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At 80 years of age senior minister Eric Maddison has released a treasury of wisdom proven throughout a lifetime of pastoral counselling. Pastor Eric has been a blessing to our lives for over 25 years and his book is not to be missed at any price - but for free . . wow
Les and Pilar, the editors
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Former addicts fund child action

In the city of El Alto, one of the poorest in the country, we support 250 children of school age in three schools. We tell them how to know Jesus and help improve their nutrition levels. The best thing of this all is that 70% of all the funding comes from former drug addicts who now work in Christian businesses.
Edwin Gutierrez, Remar, La Paz.

§ We were around in the early years of Remar when it was no more than 20 or so young street people living in the home of Miguel and Marie Carmen Diez, in Vitoria, Spain.  These days Remar is in 52 nations and houses, feeds and employs tens of thousands of the poorest and most neglected people in the world.  What a fantastic move of the Holy Spirit this is.  I bet Edwin was not even born when we were teaching the gospel to the first Remar members and seeing miracles that we have rarely seen since!
Les and Pilar.

Getting ready for North Africa

Please keep praying for us; we want to get ready to go to the north of Africa with the Horizons mission to reach people who have never heard of Jesus. Ours is only a small church in a poor state, and it will take a miracle for us to go to the training.
Márcia Nascimento, Olinda.

Looking for contacts in Mozambique

God has put in my heart to serve as a missionary in Mozambique. As I get ready, I would like to get in touch with pastors, leaders, organisations and missionaries who are or have been there. Blessings and thank you.
Jenny Basso, Chillán.

Looking for contacts in South Africa
We are going to take both material and spiritual support to the areas hit by the Tsunami to restore some hope in these months of deep darkness. We trust that we will be guided by God’s mighty hand. On our way from Chile to India, God has made me feel that we should go to South Africa for a few days but I don't know anyone there. There are six of us.  If God puts in your heart please get in touch with me.
Felipe Jara, Temuco.

Prayer is bringing change to my country

Please keep praying for the unity of the church and for the peace process between the government and the extreme right-wing groups. Large groups of paramilitaries have already de-mobilised from many key areas. If the areas where fighting is still going on can be freed, the country can be rebuilt and much of the underlying poverty will be wiped out. Pray for a move of God among those groups that do not want to surrender their weapons.
Carlos Cortes Perez, Barranquilla

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Dem. Rep of Congo
DCI Free Bible School in Lingala

I am an ordained minister with Africa Inland Church of Congo currently completing my studies in Missions in Kenya and praying to start a school in my home town of Aru, in north-eastern DRC. I look forward to having the lessons translated into Lingala, one of the four national languages of Congo. My wish is to translate the lessons as a Lingala translation of these treasures will be welcome in other parts of DRC.
Enosh Anguandia, Aru, Bunia

More from the Congo
We are preaching the good news to the people, helping orphans and people with AIDS. We really need your prayers for peace in Congo and other parts of Africa where there is war, famine and diseases.
Lolema S. Okamba, Beni.

§ You probably don't know but well over a million people have lost their lives in the violence in Eastern DR Congo in recent years, it is one of the world's hidden tragedies that no-one seems bothered about. God bless and keep these good people.
Les and Pilar.

Where do the Spanish meet in London ?

Is there a school of mission in London in Spanish or Portuguese, and where are the Spanish speaking Pentecostal churches. Thank you.
Maria del Carmen Pereyra, Spalding.

§ Maria, try Kensington Temple's Spanish and Portuguese congregations and St James Church, Muswell Hill
Les and Pilar

What do you think when
your wife's family
lives a mile from India's tsunami coast . . . .

On 26th December, St. Stephen's Day, the day on which Christians remember Stephen, their first martyr, hundreds of thousands of people died in the tsunami. On the same day in 1939, some 30,000 people died in Turkey, and 41,000 in Bam, Iran on the same day in 2003. The Bible has no concept of a God unknowing and disinterested in the happenings in the world, so God is not only informed about this tsunami, He explicitly allowed it. Instead of just being shocked, donating or participating in the aid in some way, there is also a question which we must answer: if God allowed the tsunami, what does that tell us? And how should we react? The post-modern answer, that it is an unfair and incomprehensible act of judgement against the Indonesian Muslims, Indian Hindus, Sri Lankan Buddhists and pleasure-seeking tourists, is way too cheap and simplistic. God is saying something very deep to every one of us. Personally, we don't know whether we should cry more for the dead or the survivors. Who can grasp the enormity of the situation? Which technology could have prevented this destruction? The tsunami is a foretaste of our ability to stand before God when He comes in His anger; there is no escape. We must ask ourselves "What prompted God to react in such anger?" Christians have been preaching the chocolate side of God for centuries, which is just what people want to hear. But God is also a consuming fire, the hammer which smashes stone, a double-edged sword, jealous, and a father who disciplines those he loves. What have we, His people, done, that He could not restrain His anger? How did we escape judgement this time?  You can read more here
Wolfgang Simson, researcher, journalist and author.

What happened when we went back to the Leper Colony

Dear Les and everyone at DCI, Last Saturday we went back to the Leper's colony to visit them and fellowship with them. When they saw us they rushed to us and thanked for coming again. They said that they had very good sleep after many years and their wounds had started healing. They came to praise and worship Jesus with us. Then we visited each one and prayed for them. 21 of the patients are in worse condition. Their cots are rusted and not painted for many years. They have asked for 21 bed spreads to be used in their cots at 200 rupees each.
Pastor Daniel, Kerala.

§ Daniel, 4200 rupees / £55.00 is on its way to you for the lepers, with joy and a sense of privilege.  Thank you for going again to see these poor people. Your DVD of the December mission to the colony arrived last week and we have seen it. now it is going from house to house.  It is a humbling sight to see such suffering, and it is not a video for the faint hearted.
Les and Pilar

A good cause . . . of trouble

When it comes to e-mail, there are few good causes. Bear that in mind the next time anyone forwards you a message that purports to help a lost boy find his family, or prevent a virus from spreading, or save you making a call that incorrectly claims to cost £50 a minute. Roughly 99.999% of e-mail circulars are out of date, inaccurate, obvious hoaxes or flat-out lies. Most of these are easy to spot. If in doubt, it only takes a few seconds to check them out on Google, or on the Snopes website - see the links on the page below.
From Jack Schofield's column, The Guardian, January 13, 2005,3605,1388866,00.html

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Christian nurse needs your help

I am looking for someone or an organisation to stand with me to assist people who are infected with HIV/AIDS and to bring new group culture in the fight against ladies circumcision.
Alice Ombaso, Kisii

Letter of the week
Lord, give me the hungry . . .
When the waiting father runs to the returning prodigal, he weeps on his neck, then cries to his servants, 'Quick!...' Urgency pervades the story. The lostness of our human condition is not a matter for resigned indifference - ("it's their own fault,") nor even patient tolerance ('God will save them one day'). It is a desperate crisis of Calvary proportions. People must be saved - all else pales into insignificance. How can we continue plodding along to unchanging church services and conferences unless we are leading people to Jesus? What's the point? I have too little of my life left to suffer more hours of ritual or stuff myself with another conference. Jesus said, 'Feed the hungry!' Lord. give me the hungry. May you lead many to Him in 2005,
John Fergusson, United Kingdom.

§ John, you have no idea how much we agree with you, your letter stopped us in our tracks and you're right, it is not more conferences we need, nor even Sunday meetings, it is more opportunities to serve that we long for, not more occasions to be served. God be with you. Go see John's web site, there are some wonderful reports on there.
Les and Pilar.

Middle East
Major moves towards following Jesus

This is due to several reasons, for example it is harvest time and some scales are falling from people's eyes. There is a satellite channel in Arabic which is bringing down old established deceptions and building people up. There are lots of movement and conferences in the open and underground, and Arabic web sites are receiving lots of visitors. Les, I'm really happy with the progress on your Arabic site. It's beautiful.
Name withdrawn for security reasons.
Writer well known to us.

Free bible and ministry training online

The Asian Internet Bible Institute now has courses in Tagalog and Russian and a new e-book How To Believe God For A Miracle which has changed many lives. All Free.
John Edmiston, Los Angeles, USA.

Sudanese in Kenya ecstatic over peace deal

Thousands of singing, ululating and dancing Sudanese, many of them refugees who live in Kenya, crowded Nairobi's Nyayo National Stadium to celebrate Sunday's signing of a deal to end Africa's longest-running conflict.  Waving flags and banners hailing a "new dawn" for Sudan after nearly 21 years of north-south conflict, the crowd cheered loudly as the pact was signed after years of false starts and overly optimistic predictions of success. (News Article by AFP January 9) Oh how glorious the might of our Lord!!! Isaiah 9:6 and 7; Psalm 24; Psalm 68:31 "Cush will submit to God". Let's give glory to God. We honour those that have prayed for years.
Norman Johnson, Sudan Support Network

§ A close friend of ours was in remote, rural Sudan when the news came through after 22 years of war, bloodshed and loss of family and friends. A meeting about repentance and reconciliation brought the deepest move of the Holy Spirit that we have ever heard about as people confessed their part in the war and revenge killings.  Pray that the peace deal will hold.
Les and Pilar.

Starting a bible school in Stockholm

When I found your website I was very glad because it is what I was looking for. I graduated from Christ for the Nations, Dallas, USA in 1991 and I'm living now here in Sweden since four years as a refugee from the Dem. Rep.of Congo.  I started a church 2 years ago and now we are in the stage of training our members. What I did receive from the bible school plus your materials will help me to be a good teacher. We want train the soldiers not just to save Africans like us but Swedish also because we are here for that purpose. This country used to be revived but not now, the churches are emptied.
Pastor Ben, Zion Church International, Stockholm.

§ It is a fascinating action replay of Acts 8, 1-4 to see how many men and women of God have been scattered by the persecution of war and hardship and how they have taken the gospel with them north, south, east and west.  Believers are pouring into Europe from Africa and South America and it may just be their infectious faith and gossiping of the gospel that slowly turns this tired and deeply secular continent back to its Christian roots. We hope so.

Les and Pilar.

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Will you give us one minute a day ?

Shan people welcomed us into their homes this time instead of just standing out in the slum alleyways. Their homes are so tiny and it was humbling to see how six people from one Shan family can live in such a small space.We were able to give out more Christian leaflets and books. I need nothing after seeing these poor people's conditions. Les, it's really true "blessed are the poor" because these people have nothing and yet they have everything. They seemed truly happy and content with who they are and where they are living. Our Rejoice Charity is helping them out medically and one little girl who is suffering not from AIDS but from poverty beyond her years has really bad skin problems. We have been treating her skin for almost three weeks now and it's looking great. She is smiling more and less itchy. Her eyes are brighter with life and her smile is getting bigger by the day. This poor child was suffering for almost two years with badly infected skin on almost all of her body. Keep praying for us Les, I ask that you commit to only one minute of prayer time per day for us, that will be more than enough and God will take care of the rest.
Gareth Lavell, Chiang Mai.

§ Gareth, we think your work with the lost, the last and the least of Chaing Mai and over the border into Myanmar is so beautiful and so what Jesus himself would do, that you can have far more than one minute a day of our time.  We hope that a lot of readers will feel the same way.
Les and Pilar.

Tentmaker Conference in Chiang Mai
February 6-11, 2005, an opportunity for tentmakers in the Asian area to interact with each other.  The  conference is in cooperation with the International Technical Assistance Group  Worldwide Conference. Open to all

United Kingdom
Teaching and evangelism in 5,500 languages

Global Recordings Network produces a range of audio and audio-visual resources for Bible teaching and evangelism in more than 5,500 languages and dialects, particularly suitable for those  who can't read or don't read well, those from other cultures and minority language  groups.  They also manufacture hand-wind cassette players for places where commercial cassette players are unreliable, or there is no electricity, or batteries are unavailable or too expensive

United States
Looking for contacts in East Africa

Hello Les, I would like you to send me some addresses of missionaries in Uganda, Sudan and Kenya as I am planning to visit these countries. I speak and write English, but I am more comfortable with Spanish.
Enrique Poello, Las Vegas.

§ You can get in touch with my colleague, George Purkweri in Lira, Uganda, as he often goes to Sudan. For security reasons, we never share the addresses of our contacts and subscribers without their permission; I am sure you will understand. So, there you are readers in East Africa, get in touch with you with Enrique, that's Henry in English.
Les Norman.

Partnership with a passion

Who is interested in partnership with us to light the passion and vision in Southern Africa for sending and going in world mission. We need help to train potential missionaries and national church leaders to catch that all are called to world missions.
Pastor Billiance Chondwe, Zambia World Missions Network, Lusaka

Today's World Christian News

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