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Welcome to the 4th May 2004 edition
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Glorious 3 day tent campaign

It took place in a difficult area, we faced much resistance but our God is almighty. Around 500 people gathered every evening; it was glorious. We encourage you to go out to the streets and show the true church. We need a tent of our own to do this again, can you help ?

Juan Carlos

Tell me about
Jewish people here

I am about to visit Moisesville, a town in the province Santa Fe, in order to learn about the Jewish "gauchos".

Juan Aranda, Santa Fe, Argentina.


What is G12 and Jesus Only ?

I need some urgent help because our congregation is getting very confused by some G12 and Jesus Only churches nearby. What are they and what do they believe ?

Ana Chavez, Bruxelles

§ Ana, if you would like to know more about the G12 cell church movement go and search this page which is Pastor Cesar Castellanos' church in Colombia, the centre of the G12 network. Also Kensington Temple in London has adopted the G12 vision for the capital. Both pages give a comprehensive explanation about G12. G12 has received a good reception worldwide; it has become very popular and proved to be very effective for church growth. 


Jesus Only is neither a movement nor a denomination; it is a preferred belief that you come across every now and then all over the place. The people in these churches may be very normal, kind and faithful followers of Jesus, but they choose to believe that they should do everything and especially baptisms in the name of Jesus, rather than in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The main problem is that some people defend this doctrine so passionately that it can create a conflict with others.

Les, the editor.



Can you send us some Bibles ?

Our Church is in the middle of a very deprived community, in Tres Corações, Minas Gerais.

Dr.Sebastiao Ribeiro de Mendonca

§ Dr Sebastian, this page will help you find free literature and inexpensive Bibles,
Les, the editor



About to open three more churches

We would like to share our experiences with other churches and to help and support one another, financially, through the knowledge of the Bible, and with field work with anyone who wants to be a missionary.

Marco Villegas, New Covenant Mission Church, Santiago


Free Bible School Materials  DCI Banking for the Poor








Fiji Islands

God doing the most amazing things

Labasa will be the Revival Capital of Fiji, I can smell it now. The people are so hungry and we have 13 very hungry students in NCTC Training, they are nation shakers I tell you. We started off in such a poor part of Fiji with not a cent yet since 1999 God has moved and done the most amazing stuff. We now have over $200,000 worth of equipment, buildings and land, all out of nowhere.  It is God doing His stuff.  I really want to thank you guys so much for having the guts in the spirit to give us that money that started the ball rolling in 1999.

Marion Male, Labassa.



In Portugal 11-21 April

I will be preaching in different churches in the Lisbon area. If you have friends there please let me know, I would gladly contact them and invite them to the meetings.

Dr. John.W.Matutis, Pastor, Berlin.



Website from heart of refugee camp.

See our new website for all who wish to assist in education for orphans, children and women, training them in agriculture, skills development and micro-business scheme.

Anthony Macedo Barlee, Womankind Association.


I broke the leprosy taboo . .

When we visited a leper colony, the first thing that met our eyes, was a group of mourners. A  Brahmin leper, a member of the highest Hindu caste had died. His widow, also had leprosy, stood near his corpse and cried, beyond comfort, because she had no money to bury him. I felt moved to pay for the burial. Afterwards, I preached to them and prayed with them. One is not supposed to touch lepers but I broke the taboo and laid hands on every single one, as I prayed. Many were saved. Some even were baptized in the Holy Spirit. I was especially moved by a woman who prayed without hands; leprosy had eaten them away, she had only stumps for arms, that she raised up to God. Suddenly, she began speaking in other tongues. I was no longer 'disturbed by the sights and the stumps for limbs, hearts and souls had been touched the Lord. The Indian pastor said foreigner never wanted to visit the leper's colony, much less lay hands on them and pray. But, he said, ''Now I feel challenged to do the same.''

Dr. Johannes Matutis, pastor, Berlin, Germany

One of my main concerns . . .

Is for our 325 native missionaries and pastors' children. Being a Pastor's child I know the struggle and pain of these children. Most of them leave their faith because of the bitter experiences in childhood growing up without proper food, clothes and school books. I want to do something for them and need your counsel and prayers in this matter.

Pastor Daniel, Kerala, India


Time is very near 
for Jesus Christ coming . .

So we Christians must preach the gospel to the world whether on TV, radio or like us, going to preach the gospel as a team to Vizainagaram from 27 April till 1st May

Samuel John, A.P., India.


Free Bible School Materials  

DCI Banking for the Poor






40 days prayer under way.

We are asking the Lord for 200 new home groups, a plot of land for a church building, workshops for young people, and a home for abandoned mothers, elderly people and street children. We are waiting for our Father in heaven to provide His gifts.

Jose and Dina Velasquez, Lima.

Students . . and evangelists

Please pray for new groups; there are 63 of us but there are still no groups in universities such as University of Lima, Ricardo Palma, UNIFE, etc.

Giselle Manya, Lima, Peru


Thank you for these pages . .

Since we started to pray for your DCI ministry, our ministry has borne much fruit. One of them was that we received a $300 donation for a HIV-positive child that has to undergo urgent surgery. We get letters from people willing to be part of our work with families and children with AIDS.

Miguel Vargas Machuca, HESED, Lima.



Mission School at ends of the earth

My church The Charismatic Episcopal Church wants to begin the DCI School of Mission at our college called "All Nations Evangelical Christian College" based on 2 Timothy 2.2 beginning 1st May 2004.

Rev. Tom Nak Kokanyi, Arua, Sudan.

§ Please don't let these impressive sounding names create the image of a smart western faculty in your mind, these brothers are amongst the poorest in the world, having only just survived years of civil warfare by the skin of their teeth. Our colleague George from Uganda has been trying to get into Arua for months to see what is happening but has been stopped by the rebel armies on the road. Now the area is temporarily quiet we are going to try and help these people get started with training and with a Bank for the Poor. 

Les and Pilar, the editors.


Did you know, bet you didn’t ?

There is an almost complete lack of freedom to practice any faith here, apart from very limited freedom for Sunni Islam and Russian Orthodox Christianity. All Baptists, Pentecostals, Adventists, Lutherans as well as Shia Muslim, Armenians, Jewish, Baha'i, JW's are banned and their activity punishable under law. Believers have been threatened, detained, beaten, fined and sacked from their jobs, while homes used for worship and religious literature have been confiscated. 
Full story at Forum 18 News Service

Sent in by Robert Hosken in Moscow.



Posho outreach to the poor
went  way beyond expectation

With the funds from DCI World Christians we were able to purchase enough posho maize flour, soap, salt and eggs which we gave to the more than 500 disabled people and 100 women living AIDS. Even some who escaped narrowly the recent massacre were present and got the gifts, you will see them in the video with all the wounds on their bodies. We also had some cassava plants for the blind lepers who wanted to plant during this rainy season which is a great challenge to all the other disabled people not to keep on begging but to struggle to use the little strength that they have to be productive. While we were distributing the food a thief broke in to our house and stole some money and our watches. However God’s grace is still sufficient for us.

Pastor George Purkweri, DCI Uganda, Lira.


Free Bible School Materials  DCI Banking for the Poor





What kind of Christian . .
Can best endure suffering? That Christian doesn't exist. I could handle your problems easily. You could handle mine with a yawn. But it didn't happen that way. I got the ones I couldn't handle; so did you.

From Celtic Daily Prayer, April 14th


When The Passion is lost . . .

Susie invited her unsaved co-worker, Maria, to see "The Passion." Maria wiped her eyes during the entire movie and when it was over, she and Susie sat in silence. Maria didn't seem to want to leave. The next day at the office, they made small talk, eventually Maria said, "What does 'He that believes in me will live, even though he dies' mean?" Susie muttered something and went back to her cubicle, at a loss. She had heard someone say that we should tell people Jesus loves them and has a wonderful plan for their lives, and Susie had memorized Bible verses when she was a little girl but although she could quote lines from her favourite movies, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, she couldn't even recite all of John 3:16. The next conversation consisted of Susie squirming in her seat, dodging Maria's questions. Scripture memorization is foundational to being able to tell people about Jesus, no other single exercise pays greater dividends. I promise, if you make Scripture memorization a consistent part of your daily routine, your witnessing will be sharper, your confidence enhanced, and your personal faith will be solidified.

From The Soul Winner's Devotional

Igniting a passion for souls on six continents

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Plan to set up church worldwide

Let us know which places are in most need of the word of God. We are interested in sending Worship leaders to play Llanera and Tropical Christian music all over the world.

José Gilberto Lugo Pineda, Tabor, Valencia


Who are we?   See our work with photos






The Last Word  . . .

The Cross is a Trading Post

George MacLeod said: 'Jesus was not crucified in a cathedral between two candles, but on a cross between two thieves; on a town garbage heap; at a crossroads so cosmopolitan that they had to write His title in Hebrew, the language of the religious, Latin, the language of the barbarian, and Greek, the language of the cultured. It was the kind of place where cynics talked smut, thieves cursed and soldiers gambled. But it's where He died, and it's what He died about.' Are any words more victorious? Jesus draws a deep breath, pushes His feet down on those Roman nails and cries: 'It is finished!' What was finished? The history-long plan of redeeming you and I was finished. The work done by Jesus as a man on earth was finished. The task of selecting and training ambassadors was finished. The song had been sung. The blood had been shed. The sacrifice made. The curse of sin broken. The sting of death removed. It was over. The words, 'It is finished' were the same words they wrote across a receipt when a debt had been paid in full. Was any less acceptable? No! Would any more be required? No! 'It is finished! The cross is a trading post. At the point of believing faith, God takes all your sin and lays it on the shoulders of Jesus, while at the same time taking all of Christ's righteousness and wrapping you up in it. What a transfer! And how do you get it? By working for it? No! You receive it by trusting in Christ alone!

From The Word for Today for April.

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