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Supernatural revival from the Lord
We are working in one of the worst areas of Manaus among a population of around 300,000 people with every kind of problem you can possibly imagine, drugs, prostitution and every kind of social disorder. But God is working in a very powerful way through evangelism and G12 discipleship and we are seeing a lot of people come to know Jesus.
Antonio Juracy Maciel de Lima, Manaus.

Who wants to play football?
We are an international football training centre working with professionals and hopeful young people. We are also working with refugees from Congo, Sierra Leona, Ghana and people from Brazil, Colombia and Argentina. We try to share the gospel with everyone and train the believers who are professional footballers to be self-supporting missionaries who can find a unique way into some of the closed countries of the 10\40 Window. As a professional centre we hope to bring players from North Africa and other nations for training with us and were always looking for teams will take our trained professionals.
Luciano Silva, Buenos Aires

How can I work and study English free?
I need to learn English in England but is there anywhere I can go and work in return for classes?
Dario Justiniano, Santa Cruz De La Cierra

§ Hi Dario, there are hundreds of schools of English in the United Kingdom and it is possible that one or two of them may take students who work instead of paying the fees. If you do a search for language schools in Google you can then get in contact with each one and ask if they will take you. The normal fees for language tuition over here are really high because of the cost of living and the cost of fuel at almost US $2 a gallon. This Christian language school that we know may be more sympathetic than some of the others when it comes to fees.
Les Norman.

The porn is out, worship is in . .
Remar is a Spanish mission here, and we have just been very blessed to get hold of a cinema right in the middle of the capital. This cinema was showing pornographic films and right next door there was a house of prostitutes. Please pray for us and if anybody wants to come and work with us, please get in touch through our central web page.
Edwin Gutierrezalva, La Paz.

There was a deep darkness and . . .
The darkness could be touched, it was very thick almost alive. Then all of the sudden it split up in two parts, torn apart by lightning. A cloud of fire revolving as volcanic waves came in my direction. Above the cloud I saw the Lord, he came closer to the veil of darkness, and stopped between where I was and the deep darkness, and said, "The only thing that is stopping me from coming in this generation is my church." I couldn't sleep, I cried and grieved over that vision for many days and it still makes me cry, because I know that I belong to that church Jesus spoke about. I want to contribute bringing Jesus back to this earth and I know the way to do it is to preach the gospel, to teach his word. I intend to travel to Uruguay to visit the work there. I need a host church, but I don' know anyone over there. I really would love to go before the end of this year. Pray for open doors over there.
Silvana Mara, Pouso-Alegre.

Just elected: A president who loves God.
He was converted during the rebellion. According to his testimony, God inspired him to stop the war. Before the start of his first speech as President on his inauguration day, he started by praying and thanking God. God had promised revival a long time ago; we feel it's starting now. Blessed be our God!
Niyongabo Félix, Bujumbura

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Just five weeks later . . .
In July one of our DCI West African partners and friends led a short-term School of Mission in French. Now, just five weeks later, three men and one lady have left their jobs, sold their possessions, obtained visas, bought one-way air tickets, received prayer from their churches and have gone to find jobs and to open mission training schools in their homes in China, Russia, Brazil and Indonesia. They are there now.
Name withdrawn for security reasons

If you can't go yourself . . .
then for Christ's sake send someone else.

This was one of the favourite one-liners of Pastor Oswald Smith, of The People's Church, Toronto (1889-1986) which as many of you know became our way of doing things some years ago. By popular request here are a few more Oswald Smith quotations:
Les and Pilar

"If God wills the evangelization of the world,
 and you refuse to support missions, then you are opposed to the will of God."
"Attempt great things for God, expect great things from God."
"Why should anyone hear the Gospel twice before every- one has heard it once?"
"Give according to your income lest God make your income according to your giving."
"Now let me burn out for Christ."
"The church which ceases to be evangelistic will soon cease to be evangelical."
"This generation can only reach this generation."
"Not how much of my money will I give to God,
  but, how much of God's money will I keep for myself. "
"The supreme task of the Church is the evangelization of the world."

Come with us to Kenya
We are taking a team of young people, mostly professionals, some are nurses, paramedics, teachers, a nutritionist, or water and land engineers. We are going in February to spend a month in Kissi to support some of the churches there. The opportunity is also open to you, at least you can support us in prayer and maybe some people would like to respond to the call of God and come with us. We are not looking for perfect people or super heroes just men and women who are willing to be obedient to the Lord. We have a lot to do for people with AIDS, malaria and we are also going to work with an orphanage.
Rodrigo Sanchez Q.,Temuco.

The Lord of the widows and orphans
Colombia is known all over the world as a dangerous nation but now we are beginning to declare that Jesus Christ is the Prince of peace. The church here passionately believes that the despised and rejected of the world are chosen by God to shame the wise, and we are believing to see a Holy Spirit revival in this land for the glory of our Father God.
Yenny Betancourt, Barranquilla

Seventy prison guards come to the meetings
Not just the prisoners in Colombia's jails are coming to Christ but now the prison guards are hearing the gospel. I am seeing a wonderful work take place in one particular prison and for the first time all of the prison guards, some 70 men, willingly came to our meetings about finding life with Christ..
Alonso Zuñiga, Ibague

Missions youth camp went really well
Carrying on from the last edition, let me tell you that in the end 360 young people and their leaders came to the camp and 150 of them very seriously consecrated their lives to a call to the Great Commission. When Cuba changes they will go. The church here is strong, spiritual, it has authority, a revelation and understanding of the word of God. The young pastors are giving a strong leadership and will bring changes into this nation. All this week are being different churches answering the call to teach about world mission.
Claudia de Bustamante, from Argentina.

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Revival will come to Europe
John Walker, Vice President of FGBMFI Europe read a report of an evangelistic revival in the FGBMFI in Nicaragua and as he read he felt a strong desire that a similar movement would pour out across Europe, which has become so dark spiritually. He sensed the Holy Spirit saying, "Revival will come to Europe, the glory of the Lord will cover the earth, as the waters cover the sea. Now is the time to remain strong, remain faithful and seek perfection in all you do. Now are the days of preparation. Do not remain lukewarm or self- contented, but remain strong as my faithful remnant in these days and this generation."
From Friday Fax New Zealand, in English only.
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From here they shall go . .
I had a vision of a huge hand that was beating a sheaf of wheat on the ground and from the wheat many strange things, some colourful, some black were falling. The Lord said: "I am shaking my people in their heart for them to repent. Leaders and pastors who are living in sin and do not want to repent shall be come to an end and cut off. Many shall be separated from the ministry but those who repent of their sins and leave their ways shall be restored and receive a greater anointing." Then I saw an angel with a trumpet like a shofar close to his mouth but not playing it. The Lord said, "He is ready, I am at hand." Suddenly I saw a huge clock face at five to midnight and the Lord said, "I am coming soon but Oh the souls." I saw fields, after fields, after fields of wheat that were people and He said, "The fields are mature, the greatest harvest that ever happened is here." I saw Central America, Mexico and Panama and people started walking to the seashore and then they walked on the sea as they went to other continents. the Lord said. "From here they shall go to every nation, tongue and tribe taking the gospel in the anointing of the Holy Spirit".
Pastora Ana Maria de Aviles, San Pedro Sula.

Supporting 14 missionaries in Hyderabad
Each missionary has planted more than 5 village churches with a membership of 40 to 160. The villages in Andhra are white unto harvest and the villagers cry for missionaries and bring many to the services. The 160 believers at Bichugunda meet in a cattle shed. Most of the people need deliverance from demon possession. What India needs is village missionaries not city crusaders. India is ready for harvest.
Pastor Daniel Varghese Kizhakkevila, Kerala.

Three years in prison for Kids Bible Club
On 1st September, Rebekka Zakaria, Eti Pangesti and Ratna Bangun were sentenced to 3 years in prison for allowing children of Muslim families to attend the bible club they were organizing. These 3 Christian ladies with families and children of their own had asked all the children to get the written consent from their parents before attending.
Open Doors

New drug gets recommendation
The BBC reports that experts are to recommend Artesunate for malaria after a study found it can save more lives than current therapy. Malaria experts are changing their advice after a study showed a drug can save more lives than current therapy. The World Health Organization said it will recommend artesunate, a drug derived from traditional Chinese medicine, for severe malaria following a Lancet study that showed using this drug in adults living in areas of low malaria transmission cut deaths by over a third.

Who can tell me about Iraq and Afghanistan?
Thanks for any information you can send me because I want to support people working in mission there. I am a young man who has decided to unreservedly surrender my life to Jesus Christ.
Esteban Diaz, Monterrey.

School needs an English teacher
Our Christian School is very poor and urgently needs a male or female English teacher, someone who truly loves the Lord and is willing to work in a very nice Christian atmosphere.
Elizabeth Coral Saldarriaga, Piura.

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 United States
Turn the world upside down with the Gospel.
The devil tries to do everything he can to keep Christians from lifting up the Name of Jesus to the unsaved. He wants us to choke on that Name through embarrassment, intimidation and fear. There is power in the Name of Jesus, and when we speak it, things happen. If you don't know how to witness, start by getting the Name of Jesus into your conversations. Tell them, "Jesus saves", "Jesus heals", "Jesus delivers", "Jesus love you". Once you get Jesus into the conversation, 90% of the battle is won. God can then open the door for you to lead them into a personal relationship with Him. The more you lift up Jesus, the greater the results will be.
Jamie Morgan, The Soul Winner's Devotional.
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New Orleans disaster prophesied on July 22nd
O New Orleans, God speaks to you from Houston tonight and says enough of this! For a judgment is coming says the Spirit of the Lord, and I will take the men that have stood in faith, raise them above the flood that shall destroy. Enough of this! For I will take the curses and the bodies will even rise and they will come forth on the water, but I will keep you, and the stench of death will only last a few days. And then what I promised two years ago will come to pass for August, September and October of this year I made a promise it would happen, and God said be strengthened now, be strengthened now for enough is enough says the Lord."
Read the full prophecy here
Hear the prophecy here
From Kim Clement July 22, 2005 Houston, TX

Church growing in every way
We have been in Caracas for just six months and it is terrific to see how the church is growing in wisdom, in numbers and enthusiasm. So much so that we are going to start home meetings in three new districts any time now.
Claudio Da Souza, Caracas.

We totally reject Pat Robertson's views.
As a Christian and as a lover of humanity as well as being Venezuelan I want a totally reject North American TV pastor and evangelist Pat Robertson's opinion that it is necessary to assassinate the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chaves. This kind of preaching brings nothing of any value to people who already struggling and confused and need to know love and peace in their lives.
Dante Quintana, Cabimas.

Would Christ say such a thing?
I am very disappointed with what Pat Robertson said although I am no fan of Hugo Cháves. If I were not a committed follower of Christ I would have nothing to do with Christianity after hearing a pastor called for the murder of another person. This is shameful for all the churches.
Carlos Cortes Perez, Barranquilla, Colombia

§ Feelings are running very high about Pat Robertson's unfortunate opinions which went out on the TV. We were just as shocked and disappointed and very much welcome the apology which came later on. Chávez may be controversial but he does seem to be the hero of the poor in Venezuela.

Les Norman.

Are you in Zimbabwe ?
The press is full of reports like this one but tell us what you are seeing. "They started breaking houses down on 28 May. They came early, around seven or eight in the morning, to warn us, but by three in the afternoon they started demolishing. Since then we have been living in the open. " The BBC Africa Service Last week we heard about a church of 1,000,000 people across Zimbabwe. Is this right ? Anyone know ?
Les and Pilar
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Our Last Word for Today
For everyone who said, "Tell us all about it !"

The 2nd DCI Trust Course for World Christians, 1988

Lots of people write to ask about our own training school here in the UK which gained a little fame of its own a few years ago. Here's a little of the story. When we ran our own school here in England it was a very simple affair which brought considerable comment and even ridicule from some pastors. However it pleased the Lord to give us a continuous Holy Spirit visitation for five years almost without a break and our weekly open nights for believers and their friends from other churches brought crowds who packed the borrowed church hall from wall-to-wall.

By the end of the five years we had graduated a lot of students of all ages from all kinds of denominations, backgrounds and colours. Some went on to open very significant churches, missions and schools in difficult parts of the world. We had no budget , charged no fees and inevitably we had no money. We deliberately took students who could not pay to go to normal Bible Schools. We even took people off the streets and somehow as the news went around the world some of the poorest people you can ever imagine just found their way to England. In some cases they could not even speak English and they arrived with just a plastic bag with a few belongings in it. Some of those men now have churches of thousands of people in Africa. We spent all of our time talking about Jesus, the call of God, evangelism, mission and the poor of the world.

We took no offerings for ourselves but we did have extravagant giving to the poor. We met in a church hall which we borrowed from a Baptist church who did not charge us very much. We met at six o'clock in the morning which for England is a terrible time especially in the winter. We had two hours of worship and prayer followed by breakfast together then from nine o'clock until 12 o'clock we had three sessions of different kinds of teaching and then we had lunch together. In the afternoons the students had part-time jobs which brought them some money to live with and to help with the expenses of renting the hall and paying for their food. Most of them stayed with church families across the city. Those five years soon became the best five years of our lives and most of what we have today in terms of a world network has come from those students who went back to their own countries and repeated what they had been seen and heard. The lessons on this website are in fact the lessons that we taught. I would not like to tell you that it was easy to run the school and the financial demands were very daunting some days but the Lord always helped us and came to our rescue. It was no good teaching about a life of faith and trust in Jesus Christ and not try to live that kind of life in holiness before the Lord.

For everyone who asks about how much it costs to run a school my advice to you is to put a line through everything in your budget which is not 100% absolutely necessary. Scrap everything that the well-resourced churches and schools do and do everything you possibly can to keep expenses at a minimum because some of the best students are the most unlikely ones who will never get into the best schools. They never seem to have enough money to cover their costs and very few people ever believe that young people can ever do anything serious for the Lord and so they keep their money for other things. The funny thing is that young people have often got the job done before someone tells them it is impossible. Which brings us all back to a life of trusting Jesus and Him alone.
Les and Pilar.

Today's World Christian News

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