches in 7 villages in Orissa.

260 people committed their lives to Lord, 12 received baptism and 168 are ready. I had to travel through dusty bumpy roads to reach many villages. But my troubles were turned into joy when I aw these poor uncivilised people turned their lives to Jesus. People are so poor and and nothing to eat, many had hardly one meal a day.

Saw many orphan and abandoned children. Opened two homes for these kids. I thank God for the privilege of sharing Jesus to these people first time.

From Pastor Daniel, Kerala, India

§ Pastor Daniel is a trusted DCI partner of proven integrity, you may support him and his beautiful work all over India with confidence.
Les and Pilar

Brazil graduates plan to take nations
After nine months of training a number of the 77 Azusa School of Ministry graduates are going to Bolivia, Argentina, India and Europe to establish new works that emphasize reaching the unreached people groups as over 85% of missionaries are ministering to people who have already heard the gospel. If you are interested in training with us contact:
Pastor Lester Hughes, Jr, 61, Juiz de Fora, MG, Brazil

Churches open in Taliban area
Baluchistan is one of the the most unreached areas in the world that borders with Afghanistan and Iran. Mllitant groups related to Al-Qaida and Talbaan are very strong and active there but we felt a divine security and protection during this trip. The growth of Christianity in these areas continues despite resistance and Sharia Law in some MMA states. We have 78 house churches and more than 9200 committed believers there, most live under the poverty line and face persecution but are very strong in faith. We carried in 3800 Urdu bibles, 1000 song books and other literature with us and did 11 gospel meetings which planted two more churches. 64 new believers were baptized. Praise God.
Muqaddam Zia, Pakistan

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Free Worship CD to bless the poor

Chris & Jennie Orange, worship leaders at Ichthus Christian Fellowship have recorded a worship CD called The Message We Live, which is being distributed FREE of charge in the UK/Europe/USA. All donations given to a charity called 4 Life, Thailand who work with disabled, abandoned children.
Chris Orange, 33, London, UK

Struggling to reach our nearest unreached group.
I am a native young man from a small village, if you are interested in helping me with my vision, write to:
Sergio Jaime Rosero Silva, 20, Buena Vista, Perú.

Are you far from home and feeling lonely . .
Here is a lovely word from Paul Garret of New Zealand.

"Be very assured that no matter how isolated or lonely you may feel . . . You are dearly beloved of the Lord. He knows your situation. It is He Who has placed you where you are, and He is with you – no matter how far away He might seem to be. He does care for you and watches over you more than you understand or comprehend. He is working out His plans and purposes in and through you. He has been where you are now - He left the realms of glory for the manger, and He agonized alone in the garden before His great and terrible day. Although the physical comfort, encouragement and fellowship of family and friends is far away, please be assured there are many who are aware of your situation and are upholding you at this time. We are “labourers together…” To those at home with family or friends, would you please remember, consider and uphold people in mission who are not so blessed today. Remember them, support and sustain them by your “vertical” support.
Paul Garratt

I felt the Lord say we have reached a watershed . .
A watershed is ‘the boundary line between river catchments’ where tiny, almost hidden streams not much bigger than a man’s arm appear from nowhere and begin to flow. They may seem to be going in opposite directions and can easily be blocked but as they become bigger, they flow faster and eventually they flow together to form a mighty and unstoppable river which carries everything with it. I believe God is asking us to encourage these different streams as they struggle to flow, removing all the small blockages which may prevent them and that if we do that, they will soon start to pour living water into the main river. My prayer for DCI in 2007 is that many more streams would spring up in unexpected places, apparently from nowhere, although there is always a deep source, bubbling irrepressibly into life, and refusing to become a stagnant swamp, or to be dammed up. May you who tend the streams be refreshed, and not drained and hold on to the vision of the vast river which is forming.
Margaret Wendels, Southwell, UK.

We need volunteers in South Africa and Lesotho
For 1, 3, 6 or 12 months at a christian school and in a village in the mountains of lesotho
Anton, 48, Trompsburg South Africa

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Who are we ?
Is your free Bible School for Catholics, or not ? Are you Catholics ? Which denomination do you belong to.
Oldemar Jiménez, 35 , Nicaragua.

§ Dear Oldemar, We are not Catholic by denomination nor are we members of any one denomination, rather we are a group of around 100 friends and volunteers from a wide variety of believing churches in many parts of the world, and we follow the Lord’s call to misson together. We are open to all. There is more information here: http://www.dci.org.uk/main/findout.htm
Les Norman.

Trips to Israel from Madrid for just  890 Euros all in . .

I hope that the Holy Spirit is giving you a special love for Israel, not from any political or religious Zionism but because the suffering of Jewish people is intensifying with the increase of worldwide anti-semitism. The God of Israel is giving compassion to all who watch and pray to be a blessing to the Jewish people that He used to bring us salvation. We have trips to Israel from Madrid every week, with room for 8 people to stay in our own mission home in Jerusalem. We pray and serve, and you can visit all the historic places. We have got the price down to €890 Euros each including all travel, accommodation, meals, transport and visits.
Miguel y Maricarmen Diez, Remar International.
migueldiez@remar.org or shaishemer@terra.es

Comibam III in Granada, Spain.
Last November the Ibero-American Missions Congress, Comibam III, brought together 2000 missionaries, pastors and people in mission in beautiful Granada for the first time, to discuss the past 20 years of Latin American mission and to set new goals. It was a great success.
Pastor-mobilizer Rubén Besada, 48, Mendoza, Argentina.

You, Lord, are my shepherd . .
I will never be in need.
You let me rest in fields of green grass.
You lead me to streams of peaceful water,
and you refresh my life.
You are true to your name,
and you lead me along the right paths.
I may walk through valleys as dark as death but I won't be afraid.
You are with me, and your shepherd's rod makes me feel safe.
You treat me to a feast, while my enemies watch.
You honor me as your guest,
and you fill my cup until it overflows.
Your kindness and love will always be with me
each day of my life,
and I will live forever in your house.
Psalm 23. CEV

Today's World Christian News

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