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Welcome to the April 7th 2004 edition
To read today's edition please click here



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Are you in Africa ?

In any country closed to the Word - write me in Spanish.

Jhonatan Stajoski, Escobar


Called to Congo

I would like some information about that country and the situation for Christians. I am a child psychologist and want to know which areas of work are most needed to be covered.

Alejandra Valdés, Bahía Blanca


Spain - Let's work together

We are going to Valencia in June with a very interesting proposal to raise dozens of missionaries for unreached peoples. We will gladly send further details by email. We wish to deepen our relationships in Spain to extend the Kingdom together.

Adriana y Jorge Zahradnicek, Rosario


To our beloved friends in Madrid

In such a tragic month for the nation, we send our sincerest sympathy. The Argentine people is in pain and dismayed by what happened in Madrid. Pastors have gathered to pray for the grace of God for victims fighting to survive and the relatives of those who passed away. One Argentine missionary lives 200 yards from where the bomb hit but was unscathed, thanks be to God. A married couple that usually takes that train for some strange reason left it at an earlier station and miraculously saved their lives. Spain, our hearts are with you.

Daniel & Karen Kleszyk, Córdoba, Argentina


Tell me about Loire, France

About its people, the churches but it has to be in Spanish - a web page in Spanish would do.

José Rios, Gobernador Gregores, Argentina


Free Bible School Materials  DCI Banking for the Poor








One year or for $ six hours . .

In our church a 13 year old boy is very ill with a big swelling in his gullet, not cancer, and needs surgery. This surgery was never done here before but the doctors say they can do it in 4 sessions over a year. In Moscow it takes only 6 hours but costs $6000. Would the Lord open sombody’s heart to help Roman?
Olga Semenova, Lepel.
Contact me please

§ Olga is the editor of our pages in Russian, this is a genuine request.  
Les and Pilar, the editors


Portuguese Translation Service

Brilliant, highly skilled, personal, fast service, see the DCI pages in Portuguese for a sample of my work. Let me open Brazil for your product or service.

Pastor Rodnei Nelson Bortolozzo, Londrina



From Chile

Be faithful until death. .

In our church on Saturdays we do the Great Commission. It used to be quite disheartening for me that only one of the sixty people who made a commitment to Christ now attends church. This is sad, but my pastor has taught me to be faithful, faithful until death if needs be.

Jorge Torres Vega, Santiago De Chile


En-route to Portugal this month

In Paredes where I, my wife and three children are going to live there are no churches. We are going for the Gospel so that many people might be saved for the glory of God. If anyone knows the town, please write.

Erwin Sotomayor Tenorio, Chile



Are you in Angola ?

Will you help me to find Joao Ngila Dange, he is my family. He lives in 14 Kuando Kuango, Menongue, Angola. He is a pastor at a local Mana church. It has been months since I last had news from him.

Yolisdannis Trujillo Rodriguez, Bayamo



50,000 kms in India and Pakistan

We visited 20 large cities, I preached 140 times in 40 days and at some services we met over 10,000 people. In Lahore, Pakistan about 3000 people were healed at one time! We visited leprosy stations, preached in the slums of Bombay and Karachi and held seminars for 2000 pastors. We bought 13 bicycles for Evangelists, so that they can reach more easily the villages with the gospel. We did not have attacks, no accidents, no diseases, nobody become ill. The hand of God was with us all the 40 days. In Berlin the Lord blessed my home church powerfully in their 40 days of fasting and praying. We built the church outside and God built our church here at home.

Dr. John.W.Matutis, Pastor, Berlin.



Calling Bible teachers to come

Eugene Casalis Missions Training Centre is an indigenous, evangelical and non-denominational missions training school in Lesotho. We are looking for self supported and dedicated men and or women of God who could come and teach at this school.

Ntai Pheko, Maseru.


Free Bible School Materials  DCI Banking for the Poor









From Mexico

7,000 villages in Spain
have no church.

It is sad to know that many people have no pastor, no guidance, and are without God and without hope. We want to bless and cooperate with Spanish churches in need of help.

Dr. César E. Gramajo, Tlalnepantla, Mexico


Each adopts a missionary

After many struggles but we are about to start The Missions School in many different places. Each school will  adopt a missionary at least in prayer and maybe each school can raise some funds for its missionary. We want to help native leaders work among their own people. Can we get in touch with Christian leaders with few resources and meet people who could support them.

Leonardo Ojeda Garcia, Mexico



Where on earth is that ?

Since the implosion of communism in 1989, deteriorating incomes, widespread unemployment and social disintegration have plunged the people into abject poverty. With a population of 4.5 million, Moldova is the smallest and most densely populated of the former Soviet countries and home to Moldavians, Russians, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, and the Gagauz people group. Moldavian people are Orthodox although few attend church, many have never heard the Gospel. Evangelical churches are growing despite occasional persecution and increasing poverty.

Full article at Mission Network News

Send in by Robert Hosken, Moscow.


Northern Ireland

Only UK Alpha in Spanish

Next course starts on 21 April, at Fitzroy Presbyterian, Belfast. Please, pray for all the Spanish-speaking community, those whose first language is Spanish and others who speak Spanish as a foreign language - that they may feel attracted to the course.

José Luis Iparraguirre D'Elia, Belfast

§ Alpha is just about the most popular outreach in the UK. You can buy the set of Alpha videos in Spanish as well as Questions of Life in Spanish and the Alpha manual in Spanish from +44 (0)845 644 7533, or  Click here for Alpha in English and here for Alpha in foreign languages.


Onwards, for Jesus

It shall come to pass that when you go,

you shall not go empty handed. 
(Exodus 3.21-22)

It is never the will of the Lord of the Harvest that those who are called to go, should ever go empty-handed to the mission field they are called to serve, whether near or far away.  The very next verse shows how God caused His people to have all the silver, gold and the clothing they needed, for the asking, in this case to be supplied by their Egyptian masters.. Are you called to go ? Then neither should you go empty-handed instead believe to go fully supplied with all the supporting funds, friendships, anointings, giftings and materials you need, just for the asking.  Ask who ? Ask God - in Jesus' name, hear what He says in return, obey and perservere and with patience you will surely receive enough for yourself and a great deal more to give to others.

Les and Pilar Norman, DCI England.


From Pakistan
Can you help our Sunday School ?

Christians here are very poor educationally, medically and spiritually with much persecution and hate. If you can, please help us with Sunday School printed material for teachers and children, hymn cassettes, and OHP and photocopier but we do not have even a single dollar to pay you. We need missionaries to train our youth and work with us to witness for Jesus.

Kaleem Masih, Christ Evangelical Ministry, Rawalpindi.


Soul wining in this unreached world.

In two days of meetings we saw 472 come on the first day and 565 on the second, 42 people were saved and the sick were healed in the name of Jesus, both days. Pray for us that we keep in Gods work in this end time.

Pastor Labin Taj, Lahore, Pakistan


Who are we?   See our work with photos










Refugee Church Planter goes home

I opened Hope Family Church in Rwanda as a refugee there from the war. Now I am going home to build peace through evangelism, compassion and social works. In Burundi over 90% are called Christian and I am convinced that if they can be trained it will bring lasting peace to Burundi where all the efforts of politicians have failed.

Pastor Marcel Rachid, Kigali, Rwanda.



Now - A Posho Party for the Poor

Do you remember the 450 families at the DCI Xmas Party for the Poor, the 125 disabled, 40 street children, 85 orphans and 140 people living with AIDS and the lepers ? We celebrated Christmas with them, now we will celebrate Christ's resurrection at Easter. Since we are now in a season of famine in North Uganda I plan to give each family 10kgs of Posho (maize flour) and 5 eggs. 4.5 tons of Posho and 2500 eggs costs just £200/$300. What do you think ?

Pastor George Purkweri, Lira.

§ George, we are with you heart and soul, for Jesus and for the last, the lost and the least of troubled Uganda.  You will have our contribution in the post right away. Join with us
Les and Pilar, the editors.


Missionaries killed near Yumbe

Two American African Inland Mission missionaries and a Ugandan student have been shot dead in north-western Uganda. Warren and Donna Pett and Isaac Juruga were attacked by seven men in uniform. Police say the attackers looted the college and set fire to a number of houses. The couple were agricultural experts at the Here is Life college, run by a Ugandan Christian group. Yumbe is near Uganda's border with Sudan but a local police chief said the area was peaceful and had not been subject to LRA rebel attacks.

From BBC Africa News



Crafts School for Guatemala

I am from Guatemalan Christian with a MA in Education, and a radio programme in Guatemala and Belize. I want to help thousands of poor people and I'm asking for advice and ideas to start the school. I have already got the building site and I am trying to get some funding to set up workshops for joinery, shoe repairing, brickwork and plastering, tailoring, etc. My idea is to bring the Word of God to the needy and the least through these courses.

Byron Penados, Dallas, USA


Meet a missionary from

A missionary from India, Ajax Palvannan, will be ministering in the Church of God (Iglesia de Dios), Fort Myers, Florida, on 26-30 April. Everybody is welcome. For further information:

Dr. Edgar Nazario, Orlando, FL, USA


New faith-based program launches

We have a call to people who have not yet found God's destined purpose for their lives, particularly substance and alcohol abusers. Pray with us that God will bless us with a Home to train those that God sends to us.

Min. Alvin Blackmore, Houston, USA


Sixty house churches since 1994

I arrived with my family in 1994, sent as missionaries by our church in Mexico City. We started our church in our house. Now we have about 60 house churches, we meet in four different places on Sundays and celebrate six worship services. We hold 24 prayer meetings every week, always at 5 am.

Rev. Armando Vera, in the USA.


Free Bible School Materials  
DCI Banking for the Poor





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