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Is paying my tithe biblical or not ?

One of the postings on your site was talking about giving or paying tithes. Are you saying that paying tithes is Old Testament and should not be in practice now and we should not be bound by it any longer. You have a strong inclination towards giving, which was taught in the New Testament. Could you throw more light to this because I pay tithe and so do many Christians here in Nigeria. We preach it and practice it and believe it because it is Biblical. Are we misinterpreting scriptures down here and we are totally wrong in our practice.
Henry, Nigeria.

® Dear Henry, Thank you for your letter, it is welcome. I think you have seen a comment on the controversial and often debated issue of tithing on the Money Forum page. I have no problem at all with tithing and I only wish that most Christians would at least tithe, or give generously, but they do not. The School of Economics is a very well studied 65 lesson course of tithing and giving and it is free to download. There are very few verses on tithing in the New Testament, but it is a strong Old Testament teaching which was probably not followed in those days either judging by the hard comment from the Lord in Malachi 3, 8-12. I encourage you and believers everywhere to be generous, extravagant givers to the work of Christ, sharing at least 10% of your income with the lost, the last and the least and with those that reach out to them, and increase this giving annually by as much as you can as the Lord helps you. Giving is the Biblical trigger that releases the blessing and sufficiency of God and until the people of God in the developing nations truly learn this they will never escape the poverty that is all around and holds both them and the gospel back. Should you tithe or give ? If you are not sure - don't worry, don't get into arguments over doctrine, do both, and generously.
Les Norman.

Spanish medics pull out all the stops in Burkina Faso
Our goals in December are to see the fresh water well we have had built in Burkina and to unveil a plaque which says to all who come: "Jesus gives the water of eternal life” in different languages. We are looking at other areas that need wells and doing a feasibility study for a fish farm and a sagebrush farm. We will do medical programs and surgery, including eye surgery in different villages near Ougadougou with a bus hospital sent by Spanish firm Foticos. We will be giving out mosquito nets with insecticide in them to prevent malaria and supporting the building of a special dispensary for the diagnosis and treatment of malaria. We have sent sewing machines to set up a dressmaker and a shoe repair workshop. We have a great number of volunteers with us including physicians, surgeons and men and women from different churches and Christian organisations.
Dr. Angel Olmo, Barcelona, Spain.
(in partnership with Remar International in Burkina)


Thousands homeless in Burkina Faso floods
Two people have died, and thousands made homeless in flooding around my mission base in Gorom-Gorom. About 8000 people in the region have lost their homes. In Gorom itself, more than 500 homes were lost, affecting about half of the 10 000 population of the town. After 16cm of rain fell, a dam broke several miles away, and a tide of water waist-high swept through the region. Several nearby villages were completely destroyed, as most houses are built of mud, and are simply washed away by the onslaught of water.
Keith Smith, UK and Burkina Faso.

Pakistan refugees refuse evacuation from floods

Heavy rain has brought a threat of big slides and floods from the mountain top right near our refugee camp. 110 have already been killed nearby. We have water flowing through our street and the nearby city of Balakot is in total darkness with 3 feet of water in the power station. More than 400 shelters have been destroyed and we have tent cities all around again. Some families are refusing to evacuate and we will stay with them. We are the only medical aid present in the area, people from the mountains are coming down and our camp is a refuge for them. We ask you to join us in prayer for these struggling people.
Pastor Muqaddam Zia
P.O. Box - 663,Faisalabad, Pakistan
Tel. 0092-300-6646727 Fax. 0092- 41-8711269

Many die or left hopeless or homeless in India floods
The torrential rains in Andhra Pradesh demolished the huts of the poor and some buildings also collapsed, causing injuries and 63 deaths in the water. There is no electricity in many villages, buses and trains are stopped. Our church people's huts are also flooded and fallen and the people cannot get food and clothing. 238 villages are flooded, and the people are filled with great mourning and weeping due to this kind of peril. Please pray for us in AP and for my church.
Ithi Devadas, 50, Peddapuram

After Orissa floods people are starving . . .
no food, no water and no place to stay In India there are floods in many city and villages and it is still raining. Many have been lost, many died, houses washed away. Please pray for these people who are in bad condition.
Pastor Ajmad Pati Missal, 35, Bhubaneshwar

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Letters to the editors

How many unreached people are there in the world?

For example in Indonesia we have 200 million unreached people.
GPRS, 40, Jakarta, Indonesia

® Dear Ganda, If you go to Joshua Project you will find the best and latest information in the world about Unreached Peoples. See the item that follows as well
Les Norman.

Just when we thought we were making progress . . .
In 1974, the Lausanne Movement woke us up to about half the world being hidden from the gospel. Recent years have led us to believe that figure had shrunk to as little as 1/3 or even 1/4 of the world's population being out of reach of the gospel. But the top guy at Mission Aviation Fellowship, Kevin Swanson, says that "three out of four people alive on the earth today still have not heard the Gospel." Rats. Back to the drawing board.
Click here for the full story

Over 1800 decide for Jesus at Canada exhibition
Lorne and Rita Silverstein set up a so-called 'Angel's Booth' at an Edmonton and Calgary Fair offering Free Spiritual Readings. Christians shared prophetic words expressing God's love for people, prayer being the major element before and during the outreach. As a result many Moslems and Sikhs found out Jesus is the only way to God, and atheists became believers in Christ. So did big bike gang members, many families, people who were into Scientology, and even some psychics. They discovered that there is a God who knows them and loves them and has real power to change their lives. Many teenagers in groups of three or more held hands around a table to welcome Jesus into their hearts together.
Lorne and Rita Silverstein
From http://www.joelnews.org

Leprosy and malaria could not
stand up against the power of prayer

Along with 4 young people from Chile, we took medical and teaching materials and, of course, the Word of God to Kenya. We were richly blessed; we saw God work in healings, in the miracle of the multiplication of resources, in many people giving their hearts to God and leaving their animist beliefs. This year we will go to Kisii for 30 days. Our goal is to open a new school for 180 children. We have already got a donation of 1200 copybooks and 1500 pencils. Thanks to this webpage, the Lord answered the need of this people, because a pastor from Kisii wrote in, you published it and God touched our heart. Thank you.
Rodrigo Sanchez Q, Director, Project Africa, Temuco, Chile

Called to missions starting with Spain
Can missionary organisations get in touch with me to help me fulfil this dream.
Jose Luis Gonzalez Barreto, 21, Barcelona, Venezuela

Many hearts open for missions in Portugal
In our church we have a missions meeting which is a blessing and helps prepare us to go for the mission field.
Aparício Machado, 46, Lagos, Portugal

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Letters to the editors

Why addicts and all kinds of people are coming to Christ
We have got churches from different denominations working as one, united in Christ and stirred by the power and fire of the Holy Spirit.
Mateo Vizcaino, 37, Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico

Calling doctors for medical mission in Zambia
In very remote rural areas rich with the history of missionaries from different parts in the world who are buried here, a lot of people are sick and the churches are asking for medics, resources and evangelists to come.
Rev Billiance Chondwe, 36, Lusaka.

Contact me if you are in India
We want to know about and pray for the daily affairs of people in missions. We have a calling to go to India to work with children and show mercy. (In Spanish only)
Gabriel and Paola Eyzaguirre, 26, Pichilemu, Chile.

After commissioning,
why does conflict always come our way ?

Commissioning leads to Conflict where the enemy tries to prevent us from entering a God-given vision. Conflict when won leads to Consolidation where you live in the ground taken and it is right to stay put at this time, but it is dangerous to stay too long. Why ? Because there is danger of losing momentum because idle bodies deteriorate, and we tend to forget where we have come from and where we are going to. People become resistant to challenge and rarely change because God still occasionally blesses where they are. So, don't put your tent pegs in too tightly because the cloud of God may move tomorrow, and don't become too familiar with the people you are camped with. Be ready to leave them and meet new people, beware of becoming resentful of the "intrusion" of new people you don't know. They may be divine appointments sent by God. Be ready to move towards the promised land, you will either get out and get going or likely you will go back. The task is too extend and diversify influence of the people of God, to multiply our numbers and to multiply leaders to share the load. From Deut 1.6-25.
Greg Haslam, Westminster Chapel at Grapevine 2006

To keep your movement going forward. . .

Don't give up gained ground;
Don't compromise scriptural standards;
Be willing for change;
Honour relationships;
Don't opt for easier options;
Stop friendly fire;
Prepare way for the next generation, walk together.
Stuart Bell, Grapevine 2006, United Kingdom.

Trust God from the bottom of your heart
Don't try to figure out everything on your own.
Listen for God's voice in everything you do, everywhere you go;
he's the one who will keep you on track.

Proverbs 3.5 TM

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Letters to the editors

Does life look like a prison to you ?
One Psalm is headed 'When David was in the cave of refuge'. We would, of course, prefer five-star hotels, with all expenses paid and full English breakfast, rather than caves. A cave is not exactly packed with comfort or entertainment. It is cold. Moreover, it is lonely. Prison walls can be lonely and cold, but they can take other shapes: self-pity, bitterness, anger, resentment. If our circumstances seem to us like a lonely cave or the walls of a prison, we can exhaust ourselves struggling against them, or we can wait for God inside them. We need to learn the art of cave dwelling and also to distinguish the difference between a refuge and a prison.
Northumbria Community Daily Readings

Finally, I have to obey, there is no other choice
“Many times I have had just a little sense, just a small feeling very deep within me, telling me to do a certain thing. This sense is so silent, so normal, and seems so human. I have doubted that it is of the Lord and thought it must be something from myself. Yet while I am doubting, the sense within continues. It is not so strong, but it is so constant. Finally, I have to obey; there is no other choice. Even while I am about to do it, there is still a lingering doubt that it is of the Lord. However, when I completely obey what I have sensed deep within, it proves to be wholly of God!”
Reading sent in by Tony Attwood, Carshalton, UK

In a dream God told me to go to the nations

I have travelled all over my country, but I still have to go to other nations. I am a mother of three; my husband died 9 years ago. I am a teacher and can serve wherever I am need. I have recently started a project to help abandoned and abused children and pregnant teenagers, both spiritually and financially.
Marina Lopez Reyna, 38, Huanuco-Tingomaria, Peru.

God is doing marvellous things in our slums
We are doing an anti-drugs awareness project and bringing people out of the slums. We see the presence of God restoring families.
Pr.Vilsonmar Souza, 49, São Vicente, Brasil

Mission training centre needs men and women
To come and train our young people for mission and to release the character of Jesus in each one of them getting them ready to serve in these last days. Volunteers welcome.
Jean Aguiar of Almeida, Centro Antioquia, Natal, Brasil

150 villages near me still wait to hear the gospel

We have already reached 10 villages, and we are very happy that the voice of God is heard in the interior of our country, in the predominant Aymara culture. We have plans to set up a permanent base to serve new believers so that they may learn the Word of God without waiting for visitors.
Francisco Cortez, 21, Iquique, Peru.

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Letters to the editors

Visiting Los Angeles, USA, can you use me ?
We will be there in October and November and want to serve the churches in teaching leadership, teamwork, service, evangelism, encounters with God, marriage seminars, etc.
Pastor Cèsar Emilio Gramajo, 48, Coacalco

Called to leave Mexico and serve in Finland
Can I contact a church or believers who needs support or help. I am 41 and have served for 8 years with street children.
Monica Alejandra Padua Núñez, México Distrito Federal

On the rubbish dumps of Nicaragua
We have been travelling across Nicaragua for three years. This time we went to Acagualinka where we shared with children, young people and adults who live by scavenging on rubbish heaps to support their families. We had a meeting with 300 children and their parents, we handed out food, rucksacks, pencil cases and built a mud and thatch building for these people to worship in.
Pastor Carlos and Marlyn Ramos, 48, Jayuya, Puerto Rico

Do you know of any missionaries
who speak Spanish in Ethiopia and Japan?

Noelia, 28, Neuquen, Argentina

100 believers commit to pray for five people each
Every fortnight we have a “fishing night” to which they bring along their guests for whom they have been praying. God has impacted the lives of the leaders and believers. There is an awakening for the Christ-less souls. Each fishing night men and women surrender their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. If God can in a little corner of my country touch the heaven for others, God can do it in yours if only we, as believers, keep on touching the heaven for the unreached people.
Walter Aponte, 39, Lima, Peru.

Mob of 50 with clubs beat orphanage manager
They said you should not take gospel meetings, stop the preaching, you are converting people. Our house manager was badly beaten with rods and he was in great pain. All the children were greatly disturbed and crying for help but nobody from the village came to help. Our pastor ran to the police station and there too he was abused saying why are you doing conversion and preaching the Bible. Last week the Anti-Conversion Bill was passed in the state which means that a person before changing his religion has to inform the District Mayor 30 days in advance and obtain his permission. Within this time the Mayor will make inquiry to find out if the conversion is genuine and not by force and only then may he give permission for baptism. Please uphold us in your prayers. Onwards for Jesus we must go.
Pastor JJ, well known to us.
News and address edited for security reasons

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Letters to the editors

Free Theology Course Portuguese and English
It's a quality course, at Bachelor level with the Simonton Theological Institute. It is an on-line course with excellent disciplines and credits. It is totally free, with no expenses.
Jackson Albrechet Lopes, 32, Indaiatuba/SP, Brasil

How can I start your free
DCI School of Mission here?

There is a team working with me and I would like to pass the studies on to them.
Daniele, Santo Antonio De Jesus-Ba.

® Good morning Daniele, starting your study group is easy. Just set up a place where you do not have to pay rent, print some copies of the lessons, for example, I print off 20 lessons at once. Set aside one day a week to give the lessons, say a couple of hours or so on Fridays. It is important that the lessons are free of charge, by grace you have received, by grace we give. Study and prepare the lessons well, and read through all the instructions about how to set up a school. You can download all the
lessons for free Ask the Holy Spirit to come with guidance and pray for the students. God will bless you abundantly.

Silvana Mara, DCI School of Mission, Pousso-Alegre.

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