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AIDS and Lemons
Without raising too many hopes, read on . .
We have studied the effects of 20% lemon juice on HIV in culture, and it appears to kill the virus very quickly. Similarly, a final concentration of 20% lemon juice immobilises 100% of spermatozoa in less than 30 seconds. Thus it would only be necessary to use about 3ml of lemon juice in the female to inactivate HIV and sperm. One lemon may contain up to 50ml of juice. Neat lemon juice applied to the female and male genitals is not in any way painful to the user if no lesions are present. The dual spermicidal and virucidal effect of lemon juice cannot be patented, and hence controlled by pharmaceutical companies. Since this is using a natural product to protect women, it should be very acceptable. Lemon juice might also be very useful for washing of the male to protect men from HIV infection. Conventional Western style safety and efficacy testing of lemon juice would require large numbers of volunteers and several years to demonstrate any effects of lemon juice. Surely it is unethical to withhold this information about the spermicidal and virucidal effects of lemon juice pending such a trial, whilst millions more people become infected with HIV? We also need to establish that lemon juice will kill all the HIV present in the semen of an HIV positive man. The common lemon is hopefully poised to make a most significant contribution to the global battle against HIV infection, an infection that's already struck over 40 million men, women and children world-wide and orphaned some 14 million children in Africa alone.
Full information from

[ We are not endorsing this information or saying that lemon juice "works" but because the developing world is being denied drug treatment for AIDS surely anything reasonable should be investigated. See the website. ]
Les and Pilar.

How can I help the world's children at-risk ?
I have a call to mission and my heart is moved by sexually and emotionally abused children, orphans, victims of war or catastrophes. I am a graphic and multimedia designer with an artistic rather than psychology or social work background and would like to work for an organisation tackling these issues. I have a special burden for Asia. I speak English.
Cecilia Castro, Córdoba

Musical ministry at your service...
We are an evangelistic, musical ministry at your disposal. We focus on preaching and worship on the streets of Europe with Latin American folk music and a children’s choir.

Raul Proaño Aguilar, Antwerp.

Christian radio on your PC in many languages
BBN international broadcasts Christian music and the Word of God all over the world into different languages. Hear it now on your PC.

Why is so little sent to the missions ?
I have been serving the Lord for 9 years and one of the most sad things is that of what we give at church, nothing is sent to the missions, as though missions could be funded as an afterthought. Our leaders over here do not think of the misery of the people and their need of salvation, but in their own well-being, status, big houses, foreign cars and fat salaries. All this funded by wage earners' tithes. The love for the souls is nowhere to be seen, that is why many prefer not to tithe or give any offerings. If 10% of all income were sent to missions, there would be a much bigger growth in the number of saved souls.
Joceli Antonio Schossler, Laguna-SC

[ Opinions expressed in these open pages are not always ours or those of everybody, but we do get a lot of e-mails from Brazil and from other countries about this vexing issue of how church leaders spend the tithes and offerings. ]
Les and Pilar.

Calling you . . .

I need a part-time multi-lingual assistant  with at least Spanish and English, and some French and Portuguese if possible to help me provide support by e-mail. Just a few hours a week. You can live anywhere in the world. If you long to go but have to stay at home, then the world will come to you, or maybe this would be ideal for a former pastor or missionary. No-one here at DCI gets a salary but we do help each other.
Les, the editor

Who are we?


We also visit churches, conferences and training schools by invitation (UK only)

Free Bible School Materials

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International mission to America
We just finished an outreach around the east coast of the USA that took us to seven states and we prayed with 1030 people and 30 of them accepted Christ. The team of 13 came from Cameroon, Holland, England, Mexico and the USA with one message, with hope for the broken hearted and with passion for the lost.
Peter Gara, Bamenda.

Accommodation in Cuba
For brothers and sisters coming to Cuba, we have affordable accommodation in private houses with all amenities, in all main cities. Also, you can have a guided tour around Havana.
Misael Gonzalez, La Habana. Cuba.

 Dominican Republic
We encourage, involve and train . .
We train believers here and in Haiti and in Latin America to carry out the Great Commission. Congregations, specially those with an eye on unreached peoples are welcome to contact us. We are evangelicals.
Jaime Abreu, Santo Domingo.

Difficult, dangerous and worth it !
The doors to the unreached Shuar communities in the rainforest have been opened to me. It is difficult and dangerous but it is a joy to go there and live the Word. I am a young man serving the Lord.
Patricio Vasquez, Cuenca

Come where there are no churches
We build in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Belize and give out audiobook Bibles for illiterate believers. We need the books off your shelf for libraries that we are setting up and we need bi-lingual volunteers to take part in our mission invasions. We are going to Cuba soon.
Emerson Quezada Zamora, Zacapa.

From no churches to six in one year . . .
We had a wonderful baptism service where seven more former idol worshippers obeyed the Lord in baptism and 28 more committed their lives to the Lord. We started the work in this hill area one year ago and by today our missionaries have planted 6 churches with 35 to 40 members. We need your prayers and some bibles and gospel tracts for these new believers. We are also opening 6 church based Bible Schools by June each with 10 students. Prayer halls will be used as class rooms and dormitories. Class time will be from 8 am to 1 pm with outreach every afternoon. INSERT daniel.jpg
Pastor Kizhakkevila Varghese Daniel, Kerala.

 Free Bible School Materials    Money Forum

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This is church, or is it . . .?
During a typical working day the mayor of Rome, Walter Veltroni, started with a visit to a children's hospital in the morning, attended a groundbreaking ceremony at a centre for the homeless in the afternoon, and then dropped in on an rehabilitation clinic on the other side of town before the day was through. Veltroni, 49, may look like an economics professor, but Romans call him the Plumber because of his hands-on approach to governing. Veltroni has set up Solidarity Pony Express, a new assistance program for senior citizens. Some 500 young people hop onto their scooters every day to deliver food, medicine or company to the elderly. In another initiative, about 3,000 mostly retired people fan out across schools and parks to keep a watchful eye on children. "We want to show that in a huge metropolis, you can also be a community."
From Big City Bosses,
Time Europe magazine

[ This sounds more like a church programme than government, but what a fantastic example for some of the world's mega-churches to follow. It was said of Jesus that he went around doing good, and healing the oppressed of the devil. Let's not abdicate the doing good to the State when with all the resources in the churches worldwide, we can do it in Jesus' name and spread the love of God.]
Les Norman.

My target people is the Kachepo in Sudan
I am completing my study of mission this year, and I am called to the unreached people groups. As I finish in November I will go to Sudan. Please Let me know if you could join me in prayer.
James Nyika Ruben, Bumala.

Turn on the taps for us please

As a missionary we have been asked everywhere if we can give water to drink. In villages where we have provided water because of what we have done, much conviction is taking place even after we have left. We don't have the means to supply all the villages so we are kindly asking people all over the world to come to the aid of these loving people in Mali, West Africa. We are running a bible school, ministry to streets kids with clubs and youth ministry.

Pastor Daniel Tieh, Liberia

Going to the people on the rubbish dump
We are very interested in the unreached native peoples who live on our rubbish dumps. I have seen for myself what these people, whom God loves so much, are going through but why is it that there is so much prejudice in the churches here against these isolated and marginalised people ?
Nilda Calvo de Sáez

Are you in Moscow ?
Next year I am going to Moscow as a missionary, it will be my land, my inheritance. I am looking for contacts before I leave.
Freddy Quispe Cuellar, Lima

Pastor may be the future President?
Pastor Humberto Lay Sun, from the Emmanuel Church, Lima, is running for President in the next Peruvian elections.
Victor Galan Olazabal, Ciclayo.

Who is really in charge of the weather ?

You probably saw many photos and news programs of U.S. President Bush next to Russian President Putin standing on top of Lenin's tomb in Red Square on 9 May, Victory Day, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II. What might not have been reported was that the Russian government had arranged for a whole fleet of airplanes to seed the clouds to make it rain in the area surrounding Moscow so that rain would not fall on their parade in downtown Moscow. But as the big parade began, Bush and Putin were both holding umbrellas because a good, strong downpour of rain greeted the festivities. God may have been gently reminding them and us Who is actually in charge!
Name withdrawn for security reasons
Writer well known to us.

 Free Bible School Materials    Money Forum

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Join me to preach the word of Christ
My mission field is in Rwanda, Burundi, Congo and my home country. If you are an Evangelist or Teacher the door is open for you, you can be a short-term or full-term missionary.
Edson Mwombeki, Mwanza

To Christ last week, deported this week.
We brought three Shan people to Christ a week or so ago, two are a married couple. One week after receiving Christ they went to work as they have done for well over a year but this time they got arrested for being here illegally. They were both sent back to Burma, leaving their 10 year old son living in a slum without his family to care for him. The couple are trying to make their way back but what suffering and what a test of faith after only one week of receiving Christ. Please keep them in your prayers to be re-united with their son.
Gareth, Aree and Family, Chiang Mai.

Micro-enterprise empowers Africa
Last Sunday we had another opportunity to visit our churches in Loro. With the money that I raised from the sale of mushrooms, we were able to transport the team, buy beans, meat, cassava and rice to feed the orphans, widows and other Church members. We found the goat bank animals very healthy and pregnant. The orphans were planting sunflowers, beans and cassava using manure from the goats. The widows were so happy and looking forward to get their own mushroom project started. The Government leader expressed his gratitude to DCI saying, "I would like to appreciate you for the programme that you have come to help us with. We believe that God has seen it. You are the only ones who help the orphans, widows and the oppressed people in Loro." We have plans to help them build a church because they meet under the big tree, which is now risky with the rain. However the bad news is that the rebels are still abducting and killing people just 20 kilometres away.

Pastor George Purkweri.

[ See more of George, see the mushrooms, read all about it here in one of our Banking for the Poor micro-enterprise pages ]

 United Kingdom
Free e-mail starter course for new believers
What's New is a 42 day course of free daily emails for new young believers.

Week 1 - So, what is this Christianity all about?
Week 2 - The Bible
Week 3 - The Holy Spirit
Week 4 - Prayer
Week 5 - Church
Week 6 - How do I grow?

- This stuff rocks!
"A basic, crash-course in what it means to be a pursuer of Christ, condensed into a format perfect for today's internet generation. I highly recommend it."
[Chip K - thebandwithnoname]

"You guys who are 'New To Christianity' should check out Word-on-the-Web. The great relationship I've built with the team over the past few years has made me be behind them 100%, you're in good hands!"
[Dez Minto -yfriday]

To sign up to New To Christianity click on this link

[ Don't miss this, these people speak the language of young people and their hearts are in it. Cool stuff, sign up now before you forget. ]
Les and Pilar.

 The Mystery Worshipper
You have NEVER read anything like this before . .

On Sunday 24th April, we sent a small army of Mystery Worshippers into the churches of London. Our sacred sleuths visited almost 70 places of Christian worship across the capital, noting the hardness of pews, length of sermons, strength of coffee and warmth of welcome. Each Mystery Worshipper discreetly dropped a calling card in the collection plate - the only clue for churches to know they had been "done". Now we can reveal how London's churches fared, from the great and the grand including St Paul's and Westminster Abbey, but also lesser known houses of God such as the Redeemed Christian Church of Christ the Redeemer, located above Snappy Snaps in Tooting Broadway where after sitting through a 45-minute sermon, we were frogmarched to the back of the church, shown into a chair and someone was placed on the door to guard us." Church of the Nazarene, Clapham Junction won the Most Friendly category. Cathedral of the Dormition, Kensington, had brilliant liturgical fascism: bells, incense, icons, screen doors that keep the hoi-polloi tantalisingly at bay from the holy of holies and yet strangely don't make you feel cut off from the mystery so much as drawn towards it.
Click this link and be amazed and blessed.
From the The Ship of Fools Website

[ You might feel that you want to pray for Britain after reading this ! Les.]

 United States
Our youth going to Zacateccas, Mexico
Please pray that we will reach as many children, we will be having VBS and Back-Yard Bible Schools in the villages of Mexico. July 1st-9th
Lisa Fisher, Oak Grove Baptist, Lake Toxaway

President recently publicly baptised.
Hundreds of guests, including public officials and leading national and foreign pastors, clapped and cheered as President Levy Mwanawasa climbed out of the baptism pool in Lusaka. In a packed service, Mwanawasa spoke of his spiritual journey, telling of his 'Damascus experience', similar to that of the apostle Paul on the Damascus road. His reputation as an extremely honest person earned him the nickname "Mr. Integrity", even with his political opponents. Some missionaries believe that the President's baptism is a special sign of what God is beginning to do in the nation.
Source: International Mission Board
From FridayFax in English New Zealand.
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