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Pastor at 20 years old . .
I've planted some churches and right now I'm leading a church that we opened just 4 months ago and it already has 100 members. We need your support in prayer because we have rented our place and we have a lot of poor people coming.
Matias Mohe, Corrientes.

International Missionary School $150 all in.
Los Olivos keeps going, students only pay $150 which includes everything. We are supported by COMIBAM International. We are waiting for more students from all around the world., Spanish speaking.
Richard Brandan.

The sad state of the Gospel in the south of Spain
Eight of us have been taking part in an extended time of intercession along with missionaries who are working in the south of Spain it was really sad to discover the sorry state of the Gospel in that region but at  the same time we felt the call of the Lord to ask him to raise a more missionaries to go to that area because the need is very great.
Willians Cabral, European Christian Mission in Brazil, Itaboraí.

 Burkina Faso
Eighteen months in the planning and now . .
I am going to Burkina to hold two Schools of Mission. Richard Sawedego's youth movement has about 400 young people for the first mission academy from August 2 and later on in Leo I will repeat it with Pastor David Zopoula whose network of AoG missionary pastors come from peaceful but unevangelised Muslim villages. Please pray with me for safe travel and an easy passage through Burkina customs. For God's anointing upon the teaching and conversations, for successful working laptops and projectors in excess of 35 degrees C in the hot, rainy season, For my family remaining in Wales and for the advance of God's kingdom and the doing of his will on earth, as it is in heaven .
John Clements, Llanelli, Wales.

Come and speak at our conference
We have an international evangelism and prayer conference again in November on the power of Christian unity.
Ngum Peter, United Royal Christian Ministries, Douala.

 Central African Republic
Are you in Romania ?
I'm an evangelist missionary in the CAR with dual Romanian and CAR nationality because my mother is Romanian. I wish to have contacts with missionaries in Romania. I am committed to be a missionary for Jesus.
Patrick Tangbandet.

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Sport gets you in touch with young people.
Chile is a country in which it's really easy to do this. I'm teaching handball and winning some young people for the Lord. I'm more interested in schools like YWAM have with buildings to practice sports so we can influence our community. If anybody has any ideas, please let me know.
Fabian Camaño, San Fernando.

The greatest joy of all . . .
I write to share this with you, that the joy of winning souls for Christ is the greatest joy a Christian can experience. I am a child evangelist working in Banjul, my team reaches over a thousand children and older people a week for Christ.
Henry D. Williams, Banjul.

 Germany and USA
Free English Teacher Training Course
We offer a free English Teacher Training Course (TESL) for people in Christian Ministry to help them earn their living in addition to their ministry work. Postgraduate TESL Diploma and/or Master in Applied Linguistics (TESL). Applicants need to have at least a Bachelor Degree and an excellent practical command of English both written and spoken.
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Schmidt

What's it like in Spain ?
We have a monthly prayer calendar, this month it's Spain. I'd really appreciate any information that can help us to pray.
Javier Lemus, Guatemala Christian Fellowship.

Urgency for gospel everywhere I go.
Missionary pastor Mani Kuriakose has planted 9 house churches with 15 to 20 members in each last year and plans for 25 by the end of this year. In 5 Tamil Nadu villages we could see people ready to do any thing for Jesus. They have asked for missionaries, 50 to 80 people are ready to worship Jesus having forsaken their idols and turned to God. The Lord is moving and I am excited to be part of it.
Pastor Daniel, Kerala.

Would you like to join us ?
We want to open a French speaking Christian Centre in Jerusalem.
Villa Elishéva

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 Ivory Coast
What it's like to work with animists . .
We are two missionary couples working with the Akan people group, in Aboure in the South. An animist serves idols but is thirsty for God. We planted one church in which has 260 members, but we have a problem with translation into Aboure and there is hostility from the traditional leaders which whom do not want to see the growth of the new and live churches. We have been brought several times in front of the traditional tribunal. The King who governs the village has summoned us several times. We are asking you, your support in prayers and we need literature.
Nelson Ndondo, Bonoua

§ Nelson, for Free Literature to give away try these pages: and

Best wishes, Les.

When your country is at war. . .
We can no longer take the word of God to the north, centre or west of the country, 106 pastors and their families have moved, churches and homes have been wrecked. In Abidjan, the capital, and others regions of the country, everything is fine for God's work.
Pasteur Gnogouri Abel, Abidjan

Pray for our country
We are asking you to pray for our country Mauritania to get the Christians' organisations to come to work to win souls because there are very few organisations present here.
Mouktar, Nouakchott

North Africa
Urgent need for English teachers
English Teachers are urgently required for our English centre from this September. This is a challenging and rewarding post. We are looking for adventurous, committed Christians to join a small dynamic team working in this city of 100,000, with several unreached people groups. There are no other workers and a small group of believers. Ideally you will have had TEFL/Tesol training or if English is your first language you will have teaching experience.
Graham Davies, Llanelli, Wales.

Tell me the good news and the bad.
Here in Peru we don't know anything about the persecuted believers and churches.
Marco Ospino

§ Hello Marco: I think this Open Doors in Spanish web site should interest you, and in English Christian Solidarity International and Open Doors are two of the best websites to visit.
Best wishes, Les Norman

The small forgotten town of Terela
There is no light, water or schools. Our houses are made with mud and sticks, the children go bare foot and dirty to school. One of the families received Jesus, the Vilela family, and they now give us their house for worship. We need many things but the most important is prayer. Ten children have accepted Jesus as their Saviour.
Elizabeth Coral Saldarriaga, Piura.

Would cerebral palsy stop you?
Don Browning is joining us in Moscow! Don is a 40-year-young man from southern California with a real desire to serve the Lord on our Agape Rehab Team. Don is a very special person and has a mild case of cerebral palsy, so he is able to walk, jog, play football, etc. As you can tell, he doesn't let his handicap stop him. He will be ministering to handicapped people with us in Moscow. We have a 3-minute audio-visual presentation about our Practical Ministries course that we will be teaching at our church's seminary in Moscow. Take a quick look-and-listen here.
Bob & Cheryl Hosken, 40 years in Moscow.
Agape-Biblia and Agape Rehab Society:

Rain stops play only in cricket!
Another three Shan people gave their lives to Christ in the slums last night and five the previous night. The heavens opened up and we had the worst rain storm for hours but we still did our work for the Lord in buckets of rain for hours with the drama team. In the end the Lord won the day. It was amazing.
Gareth Lavell, Chaing Mai.

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 United Kingdom
I'm a Missionary - Get me out of here!
If you need travel or shipping info, accommodation or vehicle hire, vaccinations, visas or a vacation; OSCAR has done the leg work for you and brought all this good stuff together under one virtual roof right here.
OSCAR - UK Information Service for World Mission

Make Poverty History Reports . .
The 2005 G8 Summit took place against a background of tragic attacks on London and focused our attention on the terrible waste that each and every life lost always represents. Our thoughts are with the friends and family of those killed and those who were injured. Never before have so many people stood in solidarity with the poor. While there is a great deal more G8 leaders should have done in Gleneagles, they did make significant commitments to increase aid, to cancel some of the debts of some of the world's poorest countries, and say they will apply fewer conditions to them. They also agreed to strive for access to AIDS treatment for all by 2010. These commitments will give hope and life to millions of the world's poorest people.
The Make Poverty History Team

 United States
Plan for Spanish speaking church in Israel
In the USA we have planted more than 120 churches in the last 7 years. We have a strong desire to plant a Spanish speaking church in Israel where there are many Hispanics working. If you have friends or relatives in Israel, we would like to contact them.
Rev. Armando Vera, McAllen, Texas.

The Rainbow people
My wife and I came to the Lord 11 years ago, out of the hippie movement of the 90's. We used to go to Rainbow Gatherings. Now, 11 years later, the Lord sent us back. What a blessing. We were able to pray with many who were under the influence of LSD. Also, many came to the Lord there. Many Christians do not even know about the Rainbow People. We pray for a new awareness and outpouring.
Richard Burroughs, Westland, Mi.

Our Last Word for Today
No one has leprosy in England . . or do they ?
There's a little verse (James 1 v 22) that contains a huge truth. It says, "Do what God's teaching says; when you only listen and do nothing, you are fooling yourselves!" Some time ago, in one of our concerts/events, my husband heard God say that he wanted to heal someone from leprosy that night. Ray struggled with obeying God's word because the circumstances told him that no one would have leprosy in England! But, obeying and trusting God, he gave out the word. That night two people were healed from leprosy - both had just flown in from Africa. Sometimes our fears can stop us from seeing God move in power.
Nancie Goudie, NGM Ministries And Music.
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