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Christ found me on the Internet
I knew the Lord when I was a child but later in life I departed from Him. Many years went by and as I was browsing the web page of Jeremías Paysandú Ministries, I realised how much my life was worth and how much I could contribute to His cause. I got in touch with the pastor, reconciled myself to the Lord, and today I am working for Him.
Dr Gabriel Herch, 53.

Burkina Faso - Spain
Doors of Ougadougou prison opened for us
This is a historical moment in this country. With God’s help and for His glory, we took REMAR’s hospital bus into the prison to attend people who only wait for death as they do not even have anything to eat. REMAR has been distributing food three days a week for 12 years. We treated the sick and gave out medicines and presented the Good News of the Gospel. It was astonishing.
Drs. Ángel, Abigail, David and María,
Integral Health Medical Team, Barcelona, Spain.
To contact

§ If you are a doctor, nurse or in the medical profession you might be interested in joining this new movement which without any doubt at all is going to be a great blessing throughout the world in days to come. We have committed ourselves to support them in any way that we ever can. You can see some photos in this full report even though you may not understand the Spanish. They did a fantastic job in Burkina treating and praying for 150 poor people a day and taking gospel meetings at night.
Les and Pilar.

For everyone interested in Burundi . .

Conference speakers requested . .
United Royal Christian Ministries, Cameroon Bible School and some churches need guest speakers for 2nd Annual Prayer-Evangelism Conference and School of Ministry in Douala, April 20th -25th.
Pastor/ Evangelist Ngum Peter, 35, Douala.

The Big Bang just happened here
A young man came to a state in our country with a DVD on the Big Bang denying the creation theory. Now many learned brothers are leaving the church and leaders ask me to hold a seminar but I have no reesources to counter the teaching or theory of the Big Bang. Please help.
Dr. Andre Talla, Yaounde.

§ Dear André, OK, this is new to you but to us it is the very well known Creation versus Evolution Debate. The best and simplest overview I have ever read that gives all the alternatives is from Christianity Magazine last year. Go to the two links below, copy the article and print it out to study quietly later on. By faith I believe that God created the world and the universe but how exactly He did that is one big controversial issues in science and in the churches worldwide, and has been for over a century. However if after study people choose to believe in the Big Bang or other ideas, and many Christians do, it does not affect their salvation or call to serve. It is their choice according to their conscience and the light they have. There is no need for anyone to leave any church or to get upset with each other.
Part One and
Part Two.

Les Norman.

Claudio Freidzon in Concepción
24-25 February in the Estadio Municipal at 19:30 and day seminars too.
Rodrigo Eduardo Venegas Ruiz, 18, Concepcion.

Healed at ten and still healed !
Eight years ago, God worked in my life and gave my health back. Now, I can walk, jump and fully develop as a person thanks to God’s love and goodness. When everything was lost, God showed me His love and was merciful to me. All I am now, I owe it to Him. A cancer or a tumour is not something impossible for Him to tackle. God is great and great are the miracles He does.
Romina Peyreblanque, 18, Viña del Mar.

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Adventures in the Amazon
We would like to invite you to find the purpose for your life by preparing yourself for missions at our next school on 27 February - or by being part of our working team.
Charles, 36, Leticia.

Fastest growing churches are Chinese
You have seen all the Chinese people in the UK and Europe but did you know there are hundreds and hundreds of Chinese churches. They start from zero and grow very quickly among the Chinese communities, some are now attracting Europeans. To learn more and to find a Chinese Church
Click this link

You have got what it takes . .
After I preached this to my suprise 40 women and 20 men came out to go for Jesus to spread the good news in every corner of their comunity. As I anointed them the Spirit fell on them, there was prophecies and some couldnt stop praising God. We are believing that the power of God will keep them and they will win souls.
Pastor Matthew Nelson Kwesie, 43, Obuasi.

Take care who you send to the mission field!
A few days ago I was counselling a young man from another church who had fallen into sexual sin. He was very bitter and could not get past the crisis that he had three years ago when his pastor sent him to work in an unknown country, basically to help out another pastor friend. The young man left his training school a long time before the end of the course. In those days he was just emerging as a good evangelist. When he arrived he was given a room in the pastor's house but only given menial jobs to do. With lots of time on his hands and feeling alone it was not long before he attracted the attentions of the pastor's sister-in-law, a married lady, and they fell into sin. Inevitably it was all discovered with considerable outrage and he was sent home. The guilt that he felt made it impossible to continue in the ministry and his career as an evangelist came to an end. Before long he was involved with another woman, not a believer, and she became pregnant. Quite a mess, but our God is in the business of restoration and somehow he brought this young man to talk with me, to confess what had happened and to receive forgiveness. Right now he is back under discipline and he will be restored.

All of this has helped me to understand what a grave error it is to send inexperienced young people into missions without so much as teaching them the basics of what it means to be a missionary. Yet it happens! People get enthusiastic when someone talks them about serving overseas and they imagine that they are going to be as comfortable there as they are in their own homes and eat the food they like, just as if they were on holiday. But they are very mistaken because missions is the people who have reached a certain spiritual maturity,who are willing to eat whatever comes their way even if the plate is a bit dirty which is just about normal in many places. Missions is for those people who have allowed the fruit of the Spirit to develop, especially the fruit of love. Missions is for people who understand that winning souls is the priority and that they must show the character of Christ being loving, friendly, compassionate, patient and holy with great integrity.... How necessary it is to be trained by people who know what it is like to have been on genuine missions journeys. It is all too easy to call a trip a missions journey especially if you go to a country and stay in good hotels, eat in fine restaurants and travel around in hire cars on paved highways. It is very easy to go on missionary journeys to places where believers are not persecuted. But blessed be those many men and women who are genuine missionaries, those who risked their lives to win others for Christ, those who leave behind the comfort of their homes and even their families to go to places where even food is scarce. We thank God for their lives!
Pastora Ana Aviles, San Pedro Sula.

Urgent need for a teacher for our children
Part time position 7am - 1pm with time later for ministry with the wider team, teaching English, learning language, studying the culture, helping the medical team, helping with admin. Amy is in year seven and Miriam in year ten. They have correspondence lessons using the Australian system so there is limited preparation, mainly supervision. You do not need to be a qualified teacher rather organized and motivated, ideal for a single woman but a couple welcome.
Peter, Tobelo, Indonesia

Our Christmas Party with the poor
We have had a very successful Christmas celebration with 230 people and the MP for Mzuzu who was so excited at the love of Christ and so challenged that he had to accept Christ when he saw words and deeds rhyme. At least ten gave their lives to Christ after the drama, music and praise. We pitched a tent by my home and gave gifts to the poor, We ate together and you could see the happiness on people's faces for what God can do.
Moses Atte, Mzuzu District, missionary from Kenya.

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A blind woman recovered her sight in a second
It happened when some people were praying for her. Members of her family were born blind for generations. God is healing whole families. In Santa Cruz Tanaco, the power of God exceeds witchcraft and brings miracles to indigenous families.
Jesus Montes, 17, Michoacan.

Great Commission Consultation in West Lagos.
Pastors, Evangelists, Youth and Women's Leaders learned about all 1799 villages in Malda district, each village was named and we prayed for each reached and unreached village. The population of Ikotun district is only 0.25% Christian. We wanted nationals to get a clear vision for the unreached villages and unreached people groups and develop an appropriate strategy for them.
Pastor Minohoui Daniel, Lagos.


Snow and freezing rain in earthquake relief zone
From earthquake base camp we have delivered shelter materials, tents, blankets, food and gas stoves to the remote mountain villages. Snow fall and freezing rain are complicating aid deliveries and wintertime shelters are desperately needed to avert more deaths. Our team is addressing immediate needs and building strong relationships in these unreached communities that do not have any gospel witness. Due to cold weather pneumonia, intestinal problems and skin rashes are on the rise, related to cold, exposure and poor sanitation. We are making plans to send a Mobile Medical Unit to these remote mountain areas to treat patients in tented health facilities.Please put this life saving project in your daily prayers. Donations welcome to . .
Pastor Muqaddam Zia, P.O. Box - 663, Faisalabad.
Tel. 0092-300-6646727, Tel. 0092-41-8711269

§ Or here is our safe, simple and secure online giving page if you would like to send your gift to Pakistan through our UK registered charity, The DCI Trust. All gifts are passed on immediately and without any deductions.
Les and Pilar

Did you ever want to come to Peru ?

Is anyone interested in helping with mission in Virú-Trujillo?
Ricky James Tejada Ferreyros

Since 2002, we have ministered to and supported disabled people in Cuzco. We opened a children’s feeding centre last November and we attend 74 malnourished children. Please, give some of your time to minister to these children and our disabled people.
Ricardo Cárdenas Díaz, 40, Cusco

I am the National Director of Missions of the Assemblies of God in Peru, and need to get in touch with missionaries who could come to Peru to give presentations throughout the country to challenge pastors and congregations to take on the missions work.
Pra. Dionisia Galindo Segovia, 40, Lima

English-speaking School of Ministry
We are training people for ministry in Europe and worldwide, our first year starts this month. Training in Spanish for the South American churches will start in September. Full details on website. Welcome.
Josep Rossello, Benissa, Alicante

Spiritual weapons bring back captives.
In Northern Uganda the infamous Lord's Resistance Army has abducted over 25,000 children to serve as sex slaves and child-soldiers in a war that ranks as one of history's most brutal. Uganda's military has been unable to protect its citizens and over 1.6 million people live in squalid, marginally protective camps. In 2002, Ugandan believers launched prayer-fasts and evangelistic rallies in the war-torn north. President Museveni, impressed with what the believers were doing, offered armed escorts for believers to go and dismantle a system of demonic altars that were used by the LRA leader to renew his powers. Dramatic result son followed like the return of thousands of abducted children with accounts of divine protection and deliverance. Source:
From Joel News.

§ We are visiting Northern Uganda next month to see our friends and their projects among these suffering people in the refugee camps. Send a gift if you wish, come with us in prayer please.
Les and Pilar.
Contact Us

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 United Kingdom
Empowering people through microfinance.
Opportunity International UK offers poor entrepreneurs in developing countries the tools they need to break out of poverty and support themselves. We provide training, support, and "micro" business loans which are repaid, thereby enabling the same funds to be loaned again and again.

The Lord called me to Borneo 17 years ago
This is the third largest island in the World. I want to get in touch with married couples with the same calling for Borneo-Indonesia to build a team united in the same purpose.
Caudio Salazar, 42, Carora.

World Trends
Top five most encouraging developments in 2006 will be . .
By looking at what God is doing worldwide, we see an unprecedented growth of the prayer movement worldwide; God's Spirit being poured out in many places, marked by conversion and miracles; many new partnerships and networks are being formed on a city, nation and even continental level, linking prayer, saturation church planting and frontline missions; more and more Christians, churches and ministries are engaging in godly transformation of their societies; and radically simple and innovative forms of church are springing up in many places, reaching the unreached.

Where can you find a believer ?
In 1900 over 80% of all Christians were from Europe and North America, yet by 2005 it was under 45%. Today, there are far more Africans 31%, Asians 15% and Latin Americans believers 13% than Americans or Europeans.

Looking for used bibles, commenataries and books
Anything on The Triune God, The Church, The 5-Fold Ministry, Missions, Bekhorff Systematic Theology and anything by Jonathan Edwards, C.H. Spurgeon, John Calvin,C.S. Lewis, Martin Lloyd Jones. Thank you for any donation.
Winston Chapa, 44, in London.

§ Dear Winston, I think that Book Aid will be able to help you and many other readers.
Les Norman.

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