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Editor: Les Norman, (England); Design and Layout Dave Wilson of Web 1 (England)
Ana Maria Avilez (Honduras); Alicia O. de Duran (México); Delphine Birch (France)


We apologize because due to holidays around the world which has reduced the news supply, and then because this we week we had a complete PC systems failure, the next edition will be one week later than usual on September 5th.

We also have some of our colleagues and their families slowly recovering from very serious illnesses. Gareth in Thailand, all his family and staff have Asian flu and pneumonia, and André in West Africa has had serious malaria, typhoid and high blood pressure all at once. You can help them by prayer.


We are deeply saddened by the fatal wounding of Brother Roger of Taize, 90, a man whose influence and gentle Christlike spirit has touched millions worldwide, especially the youth of Europe who came to Taize in their tens of thousands, and ourselves in years gone by.  Read the BBC report here


We welcome the apology from US TV evangelist Pat Roberston after calling for a US led assasination of Venezuela's President. We have many friends and colleagues in Venezuela.

Please continue to send your news in as usual to this page and we will be back on your screens soon. Thank you for being patient.

Les and Pilar.


They went out with only faith and vision
A number of our married couples, families and young people have gone out into mission in Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia and Spain supported only by their faith in Jesus and their vision and trust in God's call upon their lives. Others will soon be going to Europe and Africa.
Alejandro Max Romero, Santiago del Estero.

What do you know about the Ayoreo people?
Well, they live in a miserable situation and we want to go to them with the Gospel but also with literacy teaching, clothes, medicine and try to see them brought into national society. We have been working as missionaries in Bolivia for a year and a half and we can see how the Lord is raising up a major work in this country
José Carlos Gomes Feitosa, Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Ready to help Africa
we are beginning a mission to project for work in Benin, Ivory Coast, Togo, Burkina Faso and Mali. Agencies and missionaries in these countries are welcome to contact us and we will try and send some resources.
Luciano Silva, Curitiba

God is visiting us here . .
Many souls are reaching out to God. Pray for this country which is about to enter into a new democratic regime after 12 years of crisis.
Niyongabo Felix, Bujumbura

Where some kill we choose to bring life.
We have a lot of delinquency and gang warfare here. We see murders every day because of this and a lot of theft. On the other hand the Holy Spirit is doing a great work of rescuing children and setting them in the way of truth, by filling their hearts with the word of God. I go out once a week to take the Word to children along with something to eat or an ice cream, you know, this is a very beautiful work that God is doing.
Danilo Rodriguez, Cali.

 Costa Rica
Making my plans to go to Pakistan
Do you know a travel agency who sells the tickets cheaper for missionaries? Do you know any NGO's in Pakistan or any Spanish-speaking Christian works there? Which countries can I go to get some Urdu lessons?
Giovanni Jimenez, San José.

§ OK Giovanni, let us see what we can do. One good agency that works in Spanish is E-Dreams but the agency that helps us most is Flight Bureau in Edinburgh, E-mail but you will have to write in English. In Pakistan think about contacting Christian Aid, Tear Fund, Oxfam and the famous Grameen Bank. Here is a web page with a list of all the NGO’s in Pakistan and take a look at NGO Volunteering For Christians groups ask YWAM, YfC, OM or Wycliffe and in Latin America talk to COMIBAM. Generally, you can learn Urdu in any country which has a good number of Pakistani immigrants such as the UK or the USA. The people will teach you their language and you can make friends at the same time. You will also find English very useful in Pakistan. Hope that helps a little.
Les Norman.

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Three Christian ladies arrested
A Muslim council has accused 3 Indonesian ladies of attempting to convert Muslim children under the cover of a Christian educational programme and are awaiting trial. If they are found guilty of violating the law protecting children, their sentence could be up to 5 years imprisonment with a fine of 8,500 Euros. Bail has been refused and lawyers are preparing a case which could easily make the front page of the newspapers, in a country still very divided when it comes to religious issues. Please pray for them.
From Open Doors News

Fast With Us To Contain Islamic Terrorism
Early in the morning before the July 7 bombings in London, sleep eluded me. The Lord said solemnly, "I am calling you to call my people to fast and pray every Friday to contain Islamic terrorism." The same morning, a brother in Baghdad e-mailed me concerning Islamic terrorism quoting Jesus in Matthew 17:21: "This kind does not come out except by prayer and fasting." We covenanted to obey the heavenly call and to add regular fasting to our prayers on Fridays. Within a few hours the call to fast was confirmed by the coordinated attacks on London transport; the subsequent failed attempts of similar coordinated attacks in London encourages us that disasters can be diverted through prayer and fasting. In Israel, a fence can deter some terrorism, but in most nations we cannot build a wall to protect ourselves from sleeper cells. Nevertheless the weapons of corporate prayer and fasting can bring victory and delay divine judgments in this time of great peril. Full message and much more on the website.
Christine Darg, Daystar International, Israel, USA & Britain

Although this is an Islamic country . .
Nevertheless many people have renounced Islam and have decided to follow Christ although a lot of persecution comes their way from their families. It seems that almost every one needs to be set free from curses and witchcraft.
Danil, Shimkent.

From Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Mathai
Last week I was honoured to address many thousands of people campaigning to Make Poverty History in Edinburgh. I was touched and inspired by the number of people who were there and the millions more they represented in the UK. I was proud to see the way people around the world are standing shoulder to shoulder with us in Africa to call for an end to extreme and dehumanizing poverty. The strength of your voices and the actions you have taken has been a testament to the power of peaceful mass mobilisation. You have helped get the issues of extreme poverty onto the political agenda like never before. Because of you, the G8 have taken the first steps on the road to ending injustices that lead to extreme poverty. There is still much of this difficult journey to complete - but the first steps are always the hardest to take. You should be proud of what you have achieved - many people will live because of you.

Professor Wangari Mathai, Nobel Peace Laureate

Don’t throw your old van away
The Lord has brought us for groups of Chinanteco people and all of them are living in extreme poverty and about four hours of travelling from each other. If you are about to sell an old van or lorry please offer it to us first as we really need something like this.
Miguel Angel Lopez Guillen, Oaxaca De Juarez.

Working with children here
We worked together with the evangelical churches to teach the Word of God and to train local leaders to strengthen the church.
Jose Fernando Nota, Gondola.

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This is my prayer, my desire and my passion . . .
I want to be a missionary in Africa. From when I was eight years old I have never stopped praying for this and I am ready for whatever comes my way. I have had eight years of cross cultural training, I have got a multimedia projector to show films in the street and I am ready to give my life, my time and all that the Lord has put in my hands to reach those who have never heard the gospel.
Jimmy Urquiaga, Lima.

Do you need me in your school?
If any church or college needs a primary education teacher, either in Peru or in another country that speaks Spanish, I would like to come and support you and I do not need any salary.
Daniel Cachicatari Mamani, Moquegua.

1.5 million people protest to defend the family
One and a half million of Spanish people have protested to our Congress asking our representatives to protect normal heterosexual marriage and to adopt it as the standard for our country. We hope that our voices will encourage the government to modify the new law which allows marriage between people of the same-sex.
Diego Acosta, Madrid

AIDS makes Masai open for Jesus
The Masai are a proud warrior tribe which used to be very resistant to the gospel but because of their lifestyle, so many of them have AIDS that the tribe is in danger of dying out. Their leaders have recognised this, and opened themselves to the gospel. A new church was planted as the result of an evangelistic outreach, 16 Masai were baptised. but were persecuted and beaten. In Ebewewe in a Muslim area a woman was healed of AIDS during an evangelistic outreach, and the local witch doctor was also saved. In another outreach a young man who suffered panic attacks and could hardly sleep at night and could not be helped by the mosque or the witch doctor accepted Jesus, along with a married couple of witch doctors. They belong to the very resistant Sigua tribe and you can see the change in their smiling faces says missionaries with Swiss mission AvC
From FridayFax in English.
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 United Kingdom
Should I tithe my income or not?
And if I do, do I give from my gross income or from my nett income after I have paid my taxes?
Mrs. L, East Midlands.

§ Okay, you may not realise it but this is a very controversial question and lots of books both for and against have been written. Let me give you my own view on this web page but above all be guided by the Lord after prayer.
Les Norman.

I'm not a Missionary - What can I do?
The focus of an online publication by Wycliffe Bible Translators is What can I do? This manual is designed to give practical advice and tips for you to play your part in the Great Commission even if you never leave your home area! Here it is and for more info about supporting mission, see this page.
OSCAR - UK Information Service for World Mission

Choose between your faith and your husband
Please help me keep my faith, I am married to a Muslim man from Iran whom fully respects my beliefs, but the UK Home Office have stated that I must travel to Iran with him in order for him to obtain a visa to reside in the UK, but in order to travel to Iran I must covert to Islam, I need the support of all Christians. See the website for the full story.
Mrs Jessica May Siavoshy, London.

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 United States
Move into Megashift
Jim Rutz has a new book that is hotly debated on TV and a top seller, causing controversy in self-contented US Christianity. Megashift is a sharp-minded analysis of current Christianity around the world and sees an unprecedented transfer of divine power from clergy into the hands of ordinary people giving rise to an entirely new form of Christianity with far greater repercussions than the Reformation. Over 1 billion non-Christians could become active Christians in the next 10 years. The Charismatic Evangelical movement, currently numbering 707 million people around the world, is growing by 8 percent per year but the centre of this movement is a mostly unknown and little-understood movement of 100 million Christians who have no building and neither pastor nor programme. A church without vertical hierarchies which will change the future.
More at
From FridayFax in English.
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What's a good way of sharing Christ with Hindus?
A Hindu family here consider me to be in their family circle. I want to share Christ with them.
Ms Kay, USA.

§ I think that my friends over India would say that the very best way to win a Hindu family for Jesus is to live and openly Christian life in full view of them, particularly in the areas of holiness and love for Christ. And then when the opportunity arises to pray for them in times of sickness or family need you should be willing to go to them, to offer to pray and then to expect the Lord to confirm his love for them with signs and wonders. You have obviously become their friend already and this is a great advantage. Allow the Holy Spirit to do his work through you, be a good witness for Jesus and allow the Lord to create the circumstances which will allow you to introduce them to your Jesus.

After Sri Lanka now it's Russia
Before the Tsunami happened the Lord called me to pray for Sri Lanka and then because I am a Para-Medic I was called to go with a team after the disaster happened. Now I am feeling that I must pray specially for Russia.
Pablo, Montevideo.

Invitation to Youth Conference Speakers
Four hundred youths will be coming to a life changing conference to challenge them to take their role in fighting AIDS, poverty and to give them biblical principles for good morals and to encourage them to follow the Lord. Speakers from around the world are welcome.
Pastor John Lupwesha, Kitwe.

Urgent need for doctors, medicine and clinics.
After working with Aids people the Lord burden me to start a Mobile Clinic for widows, elderly people and orphans to help them with their problems and pains. I seek doctors but we can't afford to pay you. Our health state is very poor.
Monica Chondwe, Lusaka.

Our Last Word for Today
If you discover you are riding a dead horse . .
Or a dead ministry, or a dead church or a dead project the best strategy is to dismount. At least so say the Dakota Indians. However more sophisticated businesses, governments and even Christian leaders appear to employ more advanced strategies, such as:

1. Buy a stronger whip
2. Change riders
3. Appoint a committee to study the horse
4. Arrange an overseas trip to see how other cultures ride dead horses
5. Lower the standards to include dead horses
6. Reclassify the horse as living impaired
7. Hire outside contractors to ride the horse
8. Harness several dead horses together to increase the speed
9. Provide extra funding and training to improve performance
10. Rewrite expected performance requirements for all horses
11. Promote the dead horse to management
12. Declare that, as the horse no longer needs feeding, it is less costly, carries lower overheads, and therefore contributes substantially more to the bottom line than some other horses.

Best of all though if your horse dies - dismount, otherwise you will soon end up carrying it, instead of it carrying you. That kind of dead weight on your shoulders is no fun.
Les Norman

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