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Welcome to the 09 December 2004 Edition
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Free Christian Book
At 80 years of age senior minister Eric Maddison has released a treasury of wisdom proven throughout a lifetime of pastoral counselling. Pastor Eric has been a blessing to our lives for over 25 years and his book is not to be missed at any price - but for free . . wow !
Les and Pilar, the editors
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Government's fails to stop spread of gospel

Even as the government of Belarus increases the repression of religious groups, evangelical churches are growing faster than ever. and many more people come to the Lord than they have in a long time. In October 2002, Belarus passed the most repressive religion law in Europe. Non-registered churches are not allowed to construct buildings unless they have 100 members over 18 years of age who have signed official forms. Many churches struggle with facilitating growth as the government seems to foil them at every turn: open-air evangelistic meetings are illegal, as are house-church meetings with more than five people in attendance. Source Christian Aid Mission
Robert Hosken, Moscow Agape-Biblia and Agape Rehab Society

Burkina Faso

Childless couple now have 15 children

Philemon and Elisabeth graduated from Bethel Bible School in 1987 and moved to Nabraboogo to serve God with all their heart in the local church of 150 members and children. They prayed for many years to have children and now through death of relatives they are caring for 15 children at once with difficulty of finding enough food for all of them. They are very active in pastoral, youth and women's ministry often travelling more than 100 kms on each trip. It took years for Philemon and his wife to save £125 and then to borrow £100 to buy an old moped. Then in the very taxi taking him to buy the moped a thief stole his money. Please pray that God encourage them in their ministry.
Pasteur Philip, AEAD-DCI, Ouagadougou.

§ We are happy to say that a reader has responded with £50 for Philemon and we will add the same.  Between us let's turn this evil to good and get this good man his moped.
Les and Pilar


Bibles in Braille and in English

Can you help because we need them for native children with no Bibles.
Andrés Vergara, Santiago de Chile


Travel the world free in prayer

Make a trip around the globe in 60 seconds and sign up for four items of prayer news every day from the Persecuted Church.
Johan Candelin, Kokkola, Finland


Where can we help ?

My profession is a master electrician, I could teach and work with people. My wife is a chemical engineer and knows French and English, we both believe and would like to help in a good way maybe in a country which needs technology. Of course we have our pay our bills.
Karl Heinz Schmidt

§ Let me encourage you to pray often and surrender your lives and skills to the Lord, and ask Him to direct you the exact place where your lives will count and make a difference. He will never say No to a willing man and woman who loves Jesus and the lost, the last and the least of the world. In the meantime do all you can to become free to serve and to travel, and Jesus will do everything else to make it possible. There are many young German people in mission work and Jesus needs many more to come forward. At every opportunity you have go to missions meetings, missions conferences and celebrations and make contact with the missions, churches and agencies that are represented there. Read their literature and see how the Holy Spirit brings excitement to your hearts about some projects and places, then investigate those more and see how God leads. Our free School of Mission studies may help you to become well prepared spiritually. We all wish you very well and we will pray with you for the Lord to grant you the desires of your heart, and much more.
Les and Pilar.

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Come and work with us here

If you would like to serve with us and work with hundreds of refugee children and women affected by 14 years of Liberia's civil war and now in camps in Ghana please contact me. These people need clothing, food, vocational and Christian education hundreds of that need your help. The office also needs a computer, a printer,Christian books for school children, dictionaries, magazines and Bibles.
Anthony Macedo Barlee, Womankind Ass'n Evangelist, Accra,


Christmas camp in Andhra Pradesh villages

We are going to distribute new and old clothes along with gospel tracts to the poor and needy. Please pray with us for this camp for to win many souls for our Lord Jesus Christ.
Rev. S.Babu Rao, Hyderabad.

Can your church grasp this opportunity

One of our pastors has taken the role of President of a nearby leper colony with 318 men and women lepers and their children. The number was 200 only six months ago. My ultimate vision is to win their souls and plant a church for them. I hope to star with a Christmas dinner and gifts of clothes to build a relationship. I am sure we can find a missionary to work with them if we can support him. Not only that but we have to think about long-term medicines, clothes, food items and provide educational aids. It is a huge task. Would your church take this on as a long-term commitment to mission to some of the most rejected people on earth ? Who do you know that helps lepers ?
Pastor Daniel, Kerala.

§ Pastor Daniel, To answer your question personally I only know four people who put their arms around lepers and help them. One is Jesus through caring members of His body on earth like you, the other is the very famous believer Dr Paul Brand who recently passed away. Dr Brand did more for surgery and ministry for lepers than any other living man. There is also the very commendable and long established missions leprosymissionand lepra We would like to take on this mission to the leper families because Jesus would do exactly that, but this project really needs a church behind it, not people like us who live day to day in the grace of Jesus. But maybe we will have a go if nobody else will.
Les and Pilar.


Thank you for a 4th cow for our Mercy Homes
Thank you DCI World Christians family so much for the letter and gift for the 4th cow for the Mercy Home for the Mentally Sick people. We have 14 inmates and so far 10 people have gone from here healed and leading a normal life. Prayer ,medication and love as well as the care improve their condition and milk from the cow will surely help these people much and give some work for the people.

Pastor Daniel, Kerala, India


How long to get a diploma ?

If I'm able to complete your Bible School at 1 chapter per-day or 1 chapter per -week, how long before I get my diploma or degree so that I can go church planting?
Fraulyn Lyn

§ I am glad to hear from you again and I wish you very well. To answer your question ,if you were to do one study with all the written and practical work each week, then in about 15 to 18 months you would be ready to receive a diploma. Please see the Information Page for how to do this. Always remember that no diploma or degree will ever qualify you to be a church planter or a pastor or to hold any other responsibility in the work of the gospel. It is Jesus alone who calls, it is Jesus who equips and Jesus alone who sends people into the right place. That is from one of our lessons based on Matthew 9, 37-10.5. Men and leaders like to see study and diplomas as evidence of serious intentions and discipline, but it is Jesus alone who calls and sends. A good leader will recognise the grace and gifts given and help you to move forward. Best wishes,
Les Norman.

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Missionaries came to help now need help

There is a family of missionaries, Teresa and Pedro, working with us. She needs to undergo surgery to have a cyst removed from her liver, and this is very expensive. Another missionary couple from Argentina, working in Cusco, with 4 children, have lost their financial support. Pray with us please for the Lord to provide all they need.
Pastor José Dante Rosales, Cusco

Surprises amongst the Ashanincas

I was training some natives in the rainforest, in Shevoja, land of the Ashaninca. It was a wonderful time with 53 pastors and leaders from different communities. Some ladies were aged over 45 and had a lot of interest in learning the Word of God despite their many limitations. Pray for the native communities, and if anyone wants to work with them, please contact me.
Alejandro Flores, Pucallpa.


Ready to work with you . . .

I am a young missionary - evangelist and founder of our mission to Biblically teach the young about sexually transferable illnesses and how to behave and struggle against these illnesses and AIDS.
Yawovi Nyonato, Lomé-Togo


Bullets and rockets in the garden

John and Linda Witte work among the Karamojong in Kabong, northern Uganda. Their four children were playing in the front garden, with AK47 gunfire rattling in the background which is normal because the Karamojong seem to be permanently at war. Suddenly Ugandan Army tanks appeared and bullets were flying everywhere. The Karamojong are a subgroup of the Dodoth, out of which only around 500 of 120,000 follow Jesus. They have an oral culture, so the Wittes concentrate on teaching the Bible through storytelling. Source: Baptist Press
From FridayFax free in English
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Goats are good news here !
Thanks to all the readers for the money, by God’s grace so far I have managed to buy 30 very good healthy female goats from the village markets and distributed them to 30 orphans. I shall look for 10 more next week since young female goats are so scarce in the markets. 20 kids are about to be born to our flock as well and we shall then give a goat each to the 30 other orphans. When we were giving out the goats one of the guardians of the orphans who is a widow said that since they had been left alone they have being suffering with their orphans. No one has ever helped them even with a single needle, not the government or and NGO except today when they were given the goats by DCI. She was expressing her gratitude to God. Her words was picked up by the local radios and now the news about goats is all over the town. People are so grateful and say thank you for what you are doing to these poor neglected orphans and widows so allow me to send this gratitude to you for the funds to buy these goats. And above all to my God who is always our provider.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda.

§ Ladies and gentleman, a goat costs just £7/$11 and gives milk, dung and kids, enough to lift the economy of one orphan and give hope. We lend them out, take the first kid back into the Bank and lend that out to the next poor family. We do the same with cows for orphanages in India but they are £200/$320. Low-tech solutions for the world's poorest. Be good news to the poor, buy a goat or two for Christmas.
Les and Pilar.
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  Free Bible School   Free School of Believer's Finances

United Kingdom

4000 to go on India's streets to heal the sick

We are holding a School of Healing in Chennai, India this week with over 3,000 people already registered. We expect up to 1,000 more but don't have the funds to feed them so we need a real miracle like the feeding of the 5,000! Please also pray that the Lord moves powerfully in healings and miracles. It will be awesome step of faith to send out 4,000 delegates onto the streets to heal the sick!
John & Bron Fergusson, Salisbury,

How to use the web for evangelism

An umbrella group of evangelical Christian organizations who share a vision for online outreach is launching an Internet Evangelism Day and are encouraging churches and other groups to add a special web outreach focus to their program around this date. More here The Web's explosive growth has been remarkable. In ten short years, it has jumped from being a minority hobby to a communication medium for 1000 million people worldwide. The world impact of the Internet and the digital revolution will be as far-reaching as the invention of the printing press. If you would like to discuss how your fellowship can use the web more effectively, contact us.
Ian Mayer, The Jubilee Trust


International Prayer Network here for you

We are intercessors in 32 countries and support missionaries in Morocco, Mongolia, India and Guinea. We pray for ministries and leaders worldwide.
German J. Rivas, Maracay


In our nation, we are worth less than animals.

The men are murdered and the women raped," says an old Montagnard pastor.The international community ignores the situation. Montagnards are the inhabitants of central Vietnam's mountains and have suffered severe persecution for many years. During a peaceful demonstration around Easter 2004, Montagnards were brutally cut down by police wielding chains, nail-spiked clubs, knives, iron bars, electric stun guns and machetes with reports of up to 400 killed. Why? Half of the Montagnards are Christians. Missionaries went to them in the1920's and following the Communist takeover in 1975, the number of Christians has grown rapidly which makes them a thorn in the government's flesh. Christ said "Blessed are you if you are persecuted for my sake." The Montagnard's suffering is indescribable. On the other hand, there are very few other people groups in the world in which 50%consider themselves Christians.
Source: Open Doors,
From FridayFax free in English
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