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Be one of our one million intercessors
I am with AoG national missions and for the next 3 years we are expecting the Lord to raises 1,000,000 intercessors for the peoples and nations in the 10/40 window. Don't be anonymous and alone join us.
Karina Rios, Argentina.

§ If you want to know more about the 10/40 Window where most of the world's lost and poor peoples live go to this page about the 10/40 window
Les Norman.

Starting the School of Missions
In early March we are starting the School of Missions with twelve students already registered. Thank you, DCI, may the Lord be with you.
Pastor Cecilia Monica Jara, Loving Hands Group

§ Hello Cecilia; It was a real pleasure for us to give you our materials God bless you with His call coming strongly into the students and the church.
Les and Pilar

Singing for Jesus!
My name is Teca Motto and I am singing professionally for the Lord in order to win souls for him. If you want to know more about me and my performances in brazil, just take a look at my website.

Please pray for Burundi our country.
Besides the political upheavals there is a problem of hunger which is a result of the drought that has struck the north. Many people are starving and they need prayers and support. We are appealing to you to share with us this heavy burden as the Lord guides you.
Pastor Constantin Hakizimana, Bujumbura.

Five years with the Aymara
Our congregation has been working with the Aymara for 5 years now and this summer we have a group from Santiago and two German people come to help us.
Fabiola Cañipa, Iquique.

§ Just in case you were wondering about the words "this summer", down there in Chile right now it is mid-summer ! From a snowy, freezing England that is a nice thought !

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Hunger and pain can be relieved
Many people here are displaced because of the widespread wave of violence by different rebel groups. We are trying to help the 6000 displaced families in our area alone and we need people to send us clothes, footwear and whatever you have. The cost of living is high here because when the drug dealers came in prices went through the roof. Drugs are still causing a lot of damage but we are fighting this evil with the word of God and prayer and with some help we can relieve more of the hunger and the pain of these families.
Raul Orozco Sarria, Ministerio Saetas de Salvacion,
C/.6a. No. 4- 27 Barrio Jose Maria Hernandez Apartado Postal 055 Mocoa Putumayo, Colombia.

Let us help you to raise funds for missions
We support missionaries in Africa through making and selling T-shirts, bags and the like all with Christian messages. if you are a designer and have a model we might make it and sell to support missionaries.
Sandra Zambrano, Barranquilla

 Democratic Republic of Congo
School children with guns roam wild
For 7 years people have been dying in the conflicts and the UN website describes the catastrophe day by day. We thank God for moving us gradually toward peace but please pray for the youth in Ituri because many young people took guns to defend their ethnic causes. The majority of young people involved in fighting were school boys and are not able to go back to school. These young people who have no parents need love, compassion, Christ in their lives. If God puts in your heart to come and reach youth you will be the welcome.
Pastor Dino Kile Mozart, Bunia

Teaching in Portuguese, Spanish and English
I am starting a discipleship work for Portuguese and Spanish speaking people. Our African church in London needs volunteers to teach English and do mission work. We also need a PC for our school room.
Pastor Renato Lopes, London

It's neo pagan, secular, multi-religion and post-modern.
The latest issue of Connections from the WEA Missions Commission features the reality of today’s Europe as a mission field with multiple challenges and in need of a new evangelization

Volunteers welcome here
We are currently planting churches in Guatemala, Belize, Cuba and Mexico, and need to know of a ministry which can support us with the building of a temple. We have our own sites. We also need to get in touch with voluntaries in the USA, Europe and South America for other evangelistic projects.
Emerson and Carolina Quezada.

 Free Bible School Materials    Money Forum

Our Price List of Hope

One goat £7 or $11
She gives her owner milk for food, dung to fertilize the crops and kids to sell to
pay for school. She is enough to bring economic transformation for one orphan or

One dairy cow £210 or $400
Her morning milk helps pay for a Mercy Home for 14 orphans in India. Her afternoon
milk is for the children and a little is sold for insurance and cattle food. She does
a fantastic job.
Mushrooms £150 or $250
For this amount a poor family get a growing hut and enough seeds to raise 225 kilos of mushrooms for sale for £225 fresh
or £1125 dried and shipped to the city.

Learn more here       Buy a goat, a cow or mushrooms here


From suicide to stability and success
Dear Les, You remember brother Shaji who received Jesus on the day we went to the leper colony and he overheard the meeting, and stopped his family suicide ? Our Bank for the Poor helped him with 5000 Rupees to start a cottage industry making mats and baskets with bamboo. His wife knew how to do it. He and his family comes to the church and prays to the Lord. His kids are very happy for getting food every day. Right now we don't want to do any thing with Tsunami affected people as government is doing many things. We are looking for the believers who are not helped by any one. I will let you know when I get some information on such people. Since then we have been back to the leper colony to take servcies and give blankets.

Pastor Daniel, Kerala.

Mullah demands silence to hear Jesus film
Not only Iranians in Western exile, but also Muslims in Iran are coming to faith in Christ in their thousands. In the 1980's, it was two or three new believers each month. In the 1990's, we were impressed when we heard about a group of new believers. Today, we are just somewhat surprised to discover an entire new underground church. After 25 years of Islamic Revolution and its promises to answer all life's questions, people are disappointed. 60% of all Iranians know the Gospel and people are coming to faith in Christ as never before. One Iranian Bible courier was on a long bus journey and went to the driver and asked him to put on a video of the Jesus Film. The courier was then shocked to discover a Mullah a few seats behind him. How would the react? The man could not keep his eyes off the video, and soon jumped up, shouting with a shaking voice "Please be quiet! This is a film about a holy man, the Prophet Jesus. His life deserves our full attention!" Immediately, the noisy bus fell silent, and the passengers concentrated on the video. At the end of the film, which ends with an evangelistic call, the Mullah sat in his seat, weeping.
Source: (Open Doors)
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After 3 months in my "Promised Land"
This winter is very cold in Italy with plenty of snow. Even the wolves have come down the mountains due to lack of food. It is appalling to read in the press how many people die frozen in the streets. Crops have failed and some areas are in agricultural emergency. There have been 41 murders in Naples in 4 months and this goes on daily. Walking through Genoa or Milan is like walking through Buenos Aires, with people begging by the traffic lights and in the metro. There's unemployment, strikes and demonstrations; litter, graffiti and people suffering the same emptiness and uncertainty. On top of this there are a great number of immigrants from the East, the Middle East and Africa. Alleluia! The King must be coming but right now workers are needed. The time is nigh. There is a lot to do and many genuine Christians are really and honestly looking for a change in these lives and in this nation. I have a attended a meeting of worshippers with hungry hearts in Salerno. I know that there will be others in Varese, Torino, and soon in Rome. The Lord listens to every prayer. Do not forget these people in prayer.
Margarita Macazaga from Argentina

Who can help us with some study books ?
Dear Les, do you know Is there any way that you can help our students with reference books or study Bibles ?
Pastor Steven Chisale

§ Dear Pastor Steven, Yes, I do know some people here who are helping pastors around the world with study books. I hope that some of our readers might feel like emptying their bookshelves of the books they haven't opened for years. How about it folks ?
Les Norman.

Looking for studies on prophecy
We are starting a school for missions and prophets in the city of Villahumada, Chihuahua. Thank you for the materials about missions. I could not find any studies on or schools specialised in prophecies. If anyone can send us anything about this topic, we will be obliged.
Pastor Jose Luis Vela. Cd, Juarez, Chihuahua

Lord, give him a dream !
We didn't hear from Mohammed for months, and we wondered what had happened to him. One team member said that they would ask God to give him a dream. That night, his late father, a Muslim, came to Mohammed in a dream and told him to follow Jesus ! The next day, Mohammed gave his life to the Lord!! A few days later, Mohammed's brother found him reading his Bible and demanded to know what was happening. He said that if Mohammed had become a Christian, he would no longer consider him his brother. He then summoned Mohammed to a family meeting to discuss the situation. This is a tough thing for a new believer to face here, especially one who has only known Jesus for a week. Mohammed seemed calm when I spoke to him on the phone, and solid in his decision, although he was obviously concerned about would happen as he faced his family. He phoned me after his family meeting to say that it had gone well, and that his family is "beginning to understand what has happened to me". Pray for his growth in Christ, his safety, and for wisdom in what to say and the courage to say it.
Arise Shine Morocco, Prayer Bulletin 52

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Evangelisation and church-planting are possible
Bernd Goldbach, an evangelist with Reach the Unreached held an outreach in Pakistan and had a sensational breakthrough. Fourteen new churches were planted and almost all of the 45 churches which took part in the outreach doubled their membership. People from 35 villages who attended the outreach are still hungry for the Gospel. The Lord confirmed His Word through dramatic healings. and up to 10,000 people attended the evangelistic meetings, which were held directly in front of a mosque and had to be guarded because of threats of suicide bombing by Al Qaeda.
Source: Friedhelm Holthuis
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Taking the gospel into Siberia
150 students, faculty and staff at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary will take the Gospel to Siberia over the next five years. Russia is a nation of more than 145 million people, but only 250,000 are evangelical Christians. This is really a mission field, our dream and calling is that each town and village in Russia would have an evangelical church , that each pastor in Russia will have a theological education, and that each church will have its own building or place to meet. And we dream that each citizen of Russia will hear and receive the Good News of Jesus Christ.
SBC Baptist Press

Mission for the Third Millennium
Madrid- Spain, 4 - 7 May 2005. Themes include Towards a Missiology of Encouragement in the Third Millennium and Why sending more missionaries during the Third Millennium? with Samuel Escobar, Federico Bertuzzi and others.

2005 Year of Prayer for Tajikistan.
The Tajik Partnership has begun a grassroots movement to see 10,000 intercessors raised up to pray for Tajikistan. Located in Central Asia, this Muslim country has many spiritual strongholds, and needs the focused prayers of Christians world-wide for spiritual breakthrough.

Lost in the Tsunami . . .
Les and Pilar, could you please find anything about Eliza Díaz, a missionary from Uruguay, as we have not heard anything from her since the Tsunami.
Pablo Vazquez Castro, Montevideo

§ Pablo: the Embassies in London have no more information than the Embassy in Montevideo. I also looked up her name on the Internet where information about missing people is posted, but there was nothing. These are the links to these websites, keep looking as they update regularly.
I am really sorry I can't do any better this time.


500 children welcome your help
We are working to meet the basic material and spiritual needs of over 500 children in our deprived areas and the work is getting harder every day. Why not become part of this harvest by helping us.
Juan Carlos Vilar, Salto.

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