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The news follows this network announcement . . .
DCI Schools of Mission
Leaders and Students Circular
Have you seen this page about the Nairobi School of Mission yet ?

Tips from around the world
In order to qualify for a valid diploma the School of Mission gives the students a lesson to learn and also something to write, something to discuss and something to do. If the students do not do the written homework and the practical service then they cannot have a diploma and they miss a really important way of learning more, people learn best by doing, thinking and writing.

Don't provide handouts before or after each lesson. Let the students take notes by hand as you speak, and afterwards check the quality of their note-taking. Note-taking increases concentration and learning. Offer a complete set of notes for those graduates who intend to go and open up the School somewhere else afterwards. Use the students as volunteers in your own mission work or office, and the students will learn more by helping on the job alongside the leaders and other workers.

Banking for the Poor Leader's Circular
Have you seen this page about the Uganda project yet ?

About the Bird Flu
Because of the expected worldwide spread of this disease, and the fear of it at government level, we seriously and urgently advise you to not accept any proposals for micro-businesses that involve chickens, eggs, ducks or birds of any kind.

If you or your project leaders have any bird related businesses we advise that the birds be sold at the earliest opportunity, now before it is too late, and the money re-invested in another kind of business. This is advice not a demand but you will do well to carefully consider the situation in your own country. One of our ladies in Cameroon has just had her entire flock destroyed by the government, and compensation will be very uncertain. Pray first and do whatever is best for you.

Please remember to stay in touch every month. This is important to maintain your status for future development of your project.

New 2006 Apply to DCI page
The requirements and conditions for sponsorship are here

Wanted to join the team . .
Volunteer Editor for this page in English
The job is to select the news items, arrange translations and the page layout, and handle e-mail responses with my help 7 days a week. You will have to understand at least Spanish. We also need regional editors for the Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian pages and future pages in Italian. These are part-time voluntary positions for man or women with a heart for world mission and time for people. Please let me know if you are interested and tell me all about yourself and your experience.
Les Norman
Contact me


Eighty baptised in Federal Prison No.2
The Lord has raised His church in here. We are a group of pastors and people from different churches and we are working together for the Lord with more than 200 prisoners here.
Ricardo Daniel Perrone, 50, Buenos Aires

Faith awakening among teenagers
A Prayer Congress has grown to 1200 teenagers in the meetings in just two years, for Austria, a predominantly Catholic nation, these are remarkable numbers with 35-50% of these teenagers in school prayer groups or youth groups that pray throughout the year.
From Joel News: http://www.joelnews.org

See my missions project for Africa
Please see my website for video, you might be interested. I have seen some of the DCI projects and mine is similar for Guinea Bissau.
Ana Maria Lima da Silva, 43, João Pessoa-Brasil
Video: http://www.paraiba.tv then Canal 43 Saraafrica

Evangelism and training in our church
God used this DCI website to give me a vision and to go, to do and to preach. Through you the Lord has equipped us to open a School of Mission for intercession, discipleship and evangelism.
Rogerio De Moraes Silva, 41, Brasilia-DF

Faith makes everything possible
Two years ago I contacted a pastor en Kenya through this page and this year five of us health professionals went to see him. We took spiritual and material help and we all felt very blessed. The need is huge but God-willing we will go back again next year. God is faithful. We had no money but after prayer the Lord opened the way and we had enough and plenty to spare.
Rodrigo, 33, Temuco.

Our boat is full of hope but no petrol !
Here in Youth with a Mission we have 14 students from different nations and we want to take the gospel to unreached peoples. The only way is by boat, we have the boat but we need your prayers and someone to fill the fuel tank for us, so we can get to the Yaguas y Ticunas peoples.
Charles Valencia, 36, Leticia-Amazonas

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Spreading the missionary vision
For over 6 years, my husband and I have been travelling from Cuba to Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, USA and Argentina to share the missions vision. Our own Cuba missions conference was very good, overflowing with God’s blessing, the church was packed from morning to late into the night.
Pastora Rebeca Martínez, Cuba.

Ninth visit to the Word Alive Church
People in the West of Ghana are totally neglected and live in a sticky heat in shacks on just a few pounds a day forever struggling with tropical diseases, witchcraft and cults. This church has opened 18 congregations, a Bible School, a school for 200 children. and orphanage an a Nurses School with 120 students. We are speaking at their Easter Convention and at seminars, gospel campaigns and meetings and would love to take any help for these poor people that you might care to send. Write to me for more information please.
Dave Watts, Stourbridge, UK

New School of Mission opens in French
The school will open April 15 with 25 students from 4 churches who will study for one year every Saturday. The students who do all the homework and get excellent grades will get a DCI approved diploma. I will follow all of your advice and I wish God will give you the means to help us in Haiti which is a very poor country.
Pastor Galilee J. de Galileo Perilus, Saint-Marc Haiti

§ Our Free School of Mission is here for you to do the same where you live.
Les Norman

Mizoram and Nagas send thousands of missionaries
Indian tribes from Mizoram who were converted to Christianity between 1840 and 1960 by missionaries from Wales are now returning to evangelise the Welsh because Wales is in a state of religious decline. While in Mizoram, a fruit of the Welsh mission, over 80 percent are Christians, in Wales church attendance has dropped under 10 %. More here In nearby Nagaland 99% of a population of 2 million are Christians and in 1976 the Nagas made a covenant with God to send out 10,000 missionaries to the world. Over 8,000 missionaries have already been sent and hundreds of churches planted. More here
From Joel News

Three Christians to be executed this week
The Coalition for Fair Trials says the trial of Tibo, da Silva and Riwu from Poso did not meet the standards of a fair trial especially when credible witnesses prove that the men were not the planners or executors of the crimes. Sadly, the Indonesian government is exercising undue, some would say, dirty haste, to execute these men, so that when the murderous Jihadis who killed more than 200 in the Bali bombing are executed they can claim to be even handed. Please appeal to our government through your embassy or through my email and ask your friends too.
More information here: Indonesia Watch and at Jubilee Campaign or Persecution
News from Pembela Indonesia

DCI Banking for the Poor starts in Indonesia
Because of the £500 of start-up capital we received from you people are so blessed for the loan they got and they ask me to say thanks to you al for the beautiful things you have done for these Indonesian people. Twenty-one men and women now have micro-businesses of their own for just $30 upwards and will escape poverty by selling porridge, snacks, newspapers, coconut ice, eggs, traditional medicine, spice, clothes, noodles, ducks, cakes, coffee, soup and woodcarving. Meet two of the ladies -

Mrs. Y used to live a good, prosperous life with a happy family until her husband left her to marry another woman. Now her condition was very pitiful, so we decided to help her, although she is Muslim. The good news is she now finds a place to relieve her soul and has heard many good testimonies from or about Christians. She knows she is a victim of Islamic polygamy and the selfish life of her background and she seems to find Christ as the only solution to survive. Please pray for her, since it’s not easy thing for a Muslim like her to follow Jesus, it brings many risks even for her life.

Mrs Dedeh was homeless leper for three years, sleeping anywhere she could find. Now she sell salty eggs and finds it easy at the market. She thanks Jesus for His mercy to me, and she thanks you for making my life more precious now. Her leprosy is being gradually recovered.
More information on Banking for the Poor.
Pastor YM, Indonesia.
Address via DCI for security reasons

§ We welcome the gift of more capital for poor people to have their own micro-businesses. In Indonesia just £500/$800 was enough to get 21 families out of total poverty and as they repay the money is immediately loaned to others on the approved list. See our Banking for the Poor page for more information. Please consider investing a gift in our Bank for the Poor, we need your help.
Les and Pilar
Safe, easy credit card transaction via PayPal from E-Bay.
Alternative ways to send a gift are

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Internet Evangelism Day in May 2006
This website contains many resources to help Christians understand and use the Internet to touch the world. It explains how to build a church website that can reach out into the community, or start an evangelistic blog. There is even a free evangelistic screensaver to download. Resources include a PowerPoint presentation, video clips, music, drama skits, posters, handouts and many other ideas.

 Ivory Coast
Doctor- surgeon urgently needed
Christian hospital in the north of the Ivory Coast needs a doctor / surgeon in gynaecology. During the war this hospital worked to save the population in the name of Jesus, evangelising mainly unreached people. The doctor who had started this hospital died and his wife has decided to carry on with the work.
Pastor Joseph, Abidjan

From the EAPTC School of Mission . . .
We began to trust God 10 years ago to build His Church in Africa and now it is becoming a reality! Out of 53 African nations, EAPTC currently has its churches, Bible training centres, and correspondence Bible school students in some 11 nations, 221 students are enrolled in 36 different training centres being taught in English, Swahili, Luganda and several tribal languages for 6 months to 2 years depending on the school. Over 30% of graduates plant new churches and 40% go back to their mother churches to serve after their graduation.
Paul & Eunice Lee, Nairobi, Kenya

§ Don't miss our special report on this outstanding School of Mission. Click here
Les and Pilar
The founders of the Schools of Mission Network

School of Mission graduates plant a new church
Some of the people were saved during the Christmas party for the poor, I was the guest speaker in the meetings they organised in town and so many gave there lives to Christ. One former student is now in Botswana to open the School of Mission there and another graduate is travelling to South Africa. Do continue praying for us, God is doing a lot.
Pastor Moses Atte Aringo, Lwuinga, Mzuzu.

§ Our Free School of Mission is here for you to do the same where you live.
Les Norman

Multan City sees 818 decisions for Jesus
This was the first gospel campaign in this city of more than 20,00,000 souls. We also planted four fellowships and also had 3 days Pastors and Leaders Seminar. Please keep praying for the believers of Pakistan, who struggle to survive hard persecutions here.
Dr. Muqaddam Zia, Faisalabad.

Who needs me to come as a volunteer?
I am a journalism student and work with many voluntary organisations. What do I have to do to work as a volunteer in another country ?
Milagros Valenzuela Apaza, 23, Arequipa.

School of Mission Leader in Moscow receives doctorate
The major thesis of my dissertation, The Ministry Driven Church, is practical ministries to "the poor, maimed, lame and blind." We are committed to this because that's what Jesus did, what He taught His disciples to do, and what He commanded them to teach their disciples to do. This is the forgotten factor in the formula for rapid church growth. You're welcome to get a copy to read here
"Dr.Bob" Hosken, 42 years in Russia.
Agape-Biblia: www.agape-biblia.org
Agape Rehab Society: www.agape-biblia.org/rehab

§ Many, many congratulation Robert from everyone in DCI England, what a tremendous achievement. Everyone should read your book and do what it says.
Les and Pilar

Today's World Christian News

Free Start Your Own School of Mission Materials    Money Forum
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