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Happy New Year from England

May Jesus redeem you from your mistakes
rescue you from your enemies and be the Rising Sun
that brings light to your family and friends in 2006

From Luke 1, 68-79

Our prayers and very best wishes for the New Year are yours

Les, Pilar and Lizzie in England
And the team worldwide who bring you these pages.

§ The next edition will ready for you later this week.
© Photo of London at midnight Getty Images and the BBC

Just imagine . . .

You are a widow because your husband has died of AIDS, you are now HIV as well and the village and the family have rejected you. You are an orphan because both Mum and Dad have died of AIDS and because you are the oldest you have to care for the smaller children, alone. You saw your family massacred in a rebel attack, your home was burned and you live in a camp with no facilities at all. You are a child living on the street eating from the bins, chased away by everyone. You are one of 325 lepers in a colony in India kept far away from people and you never get a visit from anyone, not even once a year . . .

Then one day this week a man taps you on the shoulder, smiles, gives you a slip of hand written paper from an exercise book. He says, “Come to this place on this day, Come, I’ll collect you.” When you get there people sit you down, sing to you, speak to you, wait on you as if you were in the restaurant the rich go to, and serve you with as much as you can eat and drink.


They explain to you what happened on Christmas Day a long time ago and how this Jesus lived, died and rose again and will give you hope today. You are sent home with medicine, or a school book, or a mosquito net, or seeds or a tool to make money with.

You live in famine stricken and AIDS-ridden Malawi, or in the refugee camps of north Uganda and you have just been to our Christmas Party, the only party you have ever been to.

Three years ago the Lord spoke to us from Luke 14 saying,

"When you put on a luncheon or a dinner, don't invite your friends, brothers, relatives, and rich neighbours. For they will repay you by inviting you back. [This is what people do and what we used to do but not any more] Instead, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind. Then at the resurrection of the godly, God will reward you for inviting those who could not repay you. Go quickly into the streets and alleys of the city and invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind. Go out into the country lanes and behind the hedges and urge anyone you find to come, so that my house will be full."

So maybe you can to do the same as us this Christmas. Bless the poor, those crippled by life, AIDS or whatever, the lame who are limping because of the hardships of life or accident, and the blind, literally and spiritually. You find them in the streets, the alleys and in the bush - not in the churches. People who have become hopeless and helpless, people who have no-one to care about them, except Christ. You can serve them as if you were serving Christ himself [Matthew 25.35] and give them a day that they will never forget as long as they live which may not be much longer. We promise you - you will feel the smile of God instead of the smile of the shops who normally take your Christmas money.

This is how to have a very happy Christmas.
Photos from last year's parties

Les, Pilar and Lizzie.
Contact Us

§ Dear Les, Greetings from Malawi. I have found out that I might need double what I had requested, the number of people will be even bigger because there is famine in this place. The poor people I was talking with would not believe that they will eat free. I happen to visit a family of seven children all orphans, both parents dead because of AIDS and they had totally nothing to eat even as I was with them. I pointed them to Jesus Christ who is able in all things, three of them gave there lives to Christ there and then, I invited all to them party.

Pastor Musa, Mzuzu.

§ Dear Les and Pilar, Here in north Uganda I have widows, orphans, the AIDS victims and the literal and spiritual blind. My poorest are almost being left to die in their poverty either in the camps because of helpless condition or due to AIDS, lameness, blindness, and other disabilities. I have children who are living alone on the streets, eating from the dustbins. I plan to minister to these poorest people the love and the care of God through giving them a day to remember African style with good food, drinks, music, films or drama and an explanation of Christmas Day, and prayer for the sick and hopeless, sending them home blessed and carrying a useful gift.
George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda

§ Dear Les, There are now 325 lepers, some are almost in their death beds. Some need artificial limbs, clothes, bedspreads, the list is just too long but we will provide food, gifts and a party for Christmas. Our Pastor Johnson goes to visit them every month.
Pastor Daniel, Kerala.

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First graduation for the Mission School
We are very happy because the first 20 students will graduate after the School of Mission course along with First Aid, languages and planning training as well. In January we are going to some very distant and poor native communities taking clothes, food and medicines. We went there in July when 2,300 people gave their lives to Jesus and are now in the local churches. We left behind a help centre for the natives which is attended by 5000 people a month. Thanks to the readers because when we asked for the loan of a truck we soon had one, thanks be to God.
Pastor Gustavo Raul Navarro, 37, La Plata.

Fourth Man Band tours Latin America
our band is now playing on radio all over Latin America carrying the message of salvation beyond the Argentinean frontier. The track is called High Price and the music is bearing much more fruit than we ever expected. See our website and listen to our music.
Cuarto Hombre, 22, Buenos Aires

Shocking glimpse of Cuban culture
Virtually every Cuban is Catholic but the reality is they have never been to the Catholic Church. The typical Cuban sees himself surrounded by spirits which either work for him or against him depending on what the man does to please the spiritual world. It is a sort of mixture between animism and Buddhism. My own village is one of the most idolatrous places on the island, for example on December 4 every year we have a special day for one of the best-known and most worshipped saints in Cuba, the Santa Barbata. She is the god of fire, light, the colour red and the bulls in the field. Sadly it is my village where this evil spirit has its temple and right now many people are coming to worship and to offer their sacrifices, some of them even cut their veins in front of the idol and do even more horrific things as well.
Andy Rodriguez, Guines.

Give me ideas to reach the street children
Here in Ecuador we have many poor children who work in the streets cleaning shoes, selling sweets or fruit and begging for food, they never go to school. I want to organise some kind of activity or group to help them. Can anyone give me some ideas where to start?
Xavier Ribadeneira, 46, Quito.

We’re training end-time soldiers here . .
We have graduated 18 students of which 4 are ladies, and also have to build a church and a training centre for these end-time soldiers.
Pastor Matthew Nelson Kwesie, 43, Obuasi-Adansi

Swiss Mediums see the power of Jesus
Friends of mine near Sankt Gallen, Switzerland put on an alternative evening for mediums who do stage shows to demonstrate their powers. They rented a local hotel for an African Power Night with guest speaker Chris Daza, a prophet from Malawi, who would demonstrate the 'power of God from Africa.' They put notices in local papers not in Christian magazines and the whole room was full of New Agers. Daza told some thrilling miracle stories from Africa, explained that the power behind those miracles was the power of Jesus, and invited those present to experience that power for themselves. He did not need to repeat that invitation. Dozens of people met Jesus that evening. They experienced his love, his healing, and his power to drive out demons. After that experience, the gospel was explained. There were two ways people could invite Jesus into their lives: into their hearts and into their houses. That same night, several house churches were started, which have attracted New Agers to Jesus in their turn.
Marc van der Woude, Joel News, Utrecht.

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118 people decide to follow Jesus
Two years ago God sent Raman and Lily into a Kerala village and they started a prayer group in their house for those who need prayers and deliverance. God started healing people from different faiths and they started coming to know more about this Healing Jesus and to study the word. More people joined with them and started taking water baptism until a church was formed. Today 98 people all from heathen background meet to worship God in this house. I had the privilege to preach Christ in this village and 300 people attended. The altar call was responded to by 118 people with tears who accepted Jesus into their lives. This will make the church grow into more than 200.
Pastor Daniel Varghese Kizhakkevila, Kerala.

Threat thwarted against Himachal Pradesh believers
Believers in that north Indian state met peacefully last Sunday, even after receiving death and arson threats from Hindu extremists. Members of the World Hindu Council (VHP) and its youth wing, Bajrang Dal had beaten Pastor Masih saying that if he and his 60 church members failed to take part in a re-conversion ceremony on November 20, they would burn them to death. Prayers were answered, however, and the planned re-conversion ceremony was dropped. The police pointed out that the attacks were made by people who were misleading the public into thinking that Christians force people to convert to their faith. The attackers have gone into hiding. One positive outcome is that people now know that those who come to faith in Christ are doing so because of the power of the Gospel, not the coercion of men. Many new believers testified that they had accepted Christ of their own free will, often because they had been healed of their diseases. Full story here
K.P. Yohannan, President, Gospel for Asia

Three Christians shot leaving church
Bikers have shot a man and a woman as they were leaving church after the service. The day before, two women and a man were attacked by people armed with machetes. One of the women is now dead. These atrocities happened in the town next to where 4 teenagers were attacked with machetes and guns last month. The authorities are not commenting on the fact that all the victims of these attacks are Christians.
Open Doors

Unusual open door in Palestine and Turkey
Please pray for our mission trip to the Middle East in December and January. We will be in Bethlehem and Hebron in Palestine and later in Istanbul and Adana, Turkey. We are part of a tour which is showing Mexican culture and fiestas to the Muslim communities.
Kevin y Alma Ruth, 35, Mexico to the Nations, Monterrey.

§ Find faith from the Word for a move of God in the Middle East . . I will record Egypt and Iraq among those who know me, also Palestine, Lebanon and even distant Ethiopia. And it will be said of Jerusalem, "Everyone has become a citizen here." From Psalm 87.5 [NLT]
Les and Pilar

Mission and church planting in Spain
in January I will be in Spain to co-operate with the churches in evangelism and church planting. I would like to join with and support everyone in Madrid, Barcelona, Segovia and Cordoba who is also working in these areas.
César Emilio Gramajo, 48, México

Myanmar (Burma)
Can you help my vision become reality?
Many babies and children are crying without their mother's love, some do not know the love of God as they are unbeliever's babies. I want to help them, take care of their life, give them a good place to stay and take care their health providing clothes, food, spiritual food and education for the glory of God. I am praying to God to success in this ministry in 2006.
Johnson Lian, 26, Kalaymyo.

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Children sleeping out in freezing cold
Don't forget the earthquake victims now the press has gone away I am back after a very important visit to the earthquake stricken areas in Northern Pakistan. I am suffering of fever, cold and cough. However the visit was very fruitful and full of impact. I was fully engaged with our relief team. We walked into many areas around 8000 to 10,000 feet high. The weather is absolutely too much cold. Our medical team is helping the injured and the survivors who have different diseases. We met hundreds of families, sleeping out in the open in freezing temperature and most of them are children under 10 years. Snowfall has already begun in many areas, and due to lack of warm clothes, blankets and tents, most of the victims are not able to deal with severe winter. God blessed me with an opportunity to preach there at two evangelistic meetings arranged by our relief team. Hundreds attended including many of the Muslims specially women. Every evening the members of the relief team have a prayer and worship fellowship at the base camp and it is attracting many. I praise God for this real opportunity to demonstrate Christ's love in the midst of terrible suffering. We are going to distribute Christmas Gift Packs to children, each costs just $14 and has a warm jacket, a winter cap, gloves and biscuits.
Pastor Muqaddam Zia, PO Box - 663, Faisalabad, Pakistan
Tel. 0092-300-6646727 or 301-6007541

§ Our friends in New Zealand say this: "I don't know this pastor personally, but have been in correspondence with him, and believe him to be totally genuine. If you are in a position to help, I know it would be a great blessing, and lives would be saved."
John & Bron Fergusson

§ We have also been in touch with this pastor and checked his work as best we can and seems to be 100% genuine and able to do the job. Come on readers, children sleeping out in below zero temperatures with snow coming down, send Pastor Zia or us an gift to buy some packs right now before you forget. He will write back with a full report. Open Doors reports that although the Cashmere region of Pakistan is controlled by fundamentalist Muslims and the Church there is persecuted, the local government has appealed to the Christian organisations to come to their help in this region usually closed to them.
Les and Pilar
Safe online giving:

Who do you know in France?
I want to be involved in the missions in France but I feel sad because I have not managed to meet any genuine believer from there. My heart is on fire to serve the Lord in France. I have been in Christian work since I was 16 years old and I had been the Bible school. I believe my call is from God and I want to follow Him.
Sergio, 24, Lima

§ Hello Sergio: I imagine that you have already learned some French to get you ready for the day when the doors open for you to go to France, so here are some pages which will bring you all the genuine contacts that you will ever need:;
and perhaps the best one of all:

Looking forward to seeing you in Europe, we need you and thousands more like you over here.

Les Norman.

Yesterday Israel, tomorrow it's Angola
We have just got back from Israel with a group of 42 people, all of us saw the need to bless Israel. Tomorrow night we are leaving for Angola and we need your prayers as we lean on the grace of the Lord for everything. Our time in Israel was very special and we noticed some important spiritual changes. We are sure that the birth pains which announce the coming of our beloved Saviour to this world are becoming more and more intense and closer together with every year that goes by. We do not doubt that there is a new wave of vicious anti-Semitism on the way and the churches need to be sure that they do not fall into being part of those people who persecute Israel, rather join with those who want to bless her. Jerusalem is the centre of the spiritual battle on the earth but even there we have seen the hand of God opening doors for us after more than a year and a half of not seeing much fruit for our work. We have begun to serve in the rehabilitation of drug addicts and needy people and we are just beginning to see the same miracles and wonders of God as he restores lives, just as we see in other countries. We have come across many children from 14 years old upwards who are sniffing glue and already addicted to heroin and cocaine, even kids from religious backgrounds, and the increase of suicides amongst the youth and the women is alarming such as the pressure they have to live under in Israel.

Miguel Diez y Mari Carmen Jimenez, the founders
Remar International, Madrid and in 30 nations.
How can we bless you, how can you be a blessing to us ?

§ You will find Miguel and Mari Carmen at the very top of our personal list of modern-day heroes of the faith because of their love and passion both for Christ and for the lost and poor of the world. We first met them more than 20 years ago and we have seen how they have remained faithful in their first love for Jesus and how they have maintained their holiness and integrity as their work has grown throughout the world. They have just returned from Ivory Coast, a country in civil war, and from Burkina Faso where we first took them back in the 80s. Here is a report from Mari Carmen which is well worth reading, it will only take you three or four minutes but her words may change your life.
Les y Pilar

80 villages have only 10 churches . .
We actively work in villages Saki in the Ar Crimea area of the Ukraine. The literature on Gospel is necessary for us. If there is an opportunity to us to help. We shall be glad. We invite the visitors to this work. In our area on 80 villages only 10 churches. Muslim people open mosques and Crimean Tatar people have returned to Crimea. They are about 500 000 strong and financially are helped by the Arabs. God bless you.
Pastor Yuri Y, Ukrainian Missionary Church

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 United Kingdom
Missionary Training Booklets: Get A Whole Set!
Now you can get nine booklets in the current Missionary Training Service series for GB£ 20 / US$ 45 and they're also available at much lower prices for the developing world. Tiles: The Missionary Training Guide, Unreached Peoples of the World, The Missionary Team, How to make Disciples in Other Cultures, How to Learn Another Language, The Effective Sending Church, Tentmaking Missionaries, Evangelizing Muslims, Evangelizing Hindus and Buddhists. And in Spanish:  Free here: La Guía de Capacitación Misionera, un manual que le guiará en la capacitación práctica de misioneros.

§ Highly, highly recommended. We give these booklets out everywhere we can. Every church, Bible School and everyone interested in missions should have a set. We know Ian Benson, the author personally, and he knows his stuff.
Les and Pilar.

Proof that we don't always see what we think we see.
Click on the link below, concentrate on the black cross in the centre and let your eyes and brain play tricks on you. Then tell us that the way you see things is always right ! Have fun !
Sent in by Catherine Northey, Rainworth.

Marching for Jesus to the hungry kids
On February 4th we will be doing a March for Jesus to show our faith and open the door for others to come to Christ, and also to take food to three places where street children are fed. If you are nearby and can help us with non-perishable food you are very welcome.
Gustavo Benitez, 22, Canelones.

Anyone have a projector to donate?
Can anyone help us to get a projector so that we can show Gospel films to the children in this country?
Juan Carlos Vilar, 37, Salto

Looking for Churches in Indonesia
Seventeen years ago the Lord called me to serve him Indonesia and amongst the Penan y Punnas peoples who are in the Borneo jungle, I am a nurse.
Claudio Rafael Salazar Gomez, 41, Carora.

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The Last Word for Today
Find a way to convert cash into heavenly treasure
There is a definite lure to lust after riches and fame, especially in this generation because of the perks that come with it. Many have sacrificed true friends, families, values and their integrity to make the “almighty buck” … for what? Wealth without purpose is very dangerous as it gives you the licence to destroy your own very life. Put the love of money in its place - out of your life! Understand that all the money we amass here on earth cannot be spent in heaven. We need to find a way to convert the cash we get on earth into treasure that is useful in heaven, and we must do it before we get to heaven since there are no bureau de changes there. Since we cannot spend the money amassed on earth when we cross over to eternity, we need to know how to convert that currency into another currency that is viable in heaven. Use your money to help people who are in genuine need, pay your tithes, give your offerings to the Lord, and contribute to the building of God’s kingdom here on earth by donations and other forms of financial support to worthy causes. In so doing, you are converting the cash in your hand or bank account into treasure that is in heaven. A rich man, without understanding this reality, gains the whole world yet loses his very soul in the process. Money should be mastered, not become a master. See Psalm 49 v 16-20
Pastor Ade Adesina, Power House International Ministries
From the daily email brought to you by

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